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Working Hard But Not Successfully Rich - Here's some reason that you should know

Successfull Rich

For some people, working hard is the main concern.
But after years of working hard, but it does not go to fruition. The result is exactly the opposite, namely a lot of problems and a lot of debt. Therefore, here I would like to discuss the cause of the rich person is not dead despite working desperately hard.

Dilemmas of this kind become a thing that is often questioned by many people. But that is precisely someone find it not of how the business of the person, but instead in which the results obtained it. Therefore, people who never appreciate the hard work and the services of someone it is very difficult to achieve success. 

Because they only see a person's success comes from what they have, instead of the hard work that had been obtained.
So the hard work and work in a long time Do not be a benchmark for measuring the level of a person's success. There are so many things that can cause that person can get rich or not. One of them is due to luck. Yes I do, if that person is destined rich, any attempt also tip ends must be rich. Because many intermediaries that can make a person become successful.
But luck was a small factor that affects a person can be rich or not. All of that may also depend on ourselves, whether we can see the state, good at promoting something, clever taking opportunities, hard work and smart work and many more. Well some of them, I will review the different perceptions, which is the cause of the cause of a person is not rich.

The cause of a person is not rich even though they had to work hard
For most people, the rich is the goal of life. because with wealth, they can buy everything. With the wealth that is why they can live completely delicious and will have many opportunities to be able to choose their own way of life.

But being rich is a very difficult thing. Even very difficult. Just imagine, everyone in the world compete against each other to be rich. Some use the black way some are using illicit means. Both this is already a groove in human life forever.

Competition with each other is what causes their weak and strong will lose will continue and even win. Yes indeed, the law in business that adheres to the law of the jungle. Just not always the strong won, sometimes strong will lose to a small but full of intrigue and strategy and innovation.

Poor with this competition are getting poorer. Especially living in the era of liberal democracy in the country as it is today. Feeling poor want to eat just really hard, do not owe anyone want to give a loan, there is not the matter, because I'm working hard not produce anything, instead it damages obtained

Sometimes we seemed willing to give up on what we lakoni. It's been hard work worked hard, never enough money, especially stacked to save. As if going to the hard work was only a triviality vanities alone, without being able to produce any kind and did not have any benefit.
Well below, there are some things that cause a person can not be successful or rich despite having to work hard. Please refer to well either.

1. Never willing to invest
Investment is profitable in the future. Maybe this time only losses are to come by, but if you are good at managing it, certainly a moment what you have invested will make money. The investment could be long-term and short-term. But I suggest to those who want to invest to do so in the long term, it is to be profitable one day later.
Investing is not just limited to shares or investments dotcom alone. You can invest in land, shop, or building. You need to know, the price of land and property that is increasingly expensive. Each year has certainly increased. So this type of investment will not lose. Moreover, the land could be used for plantations, parks, buildings, businesses and others.
You need to know, most of the rich world that it has a lot of wealth because they invest. Beirnvestasi either short term or long term, they always set aside money for this result of his efforts. They invested some of the money for investments that surely must alone. Such as buying shares in companies that are expected to experience rapid growth.

So, this investment can be profit or loss. Therefore you need to learn about how to analyze the current situation to predict how the future later.

2. Do not take advantage of opportunities
If we observe more of the rich world that they do everything with full consideration and also they always take advantage of existing opportunities. Because at the time there was a golden opportunity, they take advantage of the opportunity and do not mess with what they choose it.
The cause of a person is not rich even though they had to work hard is because they are not able to take advantage of existing opportunities. They are just waiting for the opportunity to come themselves to him. Though it's not possible.
In this life there really is a rare opportunity. And it was a chance that small when compared with the opportunities that exist. Therefore, you can do is to use that opportunity as possible.
Examples are often carried out by the rich is to take advantage of financial turmoil or stock. So when they buy a cheap price as much as possible, and if the price of an already expensive, they sell it as dearly as possible. Well this is called taking advantage of opportunities that exist.

3. Silent, without any desire to change state
Remember that human destiny was determined himself. So if we do not want to change it, then people will not change his fate forever. Believe it, that everything was determined from yourself. What you plant, that is what you will reap. Sure, we could not feel the results of our efforts at this time, but believe that someday, we will feel the results.
The rich man who used to come from poor families and do not have anything, they always have a strong motivation in every step of his life to be able to change the fate. By that they can achieve what they want. Without it possible they are still the same as it once was.
Now the nature of the poor that almost everything there is silence. Silence here is not motionless, but just do the things that a day every day without the desire to work even harder in the future. Sure, in an attempt to change the destiny, we need to make every effort and do everything extra hard, but rest assured that all of it would have shortchanged with kindness someday.
So after knowing the cause of this one person is not rich, we should begin now to change to be better. Do not just quietly waiting for the change, but try to move forward to make a difference for yourself, others, and the environment into a better direction again.

4. Do not use intelligence
Humans are given the advantage of sense. With this sense of human beings become perfect and could be considered super intelligent beings. Anything can be made by humans, or even damage to itself else they can do.
The tendency of poor people why they can not be rich even though they had to work and try as much as possible is because they walkin utilize the intelligence they have. They only rely on muscle to earn money. That's what makes their lives remain like that forever.
What we must do is to use the muscles but also uses intelligence. Both need to be done over the time in any work done. So when we work so hard today, with intelligence possessed, then we should be able to create a device or technology to facilitate that work.
With the intelligence we can solve every problem in life. So it shall we be able to think ahead to resolve any problems that occur at this time. If it's difficult, it is the gift of intelligence possessed, should humans can solve the problem in order to change the situation for the better in the future.

Do not just rely on the feeling in addressing problems
It is often done by poor people is that they rely too much on feelings to solve problems. That is what will make them fail. Indeed, the feeling is we need to make a foundation in problem solving. But do not make sense of the absence of an in-depth analysis that has been thought out well in advance. Because it will not work.

Indeed, we have instincts, but not always instinct was right? So do not forget the data analysis to decide an issue. Do not just select it and choose it relies solely on instinct alone, because surely most of the decisions that have been it would not meinimbulkan advantage.
That is the cause of a person is not rich even though they had to work hard, therefore, now used as a counterweight to the feeling of using the data relevant data for all the problems of life.

5. Do not set up an emergency fund
Emergency fund is a fund that is really needed when it is tight. Eg accidents, or suddenly there is an urgent need, and so on. Poor people do not actually have money specifically for this, because it was difficult to eat. That's right is not it?
Therefore, poor people must have insurance. So if there is a problem such as accidents or other things, which it requires huge costs to tens of millions, then there would be confusion and difficulty in setting up that money.
Due to the poor, if he was seriously ill, can not work, it takes a lot of money and do not have insurance definitely the road they took it owes. Even then, if anyone wants dihutangi, if not the more complicated problem. Well after a large debt that, we then have to pay each week or month to pay it off, this course will be the thing that really adds to elaborate.
So one of the reasons a person does not even have to do everything the rich is because they do not have insurance or emergency funds. So if there is a problem of funds, the more complicated the problem.

6. Too dependent on others
Equally important are those of the poor are too dependent on others. Even too dependent on the fate of chance, such as raffles, and so forth. And if we are increasingly dependent on others, we will be very difficult to be able to move forward. So we could never be developed and changed for the better.
Indeed, social human beings must have been very dependent on others in many ways. But that does not mean we live just ride on others or to exploit the kindness given to others. We must capitalize on the benefit of others as well properly.

If we just mentally free to just take things from others, then we forever will never be rich. Because one can become rich even when they've been able to share with others, both share materials and share the happiness.
So do not rely on anything that is not our right, such as the provision of other people, sweepstakes, or other. Because that's the cause of a person is not rich even though they had done a lot of things.
Thus the discussion about the causes someone is not rich even though they had to work hard. Hopefully this is helpful for all of us. Do not forget to share this article with others in order to know ya. thanks.

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Some Tips When Facing Job Interview

Job Interview Articles Tips
Job Interview - photo

The purpose of the interview work to every job seeker's face is very important. Through these interviews will be known whether the applicant meets the requirements needed by the company or not.

When all the tests on the bench education you have passed the exam actually heavier it has not been started and is waiting for you. As a new graduate surely there will be many questions and concerns in your mind. These feelings are reasonable, but sometimes it can actually make you become confident and nervous, especially when you have to start the job interview process.

The purpose of the interview work to every job seeker's face is very important, through the interview will be known whether the applicant meets the requirements needed by the company or not. Unfortunately, often the applicants failed in this interview session, not because they are not competent in the required field, but due to lack of experience in dealing with the interview process. 

Therefore, through this article will explain some restrictions little what should not be done when you're facing a job interview.

1. Do not ignore the appearance
In the world of work there is the term "7 seconds determines everything", this is closely related to a person's appearance and body language. During the 7 seconds someone will be instantly recognizable as what his personality through the way he dressed. Therefore, with a neat appearance when attending a job interview will make the interviewer feel comfortable with you, allowing you to have the opportunity to be called in the next interview session.

2. Do not come late
Coming late to a job interview session is a fatal mistake, understand your position that you're currently in need of a job and not a company that needs you. When you get to come too late for any reason you are calling is usually of no use, the interviewer will immediately write off you to be able to participate in an interview that day. Therefore, try to be able to come at least half an hour earlier, perhatiakan traffic situations and weather conditions, so that you can arrive on time before the interview begins.

3. Do not be nervous
Feeling nervous is natural, everyone who attended for interview experience it. Just do not let that keep you feeling so awkward, so messing up your interview session. Defeat the nervous feeling and control yourself, imagine that you are currently facing is not a judge, you just're dealing with someone who will give you a job. Always think positive and be brave because then the nervous feelings will not have the strength to beat you.

4. Do not come without preparation
It would be very strange one feels when in an interview session sudden confusion because you did not bring stationery, you should be forced to borrow from friends or license out for a while to buy it. Keep an event like this is not your experience, make sure that the first impression that you are ready. Prepare yourself as best as possible since from home, bring things what might be required to face the interview sessions such as diplomas, photograph, photocopy of ID card, stationery, SKCK, and so on.

5. Keep your manners
Wherever you are, manners are very important. When facing the interview, give your smile always sincerely to anyone who was present at that time. Say hello, greet everyone with a friendly, do not interrupt the conversation, notice how you sit, watch your eye contact, do not bow your head, and so on.

Thus the five precepts that you should consider when facing a job interview, hopefully you can apply it as good as possible. There will be many new things that you encounter and experience in the world of work. You may be surprised at the number of events and new experiences that had not been found in the world of education. Sometimes some of you will feel that what you have learned so far in the world of education is completely different to the field of work you are involved with. Therefore, prepare yourself as best as possible, stay focused and work with all my heart, show a good work ethic so that you can work to the fullest and enjoy your new activity as a worker.

Some Things To Be Understood by A Job Seekers

A Job Seekers Tips
Things To Be Understood by A Job Seekers - photo

To win the competition, a job seeker must be thoroughly prepared, both in terms of skills required in the workplace, as well as mental readiness and knowledge required to undergo stages of recruitment.

In an age full of competition these days, finding a job is not easy. The high growth of the labor force each year are not comparable with job growth, making it increasingly fierce competition from time to time. To bring job seekers to vacancies available, various job fairs and exchanges held. But these efforts still did not reduce the severity of competition faced by a job seeker.

To win the competition was so severe, a job seeker must be thoroughly prepared, both in terms of skills required in the workplace, as well as mental readiness and knowledge required to undergo stages of recruitment.

Here are some basic things that can help you in your job search efforts and pursue a career in the field of employment:

1. Selection and career planning
Selection of career fields to be occupied new should not be done after you graduated from college or when you're looking for a job. Since the beginning of study in high school, you should have started to make a map of your career based on your interests and your main talent. Career planning early on will help you to not become confused in the selection of majors in college, and also narrow the gap between the educational background to the field of your field of work. Career planning much earlier will give you a good opportunity to prepare for and obtain a lot of information about your chosen career field.

2. Apply for a job
In the job search process, this section is one of the important stages. When you apply for a job, it means you are 'market' yourself in the job market. Samples of the 'product' is being marketed is your cover letter along with an overview of information about yourself that you are prepared to apply for the job. As a representation of yourself, make your job application as well as possible, to include information that is concise yet detailed enough about the educational background, experience, strengths, and personal strengths you have.

Prepare your cover letter along with other accompanying documents such that the person who reads it can easily get the impression that you are a good person and be ready to work in the field of job you're applying. Thus you will have a greater opportunity to enter the next stage of the recruitment interviews.

3. The job interview
Job interviews are intended to get to know closely the prospective employee will be received by the employer, and also perform the necessary verification for the information that you provided in your job application. When you face a job interview, arose naturally and full of confidence. Dress with a neat and professional looking.

When explaining about yourself, give a concise statement but strength. Provide a clear statement to formulate a variety of information about the background and abilities, to lead to the conclusion that you are the most suitable candidate for the position you're applying. This explanation is enough with a duration of 30 seconds to one minute, do not need to talk at length.

In addition, if you are asked about your weaknesses, mention one common weakness possessed by almost everyone. Based on experience, explain how you have managed to handle it so that a negative impression of weakness can be turned into a positive.

4. Probation
When you finally accepted to work in a business organization or other organizations, remember that your employer a little more play of chance in hiring you because they do not know you completely. That is why, before you are accepted as a permanent employee, you are given probation for a period of time to assess the performance, reliability, and your responsibilities at work.

In addition, this trial period will also be time for you to recognize the orientation of responsibility as well as other things that are expected of you in the job. Therefore, use this time as well as possible to prove that your employer was not mistaken when deciding to accept you, so that at the end of the trial period you are eligible to be appointed with full rights as permanent employees in their organization.

5. Pursue a career
Once you work and want to pursue a career in the field of employment in any institution, both non-profit and all the more commercially oriented organization, remember that in doing your job, you are actually performing the 'barter' with your employer. Because on the other hand, your employer also bear the financial burden on your receipt to work in their organizations. You must understand that in such bondage, you agree to exchange the performance or contribution that you provide for the achievement of organizational goals where you work, with compensation in the form of salaries and other facilities that you receive for these contributions.

Although your work is often expressed in units of time, but do not forget that you are not paid solely by the amount of time you spend working for your employer. Again, that you change is the amount and quality of performance or contribution, not the amount of time. Your time is not valuable to your employer, they appreciate is your contribution to the success of their organizations. Therefore, give the best performance, the performance of which deserve to be appreciated expensive. Through this way you build a strong foundation for the development of your career.

If you feel that your work demands are not commensurate with the compensation you receive, do not degrade the quality of your work to menyetarakannya. Keep superior work because maybe there will be other people who are willing to pay you more dearly for your great performance. 

Happy working!

Finding The Right Time to stop and look for a new job photo

Feeling bored with your career and want to find a new job? Make sure you do it at the right time. Often in a hurry to start it difficult for a person to obtain a new job.

As quoted by Forbes, Saturday (10/19/2013), there are some appropriate time to stop and look for a new job. After the new year is touted as one of the great time to start a new career. This is because many managers who wished for a different atmosphere to recruit new employees.

In addition, after a vacation is also referred to as the right time to start another job. Complete, the following eight great time to stop and look for a new job:

1. When you feel ready

According to the author of the book `From Graduation to Corporation: The Practical Guide to Climbing the Corporate Ladder One Rung at a Time` Andy Tech, a great time to look for work is a person wants a new job. When want a new job, it means you are ready to start looking for it.

Moreover, there's nothing wrong start looking for a job even before you feel ready. Precisely do not wait until too late.

2. After a long vacation

If you currently have a plan for the long holiday, then be prepared to look for a new job after you come back from the holiday. You certainly do not want to resign when he was busy working in the office.

Good to take time off for vacation and get used to colleagues in the office do not see your presence for some time. After the holidays, start to look for a new job.

3. After the new year

Teach revealed, the new year is a good time to look for a new job. This is because January is the beginning of the year where you will have a new passion to start a new thing anyway. There was the possibility, the beginning of the year to be a time in which the managers are looking for new employees in the company.

4. After a big change in life

Starting a home life and having children is often a reason to stop working and start a new career. If you are pregnant or recently divorced, well do not look for a job in these conditions.

This is considering looking for a new job takes time and effort and personal situation is stable. Once you successfully through it, then you try to find a new job.

5. We do not need a new job

One of the best times to look for when you're working is not needed. Often good feeling about your job now and there is no urgency makes you pause to look for a new job. Golden opportunity often only come once, then take advantage of these opportunities even when you do not have it.

6. Before you hate your job

Some people prefer to himself hates his job before finally deciding to look for a new job. The problem, then you are under pressure and was not happy.

It can interfere with your personality when looking for work. So look for a job before you hate the work now being acted.

7. When have enough time

Vice President of Business Development Division and Service Clients in the Great on the Job Marjie Terry urged to ensure you have enough time to look for a job. Make sure you also build contacts with a number of other companies with the time you have.

8. There is an interesting jobs

If you find your dream company hiring, immediately try to apply on the spot. Do not try to survive if other companies offer better financial stability.


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Should new employees ready to Some Facts Reality in Office photo

The students usually wished to quickly pass and tested the ability in the office. In his mind, the office atmosphere will be better than the situation at the school. In fact, the first new employees will work in the office find many surprises.

As quoted by Business Insider, Wednesday (10/30/2013), some newcomers in the world profesional will be surprised by the fact that it receives in the office.

Call it, work schedules sometimes not appropriate. This means that at certain times you have to go home late because of the demands of a job.

In addition, the working atmosphere in the office was not much different from the learning atmosphere in the school. Complete, the following several things to make you surprised when the first job:

1. You can not go home office on schedule

When the first job, you intend to go to the office at 9 am and return at 5 pm. Unfortunately often hope you did not materialize because of the amount of work that must be completed.

You sometimes come home late and add hours of work by accident. As a new employee, you would be surprised, but try to talk to the boss so you can go home on time.

2. Your work continues to grow

As a new employee, you usually haunted by various other jobs outside of your main tasks. Various additional tasks even makes it difficult to breathe fresh air. Then the company will provide more specific job.

Prior to protest the boss, think about the reasons companies give a lot of other tasks. If you perform this task with enthusiasm, the company will provide a better career path. However it may be, you can add it in a job application letter when you want to look for a better job.

3. The Office was the same as the school

Learning in school makes you want to quickly pass and find a new place. Office is often considered to provide an atmosphere that is more fun than school. In fact, the office is not much different from the school.

Indeed, each company has a different work culture. Most seem to have strict rules while others look more friendly.

Make sure you comply with all the rules the same as the office while still in school and follow the will of the seniors in the office.

4. It is not difficult to set the time in the office

At the office, you'll meet a lot of other employees with different characters. There are resting many times in a day, and there is even a lunch time employees up to 2 hours.

Make sure you take advantage of the negligence of another employee to work optimally. Kurangin streets in the office and focus on the job. See, a lot you can do in the office.

5. It is difficult to run a special relationship in the office

Romantic relationships in the office is like the special relationships in school. Although surreptitiously other employees will soon find out. But avoid having a girlfriend at the office so as not to complicate the future of your career.

6. Your boss is the manager of the world's most evil

Many people judge the boss without a second thought and as a new employee, you should avoid it whenever possible. Your boss might seem cruel and let his work alone.

But you can use it to learn more about the work that is being acted now. The attitude of your boss can be a way to learn personal and different temperaments. That way, you can create a more comfortable working environment.

7. Co-workers began ignorant

Not everyone in the office likes you or middle position you hold. Often these people can justify any means to inhibit your career. Never affected. Focus on your work, and if the situation worsens, you can report to the Human Resources office.

8. Managers observe all of your movements

For those of you who've watched the reality show 'Big Brother`, and gestures work in the office you are under the supervision of the boss. Not only professional life, your daily life would have been in control.

For example, you work in a service company, how to communicate with clients will be monitored and observed carefully. So make sure you are working well and avoid mistakes that can hurt your career.


Some Changes in Financial Solutions and Career

living goal photo

Speaking the new year, said resolution as the already powerful and become a tradition for most citizens of the world. Dream to achieve success in the new year to be less fit without discussing the resolution in finance and professional.

Citing page International Business Times, Wednesday (01/01/2013), the cornerstone of the new year actually not live in the form of a resolution. Action is more important is how you realize these desires. In addition, the resolution of financial problems and work also needs to be considered as a promise that must be kept.

Of course, in the new year, everyone wants to do a lot more achievements in the previous year. Then to obtain a career and a better economic life, the following eight habits and routines that need to be targeted in the coming year:

1. It is better to set money

In the new year, do not spend a lot of money that does not belong to you, especially for users of credit cards. If in previous years, you have a habit of spending spree when purchasing goods or eat too much, you need to fix in the coming year.

When you want to buy, buy items you really need. So start saving every month.

2. Thinking more positive

Thinking and a positive attitude does not mean you ignore the unpleasant situation around you either in your neighborhood or workplace. Positive thinking means you can conjure an unpleasant situation in a way that is more productive.

You will always react based on the idea that the best will happen and not the worst. Additionally, you will rarely feel stressed and can develop your ability to work better.

3. More often turn off the cell phone (mobile phone)

Applications in most mobile phones today are very interesting, fun and of course addictive. Often, many people who do not meet face to face in the middle of a chat but busy staring at her cell phone screen.

For those of you who are addicted and too often holding the phone in the office, be careful your boss might not like the habit.

Research Marshall School of Business Universty of Southern California proved, most successful people hate people who are fiddling with his cell phone during the meeting.

So in the new year, reduce your habits continuously staring at the phone screen. If there is a short message (SMS) comes in, you do not need to immediately respond and let it continue.

4. Be more honest

Starting the new year, learn to be true to yourself and others. Honesty can strengthen your relationship with many people, including colleagues in the office. Even if you bring bad news, still convey honest with others.

5. More generous

Although the change but survival will continue to drain the contents of your wallet, ranging from school fees, rent or credit shelter to growing fuel prices skyrocketing. But if you reduce a bit of personal expenses, you can share with other people who are less able. Of course, this action is a great action.

6. Reduce watching television

By reducing the activity of watching television, you can set aside more time for reading. Of course, with the habits you can add knowledge for career and personal life. However, reading a novel or unusual book can also be useful as a release fatigue.

7. Make your hobby

Doing fun hobby is not necessarily expensive. You can play around the house or reading comics and various other fun activities.

8. More often sleep

You will never regret the habit of sleeping well at night. In addition to being part of a healthy lifestyle, sleep soundly can improve memory, increase creativity, reduce fatigue and improve performance in the workplace.

The benefits of deep sleep also reduce stress and improve concentration.

source: Internationalbusiness

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Cause some reason you were fired from job

looking for job photo

Firing employees is often the hardest task supervisor. But sometimes move it became an important decision that should be made to improve corporate performance.

Quoting Business Insider, Tuesday (25/02/2014), the employee turnover rate tends withy business enterprise should not be maintained. Moreover, if the decision is based solely on the employee withhold mercy factor.

Significantly, employees who actually fired the only feasible would be prohibitive advancement of the company.

To avoid the possibility of trapping you in this matter, the following seven employees sign deserved fired:

1. Did not meet expectations of the company

employee who are too often deplete your attention as a superior and a lot to ask for help to his colleagues is one of the signs he was not quite able to work in the office. He could be a waste of time and money.

2. Often defaulters task

A positive attitude of the employees often act as a breath company. However, if an employee you start talking negative things about the boss and ignore the command leadership, it might be time to say goodbye.

3. Do not want to change

Changes are common in any particular company that is growing rapidly. But if the employee is not able to follow these changes, should be put behind him to look for another job.

4. Do not have motivation

Feelings and negative attitudes can spread quickly within a team working in the office. It is important for every employer to terminate an employee who often complain of additional tasks for him. Should remove any employee who has no interest in the company or job.

5. Often a waste of time

Often come late to the office is one example pergawai who do not appreciate the time and company. No matter how talented the employee, if he is often a waste of time to arrive late, stopping his career in the company is the best way.

6. His personality is not in accordance with the tasks in the office

The boss often recruit employees because of its ability. But sometimes his personality is not in line with the company. Because he will only slow the rate of growth of the company, you should refrain from it.

7. The Company no longer requires the employee

Sometimes business slowed due to hampered employees who no longer able to carry out a good job. At that time, he was no longer helping companies then release it.


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How to Become a Nice Person in Office photo

Have you ever found a co-worker with attitude sucks in the office? Most people would never experience, dealing with employees who frequently violate the rules in the workplace.

Certified career coach Lisa Quast share their experiences in the face of an employee in the office bitch. Told Quast, James (a pseudonym) was never realized his attitude invite wrath of his colleagues.

Women who also works as a business consultant is also telling, James always access the email during the meeting and came too late. Worse than that, to show off his responsibility to his superiors, James still come into the office when he was ill.

James came into the office and show the other employees, he was suffering from the flu but still working. That is only one proof that your workplace can be uncomfortable when the employee does not follow the rules of the company.

Be careful, the negative attitude of your employees can have a negative impact on the productivity of other employees. To ensure the employment situation remains enjoyable and productive, lest you become employees who disturb the peace of others.

Here are several ways to be a pleasant employees in the office:

1. Do not go to the office when you're sick or body condition is declining.

2. Always arrive on time to the office. Do not let the work team had to wait for you to start a meeting in the office. 

3. Use the vibrate mode on a cell phone (mobile phone) while in the office personally. Ringtone on your cell phone could potentially disturb other colleagues who were concentrating finish the job.

4. Lunch in the cafeteria or at a rest area. Consuming lunch at your desk can disturb other colleagues because it could produce a scent that stung menu. 

5. If your desk is close together with other colleagues, avoid talking too loudly in the middle of talking on the phone.

6. Avoid wearing perfume or cologne with a pungent odor in the workplace. 

7. Especially for women, do not wear too sexy in the office. You better show the advantages and the ability to work on your boss and coworkers other than showing off your body.

8. Do not take or borrow other people's stuff without asking first.

9. Do not talk to high or loud tone when communicating with other colleagues. Show respect and empathy for others. By doing so, you will be much more respected.

10. Noting someone else who was speaking at the meeting. Stop accessing mobile phone or your computer during the meeting is in progress.

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Some Ways Looking for New Jobs Graduate School

need a job

Some of you who may have just passed may plan to break or short break to clear your mind after spending time in college. It is certainly not wrong as long as the proper context, especially if your age is still young.

Nonetheless there is certainly an important thing that should never be ruled out further, which is looking for a job. Yes, looking for a job is often a last resort to do after graduating from college. Except if you are currently being pioneered the business or have a business, of finding a job is not the most urgency.

Getting a decent job and liking (passion) is a dream of every person, however, in reality, there are so many people who have many years of work that was not even on the job wanted. Moreover, they undergo undesirable jobs could even say a job well done "forced" because the conditions and circumstances that are less favorable. Sure you do not want it happening to you is not it ?.

Some of the main obstacles that often occur when applying for a job for the first time usually is due to a lack of knowledge of the existing employment information. Then the next obstacle was confused where to start from. The answer to these problems is actually very easy, just one word, "the Internet". Yes, this is the "new window" of the digital world in which all the information and opportunity is wide open and can be accessed widely, including for job seekers.

However, although this time the internet has become a common thing and is no longer a luxury item and can be accessed by anyone, but in reality there are many people who still think the conventional so often spend time, money and energy to come in and apply directly. Yes, believe it or not, the current culture of "pacing" a cover letter addressed to a company's still very common.

Imagine if some of the companies that will be proposed to be quite far from where you live. How much time, effort and cost required to do it all. In fact, besides the way, there is an alternative that is much faster, easier and efficient, using email.

Despite coming straight and enter your resume to a company is not the most practical way, but it is also not entirely wrong. However, as has been described above, it would be much more efficient if you can utilize the internet to send via email or using the help of the job site provider through the online recruitment system !.

As a first step to getting your dream job, here are tips and how to get a job after college dream for beginners who may be you can try:

1. Interest and aptitude
Before applying for a job, decide beforehand talents and interests that you have. This is important because usually work in accordance with the interests and talents would be much more fun and easier to bear when compared with jobs that do not fit or not fit with what you desire. Make your dream job list and then prioritize these jobs one by one. After that, proceed to the next stage.

2. Enroll in a job site provider
The next thing is to register yourself at the various sites, job providers. Try to register and then create your resume as good and complete as possible.

Things to avoid for fresh graduates are entering salary range (range) were higher in the "desired salary". Usually companies not only see and judge you from the academic side only, but also of the work experience you have.
By entering the salary is too large, then of course the smaller the chance for you to be called. Therefore, do not be too idealistic in determining the nominal, but think realistically because you are not the only job seekers.

3. Create a cover letter or resume work
Make the best job application letter, as attractive as possible from your competitors. Forget conventional CV formats, especially CV handwritten with a pen and paper folio. Many examples of good cover letter on the internet, you need to do is look for it. Once you can, you can mencontohnya to be used at your own cover letter.

Make it a bit much copy a cover letter, photocopy of identity, a picture of yourself and other equipment then enter into multiple envelopes. This is done as a precaution once preparations when there is a sudden call from HR to conduct a job interview session.

4. Create email
Make it seem more professional email (email id or username advised to use their own name) to apply a cover letter online. Avoid creating emails with strange names and difficult to memorize.

5. Spread application
Applying for a job almost like fishing activities. The more hook and bait is thrown, the greater the possibility to get the fish. Likewise with applying for a job. The more cover letter distributed, the greater the possibility to get the call. So do not be lazy to look for job information in the forum, mailing list or job sites.

6. Prepare yourself for a job interview
Sidelines of your free time, try to find references about job interview tips good as a form of preparation if one day you get a call for an interview with HR. Maximize your self in the face of job interview in terms of both appearance and ability so that you get the chance do not miss vain for granted.

7. Pray
Praying is duly performed. If all the efforts you have done, keep thinking positive and fix what might be lacking. Keep on praying, trying and hope you get the best job in the future.

8. Maintain communication with old friends
Even though you've graduated from college, but maintain communication with old friends is important because who knows you can get job information from an old friend who had been first to get a job. What's more, your friends can be a lucrative networking partner in the future.

Good luck 

Success is if in your heart to feel at ease and Peace

For readers, allow before you read this article, allow me to ask in advance to you and answer in your heart. I will ask about the meaning of success. Whenever someone can be considered a success? If you have the answer, first save your answer is in the hearts and read the following article first.

Maybe some of you think, that success is when we are able to realize the ideals of the past or our expectations. However, in fact, when I asked some people who are able to penetrate the ideals, "Do you already feel successful?" Most of them replied "No". They said that because they still have not found peace in my heart even though they are able to achieve or realize specific goals in life.

There are also people who say that man is the measure of success is when they are established, have abundant wealth, many cars, and is well known by many people. But the fact is, they are well-established, well-known and his fortune as it sometimes felt there was a void in their lives. They still feel there is something missing in life even though they are surrounded by a great success. Finally, many people are looking for something to fill the void in their feelings in the wrong way. For example, a wealthy man home life often destroyed by the third temptation. Whether they can be considered a success? The success aApakah as you think?

So, having concluded it turns out it was not a success as mentioned above. Over it all, a person's success is when someone is able to fight a sense of dissatisfaction in life. They are able to give thanks for all things God gave to them. So in addition to those established or is able to reach his goals they are also able to stem the sense of dissatisfaction in him. So they were able to achieve success in all areas. Besides being able to successfully achieve its goals, they are also able to achieve success in creating a harmonious family and in their interaction in the community.

It is undeniable, human nature is always dissatisfied with something they have today. It is greed that always exist in man. Difficult indeed it seems to stem or control the taste of it. Remain humble and grateful for everything we've accomplished. Because that way, we can fight the greed within us. With humility and always grateful, we will awake from overbearing nature. But if we are not accustomed to the humble, we will be burned in the pride. Like a fire, greed and arrogant as ever blazing fire when sprayed with oil. But humility is like water that will extinguish greed and arrogant in our hearts.

Keep your heart from pride and dissatisfaction, because it is a liver disease that is very dangerous for your life. Remain grateful and believe that any success we have is a gift from God Almighty.

That is the true meaning of success. If you've reached your goal and have abundant wealth, but you still have not against greed in you, then you can not be regarded as successful. Learn to fight from now on, and success and inner peace will always be with you.

How Fast Can Work After Graduating Class

Graduated from college is a time of joy for us and parents. Graduated from college as well as early stage to deal with real life, the world of work. In this case we still have to fight again to be able to compete in the world of work.

Looking for a job is not easy, because of the imbalance between jobs and job applicants make finding a job according to the field we will be very hard. Therefore, since the beginning we have to prepare ourselves to face stiff competition out there.

Got jobs that match your interests and talents is our desire, but in fact a lot of people who do not work for their preferred field. Here are ways to quickly get a job after graduating from college.

1. Relationship broad facilitate informed jobs

Expand your relationship and establish a good relationship with your friend, especially with friends who are already working. The more relationships you the more information you get.

2. When using a college internship or practice with the best possible

Time internship is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities and skills we have gained. Use this time as well as possible to attract the attention of the owner of the company that we be willing to recruit employees. Many companies conduct recruitment in this way because it is considered more effective than receiving employee through his cover letter.

3. Following the Job Fair and disseminate job application letter

Job Fair is one of the major events to provide employment information for job seekers. In this event, a lot of companies that you can choose according to your will. In addition to obtaining a job, the job fair can also be used to determine the development and the latest news from your field right now.

4. Do not procrastinate finding a job after graduation

Break after college was not hurt, but do not let us fall asleep with the rest of us. Most students who have graduated reluctant to seek work, they prefer to wait for a job offer from relatives and friends. Soon as possible to find a job because of too long-term unemployed will make us more lazy.

5. Looking for a job while still in college

When the final semester try to find a job despite not having a diploma. Give information that you are studying at the end of the semester. That way you do not have to worry when you pass because there are companies that will accept your work. There is also a good idea if your college while working. Look for flexible work time so as not to interfere with your college hours, such as freelancers, private teachers, waitresses, shuttle services, and others. In addition to work experience and can add our relationship, we can also add income without having to rely on money from our parents.

6. Sharpen continues skills you have

Have sufficient trained skills are very helpful to us when looking for work. The Company will consider to hire you because you have these skills. Train keeps your skills as a lecture or present, such as the ability to use a computer, foreign language, communicate well, and so forth, which can support your job at the company where you work.

7. Try all employment opportunities, do not choose

Do not get too hung up on large companies with a high fee. Try opportunities. However you still need to learn again to understand the world of work.

8. Do not be embarrassed to ask vacancy to a friend or relative

Have extensive relationships is useful, but if you are embarrassed to ask the same of no use. Others will not know our problems if we do not want to tell. Try brace yourself and do not be embarrassed to admit that you are still unemployed.

9. Do not forget to pray to God

Once we tried to get a job do not forget to pray for the business we have done was not in vain. Ask God and you shall be given, never forget God because without his intervention we will not succeed.

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