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Holden GTSR W1 supercharged V8 engine price $170K (Video inside)

Petrol heads rejoice - before it shuts up shop in Australia for good, Holden will build the most powerful Commodore ever.

Holden Special Vehicles

Holden Special Vehicles has revealed its GTSR W1 model will have a supercharged V8 engine and a price tag of about $170,000.

The performance vehicle unit says the car's maximum power output of 474kW makes it the most powerful performance production car built in the country.

About 300 will be assembled in April, before the last of Holden's Australian production lines close in October, but many of the fleet have been pre-sold to Holden lovers.

supercharged V8 engine

The car's build will begin at Holden's Elizabeth plant in Adelaide before the engines are installed at the company's Clayton plant in Victoria.

A GTSR sedan and a ute, the GTSR Maloo, will also be produced, priced at $109,490 and $96,990.

The LSA has been diced and in its place goes an LS9, still 6.2 litres but with a bigger, 2.3-litre blower and 474kW and 815Nm. The power hike is partly to do with the internal changes and partly by being able to rev it to 6600rpm. And that’s been achieved by switching to titanium con-rods, forged pistons, titanium inlet valves, hollow exhaust valves, under-piston oil jets and a specific camshaft. The V8 is also dry-sumped with an oil capacity of almost ten litres and a water-to-air oil-cooler.

There’s a 47 per cent bigger (over the LSA) intercooler which uses a front-mounted heat-exchanger and gets its own, dedicated cooling system rather than tapping into the engine’s coolant path.The W1 also gets an OTR air intake and a set of ceramic-coated headers and two-and-a-half inch stainless exhaust system with a recalibrated bi-modal valve.
HSV Managing Director Tim Jackson says the three cars are the last in the Gen-F Range and the company wanted to send the range off "with a bang".

"We're confident we've delivered our best product ever, and the greatest performance cars ever produced in this country", he said in a statement.


Driving Tips that does not take the cost of gasoline is too extravagant

fuel-efficient driving Articles
fuel-efficient driving - photo

Is the desire of every driver, it can be done by familiarizing drive with "intelligent".

It's a way to make fuel-efficient driving to note:

Think about aerodynamics
Additional accessories are more often just so sweetener should be lowered, thereby reducing air resistance while the vehicle is moving.

The interior is clean not only visually pleasing but also can reduce fuel consumption. How can it be ?, of course be by lowering objects or trash that had been added to the burden of vehicles. The more light-duty vehicles, the light machine work, more fuel-efficient.

Check tire
Tires are less wind can squander gasoline up to 3 percent, but it increases the risk of eruption.

AC needed
The use of air conditioners of course requires additional fuel consumption, so it is wise to use it. Better vehicle glass in a closed state because the glass is always open will cause extra drag.

Note gearshift (gears)
Moving teeth when the RPM reaches 2,500 (petrol engines) and 2,000 (diesel engine) to avoid unnecessary use of fuel.

Turn off the engine traffic jam and red light
In addition to saving fuel, this step also reduces air pollution we breathe.

Try other transportation
Do you have to use a four-wheeled vehicle ?, what city buses, public transport, cycling or even walking can sometimes be faster than stuck in traffic on the road.

Plan a route path
Know for sure that these will go through, including the search for an alternative way to avoid road congestion.

Focus on the road
If we are always able to anticipate the situation in front of the road, we can reduce sudden braking or throttle the waste of energy fuels (gasoline).

Road / cycling a viable alternative
Vehicle engine turns the most wasteful of fuel and pollute the air when the heating stage. So, why should you use it for a short distance. Road or cycling can be an option.

Regarding Achievement Diesel Engines Journey

car Diesel Engines photo

Your vehicle users with a diesel engine? You should be proud, because the machine with a mechanism made by Rudolph Diesel is in fact has myriad achievements.

For ordinary people, the diesel engine is synonymous with 'hard labor'. The roar of sound that is typical of this imaging engine if its performance is identical to the commercial vehicle truck style.

This machine does have a myriad of achievements, although some controversy.

1. World's Fastest Vehicles
The fastest vehicle on the planet is carrying diesel engine JCB Dieselmax. This vehicle tangible pole and successful record of 563 km / h at the Bonneville salt, Utah, United States.

2. Winners of Resilience 24-Hours of Le Mans
24-hour endurance race Le Mans is like a measure of the durability of machines automotive manufacturers world. Winning the international arena is certainly quite prestigious for the manufacturer of the vehicle.

In fact, diesel vehicles had triumphed at the annual event held in France, the. In 1998, one of the variants of the BMW 320D carrying 200bhp engine successfully dominate the 24-hour endurance race at the legendary Nürburgring circuit, Germany.

3. Debate Regarding the First Inventor
Rudolph Diesel known as the creator of the machine which is now known by his last name. Patent holder of this fact did not escape the controversy that accompanied him.

In 1891 ago, the mechanism of the diesel engine itself is said to have been initiated by someone Englishman, Herbert Akroyd Stuart. As a result, the inventor who own diesel engine mechanism is still under debate each party.

4. Most Giant Machine in the World
Wärtsilä-Sulzer diesel engine giant to design the most powerful in the world.

Although not applied in the automotive world, 14-cylinder engine cargo ship they recorded weights weighing 2,300 tons were able to take off power and torque 108.920hp 560 832 lb / ft at 102rpm!

5. Side Effects To Health
Efficient in the work turned out to carry a side effect of the diesel engine. Nothing else, it is related to human health.

Deliberately inhaling the smell of diesel fuel, or fuel for diesel engines excessively potentially cause pneumonitis, lung damage in human upper level.

6. Not Lose Futuristic
German automobile manufacturer, Mercedes also had sweet memories with diesel engines. This variant is not a production car, but rather the type of vehicle prototypes developed in the 1960s and 1970s.

Mercedes C111 variants could bulldoze the asphalt up to 202mph with the support of a powerful 230bhp diesel engine. Designed with a futuristic appearance in the era of 'retro', the presence of this prima donna like a magnet on the highway.

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Some Frequently Experienced Car types Accident

Safety Car test photo

A new study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) shown to the cars of today are able to provide an increase in the security sector. Evidently, during 2009-2012 there were nine models are not involved or accidents with fatal condition.

However, studies based on the category of luxury cars, Sport Utilitty Vehicle (SUV), cheap cars, coupes, sports cars, compact, up to this sedan also find a number of cars were in fact the many casualties.

Reporting from Designtrend, the following five cars most casualties in the ratio per one million vehicles.

Hyundai Accent (86 cases)
Throughout the years 2009-2012, the population of 1 million Hyundai Accent, IIHS reported that there were 86 cases of accidents that cause the driver died.
Cars are most involved based studies is that has two doors and enter the IIHS to categorize this car in the small car segment.

Chevrolet Aveo (99 cases)
Subcompack the car's front-wheel drive into a car with considerable casualties. IIHS study mentions, there are 99 deaths per 1 million population Aveo.
Meanwhile, the second-generation Aveo Chevrolet began production since 2012 until now. Where the car has also hatchback sedan entuk.

For engine options, Chevrolet at least provide a choice of six drivers and three transmission system.

Hyundai Accent (120 cases)
Not only the type of two-door Hyundai Accent which featured four doors were included in the list as a vehicle that often claimed the lives of passengers.
There are at least 120 cases of fatal accidents that occur per one million population of the Hyundai Accent four-door.

Nissan Versa (130 cases)
Japanese car is also included in the list with the greatest number of accidents per one million population of the Nissan Versa.
IIHS said, there are 130 cases occur throughout 2009-2012.

Kia Rio (149 cases)
Kia Rio became standings in this list. Not only that this could be considered as an input to the South Korean manufacturer to improve the quality of security.

IIHS reported that there were 149 cases of fatal accidents per one million population of the Kia Rio.


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List of Luxury Vehicle Need Much Fuel

Efficiency becomes the deciding factor for consumers in buying a car. However, for those who berkocek thick, this case is not an obstacle to have a dream vehicle.

Well, throughout the history of automobile production, there are several models that are known as 'Dracula' fuel. Therefore, we try to describe a list of cars that take more fuel than other models. Reporting from Therichest, following more!

Rolls Royce Phantom
Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe models photo

Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe models 2014
Rolls Royce is known as the creator of a vehicle that emphasizes luxury. Not only that, the car was known greedy in terms of fuel consumption and one of them is the Phantom Drophead Coupe.

The car is packed with a capacity of 6.8 liter V12 engine and weighs 2,629 pounds. Based on the calculations, the Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe spend 3.7 liters for a distance of 22.3 kilometers or 1: 6.

Cadillac CTS Wagon models 2014
2014 Cadillac CTS Wagon models - photo

2014 Cadillac CTS Wagon models
In America, the Cadillac CTS Wagon is a car in the class wagon with the best performance. The car is priced starting at US $ 65 thousand is packing a 6.2-liter V8 engine capable of producing power 556 horse power (HP).

On paper, Cadillac Wagon WTS can accelerate from zero to 100 km / h in 4.1 seconds. For fuel consumption, 3.7 liters of fuel being burned this car to run as far as 22.3 kilometers or 1: 6.

Ferrari FF Coupe models 2014
Ferrari FF Coupe models 2014 - photo

Ferrari FF Coupe models 2014
Indeed, it is common knowledge, which promises performance car certainly compromising efficiency. If it involves Ferrari FF Coupe models, do not expect the Italian sports car is promising as efficient car.

Burst of power from the V12 engine capacity of 6.3 liters, spewing 651 horsepower and requires only 3.7 seconds to accelerate from a standstill to penetrate the speed of 100 km / h. Inevitably, the Ferrari FF Coupe is spent 3.7 liters for a distance of 21.11 kilometers or 1: 5.7.

Bentley Mulsanne 2014 models
Bentley Mulsanne 2014 models - photo

Bentley Mulsanne 2014 models
Car famous British people is not lost in the list of the most extravagant car. As a luxury car mengendepankan a prestige, the driver did not just have to spend in to redeem Bentle Mulsanne.

The reason, they should be ready with the allocation of the cost of fuel is high. Imagine a car that is packed V8 6.75 liter twin-turbo 3.7-liter drink fuel for 20.9 miles or 1: 5.6.

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse models 2014
Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse models 2014 - photo

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse models 2014
This car search to find the title of "World's Fastest Production Car," which can up to a maximum speed of 408.8 km / h.

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Gran Sport Vitesse is packed quad-turbo W16 engine with a capacity of 8 liters that produces 1,200 horsepower (HP) and torque of 1,106 lb.ft.

With its title as a car with a wild performance, the owner had to spend in just to buy fuel. Based on the calculations, this French car drinking 3.7 liters of fuel for 16 miles or 1: 4.3.

Sophistication peek One SUV Hybrid Cars OffRoad of China

hybrid SUV

Through this vehicle, China may no longer be underestimated in the affairs of the automotive industry. Because the more advanced course of automotive products produced by the manufacturer of the Bamboo Curtain.

Now, turn the car first high-performance hybrid SUV that comes out of the Chinese State. Meanwhile, the chosen name is Tang.

How great Tang? The SUV was created by the automotive company called BYD. Tang's own name was chosen because it was inspired by the success of the Tang Dynasty, known prosperous country in the history of China.

hybrid SUV launch page (JANUARY 21, 2015), Tang gasoline engine equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine and a pair of electric motors.

It said 18 kWh battery with hers able to move the car as far as 50 miles. Meanwhile in hybrid mode, fuel consumption Tang claimed to reach 60 km / liter.

hybrid SUV

The combination of a turbo engine with an electric motor is claimed to be capable of throwing a maximum power reached 505 horsepower with 531 pound-feet of torque. Tang can accelerate from a stop condition to 100 km / h in less than five seconds.

hybrid SUV

Questioning the price, BYD SUV membanderol this wild at US $ 48 thousand. As for the Chinese car market is sold for US $ 35 thousand to have received subsidies.


Some thing you should Notice when your Vehicle Tires Rupture

Tire burst into one of the biggest causes of death for road users raya.Memang, rupture of the tire itself can occur due to many things, ranging from undisciplined driving behavior to lack of maintenance of the tire.

To prevent tire burst your vehicle, there are two things that could be a concern.

The first is prevention. This becomes the most important factor, as early as possible the driver can avoid rupture of the tire so as not to endanger the lives of yourself and others. Therefore, always consider the appropriate air pressure in the tire weight and the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Do not forget to also carry out routine checks on vehicle tires. Make sure the tire surface is free of foreign objects such as nails or wire. In addition, check tire wear flowers with regard Thread sign Wear Indicators (TWI) contained in flower groove tires.

Anticipation action Broke Tires

After prevention, you are also required to learn to anticipate. The number of cars lost control and overturned when it has a flat tire shows a lack of anticipation and expertise of the pengedara.

Direct braking when a tire makes the car load is concentrated on the side of the tire burst. When the tire burst, the driver as much as possible is required to be able to hold the steering wheel remains unchanged directed so extreme.

Furthermore, point the car onto the shoulder, while slow down gradually, either by releasing the accelerator or assisted by lowering gear acceleration (engine braking) gradually to a low speed.

After that, do the braking gently until the car stops. Do not forget to turn on the turn signal in the direction of the car will be stopped. Once pulled over in a safe place, turn on the hazard lights and warning triangle pairs before replacing a tire burst.

Obviously, the anticipation of a flat tire in practice will not be easy as the theory. Therefore, the driver should learn to not panic if this happens to you. So, keep careful and keep prioritizing early prevention.

Some Dangerous Habit While Driving

Tens of millions of traffic accidents that occur in the world each year inevitably also caused by the negligence of the driver.

Incident on the asphalt is not only due to reckless behavior in terms of driving technique, but also a small habit to irresponsible when driving.

Because, in the face of danger, the driver said to only have about two seconds to think and act.

So, what bad habits are dangerous while driving? 
Here are five bad habits of drivers who reported Motorheads, Thursday (15/01/2015):

1. Forget turn on the turn signal
Although simple, this basic habits are often performed many drivers. Change lanes or turn without signaling the turn signal is one of the main causes of accidents.

Besides dangerous, this habit is also considered to be the most annoying for most drivers. Other road users can not predict in which direction the vehicle in front of it will go so it is not enough time to adjust.

2. Using a cell phone while driving
Not new if the habit of using mobile phones while driving is known to be one of the causes of road accidents. However, this fact is often still considered trivial by some drivers.

While using the device, the driver's concentration and focus automatically even having to answer a call or message.

In the United States (US), the local authorities did not fail to contribute to apply strict rules about banning the use of cell phones while driving.

The driver who had an accident as a result of the use of mobile phones is considered partly responsible for thousands of deaths.

3. Drove While Drowsy
Drowsiness is a natural condition that occurs when the body is exhausted. Typically, the driver with long distance sleepy vulnerable due to fatigue and fatigue during driving.

When sleepy, concentration and focus automatically reduced and the effect on driver response slowing the face of danger.

Just as the use of mobile phones, even though they had often known by the driver, it is often overlooked that one endless accidents.

4. Eating and drinking while driving
Eating and drinking is not prohibited when driving. However, if not done carefully, it can also be a factor that brings havoc.

Because the two activities can also shift some focus and concentration while driving.

5. Driving under the influence of drugs
In a written warning, downing some drugs before driving clearly prohibited. The reason, some drugs do have side effects make drowsiness.

In addition to driving, the same thing also applies if you operate the machine. Although seem trivial, it is often unnoticed, either because of ignorance or indifference

So remain cautious in driving

source: Motorheads

Some emergency measures when the wipers jam

As I was driving and suddenly the rain pouring down, the driver would turn on the windscreen (wiper) to clean the rain water on the windshield. Apesnya, sometimes wipers could not work seamlessly making the sight impaired.

Of course when in this condition, the driver was forced to run the vehicle slowly. In fact, the driver may be forced to stop on the roadside due to blurred vision due to wiper that can not run smoothly.

In order to continue the trip when it rains, the following three steps of emergency when the wipers jam:

1. Rub windshield with soap
When found wipers suddenly jammed, rub windshield with soap so that rain water can flow instantly when exposed to the field of glass and leaves no trace of water droplets.

Thus, the driver is able to look ahead and glass surfaces slippery conditions affected a little soapy water also helps the movement of the wiper which had jammed into more smoothly.

2. Move the wiper manually
When the wipers no longer able to function at all, the emergency measures to be taken is to move the wiper driver manually. Steps were also not too difficult and capital only rubber strap.

Some types of vehicles may have a wiper drive mechanism which can be run manually in case of damage to the driving motor.

Tricks to find that the wipers do not work by binding to the wiper arm with a rubber strap long way to reach the driver's seat. To be able to re-position wiper, create another bond on the wiper arm tied to the grille just below the windshield.

When rains are heavy enough, the driver can still manually wipe the glass with an interesting way of the wiper arm using a rubber strap. The journey can be continued although at a lower speed.

3. Stop safely
When it rained very heavily and make the driver's view is compromised, it would be nice vehicle paused waiting for the rain to subside. You can pull over on the side of the road are safe, leaving enough space for other vehicles to pass.

Good Luck

Vinegar Benefits for Cars

vinegar benefits

It turns out that vinegar can also be used for car care.
Here are some benefits:

1. Cleaning stains on the interior
To clean stubborn stains either on the dashboard or seat, mix together vinegar water with the same ratio. Take a clean cloth and then dip. Rub gently on the affected surface stains.

2. Clean the residual glue sticker
Removing the sticker on the body often leave scars glue. The rest of this glue is quite difficult to be cleaned without special cleaning. Just like the interior, simply rub the surface using a cloth that has been given vinegar.

3. polish chrome parts car
Chrome components such as lists or wheels can be dull though it was washed. After washing, wipe the chrome surface with a cloth that has been given vinegar.

4. Eliminate the smell in car interiors
The smell in the cabin sometimes can not be removed only by using air freshener. Put a glass of vinegar in the cabin and leave it overnight, the odor will disappear.

5. Cleaning wiper
Cleaning wiper with vinegar not only removes dirt, but also able to restore the elasticity of the rubber wiper.

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