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Some Habits Family Supports Heart Patients

Supports Heart Patients article photo

Healthy is not private property, but is the right of every person and all ages and begins in the family. If a person is alive and living in a healthy family, then that person will tend to apply the pattern sehatdan life will return to form healthy family. If one family member is sick, it will be difficult for the whole family. Than cure, let's start with preventing illness. Healthy living starts from the family!

Four Healthy Lifestyle
Based on the study published by the American Journal of Epidemiology, found four healthy behaviors that influence to prevent death, especially from heart disease. Research conducted in 6299 subjects aged 444-84 years showed that those who have a healthy life has a risk of death 80% lower than in those who do not have a healthy life.

Four healthy lifestyle is not smoking, eating a healthy diet with balanced nutrition, regular physical activity every day and maintain a healthy weight and healthy. The effects of these four healthy lifestyle affect each other. The more healthy habits that are applied in the family, then the sound effects are obtained higher.

If you already maintain a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy weight, then by physical activity then you will be healthier. However, smoking is one of the most important elements are the most dangerous. Because, even though you've done 3 other healthy behaviors, but you smoke then your health condition even worse than someone who does not perform healthy behaviors at all.

Healthy Habits in the Family
Application of healthy behavior should begin in the family. Here are 5 easy steps to have Healthy Families:

1. Get used to eating a healthy diet with balanced nutrition. Avoid and minimize foods with preservatives, dyes, and salinity and high cholesterol. Limit consumption of fast foods, instant food and canned food.

2. Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables. Set and get used to a healthy diet and regular. Avoid consumption of high-calorie snack between meals or at night before bed.

3. Set aside 30 minutes every 3 times a week for the entire family can play and physical activity, such as playing hide-and-seek, catch the ball, playing rope and other games that can be enjoyed by all family members and involve physical activity. At the very least, plan weekend activities are protected from passive activities and just sit in front of the television or computer.

4. Set aside a specific time to do homework together. Doing chores such as sweeping, mopping, cleaning the yard, is a physical activity which, if undertaken together can also produce a pleasant atmosphere and familiarizing family.

5. Do not smoke. If there are family members who were smoking, provide motivation and support for start stop smoking. Ask your doctor if you stop smoking aid deemed too difficult and require medical assistance.

We can not change the genetic code of the family who carry certain diseases or alter our age. However, we can start a healthy lifestyle today to reduce the risk of death due to diseases that can arise due to poor lifestyle. Healthy behavior is a choice of 100% in the control of a person and his family.

What about you and your family? Have you and your family a healthy life? You have the ability to determine the health status and quality of your life, starting today. 

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First Aid When Having a Heart Attack

Heart Attack photo

The only cause of sudden death or sudden death are heart defects, and one of them is a coronary heart attack. Therefore, the first step to help identify your heart in order to prevent even worse consequences.

Heart disease is a malignant disease and the most first-killer diseases in the world. One disease that is often experienced is coronary heart disease, better known as the symptoms of constriction of the blood vessels of the heart.
Coronary heart disease is caused by a buildup of fat in the blood vessels of the heart.

So, for people who are too many foods that contain fat, it is possible that the fat in the blood vessels to bring it up against the wall of the heart and blood vessels, settles, and crusting which in turn makes blood vessels become narrower.

For heart patients, it is recommended to undergo a healthy life, namely:

•  Keeping fat intake.
•  Many consume fiber.
•  Regular exercise 3 times a week, at least 30 minutes.

But for the already entered the next phase in heart disease, it is advisable not to carry out non-competitive sports such as soccer, tennis, badminton or basketball because this type of exercise much exertion or emotion. The good is non-competitive with the beolahraga such as jogging, swimming or brisk walking.

Fueled by 4E
Usually the symptoms of this disease are not visible, but when it entered the next phase, newly detected. If you have entered the next phase, then that should be wary of is a heart attack. For patients with coronary heart disease should take care not to run into eE below.

Heart attack was triggered by 4E, namely:

1. Exercise or exercise too much.
2. Eat or excessive eating.
3. Emotion or too excessive emotion.
4. Exposure of cold or exposure to excessive cold.

Typical Symptoms of Heart Attack
Symptoms of a heart attack usually begins with pain in the left side. Pain in the left chest like crushed heavy objects, such as grip. Pain in the chest will also spread to the left arm, penetrating to the lower back. Usually accompanied by shortness of breath and choking and sweating.

It is a typical symptom that is often seen, but there are also typical symptoms, such as in patients with coronary heart disease who also suffer from diabetes. Because of diabetic nerve pain has dulled, the symptoms usually shortness of breath.

First Aid
Then how first aid when having a heart attack? Usually someone who has a history of heart disease, the doctor will give the patient drugs known nitrad should be consumed when "Heart Attack" to dilate the blood vessels of the patient.

However, what if you do not have the medicine?

1. It is recommended once you behave tenangm because panic will only increase the work of the heart and worsen the situation.

2. According to the guidelines of the ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life suppport), cardiac massage priority than artificial respiration.

3. Drug pain reliever that can be taken during an attack.

4. The second, of course had to be taken to the nearest hospital.

Cardiac massage in question is a qualified massage, with a rate of 100 times per minute with a depth of 4 cm on the left chest in the location of the heart.

Some Symptoms of Heart Disease

Heart attach photo

Heart disease is one of the 'killer' most dangerous to humans. According to medical reports, a lot of those people have had not realized, if he is very vulnerable or being exposed to the symptoms of heart disease, until late.

Some of the symptoms of heart disease is sometimes overlooked, even looks like an ordinary disease. So that your knowledge of this disease is very necessary, because the appropriate action, could avoid death.

Especially for those who are above 50 years old, the higher the risk of this disease. Smoking, alcohol, eating a lot of fatty foods, and also lifestyle lack of exercise, could be the cause of the high risk of heart disease.

To that end, the following 13 signs that may indicate you are affected by heart disease, which we were reports of

1. If there is a burning sensation on the left chest, and very sick, then you need to beware. Especially if this pain comes on suddenly, immediately go to the doctor for consultation.

2. Dizziness seemed to see the light, although it was a normal heart rhythm.

3. One of the first signs of a heart attack is anxiety. Some people suffer from very intense anxiety, and feelings which can also cause fear of death.

4. If your cough is persistent and not for any other reason, such as a cold or smoke is better to consult a doctor, and do diagnosed because it could be a sign of a heart attack.

5. The person may lose appetite and did not even feel like eating anything. It is one of the signs of a heart attack in women.

6. Fatigue, this is especially noticeable in women. People may experience fatigue, at least a few weeks before the onset of a heart attack.

Symptoms of Heart Disease photo

7. Nausea can not be ruled out in people whose heart is weak. Vomiting can also occur. It is one of the symptoms of heart attack in women.

8. Sometimes your heart beating abnormally, and not have to worry about it, but if abnormal heart rhythms are combined with other symptoms such as dizziness, shortness of breath and weak, then we should suspect this condition.

9. If you feel pain in the abdomen, jaw, neck, elbow, arm and shoulder, it could be a sign of heart disease. Although the pain may not occur in all people.

10. Sweating is one of the symptoms of a heart attack. Although these people are not working hard or exercising. Even when you are comfortably seated in an air-conditioned room, if sweating occurs, you should be suspicious.

11. Although the majority of respiratory problems commonly associated with asthma, it can also occur in people who suffer a heart attack. People may find it very difficult to breathe, when a heart attack.

12. Some heart attack victims said that they could not even get out of bed before having a heart attack a few days. The body is experiencing weakness is one of the symptoms of a heart attack.

13. In some cases, a weak heart can lead to swelling due to fluid accumulation in the body system. Abdomen or legs may swell person, in such situations.

Similarly, some of the symptoms of heart disease that you should be aware. If there are one or two signs above, it would not hurt you rush to doter to get a full diagnosis.


Easy Way to Measure Heart Rate Knowing health

Heart Rate Monitor photo

If when you are sick, nurse or doctor will usually feel the wrist to determine the heart rate. Heart rate is one of the most visible indicators and known to see the health of the heart. Normal heart rate in humans is generally highly variable and depends on the human itself.

AHA (American Heart Association) said, normal heart rate in humans ranges from 60-100 beats per minute (bpm) and this happens when we are resting. Some studies say, if humans have a lower heart rate while resting then it shows a good heart function. Conversely, if the heart rate at rest means there is a problem on your heart. Heart rate that is too fast could be a sign of heart disease.

AHA also states that the heart rate of people who are doing the activity could also be lower than when berisitirahat because the heart muscle to work and be able to create the rhythm of the heart rate more stable.

Gerald Fletcher, MD, a cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic gives some tips to recognize the heartbeat.

1. Know your heart rate at rest
Gerrard Fletcher said to know how to measure the heart rate at rest. The trick is to tests that can be done when you wake up the morning. Previously, make sure you sleep well at night. If you have a heart rate of 60 to 100 bpm speed, then it means your heart rate within normal limits and in good health.

2. Know your heart rate after the move
Another way to determine the heart rate is to count them after the move, for example after exercise. Place your finger on the inside of your wrist, on the thumb and use the tip of two fingers above the wrist blood vessels to calculate the heart rate. Count your pulse for 10 seconds and multiply by six to how fast the heart beats per minute.

Normal human being with a heart-healthy, after exercising will have a heart rate that is at 50 percent to 85 percent of maximum heart rate range in the human or 220 bpm. Heart rate was also affected by age. Thus, to calculate the heart rate could use the formula: maximum heart rate (220 bpm) minus your current age.
For example, if your current age is 30 years, then your normal heart rate is 190 bpm. While the heart rate with a ratio of 50 percent to 85 percent to the age of 30 years is 95-162 bpm.

Two easy ways this is a simple step to determine the heart rate both at rest or after the move.

If you feel the heart beat more slowly or too quickly, immediately consult a doctor to find out more about the condition of your heart.

source: Mayo Clinic

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Currently this reason Exercise Sudden Death

Heart problems can cause sudden death after exercise. This case several times befall someone who just do high intensity exercise such as soccer and tennis.
A specialist heart and blood vessels to say, some cases of sudden death can be caused by disorders of heart rhythm or arrhythmia.

He explained that people who regularly exercise like athletes usually have an enlarged heart muscle. This muscle enlargement interfere with the heart's electrical risk. The cardiac electrical problems make heart rhythm disturbances. Can be very fast beating heart than usual. The heart's electrical path in the muscle. Muscle enlargement can sometimes lead to disturbances in electricity.

According to him, factors too tired after exercise can trigger heart rhythm disturbances. During exercise, the heart needs more oxygen that can still pump blood properly.
He said this could happen at a young age. For that, you should consult a doctor to heart health.
The existence of this risk also does not mean you have to stop berolahaga. According to him, the sport is very well done to maintain a healthy body. However, exercise should be done according to the ability of each.

"Exercise should be done, but do not overdo it," he added.
To maintain a healthy heart, also live a good diet and leave unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol.

Be Aware. These insects can Cause Sudden Death

Chagas disease
Triatome - photo

Insects named Triatome this parasite resulting spread Chagas disease.
According to recent studies, a parasitic disease called Chagas have in common with the early spread of HIV. Similar to AIDS, Chagas difficult to detect and can be many years until symptoms appear.

According to the journal PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, Chagas disease will lead to swelling in the heart or if it is severe, both these organs can rupture and cause sudden death.

Triatoma infestans is a predator who suck the blood of mammals night when they are asleep. Length is about 2.5 cm. A proboscis (slender, needle-like projections) extends from the anterior head is used to pierce the skin and suck blood.

Triatoma males larger than females. Its wings are thin, transparent, and cover the top of the stomach. Only the adult who has wings. This wing is inefficient to fly but effective to slide and move. Triatomines prefer to nest in the roof and ceiling. Triatoma has a sensor that directs them to humans and other warm-blooded creatures. Triatoma can move above the 100 meters with the help of air currents that allow them to travel roam from house to house.

Triatoma infestans is a blood-sucking insects. They require a blood meal to pass through five stages to become mature. At least there are about 10 million people worldwide had been infected with this disease, with 10 thousand of them reportedly died in the year 2008.

Now that the disease was initially spread in Mexico, Bolivia, Colombia to Central America, has spread to the United States (US).

Men's Life Without Heart

SynCardia. ©2015

A 24-year-old man named Stan Larkin could survive even without a heart with the help of a tool called SynCardia.

Larkin himself to be a heart attack in 2007 when playing basketball until rushed to the Hospital Ypsilanti, Michigan. He was diagnosed with right ventricular dysplasia, which is a common cause of sudden deaths in athletes.

The doctor was trying to make heart Stan Larkin remains stable, until the surgeon inserts a defibrillator to the heart. However, Larkin condition worsened until November 7, the surgeon finally took heart and replaced Syncardia portable devices.

Syncardia itself is a creation of artificial heart researchers at the University of Michigan Health System. With a weight of only 6kg, this heart can make larking as usual until it gets a donor heart for transplant.

"Portable devices that exist in the body Stan is SynCardia, a temporary artificial heart in the form of a mechanical pump to sustain her life before the transplant," said Jonathan Haft heart surgeon from the University of Michigan, as reported by Softpedia (12/1).

Although Stan Larkin can now perform daily activities with the aid of Syncardia normal, but he was still going to wait for a donor heart for a transplant.

"He is still enrolled in the heart transplant program and we look forward to this transplant can be done immediately when the organ is available. While he could be at home, normal activity, and continue to rehabilitate himself so that could be in the best condition when the opportunity (transplant) was coming. "added Jonathan Haft.


Some Ways to Prevent Heart Attack

As the number one contributor to the death of the soul in the world, coronary heart disease has become a scourge in the world of health. Come without permission, or often with vague symptoms that overlooked the owner of the body.

Not surprisingly, coronary heart disease has become the highest contributor to death of the soul in the world, the article is easy once triggered disease from unhealthy lifestyles are increasingly popular these days. Smoking, unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle (little move on) are increasingly a choice to enjoy life.
In fact, instead of smoking, unhealthy diet, and not exercising are the factors that cause the heart disease later in life. It then occurred, no other than, miserable unhealthy and constrained enjoy life.
To avoid this, there are some tips that can help you for getting away from the risk of the threat of heart disease, among others:

How many 7 grams is it?
An apple has 5 grams of fiber, half a cup of broccoli also have the same number. Fruits, vegetables, nuts are a good source of fiber.

So how much fiber do we need?
For those under 50 years old, men need 38 grams of fiber per day and women need 25 grams of fiber each day. While those aged over 50 years require a lesser amount, 30 grams / day for men and 21 grams / day for women.

3. Flu Vaccine Lowers Risk = 36%
A recent analysis found that in people who already suffer from heart disease after a flu vaccine can reduce the risk of heart attack by 36%.
So not only you can reduce the risk of influenza by getting a flu vaccine, but also at the same time you press and away from the threat of heart disease.

4. Healthy Lifestyle Reduces Risk = 25%
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently estimated that if all people are not smoking, eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, reaching the proper weight, and routinely perform a checkup then these people can control the risk factors for disease emergence such as high blood pressure and increased cholesterol levels can be reduced by 25%.
Such diseases are diseases that often leads to death, if this is done then each year as many as 200,000 lives can be saved.



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