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The United States uses Uranium in attack ISIS in Syria

Broken promise,
The United States uses Uranium in attack ISIS in Syria

A-10 Tunderbolt

WASHINGTON - The United States military (US) confirmed the use of depleted uranium munitions (DU) in the two attacks on the convoy of oil tankers ISIS in eastern Syria. US reneged on his promise that will not use the controversial toxic weapons.

The US military admitted more than 5,000 munitions were fired in air strikes on the convoy of oil tanker group Islamic State or ISIS Deiz ez-Zour and Hasakah, Syria to the east.

A spokesman for US Central Command (CENTCOM) Mayor Josh Jacques said about 5,265 DU munitions used in the two attacks which took place in November 2015.

Thousands of toxic ammunition were fired by A-10 aircraft with the engine rotary cannon. According to Jacques, about 350 oil tanker ISIS destroyed.

In March 2015, a spokesman for the international coalition of US-led anti-ISIS John Moore said that the coalition promised not to use uranium munitions during the mission "Operation Inherent Resolve" in Iraq and Syria. Pentagon when it was declared a dangerous weapon was not needed as ISIS does not have anti-tank designed DU ammunition.

According to data from the US military, assault with DU ammunition which first took place on 16 November 2015, near Al-Bukamal, Deir ez-Zor Province, with four US aircraft. As a result, 46 vehicles ISIS destroyed. Approximately 1,490 DU munitions were fired in the attack.

The second attack occurred on November 22, 2015. A total of 293 oil tanker ISIS in a desert area between Deir ez-Zor and Hasakah, destroyed. On this occasion, four A-10 aircraft fired 4,530 DU ammunition.

"The combination Armored Piercing Incendiary (DU) is mixed with the HEI is used to ensure a higher probability of destruction of a fleet of tanker trucks ISIS forbidden," said Jacques told Russia Today, was quoted Wednesday (15/02/2017).

Uranium weapons are the US military because it has outstanding toughness. Of uranium weapons capable of penetrating heavy tanks. However, DU particles can contaminate soil and water nearby. The impact, can cause birth defects and cancer in humans or animals that inhale or ingest DU particles.                                                                            

Read more about DU particles wikipedia


US Marine Practicing Use Kalashnikov before Sent to Afghanistan

US Marines will return to Helmand province, Afghanistan this spring to advisory missions. This means it will put them back in the middle of a fight between the Taliban and the Afghan National Security Forces.

US Marine

As part of the preparation for the mission, about 300 US Marines to be sent to the Task Force Southwest exercise by using a number of weapons that many people use Afghanistan.

On January 17, 2017 and the Marines practiced shooting with two guns of the Soviet era the legendary Kalashnikov weapons: a general-purpose machine gun PK and AK-47 assault rifles.

Marines train with a machine gun PK / USMC.
Sgt. Lucas Hopkins of the II Marine Expeditionary Force in the release notes this weapon is used both by the army and the Taliban so Afghanistan is important for the Marines to understand and be able to use them.

"We want the Marines to familiarize themselves with their weapons," said Staff Sgt. Patrick R. Scott, head of foreign weapons instructor Marine Corps Security Cooperation Group.

Before the Marines are sent they will also receive intensive training about the culture of Afghanistan, including military culture.

North Korea Ready to Release nuclear bomb to Los Angeles if ...

North Korea Bomb
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un witnessed the launch of a ballistic missile from a submarine in waters near Sinpo, in the northeast of the country. The US military claimed this photo is fake photos that are engineered for the sake of propaganda.

One of the most senior North Korean defectors, said Kim Jong Un could fire a nuclear bomb to Los Angeles if the government feels threatened.

It is delivered Thae Yong Ho, a former deputy North Korean ambassador in London in the event Victorua Derbyshire Show, which was broadcast by the BBC.

When asked whether Kim Jong Un will continue to do so despite knowing the US attack would mean the destruction of his country, Yong Ho just said yes.

Previously, Thae Yong Ho said Kim Jong Un's regime will try to complete the development of nuclear weapons by the end of 2017.

"Kim will not stop even though he promised trillions of dollars to halt its nuclear program," said Thae Yong Ho.

"Kim Jong Un know very well that the only nuclear weapons that guarantee the rule. If you feel would lose power, he will do it," said Thae.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump has announced the development of a defense system to fend off Iran and North Korea.

Some of the Best Special Forces in the World

the Best Special Forces in the World photo

Special forces or special operations forces are highly trained military unit in an unusual mission to safeguard the political, economic or military of a country. Special forces originating from the 20th century, founded by Brandenburgers Germany during World War II. To get the title of the best special forces in the world is a very difficult job. As well as fighting for the title of world's best athletes in many different sports that will require different skills and abilities.

Around the world, every country to train them in the military special forces. And special forces are trained to be the best of the best, for the task that is unlikely to be possible. 

Here are some special forces from around the world. All these famous special forces must always hide and not be known by the general public.

9. MARCOS, India.
MARCOS (Marine Commando Force) is an elite special operations unit of the Indian Navy. This force was created to perform specific operations such as amphibious warfare, counter-terrorism, direct action, special reconnaissance, unconventional warfare, hostage rescue, personnel recovery, asymmetric warfare and counterproliferation. MARCOS very organized, trained and equipped for the implementation of special operations in the maritime environment.

8. GIS, Italy.
GIS (Gruppo di Intervento Speciale) is a special counter-terrorism unit to unit elite tactical response in the military police in the Carabinieri, Italy. The forces created by the Italian state police in 1978 to combat the terrorist threat. Overall, these forces are known with expertise in shooting. Nowadays, GIS with more than 100 soldiers assigned to anti-terrorism operations, maintain security and provide training.

7. EKO Cobra, Austria.
EKO Cobra (Einsatzkommando Cobra) is the principal special operations in Austria for tactical counter-terrorism unit. Formed in 1978, in response to attack Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972. They were involved in the rescue of hostages in Graz-Karlau Prison in 1996 and many other operations. EKO Cobra is the only counter-terrorism unit to fight piracy while the plane was still in the air. They are known as one of the best counter-terrorist unit in the world.

6. GIGN, France.
GIGN (National Gendarmerie Intervention Group) is a special operations unit of the French Armed Forces. The unit is trained to conduct counter-terrorist missions and hostage rescue mission in France and around the world. This force was formed after the Munich Olympics massacre in 1971. The initial purpose of the establishment of this force is to prepare if the state under attack. In 1973, the GIGN into force of men who are very well trained and must be ready to respond to threats in the country. This force is famous for the quick response and the ability proficient in combat, hostage rescue and anti-terrorism operations. Currently, the GIGN is used for large-scale intervention, search and protection missions.

5. SSG, Pakistan.
SSG (Special Services Group) is a special operations forces of Pakistan Army. This force is similar to the US Army Special Forces and the British Army, the SAS (Special Air Service). This force was formed in 1956, this force is also known as "Black Storks". SSG is considered as one of the world's best special forces for their bravery. Russian President once said, if he has the Pakistani forces coupled with Russian weapons, surely he could conquer the world because they are very brave. SSG trained to carry out special missions, including asymmetric warfare, special operations, counter-proliferation, unconventional warfare, foreign threats, special reconnaissance, direct action, hostage rescue, counter-terrorism and recovery personnel. More recently, SSG active in the anti-terrorist operation in the western border to the conflict between Pakistan's restive with Afghanistan and the fight against Islamic extremists in the cities in Pakistan.

4. JW GROM, Poland.
JW GROM (JEDNOSTKA WOJSKOWA GROM) is the elite counter-terrorism unit Poland. This force was officially activated on July 13, 1990 to respond to terrorist threats. Grom is one of the five forces special operations unit of the Polish Armed Forces. They are trained to respond to a variety of threats and conventional warfare, including anti-terrorist measures and as projection force behind enemy lines.

3. GSG 9, Germany.
GSG 9 is the German counter-terrorism and Special Operations Unit of the German Federal Police. This force was officially established in 1973, after the German police managed to free the kidnapped 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics during the summer. GSG 9 deployed in the case of hostages, kidnapping, terrorism and extortion. This force can also be used for securing locations, neutralize targets, track down fugitives and sometimes conduct sniper operations. This unit is very active in developing methods and tactics for testing mission. From the years 1972-2003 they were rumored to have completed more than 1,500 missions and during the mission, they only use the weapon as much as 5 times, was incredible.

2. Delta Force, United States.
1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (1st SFOD-D), or more commonly known as Delta Force, was officially founded in 1997 after numerous incidents of terrorists who attacked the United States. These forces are the best troops and is one of the secret power of the United States. Founder / co-founder SFOD-D is a former SAS operation that thinks the US may need elite forces such as SAS. The main task of the Delta Force is counter-terrorism, direct action, and national intervention operations.

1. SAS, England.
Special Air Service (SAS) is one of the best in the British Special Forces. SAS was founded in 1941 during World War II, this force was formed as part of the Territorial Army in 1947 and was named Battalion 21 SAS Regiment.

Regular Army SAS 22 famous and gained recognition worldwide after successfully attacked the Iranian embassy in London and save the hostages and surrounded the Embassy of Iran in 1980. Until now, these forces consist of one regiment of regular and two territorial regiments. The main task of the SAS is counter-terrorism for peace missions and special operations in wartime.

(various sources)



People in Global Firepower has rank 10 considered the most powerful military in the world. This ranking is compiled from 68 countries, based on the criteria of labor, land systems, air power, naval power, resources, logistics, financial and geographic coverage.

They measure it by 40 different statistics of a country, including the number of aircraft carrier, available labor and labor to produce Power Index, in which a lower number equal to the weapon.

Armed Forces number 5 of the world, namely the Pakistan army are not included in this list. What is the reason? I Have No Idea. Clearly, here is a list of 10 is considered the most powerful military in the world, with some accompanying statistics.

10. Brazil
Power Index: 0.6912
Defense Budget: US $ 31.576 billion
Active Military Personnel: 371 199
Labor Force: 104 700 000
Total Aircraft: 822
Navy Total Power: 106

9. Italy.
Power Index: 0.6838
Defense Budget: US $ 31.946 billion
Active Military Personnel: 293 202
Labor Force: 25.08 million
Total Aircraft: 770
Navy Total Power: 179

8. South Korea.
Power Index: 0.6547
Defense Budget: US $ 28.28 billion
Active Military Personnel: 653,000
Labor Force: 25.1 million
Total Aircraft: 871
Navy Total Power: 190

7. Germany.
Power Index: 0.6491
Defense Budget: US $ 43.478 billion
Active Military Personnel: 148 996
Labor Force: 43.62 million
Total Aircraft: 925
Total Power Navy: 67

6. France.
Power Index: 0.6163
Defense Budget: US $ 58.244 billion
Active Military Personnel: 362 485
Labor Force: 29.61 million
Total Aircraft: 544
Navy Total Power: 180

5. England.
Power Index: 0.5185
Defense Budget: US $ 57,875,170,000
Active Military Personnel: 224 500
Labor Force: 31.72 million
Total Aircraft: 1,412
Total Power Navy: 77

4. India.
Power Index: 0.4346
Defense Budget: US $ 44.282 billion
Active Military Personnel: 1.325 million
Labor Force: 487 600 000
Total Aircraft: 1,962
Navy Total Power: 170

3. China.
Power Index: 0.3351
Defense Budget: US $ 129.272 billion
Active Military Personnel: 2.285 million
Labor Force: 795 500 000
Total Aircraft: 5048
Navy Total Power: 972

2. Russia.
Power Index: 0.2618
Defense Budget: US $ 64 billion
Active Military Personnel: 1,200,000
Labor Force: 75.33 million
Total Aircraft: 4498
Navy Total Power: 224

1. United States.
Power Index: 0.2475
Defense Budget: US $ 689.591 billion
Active Military Personnel: 1477896
Labor Force: 153 600 000
Total Aircraft: 15 293
Navy Total Power: 290.

Nuclear capability is not included in this calculation.


Sophistication peek Fighter SU-35

code name Flanker-E photo

Sukhoi Su-35 (NATO code: Flanker-E) is a multirole fighter, heavyweight, explore long, and a single-seat Russian origin. This aircraft was developed from the Su-27, and was originally named Su-27M. This aircraft was developed to match the F-15 Eagle and F-16 Fighting Falcon.

Because of the similarity of features and components it contains, the Su-35 is regarded as a close cousin of the Sukhoi Su-30MKI, a variant of the Su-30 is produced for India.

The plane itself is a series of recent flanker and the generation void filler between 4 generation and generation 5, could be included in a 4 ++ generation.

Su-35 aircraft is actually derived from the Su27 and is a variant of "ground-baed" of the Su-33. When Au Russia kept the name Su-27M, change the name of this aircraft Sukhoi Su-35 be hoping to attract foreign consumers.

Design Su-35 is identical to the Su-27, but using the canard as the Su-33 and with a more powerful engine coupled system of the fly-by-wire new digital. Su-35 aircraft is also equipped with a new multi-mode radar, infrared detectors and upgraded weapons.

Development History.
Sukhoi Su-35 is an improved version of the Sukhoi Su-27, and was originally designed as the Su-27M. Su-27M development began in the early 1980s. A prototype Su-27M (T-10S-70) was first launched in 1988.

Change of Su-27 of them canard, elevated quality engine, new radar, and fly-by-wire control system is digital. Among other changes in the glass cockpit, probe refueling in the air, gear muzzle-twin wheels, a more sophisticated radar, two additional buffer under the wings, fuel capacity larger and wider tail fins with carbon fiber end horizontal .

The first prototype was exhibited in 1992 at the Farnborough Air Show. Sukhoi fighter to change the design of the Su-27M to the Su-35 in 1993. Ten Su-35 prototypes were made, four of which are changes to the Su-27, six others are completely new. Three production Su-27M completed in 1996 and handed over to the Russian Air Force (VVS) in the same year to be tested. Five Su-35 is used by the Russian Aerobatic Team. Overall 15 of the Su-35 (Su-27M) airworthy which have been produced, including a prototype Su-35UB two-seater. Two of the Su-35 Su-37 modified to be in the mid-late 1990s. Su-35 dubbed as "Super Flanker".

Although the original prototype Su-27M / Su-35 never entered production row, there are many improvements proposed are included into the export variant of the Su-27, Su-30MKI example. However, the Russian Air Force did not receive a more advanced variants and fixed using a fleet of Su-27 received in Soviet times, with little additional Su-30.

Su-35 aircraft premiere later developed into the Su-35BM, which enters production row as the Su-35S. Modernized Su-35 will be the design of up to Sukhoi PAK FA fifth generation can be used. Modernized Su-35 called "Su-35BM" (Bolshaya Modernizatsiya - Modernization Large) by multiple sources, but the Sukhoi aircraft mention this only as "Su-35". Modernized Su-35 is considered a 4 ++ generation by Sukhoi.

Aircraft modernized Su-35 has been demonstrated in the MAKS-2007 air show in August 2007. The new features of this aircraft among strengthened airframe using composite materials, which reduced radar marker from the front, and a radar PESA are updated . The aircraft is equipped by many updates on the electrical system and avionics, including fly-by-wire digital and a radar to detect the signal from the rear to fire missiles Sarh. The new Su-35 is no longer put up canard and air brakes; to maintain the maneuverability to remain equal to or greater than the equipped aircraft canard, the Su-35 using the new 117S engines with pipes vector thruster always running.

The new version of the Su-35 first flew on 19 February 2008. On 18 August 2009, the Russian Defense Ministry announced a contract to supply 48 Su-35S fighter aircraft (Serial) together with 16 fighter Su-27/30 to be delivered in 2015.

In September 2010 Sberbank agree to provide program funding Su-35. On October 14, 2010, the company announced that the first production Sukhoi Su-35S has completed the general assembly and that the first aircraft will be delivered to the Ministry of Defense of Russia at the end of the year.

New Russian Sukhoi SU-35 operate end of 2012
Russian Air Force will receive the first six units of the latest fighter aircraft Sukhoi Su-35 Flanker-E at the end of 2012. Currently, the planes are currently undergoing final testing. "Su-35 is at the final stages in the flight test center training and testing Akhtubinsk (in the Volga region). Six first Su-35 aircraft will be delivered to the Russian Air Force the end of 2012, "said a spokesman for the Russian Air Force, Col. Vladimir Drik, Monday (12/03/2012) in Moscow, Russia. Please note the Russian Defense Ministry ordered 48 units of the Su-35 in 2009.

Su-35 is the latest development of the Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker which uses two new engine series 117S steering system equipped with thrust (thrust vectoring) to improve maneuverability. In addition, the aircraft also has the ability to attack multiple targets at the same air, either with missiles and other weapons systems. With all these capabilities, the Su-35 jet fighter dubbed the 4 ++ generation that uses a fifth-generation technologies.

SU-35 weapons photo

Su-27M / Su-35, fighter with one seat.
Su-35UB, fighter and trainer aircraft with two seats. Berfiturkan higher vertical stabilizer and an additional fuselage similar to the Sukhoi Su-30.
Su-35BM, single-seat fighter with updated avionics and various modifications to the airframe. Su-35BM is the unofficial name.
Su-35BM Russian domestic version.
Su-35BM export version.

General characteristics.
Crew: 1
Length: 21.9 m
Wingspan: 15.3 m
Height: 5.90 m
Wing area: 62.0 m²
Empty weight: 18,400 kg
Weight filled: 25,300 kg
The maximum takeoff weight: 34,500 kg
Engine: 2 × Saturn 117S with turbofan TVC
Dry Encouragement: 8,800 kgf (86.3 kN) each
Encouragement with afterburner: 14,500 kgf each

Maximum speed: Mach 2.25 (2,390 km / h) at an altitude
Range: 3,600 miles; (1,580 km above the mainland)
Ferry range: 4,500 miles with auxiliary fuel tanks
Upper limit fly: 18,000 m
Rate of climb:> 280 m / s
Wing load: 408 kg / m²
Encouragement / weight: 1.1

1 × 30 mm internal canon Gryazev-Shipunov GSH-30-1 with 150 rounds
2 × wingtip rails for air-to-air missile R-73 (AA-11 "Archer") or Poda ECM
12 × station frame and wings for up to 8,000 kg of ordnance, including air-to-air missiles, air-to-ground missiles, rockets, and bombs like:
R-27: R-27R, R-27ER, R-27T, R-27ET, R-27EP, R-27AE
R-77: R-77 and R-77M1, R-77T proposed
R-73: R-73E, R-73m, R-74m
Kh-31: Kh-31A, Kh-31P (Anti-radiation missile)
Kh-35: Kh-59
Kh-29: Kh-29T, Kh-29L
Laser guided bombs KAB-500
Laser guided bombs KAB-1500
Laser guided bombs LGB-250
250 kg of non-guided bombs FAB-250
500 kg of non-guided bombs FAB-500
Laser guided rocket S-25 non-guided rocket S-250
Poda non-guided rocket S-8
Poda non-guided rocket S-13


Indonesia planning to buy Sukhoi Su-35 world spotlight

Military aircraft photo

Indonesian Air Force (TNI AU) will renew its combat fleet with purchase of Sukhoi Su-35 Flanker. Purchasing is done to replace the F-5 Tiger made in the United States are getting old.

Planned purchase of Su-35 by the Air Force turned out to be the spotlight of the world. A number of weapons sites world help to highlight the purchase of this advanced fighter jets. Proven construction of military armaments simply monitored the world.

Site and, special pages that discuss air combat force released Indonesia's intention to buy Russian-made advanced equipment.

By citing the Air Force Chief of Staff (rafters), Agus Supriatna, the Su-35 aircraft into the list of purchases made from this year. In addition to the Su-35, Indonesia is also eyeing Block 52+ F-16 Fighting Falcon, Eurofighter Typhoon, and the Swedish JAS 39 Gripen fighters.

According to Agus, the Su-35 on the list of target because it can meet the needs of the Air Force defense equipment, and easier to operate. "All can be ordered, but we as the operator wants four new aircraft," he said. photo

The desire positive response from Russian Ambassador to Indonesia Mikhail Galuzin. He hopes that the purchase of these aircraft can be realized.

"Military cooperation between the two countries have woken up some time ago, and we want to increase it again," said Mikhail.

However, Indonesia still has not decided what type of fighter to replace the F-5 E Tigers artificial Northrop Grumman. Currently, the Air Force still operates 11 F-5E / F 14 Squadron based at Iswahyudi air base.

Sukhoi Su-35 is the latest model of the Su-27M Flanker, where there is an increase in the ability of the air superiority fighter, and is designed to be able to shoot a variety of targets using missiles and non-control.

This aircraft Sukhoi designed and made by Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association. The aircraft is now a mainstay of the Russian Air Force.


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