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Several Countries with the Most Debt in the World

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The high wealth of a country is certainly not without debt. Some countries with large economies and population numbers a bit, does not guarantee the country only has a small amount of debt.

Some economic events even natural disasters can cause a country's economy is difficult to be recovered.

Such as the launch of The Richest on Monday (29/7/20131), there are some countries that burden of debt to its citizens and must be paid in cash, goods or services.

Some countries borrowed large sums of money easily but often find a lot of obstacles to pay it off.

Measured by the ratio of debt to gross domestic product (GDP) of a country, the following Several countries with debt ratios in the world, namely:

1. Japan
One of the countries in Asia consists of 6852 islands. They number 126 659 683 inhabitants. Sakura country is one of the countries with the world's great powers. Although a large country, the debt ratio reached 225.8% of GDP.

The debt caused many housing problems that occurred in the 1990s. The country is known to have a budget of about US $ 1 trillion, but the earthquake and tsunami makes it useless.

2. St. Kitts and Nevis
This country has one of the islands are found in the Caribbean Ocean. Estimated population numbered only 51,300 people. The country's economy relies on tourism and greatly influenced the global recession.

Debt is due to the failure of foreign investment. The percentage ratio of debt to GDP is 196%.

3. Lebanon
With a population of 4.224 million people, half of government revenues allocated to repay the debt.

In the past, this debt is the result of massive protests in the country. Until now, the percentage of its GDP debt reached 150.7%.

4. Zimbabwe
State that was first discovered in southern Africa has a total population of 12.6196 million inhabitants. Zimbabwe's financial crisis caused wasteful habits that time president Robert Mugabe.

With a total debt ratio of 149% of its GDP, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) even reported this country was under the pressure of debt.

5. Greece
Approximately 11 million people live in Greece and the debt is known to be the main focus in the countries of the Gods. Debt to GDP ratio reached 144% of this country.

Several attempts were made to overcome the amount of debt even interfere in the country's credit rating. However, the IMF believe Greece is able to handle it.

6. Iceland
Located between the continents of North Atlantic and Arctic, Iceland inhabited by about 321 857 inhabitants. Although the percentage of debt at 123.8% of GDP, the country is still able to provide free health care to its citizens. Iceland are required to take greater economic development policy to tackle the debt.

7. Jamaica
This island nation located in the Caribbean Ocean. Total population numbered 2,889,187 people. From 1996 to 2003, the national debt is recorded on the rise.

This large amount of debt occurred as deterioration of the financial sector and the scarcity of the agricultural sector.

Even so, most of the debt came from Jamaica own population. Currently, the ratio of debt to GDP in the country stood at 123.2%.

8. Italy
Despite having the world's third biggest gold reserves, total debt of Italy is one of the highest amounts to 118.1% of the GDP of the country.

Based on the debt, Italy is the second country with the highest debt in the world. Although owe a lot, this country has no plans to raise taxes in order to overcome the deficit.

9. Singapore
One of the countries located in Southeast Asia has recorded around 5.3124 million inhabitants. Its economy is heavily dependent on exports and imports.

The manufacturing sector accounts for about 26% of the GDP of the country. As a result of the economic downturn caused a decrease in financial services and manufacturing, the debt reached 102.1% of GDP.

10. Belgium
This country has long been known to wound a lot of debt. Belgian population recorded amounted to 11,035,948 with a debt of about 141% of GDP. The number of Belgian debt is a result of political instability.


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