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How to Lose Weight After Childbirth

For young mothers who are planning to have a baby, being fat after giving birth is a reasonable fear. After giving birth generally showed considerable weight gain greater than the original weight before pregnancy. But do not worry excessive all that can be overcome with a healthy lifestyle behaviors. As for tips that can be done by mothers to go back to lose weight is as follows:

Several research activities mengungakapkan that breastfeeding can help mothers to lose weight gradually, at least for 6 months after birth. In this process a number of hormones are released into the body, these hormones that will help the uterus to restore the body to its original shape as before pregnancy. sa breastfeeding information when it equates to burn calories by 200 to 500 calories per day. Same amount of calories if you swim for a few hours or ride a bike for an hour.

Consult with your doctor what exercise is safe to do and when to begin. This is especially important for mothers who gave birth by Caesarean section. Try to find friends also who gave birth in the exercise in order to motivate each other.

Mingle With Baby
One fun way is the activity with the baby. Indirectly it will burn fat in the body. For example, by taking a walk with the baby using a stroller and push or carry. It can burn fat in our body.

Changing Eating Habits
Better to eat 3 times a day with a complete menu rather than eat one time but the added sweet snacks and less salubrious for example chocolate, snacks. For mothers who are breast-feeding do not forget to pay attention to the nutritional adequacy of the food dikonsumsi.Jangan forget consume lots of water.

Create a Realistic Target
Weight may not return to pre-pregnancy size in an instant. Therefore, to motivate yourself, outboard photos before pregnancy in a place easily visible, for example in the refrigerator.

Enough Sleep
Maybe you can not sleep a full 8 hours per night caring for your baby. However, lack of sleep can hinder your efforts to lose weight. A study found that mothers who have just given birth to sleep for five hours or less a night tend to be more difficult to lose weight than those who slept 7 hours.
When tired, the body releases cortisol and other stress hormones that can lead to weight gain badan.Selain that, when exhausted, you're likely not going to pay attention to your needs. You will not pay much attention to where the food is healthy. You even tend to choose foods that can be processed and obtained easily. Additionally, you will be doing your physical activity.
Maybe you've often advised to go to sleep when your baby sleeps, and this is true. Ayamlah sleep as often as possible during the day and go to bed early, at least until your baby starts sleeping.

Ask for help
If you're trying to lose weight, ask your doctor and dietitian. The dietitian can help you plan your meal to help you lose weight safely and effectively. While the doctor can guide you in determining the amount of weight that should be taken down and when it is appropriate to begin exercising.

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