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5G Connection speeds up to 7.5 Gbps

5G Connection speeds
5G Connection -

Predicted the world will enter the era of 4G connectivity that the number of users is estimated to 1 billion. But some companies and countries are poised to welcome the era 5G, for example, South Korea.

Major operators in the country, SK Telecom, show off at Mobile World Congress 2015 being held in Barcelona. One of them show is downloaded 5G technology translucent speed of 7.5 Gbps!

In the demo, super speed speeding it used to stream content Ultra HD. And seen on television quite clear and not broken.

Haesung Park, Manager 5G technology Lab SK Telecom stated today is super speeding connectivity is still in the prototype stage to demonstrate its potential. But it is not impossible that the next few years will actually be implemented.

SK Telecom's own ambitions to become the first operator in the world to commercialize the technology 5G. Currently, they are busy doing various tests to develop 5G network.

SK Telecom has had some sort 5G Forum, a partnership between companies and academia involving South Korea's Ministry of Technology, to work together to develop the potential of 5G.

They also work closely with providers of telecommunications infrastructure to welcome 5G. Ericsson for example, an important partner SK Telecom. Middle of last year, SK Telecom and Ericsson agreed to collaborate to develop technologies that could potentially become the standard 5G.

Then SK Telecom also try to take advantage of new technology from Ericsson named License Assisted Access (LAA), sometimes referred to as LTE U. This technology enables better indoor coverage for smartphone users.

"The test itself will be more intensive 5G in 2018 to test its readiness. Then in 2020, the possibility of commercialization 5G can be done in our country," said Park.

South Korea became the state is consistent with a super fast connection so that this development is not surprising. They are always at the top position about the average speed of the internet that can penetrate up to tens of Mbps.

Know Some Hackers Most Feared in the World

security system photo

According to Wikipedia, the hacker or hackers is someone who is studying, analyzing, modifying, breaks into computers and computer networks, either for profit or motivated by the challenge. Hackers at this time has a negative connotation for its actions which resulted in the loss of certain parties such as changing the look of a website, inserting the virus code, and so on. Though hackers not only malicious hackers.

Hacker divided into two white hacker who uses his ability to do good. And black hacker who uses his ability to crime. Hackers also have tiers consist of: elite, semi-elite, developed kiddie, smart kiddie, and lame. Well, did you know there are some hackers who feared name in the world because of its ability.

1. Jonah Attsaouly
Better known by the name Irhabi 2007. She became famous when America invaded Iraq in 2003. At that time, he actively upload pictures of the war in Iraq and publish a book how to hack a site. He is also known as Al Qaeda sympathizer who is also a computer expert and cyber world.

He began to look for the Americans and their allies when creating the site and become an admin youbomit Forum Al Ansar Al Islami. The forum involves thousands of people who mostly mujahideen. Other advantages is that he is always in a state known on line.

2. Adrian Lamo
Adrian is a journalist and a hacker 'gray'. He can act for the good but also can hack on behalf of crime. Adrian name became known after breaking into the computer system of The New York Times and Microsoft in 2002. He was able to identify deficiencies in the security of computer networks from leading companies.

Adrian recently captured a year later after the FBI managed to find the perpetrators of hacking The New York Times. He should be under house arrest because still underage. In addition, Adrian also imposed a fine of US $ 65,000.

3. Kevin Mitnick
Meretasnya tale began when he was first to break the system bus subscription card readings in Los Angeles. The result, he could go anywhere for free. Furthermore, he paved the long distance telephone service so that it can call with gratis.ia also could pave the Digital Equipment Corporation) DEC), IBM, Motorola, Nokia, even Fujjitsu.

Kevin eventually caught and sentenced to prison for 5 years. He was touted as "The Most Wanted Computer Criminal in United States History." The story was adapted into the film even Takedown and Freedom Downtime.

4. Jonathan James
James is the youngest Americans who were sentenced for crimes in the cyber world. Currently 16 years old, he was sent to prison for hacking into US defense sites. He also managed to steal the NASA software that makes NASA had to turn off the server during the three weeks and losing thousands of dollars.

He was then serving a prison sentence of 6 months because it is still under age and under house arrest until the age of 21 years. James is not allowed to interact with the computer for it. James died in 2008 and there is no information about the cause of death.

List of Countries with the World's Fastest Internet

The average internet connection speed has been decreased 2.8 percent in the 3rd quarter of 2014 compared to the previous quarter. From the previous 12.6 Mbps to 4.5 Mbps now.

However, when compared to the year 2013, the quality of the global Internet is still an increase of 25 percent.

As the quarterly report released by Akamai State of the Internet and quoted KompasTekno, Monday (01/12/2015), the three countries with the highest speed internet connection in the 3rd quarter of 2014 were in the Asia-Pacific region, namely South Korea, Hong Kong , and Japan.

Here are 10 countries with an average of the fastest internet connection in the world:

1. South Korea (25.3 Mbps), up 2.7 percent from the previous quarter and 14 percent from the previous year.

2. Hong Kong (16.3 Mbps), up 3.8 percent from the previous quarter and 29 percent from the previous year.

3. Japan (15 Mbps), up 0.8 percent from the previous quarter and 9.3 percent from the previous year.

4. Switzerland (14.5 Mbps), down 2.6 percent from the previous quarter and up 25 percent from the previous year.

5. Sweden (14.1 Mbps), up 3.7 percent from the previous quarter and 25 percent from the previous year.

6. Netherlands (14 Mbps), down 2.5 percent from the previous quarter and up 9.8 percent from the previous year.

7. Ireland (13.9 Mbps), up 10 percent from the previous quarter and 47 percent from the previous year.

8. Latvia (13.4 Mbps), down 1.2 percent from the previous quarter and up 12 percent from the previous year.

9. Republic (12.3 Mbps), down 1.8 percent from the previous quarter and up 9 percent from the previous year.

10. Singapore (12.2 Mbps), up 18 percent from the previous quarter and 57 percent from the previous year.

Source: Akamai

Glossary Internet Must Know

In today who does not know the internet, an electronic media who have helped in facilitating human life. Internet media has many uses, ranging from the merely for entertainment such as playing games and watching movies, to involve communication and work, causing children to the elderly, many are dependent upon it.

Behind the convenience offered by the Internet turns in it contains many terms 'odd' that not many people understand it. Therefore, the following 20 a common Internet terms, and hopefully can help you who are experiencing a loss to find out what it means:

1. Internet
Not funny when we often use the internet but do not understand what the internet anyway, following a brief explanation, quoted from TermasMedia: "Interconnection network (the Internet) is a global system of the computer network in the world that are connected to each other. Internet is derived from the Latin "inter" which means "between". the Internet is a network that consists of billions of computers in the whole world. "

2. account
Account or accounts, is "room" in a website that contains personal data held by any Internet user, so that he or she can enter and manage the office.

3. Website
The website is a collection of pages or address information provided via the Internet, so it can be accessed around the world as far as the website is still connected to the Internet network. For more details on the website can be found here.

4. Password or keyword
Password is a password or key words to enter an internet account. Just like in real life, the password is the key to enter a home.

5. E-mail
E-mail is a letter or an electronic message that is sent and received through the medium of a computer connected to the Internet network.

6. connection
Connection is a network connection between the computer and the internet, so that each computer can communicate with each other.

7. WWW (World Wide Web)
WWW is the name given to all parts of the internet that can be accessed with a web browser software, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, Baidu, and much more.

8. Blogger
Blogger is the name given to a person as manager of a blog, while his own blog is an online forum or page that contains or consists of various writings or information in a text format that can be inserted pictures.

9. Hacker
Hacker is the name given to a data thief, modifying the data, or the destroyer of the internet system. The hackers are very dangerous, but not a few of the hackers who still consider the rules-kadiah or manners in the surf.

10. Chat
Chat is a computer program that is used in an Internet network to send and receive messages to each other in written form in real time (no lag time), and this time is no longer boring chat because each user can already do videocall

11. Captcha
Captcha "Completely Automated Public Turing Computers and Human Apart", is a sequence of characters or symbols are displayed randomly security and vague on an internet page.

12. Log in / sign in and log out / sign out

Log in / sign in = in, and log out / sign out = out

13. Browser
The browser is a computer program that is used in the Internet network as a tool for your browser or surf the web.

14. Crash or Hang
Crash or Hang, is a condition in which a computer and internet connection is experiencing instability, causing the user can not perform activities in a long time, usually to overcome this user is prompted to restart the computer.

15. Download and Upload
Download dalah an activity on the Internet that aims to download / retrieve a file from another source (server), the files are usually in the form of music, movies, photos, and text data. While the additions are in the internet activities which aim to send data can be text, music, movies, or photos.

16. Server
The server is a computer system that aims to provide certain types of services. For example, an online game server, server recharging electrical, telecommunication service provider's server, and so on.

17. Cookies
Cookies are not cookies are delicious on the tongue, the Internet cookies term refers to a data file that is written and stored on the hard disk of a computer by a website server, aims to identify Internet users, so it is concerned no longer need to re-enter personal data.

18. Wireless
Is a wireless Internet connection that uses electromagnetic waves as the intermediary, for more details can be seen here Wireless.

19. Modem
Modem is a two-way communication tool in the internet are taken from two words Modulator and Demodulator. Modulator has a function to convert the signal information into a carrier signal that is ready to be delivered, and the demodulator itself serves as a receiver. There are two kinds of modems, the modem GSM and CDMA modems.

There are still tens, or even hundreds more internet terms that can not be enumerated here. Use the internet wisely and seek out and discover the positive benefits of internet surfing activities so that you are much more meaningful.



Windows XP uses 20% of your bandwidth !

Microsoft reserve 20% of your available bandwidth for their own purposes 
( suspect for updates and interrogating your machine etc..)

Here's how to get it back:

Click Start --> Run --> type  "gpedit.msc" without the ""

This opens the group policy editor. Then go to:

Local Computer Policy-->Computer Configuration-->Administrative Templates-->Network-->QOS Packet Scheduler --> Limit Reservable Bandwidth

Double click on Limit Reservable bandwidth. It will say it is not configured, but the truth is under the 'Explain' tab :

"By default, the Packet Scheduler limits the system to 20 percent of the bandwidth of a connection, but you can use this setting to override the default."

So the trick is to ENABLE reservable bandwidth, then set it to ZERO. This will allow the system to reserve nothing,  rather than the default 20%.

Works on XP Pro and 2000.


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