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Keeping Family Harmony with a few tips how to manage the stress that you should know

An online survey conducted by the American Psychological Association (APA) in August 2010 found that 73 percent of parents report the responsibility in the family becomes the source of the emergence of stress.

how to manage the stress

More than two-thirds of parents think, the level of stress that could possessed little influence stress levels of their children. However, only 14 percent of teens who reported that they were not bothered when their parents are stressed.

Nonetheless, it is anticipated that stress does not affect family owned.

Here are tips to manage stress in the family, as written American Psychological Association, Saturday (28/2017).

Evaluation lifestyle

As a parent, you should menyontohkan healthy behavior in front of children.

You can evaluate the stress, for example, if you tend to overeat or other unhealthy behavior (smoking and drinking) when under stress.

You can slowly alter or eliminate the behavior.

Discuss the causes of stress

If you see kids looking worried or stressed, ask them to say what was on his mind.

You can talk to each other in the family in order to help each other and to better understand and be able to cope with any stress experienced by children.

Create a healthy family environment

Home, work space, and social environment can affect your behavior. By changing the environment in the home can help relieve stress.

For example, cleaning the rooms in the house you can control at the same time teach children to focus on the things they can control when feeling stressed.

Focus on yourself

The correlation between health, obesity and unhealthy behaviors selection so strong. When you and your family are experiencing stress, make the decision to pay attention to yourself. You can consume enough nutrition, physical activity, and sleep.

When you feel overwhelmed by stress, you can easily eat fast food, play video games or watching TV, and not enough sleep.

To fix this, you can present a healthy diet along with your family activities, such as walking or riding a bike and then ends with a good night's sleep.

Changing a habit

Not an easy change to make some important changes in time, such as eating healthy foods, the body is more active physically, hours of sleep a night is better or spend more time together with family.

To achieve that change usually takes time. You can start by changing one habit, which will slowly make you and your family can move forward together more healthy.

If one habit changes successful, this will encourage your family to do other habit changes.

On the other hand, if you or a family member continues to struggle to change unhealthy behavior or feel overwhelmed by stress, consider seeking help from a health professional, such as a psychologist.

Licensed psychologist can help you develop a strategy of how to manage stress effectively and make behavioral changes to help improve your overall health.


How to Appreciate a person can be seen how he put his cell phone

When chatting with friends or family, do not confuse attention with staring at the phone screen. Telungkupkan moment and focus to the chat.

Try to remember, while you're having lunch with your comrades, how do you put in your mobile phone on the table? Do you put it with the screen facing up or down? It turned out that this simple choice behavior has meaning not simple.

According to an article in site, there are two categories of mobile phone users, which are placed the cell phone with the screen facing up and they were put with the screen facing down. Apparently, the way we put the phone on the table with regard to how committed we are to be in the moment with others in the real world, both physically and mentally.

When we're hanging out with close friends, almost certainly we will consider seriously the words in a chat with them. However, when we are together with some people that we consider less interesting conversation, almost certainly we automatically begin to play with each mobile phone to find something else more enjoyable.

In the real world, in certain circumstances we are required to prioritize and appreciate the people who are present with us. However, with the advent of smart phone technology, why our attention to those people so easily distracted? The answer is that in cyberspace we have a choice to do just something we want to do. There is no necessity in it.

According to the study, the behavior of the people in the virtual world show more based on self-gratification factor, namely the things that can please ourselves. Think about it, when did you last do something in cyberspace because you feel it is the right thing to do? It is rare indeed.

In the real world, similar rules do not apply. We "should" behave. We "have to" pretend listening even though we are not interested. In the real world there are many things we do as a necessity, not an option as it is more often the case in cyberspace.

Have you ever talked to someone for 5 minutes without the person's release from his eyes clutched the phone screen? The phenomenon that is now prevalent.

To establish social relationships deeper than just exchanged greetings on Facebook alone, we need to be people who want to put a cell phone with the screen facing down. Why is that? By putting your phone with the screen facing down, indirectly we have put a damper on the distraction the same time reduce the need of self-gratification.

Yes, the man who put the phone with the screen facing up tend to be more easily distracted by other things more interesting than his friends who sat with him at the time. Because when chatting lunch the real world, it is good we change behavior by turning the phone facedown.

Quite simply, when we are talking or hanging out with some friends, we also want to be rewarded with the full attention of the interlocutors, is not it?

Playacting make some things in life are not happy

One of the factors that determine our happiness is a choice and the attitude of our lives. Did you know that living with too much drama make life increasingly unhappy?

Often we are asked, when it comes true happiness in life? Due to the fact that many things in life that are difficult to control. We can not control the weather, disease, family choose where we are born, and we could not control our age. In other words, we can not always get what we want and expect.

But are we not entitled to be happy? Of course we have to be happy! Aside from the things we can not control, in fact many things that can affect our happiness. However, we often do the habits of our own making us unhappy.

What habits that often we do not realize it?

1. Living a life with too much drama and worry

Often feel scared for things that do not necessarily occur is characteristic of people living in the drama. He often imagine the worst rather than the best chances in life. Though it's not necessarily the case. He is the fear of failure, fear of poverty, fear of abandonment, fear of rejection.

Negative imagination dominate his life as drama scenarios. Who could be happy if it continues ruled concern? If you want to be happy, immediately end your drama!

2. Judging yourself harshly

Have you ever said harshly and scold yourself out loud? "You idiot!", "Why do you always say the wrong thing?", "Why can not you lose weight by yourself?", "Basic suck!"

Self-criticism is allowed, but that does not mean self-deprecating. Do not be so cruel to yourself if you want to be happy. Try to be realistic in evaluating themselves.

3. Always think that myself always unlucky

Stigmatize yourself like, "Ah I certainly fool so always make mistakes," or "I can not work properly," sentences was not only degrading the concept of self, but also humble dignity.

To this end, we must dare to evaluate ourselves wisely. Even made a mistake, it does not mean we are the worst in the world. Changing and trying to get better is the answer rather than discredit themselves.

4. Blaming yourself for something that can not be controlled

Indeed, it is easier to blame themselves rather than accept the situation that we can not control. There are conditions in which we are stuck in a situation that is going out of control and beyond our responsibility. Do not blame yourself in that situation. Better to accept realistically.

Not all bad things happen in our lives because of our fault. Moreover, if that makes a reality of life is someone else entirely we can not change. But we can change ourselves and our perspective.

5. Always blaming circumstances and other people

Do not blame others when the situation we face is not as we expected. Do not blame other people who make you so angry and emotional.

Because actually we ourselves can control anger, not their cause. If you want someone to understand you do not say, but talk well.

6. Creating his own suffering with bad habits

Opium smoking, alcohol, and drugs will only undermine happiness, why should it be continued? This custom looks can provide relief, but only for a moment. In fact after this bad habit can make life even more miserable.

7. Comparing oneself with others

Stop wished to be someone else because you are not satisfied with yourself. Comparisons are created in social community will never satisfy you.

Be yourself and accept yourself what it is. Prove that we can live within our own happiness. Do not hang your happiness with the happiness of others. Everyone has their share of happiness. One way to stop comparing yourself to others is: be grateful!

8. Do not be yourself

Do not let the social pressure which controls the attitude and behavior. Do not try to live to be someone else if you're not comfortable. Find the things that make you believe yourself to be yourself. Do not let the "true self" is lost.

9. Believing that you will never be able to change

"I really like this one," "It's been ingrained, can not be changed". Well that self-acceptance is a positive thing, but that does not mean this to be a compromise to not change yourself for the better.

Remember, humans have the privilege

10. Too independent

Human life will always come with other humans. We can not live alone and feel able to do everything alone. Humans are always in need of emotional support, help to solve the problem, a friend to brainstorm. To grow we need others.

The decision to be happy and live life with a sweet in your own hands. Do not let the bad habits that are not important disturb your right to be happy

How to Raise Kids For both parents work - Tips

Tips For Raising Children of Working Mother and Father

Raising a child with a father and mother working conditions is not easy. But that does not mean it is impossible to do.
shake hand

Raising children properly is not easy for couples that work. With these guidelines hopefully you can perform the task as a parent and spouse career in a balanced manner.

The relationship of parents - children who either require time allowing them gather physically. Not for hours. Importantly, parents consistently spend time with kids almost every day. As with them, minimize distractions and concentrate our attention to them. Time is a milestone supporting good parenting.

Be a good listener
When children know that we really listen to what they say, they will be more eager to share their feelings and thoughts. Conversely, if parents degrading their ideas or "diligently" to criticize words, the child will withdraw and choose closer to friends. Therefore, if you want to have influence in a child's life, be a good listener. They will receive when we help them solve the problem.

Define clear expectations
Inform children what we expect from it will form good behavior. Do not hesitate to involve them in their daily work and to help accomplish the tasks in the home environment. Most children will certainly complain. So did we have to try to keep them happy to be involved. In children who participate in household affairs, will grow the work ethic and he generally is more feel part of the family.

Do not let guilt
Many parents feel guilty for working all day outside the home. As compensation, they let the child misbehaves and undisciplined. A good parent is firm. Feeling guilty is counterproductive.

Do not replace affection or time for money
It is important to teach children how to manage money, but do not use the money instead of time or our affection. Materialistic message on television is easy once possessed child and awaken their desire to buy this and that. We create them to always try if you want to get something. Something gained through work may be more pronounced in value.

Do not be too often mutually caregivers
One of the important psychological needs of the child is that he terasuh well and loving continuously. Therefore we need a nanny. By using a nanny, our anxiety will be reduced during our work. But before handing over the child to a nanny, give the opportunity to create intimacy and closeness between the child and the prospective nanny. Often mutually caregiver can harm a child.

The key: monitoring
Often when left parents, the child into trouble. Children do not just know from birth, which behavior is good, what is bad. They need to be taught and then monitored. Therefore, it is important for parents to know where his son, was with whom, and is doing. Indeed, children often complained that he was being closely watched, but the kids were not supervised, it often feels, parents do not bother with them.

Give more attention when he is good
We tend to pay more attention to children when they are obnoxious. Instead, it is much more difficult to pay attention to good behavior mreka. If you want your child to behave well, give attention to the things we like about them. When children feel neglected, subconsciously it will behave incorrectly to attract our attention. Pay attention to them when they are good indeed require effort.

The punishment was to educate
Parents who work outside the home tend to experience fatigue and irritability. Never punish a child when we ourselves can not control themselves. Use punishment to educate, not to vent anger.

Give an example in relation
Kids learning to relate from their parents. They also feel safest if they see parents treat each other with a good partner. Then the best thing we can do for children is to love our spouse.

Cheating Spouse, How to know ?


Faithful lover is everyone's dream, but when we girlfriend cheating it is a very painful thing. Below are tips to know you're a lover or boyfriend cheating.

Suddenly lover Give More Attention
If your lover suddenly pay attention more than ever it deserves to be suspicious. Because it could be the lover is covering perselingkuhannnya. He did this so that you do not suspect. In order to anticipate this case you should ask why so considerate lover, but if the answer lover disconnected or does not make sense, chances are you're cheating lover.

You Call Your Girlfriend moderation
Tip this one opposite to the first tips. Tip this second you call your lover only modest, for example your lover contact you via telephone, SMS, BBM, Line, WhatsApp etc. once every three days, and if the reply sms or chat seem indifferent and lazy. This happens because your lover is already saturated with you. Usually this is a sign of your lover will ask for breaking and may already be a substitute you in his heart.

Often lover Evade
This one is one of the characteristics of your lover cheating. The cause of this is the lover you are bored with you or likely she cheated. It is usually seen when we invite met, the lover always say busy or stall-ngulur time and still many reasons to shy away from you. It could be your lover concerned with the time for the affair.

Often lover Emotions Unclear
Your lover often angry unclear is one of the characteristics of your lover is already bored with you or already have another lover. The reason your lover always emotions against you because you want your lover to hate him. Usually after you root angry quarrel with your lover that may cause trivial. After a long fight your lover will ask the break up to you .This is the way to escape from your lover so that he could more freely affair with mistress.

Those are some tips to know the characteristics of your girlfriend or boyfriend were having an affair. May be useful for you to have a lover.

Tips Save Set Financial preparation Wedding Reception

Preparation Wedding Manage Financial
Manage Financial preparation Wedding -

After the procession of application and engagement, the bride had to face the pre-wedding part most prone to stress, which is planning a reception.

There are some facts that you should learn to save money for the wedding. You will understand that even be a once in a lifetime ceremony, marriage is not something that should seize the whole mind and especially the cost.

Quoting from, Sunday (02/27/2015), here are tips to save money and time in planning the reception:

1. The people most remember two things from the wedding party: food and feeling
Years after the wedding, no more people will remember what kind invitations, flowers, and your wedding cake. However, if the wedding food was delicious, and they enjoy their time in the event you, they will remember it.

2. Invitation card eventually ended up in the garbage
Unless one of your invited guests an invitation card collector, no one will save your wedding invitation cards. Need your attention and couples who want to make a card that best describe you, but in the end, the card will end up in the garbage. So no need to pay too much for the invitation card.

3. Often browsing the site of the wedding
On the internet, you can find out info about marriage, how to get a cheaper budget and looking for the right location for your reception. Try searching for stories of people who are married.

4. Many ways to save on the cost of a wedding dress
The average wedding dress could be worth US $ 1,300 dollars or less. Funds used for wedding dress is quite expensive for the category used once. In fact, you can rent or sew your own dress for a cheaper price.

5. No need to get hung up on the same catering
Food and beverage is the most memorable of the wedding party, you have to focus on this. It is not supposed to pay more, because the food is simple, if cooked properly can be a memorable meal. However, your job is to make the food look more tempting. But try picky again, it's better to pay less for food for the sake of decoration or wedding dress or pay the right price?


Some Benefits of Hugging

Benefits of Hugging
Benefits of Hugging - photo

Cuddle is an action that is very easy to do but have a big impact on the state of emotional, mental, and physical.

Cuddle is an action that is very easy to do but have a big impact on the state of emotional, mental, and physical to the giver and the recipient hug hug. 

Here are some interesting facts about the benefits Of A Hug :

1. Reduce Depression
Studies have shown that hugged at least four times a day can help dispel depression. Furthermore, hug someone to eight times a day can help stabilize the mental health of both parties. According to Beate Ditzen, Ph.D., a psychologist from the University of Zurich, hugging produces the closeness that decreases the secretion of stress hormones and increases the secretion of the hormone oxytocin, known as the hormone that makes one feel happy.

2. Smooth communication
No relationship is perfect, even the most perfect pair though certainly never fight, at least once or twice. After the fight, may be somewhat difficult to start making up and talking as usual. You may be afraid to offend or hurt the feelings of your partner again so that you do not know what to do. Give a warm hug to your partner. A famous marriage counselor named David Klow stated that hug is the best medicine for couples who want to improve their relationship. While this is certainly not the solution to the problem of romance you, hug is a good start to help relieve anger and hurt.

3. Increasing confidence
Make a habit of hugging your spouse and your children before the start of each day. Studies show that people who hug will feel more confident and brave to face the challenges of today. With a hug loved ones, you build a special relationship and the person you hug will feel that they are loved and cared for. For example, a child who often embraced his parents as a child will grow to understand and know how to respect and love others when he grew up.

4. Creating comfort
When a child cries, they often will raise their hands as if crying for attention and hugs parents. Sometimes a hug is an effective solution to stop the crying and frightened child. But did you know that it is also perceived adults? Cuddle proven to help adults calm down and deal with the problems it faces. So, when a friend or your partner is experiencing hard times, hug him as he prayed the prayer so that he can cope with the problem as well as possible.

5. Helps reduce pain
A study showed that when a person is in the arms of her partner or beloved ones, perceived pain levels less than those who do not cuddle or people who are in the arms of a stranger. Regular physical interaction with your partner will not only create kemesraaan but also can reduce the pain and sorrow that you are both natural.

6. Encouraging healthy mental growth
As a parent, you have a duty to make sure your children grow healthy. Good nutrition through healthy foods and beverages of great benefit to the physical growth of children. But did you know that a hug of great benefit to the mental growth of children? Contrary to the belief of modern society that a baby should be left alone when crying that he was able to compose herself, recent studies indicate that this action actually will actually cause anxiety and panic when faced with separation (separation anxiety) when the baby becomes an adult later . The best way to handle a crying baby or child is to hold her in her arms until she feels comfortable you or go back to sleep. You may feel tired and lack of sleep, but you sacrifice a good parent will help your child develop a positive mental attitude.

7. The secret of eternal youth
Have you ever heard the phrase "happiness is the key to health and longevity"? Cuddle up can make you look and feel youthful and energetic as hugging helps secretion of the hormone oxytocin which makes you feel happy. In addition, the hormone oxytocin is remarkable is also beneficial for strengthening the immune system, reduces the risk of heart disease, and lower stress levels.

So, what are you waiting? Hug your loved ones now and do it as often as possible for you and their happiness.

Tips Anger Still Defend Marriage

Tips Anger Still Defend Marriage
Angry Marriage Couple - photo

When you and your partner are facing problems in a marriage that makes you angry with your spouse, contention can not always be the best solution for both of the marriage relationship.

In marriage is not forever always happy. There is also a common grief in a marriage. Grief happens usually caused by disagreements that occur between couples who lead a fight that becomes a problem for the wedding.

When we are angry, we often difficult to restrain our anger, so unintentionally hurt us our spouse. When you and your partner are facing problems in a marriage that makes you angry with your spouse, contention can not always be the best solution for both of the marriage relationship. There is a solution that can help you to make your upset into a positive solution for your wedding. Here are tips on how to express angry without hurting spouse you love.

Note greeting
When angry, most people often lose control of speech and saying hurtful things. When you and your partner are in a problem that can provoke emotions of anger, should you need to pay attention to greeting you spend, do not let the words can hurt your partner. Avoid words that can make your partner angry offended and turned against you. When you get angry pull your breath many times to calm yourself. When you can control your speech, indirectly it will help you in controlling your emotions and make you can feel more peaceful.

Listen mate
When he was angry, the other thing you have to control is to give your partner a chance to speak. Usually when you're angry we are not going to let someone else interrupted us and also we tend to not want to listen to the explanation of others. When you and your spouse are arguing, you should refrain from silent and succumb. Listen to the hearts of every description and your partner beforehand, so he also gives you the opportunity to express your heart's content as well. When you can both listen to each, the problems you encounter will be both easier to accomplish and also your relationship will certainly be getting better.

Give time
How to express angry without hurting your partner can do by giving your partner or your personal time for yourself. When you and your partner are angry and can not control your emotions, you both will only hurt each other at the time of being together. In these circumstances, you should avoid to give time for you and your partner to think and calm down. Usually when you have a quiet and re dealing with your partner to solve your problems, you both will be easier to listen and forgive.

Find the right time to talk
Another way to express your anger without hurting couples is to find the right time to talk. In some cases, for example, you are angry with your spouse when he was in public or in front of your family, wait for the right time to talk about it, for example by waiting until you were alone or had reached home. Never fight in public or in front of your family, because this will only make you both embarrassment. Calm yourself, and wait for the right time to talk with your partner.

Marriage should be a thing that can make you happy. Happy as can marry partner that you love and happy to live with your loved ones. Although the wedding you are having problems that make you and your partner despite disagreements or your spouse makes you angry, do not ever let quarrel make you and your partner hurt. Many ways you can do to express angry without hurting your partner. Calm yourself first, give it time for you to think clearly and speak with a cool head with your partner. That way you do not need to hurt each other. By expressing your anger in the right way, it will make the relationship stronger marriage.

A Few Things You Mandatory Beware When Online Dating

Beware When Online Dating
Beware When Online Dating  - photo

Online dating may be done, but you still need to be careful and vigilant lest you be deceived and regret. Perform online dating in a proper way so that you soon get the right pair.

Today, advances in technology are very influential for human life. Technology not only can provide extensive information for us, but the technology can also help us to make friends all over the world without boundaries. Many applications are created that enable us to be able to socialize via the internet, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Not only that, with the progress of this technology has helped many women or single men in the world get a mate through online dating sites on the internet. There have been many couples who follow the online dating is finally married.

But behind the good benefits provided from this online dating, there are many people who take advantage through online dating is to commit a crime. If you are interested in finding your soul mate of online dating sites, try the following tips so that you are not fooled and can find your true soul mate.

1. Choose an online dating site that has established a reputation
Almost the same as shopping at an online store, make sure that you have selected a trusted dating site and have had a good reputation. Using an online dating site that has had this reputation greatly help you avoid scams.

2. Protect your personal profile
If you are a beginner, you should not first use your real name in the online dating site or a short message on the internet the other. Do not list your full identity such as address, phone number, and the like. This thing you need to do to avoid the evil that can come your way.

3. Does he use a pseudonym
When you've done online dating with the same people for many times and you love to talk with him, try to make sure in advance whether he wears a pseudonym or not. If he is open and real name, maybe you can do the same thing that you are both more open and close with each other.

4. Ask identity
When you already know the original name and want to get to know him, ask him who the real identity, such as phone numbers, addresses, what the origin of his work and a brief about him. When you get the credentials, try to call or simply check their credentials to ensure correctness. If he hides his identity or reject your phone, you should be vigilant.

5. Ask for more photos
In online dating many people often manipulate themselves by putting other people to their profile picture. Most of them are doing it because want to cheat or for not confident with their own faces. When you do this online dating, should you need to ask a lot of photos of your friends online dating. Instead, you must do the same thing that you both trust each other more.

6. Do not rush
When you do online dating on the internet, you should use the time to know your date and get to know your date is closer. Do not rush to invite meet until you are sure that your date. Keep the conversation casual and fun for both of you until you both feel for each other.

7. Make a video call
Before you meet directly with your date, ask him first to make video calls. The aim is that you can see the way your actual date so that you are not cheated or you can recognize it when you meet. By doing video calls can also help you avoid scams.

8. Save the evidence
When you do online dating, save the evidence that you have just in case if something bad happens in the future. Save all conversations, photos, identity, and anything that may be evidence of a crime in order to anticipate the future that may befall you.

9. Invite meet directly
When you are sure he is the one you are looking for all this time and after doing some of the above, you are more confident with it, you can take him to meet to get to know more deeply and bring your relationship to a more serious level.

Online dating may be done, but you still need to be careful and vigilant, lest you be deceived and regret. Perform online dating in a proper way so that you soon get the right pair.

Some Things Must contemplated by Good Before Married

Think Before Marriage Articles
Think Before Marriage - photo

Wedding that you will live with him will not be short, as long as it will be a lot of changes going on within you and him, the power of love you every day will continue to be tested until the time you have parted ways.

He began a new chapter in home life is often confusing, there will be many questions that often arise would lead to various kinds of doubts. To overcome this smooth communication between the two sides is the solution. Various kinds of misunderstandings and doubts will be resolved together if each partner wants to be humble and unselfish. Therefore, before you get married there are some questions you should ask to your potential partner so that everything can be gone well.

1. Are you sure to choose him
It's important to know how strong your beliefs about your potential partner, it aims to ascertain whether or not you feel overwhelmed when deciding to be willing to become his life companion. Also ask him to express his own feelings honestly and without any coercion from anyone.

2. Will stay where after married
Ask you both will stay where after getting married later. Whether to stay in their own homes or temporarily staying with the parents of the husband or wife. Make a deal together at the beginning in order to avoid misunderstandings.

3. Who will be responsible for the family economy
Ask and make mutual agreement who will be responsible for the economy of the family, so that the division of labor allows one party can concentrate on taking care of and caring for the family at home. But today ideally every couple should work. Like a pool when the pool has two springs will certainly be quickly filled and in case if one of the ponds dry out will still have water, but this is just an exception.

4. How many children do you want to have
Check with your partner. Plan your family with the best possible including the number of children who want you both have. Be sure to always tailored to the capabilities of your economy, health and education so that someday your children can be met.

5. Who will take care of the children later
If it turns out you both agree to work together there must be the responsible care of the family at home, including who will care for your children later. Bahasalah this issue before you were married, if necessary, involve siblings or your parents so that they understand your situation.

6. Do you need a housekeeper
This problem should already be completed and agreed upon ahead of time before you get married. Customize your financial ability is unable or unwilling to pay for services of a housekeeper.

7. Would you be willing to budge mutual
In married life will surely always be obstacles that come to confront. Therefore, ask if you would be willing to both each other someday succumb when faced with a situation contention? Promise and hold the determination of this agreement so that any disputes will always be resolved peacefully.

8. Are you both willing to promise to put family above all else
You need to understand that once married you will not be able to freely as they did before getting married. You must understand that the time for the family is much more valuable than anything. Therefore, ask yourself whether once married you both are willing to put the interests of the family above all else.

9. Will she love you until the end of life
Wedding that you will live with him will not be short, as long as there will be many changes that happen to you and him, the power of love you every day will continue to be tested until the time you have parted ways. Ask it to him and ask him to answer honestly whether he is willing to love you sincerely to the end of life, and then ask him to hold it with a courage that your marriage with him will always be filled with happiness.

Some Tips for Keeping Harmony Couple Husband-Wife Works

Husband Wife Works Tips Articles photo

Even if you and your spouse work and only have a little time to be together, make use of the short time to increase mutual love for the sake of family harmony.

Nowadays more and more couples are working. The work is part of them. The higher they are increasingly aware of the need to continue to strive to meet the needs of their families. However, do not make your work as a barrier to give attention and love for your partner. 

Here are tips on maintaining harmony for couples who work.

1. Clean the house together
Because of busy each house often look messy sometimes because you and your spouse is busy working and married couples often make the home as a place of transit and bath alone. So that makes the house is not maintained. Do not let that happen in your life. No matter how busy you Earn the make time for you and your spouse work devoted meperhatikan cleanliness of your home together. Make a simple daily schedule. For example, every day before leaving for work you set the bed and clean up all the tables and washing dishes and your partner in charge of sweeping, mopping and watering the plants. With their respective tasks that you and your partner are doing will improve cooperation and good care for your relationship.

2. Prepare food for your spouse
In the midst of a career, many women become not had time to prepare food at home because of fatigue or daily schedule is so crowded. But as a wife you should always remember your responsibility to serve your spouse. No matter how busy your activity strive always cook for a couple or family. If you can not cook, try to subscribe catering guaranteed cleanliness. Once a week try to cook a special meal for your partner, if you can not cook try to learn to cook occasionally to give a surprise for your partner. Usually I always prepare breakfast, lunch for lunch and dinner for my partner, this habit very positive impact for our relationship, my partner often complimented me and always say thank you to my concern that simple but meaningful to him.

3. Make time for breakfast and dinner together
Eating together helps improve communication both for you and your partner. It is a great time for you and your partner communicate. As much as possible be sure to allow time for you and your partner to eat together in one table. At dinner with you both have time to talk and exchange ideas with one another. You can share the grief and give each other a positive motivation. This activity helps your relationship harmony in order to remain well preserved.

4. Keep communicating and encouraging
Currently technological progress is very rapid, almost everyone has a gadget. Gadget is a communication tool that helps people to communicate easily anytime and anywhere.

Each pair eased to give each other the news with this gadget. Use gadgets as often as possible to give the news to your partner. Make a rule to always tell (what is done or about to go anywhere). In the midst of you, just send a short message encouraging or say "I Love You", "The spirit of Honey", or "I Miss you". This simple thing will make your partner excited and more love you. Although the day time you spend just a little with your partner, do not create jobs as a barrier to keep strengthening your relationship.

5. Doing regular dating
Within a week of work may be time for a date is not always there. Even if you are married, dating is an activity that still need to do with your partner. Take time in a week for a date. Usually weekend is the perfect time to do a date. You can be both a romantic dinner at a restaurant, or watch a movie with, or visit the new friends with beautiful scenery. Choose a fun date that you and your partner like. Dating does not only improve your relationship harmony but with a date after the regular work week will be entertainment that can soothe your mind that every day busy with work.

Even if you and your spouse work and only have a little time to be together, make use of the short time to increase mutual love for the sake of family harmony. Most important for every relationship is mutual giving of love and care for one another.

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Some professions that May Trigger occurrence Infidelity

Trigger occurrence Infidelity articles photo

They say, the cause of cheating include the time, the circumstances, the availability and opportunity. Combine everything, and you find a very perfect position to glance at someone other than your spouse. But there is also the opinion of infidelity occurs solely because of a mismatch.

Reporting from, Tuesday (17/02/2015), try to see some of the most vulnerable professions make men and women who work in them having an affair.

1. Financial Industry
Research of psychologist Dr. Alduan Tartt alone prove more powerful men, the more likely they are having an affair. Based on three factors, high income, frequent traveling, and seirngnya interact with interesting people. Based on the criteria, it is not surprising that those who work in the financial industry gets top position as cheaters.

2. Teachers
Profession surprising appearance in this list. According to the percentage of the study, although the number of women and men in this profession balanced, teachers are often women who cheat. Although there is no specific data on sight anyone into their affair.

3. Doctor
Although medicine is not employment-leaning next to gender, the study proves that most doctors are male affair. Those who have an important role in the media industry must always keep the ego in order not to get into trouble God-complex.

4. Police
Police already have a reputation for having an affair. Hold positions of power, working with shifts that are not necessarily for hours. Coupled physical and mental pressure, the police have met various criteria causes of infidelity. Plus the women who have a specific hobby police seductive married, called "badge bunnies".

5. Housewives
Let's throw away the mind housewife always obey any willingness husband. Work involving a mother they are isolated, stressed by homework and problem children and husbands that they must bear, and stress.

Married couples often do not affectionate anymore due to dislike of the home and work environment. If the husband hates the workplace, and she felt unappreciated and less interaction with others, creates unhappiness and loneliness which are the two biggest causes of infidelity.

6. lawyer
There are many anecdotes lawyer is liar. True or not, the answer may vary. But in reality, it is so common that many lawyers who expertly manipulate honesty suit that fits their narrative. Thus, not surprisingly person who is a lawyer so often cheating.

7. nurse
The United States has 3.5 million people who worked as a nurse in 2011. Due to the long working hours and on-hold handle the sick, this work is very prone to cause stress. According, Sister is a profession the number one cause of depression. No wonder the workers seek refuge in an affair.

8. Administrative Assistant
Although not yet known whether the most assistants having an affair with a co-worker or by anyone, census prove administrative assistant 96 percent of workers are women, with 4 million workers in the United States. Cases of infidelity in women reported 18 percent.

9. Firefighters
Those who work as firefighters seem to know the dangers in their lives not only of smoke and fire, but also the mental effects of working in dangerous conditions. They spend a lot of time not at home, and in the brigade headquarters and bars.

10. Worker Information Technology (IT)
Statements in divorce cases showed an affair with someone who met online into one of the common causes of late. Internet allows us to get to know all kinds of people, including candidates for our affair. Who among workers who spend long hours sitting struggling with the internet? Yes, IT workers.

11. Entertainer
In studying about the entertainer's life, there is an interesting fact. The entertainer who looks energetic, confident and attractive, in fact suffering from a variety of emotional disorders sepertu depression, insecurity are low, and psychological issues such as attention deficit disorder and bipolar disorder.

They are good at hiding their problems, which can lead to other issues such as the uses of drugs, dangerous activities and infidelity.

12. Housing Agencies
Apparently, this allows you tempted prefesi because working hours that require you not at home for a long time, it could be because of your closeness with the client's personal life. There is a report that shows the housing agency workers have a high percentage of the number of divorces.

13. bartender
This job does not seem surprising appear in the list. Working until midnight with people who consume a lot of alkohon already chanting the word "temptation". Participate directly or indirectly in a party every night is not a life that fit to create a suitable environment for a family.

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Several factors led to Divorce

Couse Divorce photo

Having experienced in the world of weddings, I conclude that it is my duty to share my experiences with other couples with the decision to divorce.

I want to share with you, what I believe, as the main reason couples have a hard time keeping their marriage intact.

You will notice when you are researching 8 this reason, nothing looks serious on this list. None of this subject at first glance seem a big deal.

Let's discuss them one by one.

1. Saturation
It is the choice of each individual to keep boredom crept into their lives. It is not the task of your partner to continue to entertain you or to adjust everything he did in order to keep you always happy. Find a job you love, choose a hobby, follow the class to develop yourself, find things you like and do. You will bring it to the happiness of your marriage.

2. Unrealistic Expectations about marriage
Married with the thought that all would be fun and have fun, be happy every time and continue to rejoice forever only to plunge you into a place called disappointment. Is when we realize that we are in this situation together, we want to protect and love each other, we want to be in the same street as our goal, and we want to bring joy to each other so that all things start running smoothly.

3. Refuse to look the other way than you do in doing something
Are those that become rigid and organize the most important for us. In the end, if nothing has changed, one or both of you will be unhappy. The real meaning of truly loving others is to learn to give.

4. The idea: The grass is greener
It is very WRONG. I have been married and often enough to know that every relationship requires a lot of effort. And if you really want to succeed, you will do whatever it takes.

5. Lack of humility: never wrong and do not forgive
When you are wrong - admit it. When you right - say too sorry. We all know the word, I'm sorry, work to fix the problems in the relationship. Women, in particular, we will be touched and forgive anything if a man humbly apologize. Is normal to make mistakes.

6. The focus changed from love to criticism
It is easy, for many years, to begin to see the negative in any relationship because you are met at all times. More difficult to find and appreciate the positive things. Make a desire to look for good things from your partner and show it to your partner.

7. The mindset that is difficult to change.
If I gather a thousand for every time I heard the greeting, "that's me, do not try to change me." I will be rich. If that is your attitude - change your attitude now. We all have the space to be developed, and be willing to change will only create a worse situation

8. Money: shortage or waste of
As long as there is money, there is always a problem in the marriage. What else can I say.

And again, in its own way, this thing looks harmless, but money can lead to bigger problems in the marriage, if not controlled. Some couples are very remarkable in uniting their minds when the situation becomes difficult. However, some couples believe that the solution is to go - infidelity, too old to work, drugs and alcohol, too long outside the home - the list continues to grow.

Do what you can do to make your marriage intact. Do whatever it takes to get there. If you have trouble, take a case or problem and solve it now. If you can save your marriage, in the end, it will be worth it.

"It's not too late8 s good biggest Consider couples divorce"
works Janeen Diamond.

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Tips Some Attention husband who can build increasingly wife can touch

Tips Some Attention husband who can build increasingly wife can touch photo

According to the women, couples who can provide the attention of his behavior was much warmer than they are always giving gifts on special occasions. Let's look together if your spouse has also been doing these things or not. If yes, you should keep it well!

1. When you sleep to the edge of the bed, he will drag you into next.
He obviously already half asleep but still can take you into his arms. This behavior will surely make women feel very warm.

2. He washes his own clothes by hand to help
In one night, your husband brought a basket full of dirty clothes to be washed with a washing machine. But he never returned from washing clothes and turns once seen, he separates pants and your underwear and wash themselves by hand. It's really very touching.

3. You see there is a fruit that has been cut in the fridge when you've just come home from the office.
When you open the refrigerator after coming home from work and found there was a box of fruit that has been cut, really makes all the loads and tired of the way you feel it felt vanished.

4. Every morning she always just send a short message to you first.
Every morning woke up and saw there was a short message from your boyfriend makes you feel you are greatly appreciated and can see that you really exist in his heart.

5. He will always take care of when he saw many cars as you walk with him
Very considerate behavior will make you very touched.

6. He'll buy the goods that you like every time he saw her.
You will still feel touched no matter how often you receive a gift of food from him.

Some Things That Parents Concern In Mental Educating Children

Parents Concern In Mental Educating Children photo

1. Parents fight
Pearl eyes of children, will record the words - words that terlontarkan by papa mama in front of his eyes. Husband and wife who fight never stops, even fighting, domestic violence, etc., will make its own pressure in the child's heart; there are some parents of their relationship is not good, rarely communicate at home, growing up in this family, the child will feel depressed, and will damage the mental health, making the child into a cold, lonely.

2. Parents Angry
Angry at the child, of course, would hurt the child. In fear, they may exist:
(1) according to what you say
(2) shock, and did not dare to move
(3) cry, not going to do what you allow, and also did not do what he wants to do
(4) learn how you angry, throwing things into the underground favorites.
Should not be angry with the child, you should explain clearly, should do what, and at the same time your child will feel you care with it. If possible, before angry, give warnings, such as: "I can not stand it wanted to be angry, you should quickly do ...."

3. Attention
Research shows, a strange old man gives negative effect on the child's mental, making adolescence to adulthood the child would be problematic. No matter whether too loving child, or children who are silenced, or children who are not considered, only to feel ignored, she will be hurt. Children were allowed to stand would hate her mother, and children who are too spoiled to be hated brother sister.

4. Parents who are dishonest
Loss of trust would lose the honor at the same time, the head of the family does not hold words, would lose the honor of his own, and would interfere with the child's development. Conditions will be shaping the nature of bad children, being someone who is not responsible, in this way the child will easily pick the habit of "reckless", "not trusted". This habit will make him lose a lot of friends and opportunities.

5. Do not be impatient to answer questions children
Kecuekan will eliminate the enthusiasm of a child's parents will be asked, and will eliminate the curiosity and thirst for knowledge; trust children to parents is full. So when a parent gives a wrong answer, it would be difficult to be fixed in their minds. If parents did not answer the question at the moment, you should mengiyakn questions, and tell him that you do not have the time, and promised to answer her questions later.

6. Do not accept friend of the child
Parents should respect the child's choice of friends. Parents also have to stand in position children to see their friends. At the same time parents should also know the difference between children and parents in choosing a friend, and respect these differences. there are times when we must give our children face, and we will give our children face as well.

7. Ignoring Excess children
Each child has its advantages and disadvantages, although every child is born different, the speed of learning is different, they see themselves may be high value and may be low, but the judge good or bad children, can not be seen from one side only.
Parents should not judge one side of her own, and should see their strengths, believing with kehebatanmereka, praise them, so that they develop in accordance with their respective advantages - each.

8. Accusing the child in front of guests
Many parents like to say how bad his son in front of the crowd, like he was complaining, and without realizing it will make the child feel guilty, no one likes to him, making him feel the parents are not satisfied with him, and he would stay away from her parents emotionally .

Some of the above is the case - the most feared of the child, they are very afraid of the cold conditions, strained, and families are dull. The dream of the child's family is a warm family, have love, relaxed, complementary and active.

Tips Being Adult in response Differences to Existing

Tips Being Adult articles photo

Differences there should not be a reason for us to fight against or attack others.

The differences that exist in life often makes human hate and dislike each other. The difference is like making a gap and difficult man to love one another. Political differences, differences in ethnicity, race and religion create lifelike fragmented, it is not uncommon that one group considers golongannyalah better, another group considers them wrong. This kind of things that make life becomes harmonious, not all people realize that the difference should not be a reason to feuding but the difference should be appreciated and used as a means to train ourselves to be more humble.

Is not God also created differences when He created the universe. We can not deny that there are men and women, there is day and night, there are hot and cold, there are long and short, there are large and small, and so forth - but we see that all of it can run with the harmony and God considers the difference -differences are beautiful.

Differences there should not be a reason for us to fight against or attack others. Ironically political differences, differences in ethnicity, race and religion in society is often found used as the main reason for some people against each other. Instead of profits but instead a loss that would be obtained, with hostile we would not be able to be strong, we can not work together, people's lives become unsafe impact becomes weaker countries so it is easy to get an outside attack.

In the family of my parents was very evident that there is a difference, a difference of religion in everyday life we as members of our family never make an excuse to hate each other and hostile to each other, we can actually work together and love each other in spite of understand our religious beliefs are not the same.

Humility and awareness as social beings need to be instilled into every human being in order to realize the role that we can not live alone, opposition is always present in every moment, to be selfish and exclusive will not produce good fruit. Socialize as family members and community members will help each of us realize that the difference is not an enemy to be fought, jutru difference is something to be grateful, because through these differences we can see things from a different angle.

Of course teaches a person to tolerance towards diversity as a gift from God Almighty can not be done easily and in a short time. Tolerance education should be taught from an early age when still a child, educate them since the children will be much easier than when they were teenagers.

A writer once said, "Every kingdom divided against itself will perish and every city or household divided against itself can not stand." Peace in life will be achieved when all mankind can work together to implement tolerance toward others. No longer questioning of the class to which they belong, understand that we are all creatures of the same God, we are brothers.

There is no specific way that can be recommended to teach tolerance to your children, you are the example and the example of the best way to teach it to them. Give them positive comments, assist them when watching television and give the correct explanation of the questions they ask, encourage your children to socialize, introduce them to new friends who have different backgrounds is the most small way that you can teach them. In the end when the tolerance can be established among mankind, the sole purpose of making the world a comfortable place to live is not impossible to achieve.

Some Personality which can Cause Love Fades

Cause Love Fades photo

In a relationship of loyalty is a fixed price, because no one sane willing gladly betrayed by his partner.

Maintaining existing love is not as easy as the first time he said it, it's why many couples who had the affair after so long, suddenly decided to split up in the middle of the road.

Many poets love portrait of love as something abstract, something invisible but can be felt, something that can heal but also can hurt.

Someone love life like a wheel spinning, sometimes is above but someday could be under. Now, for those who are carried away by the passion of love to your partner, let's together to identify some reasons why someone passionate love can fade, so that you as a couple can avoid it, so that your love towards your partner can always awake until whenever.

Avoid having the following properties

1. Too Proud
Imperious = always look down on others. Know that such an attitude to hurt your partner. Cavalier attitude that still maintained over time will make your partner does not respect you more, and if the couple had not appreciate you, it means that he began to lose his love for you.

2. Arrogant
Feel yourself arrogant = truest, most powerful, or the most powerful. Know that your partner is expecting a colleague who might be persuaded to cooperate. Therefore, if today you still expect the presence of your colleagues are always there at your side, throw away this attitude.

3. Authoritarian
Authoritarian = Arbitrary. Not only couples, but all people without exception, hate people who have such an attitude. Authoritarian attitude will make other people feel oppressed, so that such an attitude will never make running smooth and harmonious relationship.

4. Lightly hand
Lightweight hand = is meant here is not helpful, but likes to hit. An abusive spouse is very dangerous, has a lot of couples suffer physically because of his having an attitude like this. Everyone expects to be treated gently by her partner, but if any of you who can not stop this habit, then be prepared to be abandoned by your spouse.

5. Slacker
As a team, like two oxen pull the cart, if one of them lazy, then it will be a heavy burden on her. Therefore, avoid slacker attitude, always eager to undergo any activity in your daily life, so that your partner can feel admiration for your hard work and sacrifice.

6. The slob
Certainly it would be so painful at all if you have a dirty pair. Respect yourself and your partner to always keep clean, especially your body. Others, especially your spouse, will assess, if someone can respect himself, then he must also be able to appreciate others.

7. Do not faithful
In a relationship of loyalty is a fixed price, because no one in his right mind is willing to happily betrayed by his partner. Therefore, always be faithful to your partner, and show your sincerity, because it will bind the love you both.

8. Possessive
Possessiveness is often indicated by limiting the space for couples, loving couples too much - so have a fear of losing, easily jealous, always think negatively when the pair close to the opposite sex, and always wanted to know at any time partner activities. Therefore, so that your partner does not feel confined, as far as possible avoid such attitudes.

9. Not responsible
Because you are not a child anymore, then as adults have a sense of responsibility is obligatory, and your responsibility is tangible proof that you are ready to mate.

10. Selfish
Everyone hates them are selfish, because selfishness tend selfish and have no desire to cooperate with others. Therefore, such an attitude should be defeated by increasing adult person in terms of thinking and acting.

11. Inconsistent
Very frustrating once if you have a friend or even a spouse who does not have the establishment, tend fickle and inconsistent. Therefore, try to our best to always be consistent in every case.

12. No firm
As a man has a firmness is an obligation, because most women are eager partner have good confidence in taking a decision. Therefore, indecision man can make a woman's heart into doubt, which in turn can affect his love for the couple.

13. Rigid
Tendency rigid attitude often shown through some things like: can not get along with others, can not kidding, too serious, clumsy, irritable, and so on. Therefore, be flexible and friendly person, so that other people, including your spouse, can always feel comfortable when he is around you.

14. Emotional
Someone who is easy temperament and emotion it was terrible, most couples will soon be away and lost sympathy, if found her partner have such an attitude or character.

Each person must have one and even possibly other properties that have not been mentioned above. However, if everyone really loves his partner sincerely, then there is no word impossible to be able to change these properties.

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