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Some Signs Before Childbirth

Signs Before Childbirth Articles photo

The process of childbirth is a phase that is eagerly awaited by pregnant women. Therefore, you need to know the signs of giving birth, especially if you decide to do a normal labor and birth is approaching day forecast.

During this time, people know the signs bore the amniotic fluid will rupture and uncontrolled, and contraction with tremendous pain. Is It True?

When childbirth indeed be accompanied by rupture of the amniotic fluid. However, these conditions apparently does not apply to all women. There are some women who experienced signs of rapid delivery, but not a few women who slower experience.

But, you do not need to worry because here are the signs given birth already you can feel in the third trimester of pregnancy:

• Contraction
Contraction is a condition in which the uterus will tighten and become more relaxed as in a position ready to push the baby out. Contractions will feel the same pain as the first days of menstruation. In fact, the pain will be felt at the times ready to give birth. In addition, the stronger the contraction characterized by a more regular intervals and shorter, for example, every 30-70 seconds.

• Back pain
Backs will feel more stiff and sore during pregnancy because of the extra burden that rests on the backs and attraction of some abdominal muscles. However, while giving birth to the lower back will be sore and cramping. This pain is part of the contraction and is usually felt on the back and then will move on to the next multi-story body.

• Water rupture
Amniotic fluid is the fluid that protects the fetus while in the womb. Ruptured amniotic fluid usually like torrents or just a trickle. Keep in mind, if the amniotic fluid until it broke its meaning is the approach you with childbirth.

• Exit viscous mucus
When pregnant, then there is an obstruction such as a layer of mucus that covers the opening of your cervix. But ahead of childbirth, the cervix will be softened and enlarged to prepare for the birth path. This makes the blockage becomes depleted and can drip out and blockage will come out in the form of mucus or jelly pink-brown.

However, you should still see a doctor specialist obstetric and gynecology aimed to security and safety and your fetus.

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