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Sexy and flat stomach - Have a few easy ways following

Few Ways Lightweight and Easy to Get Flat Stomach

Almost everybody feels like to have a flat stomach. But almost everyone also lazy sought. Moreover, who likes to eat well but lazy to exercise. For you who like to eat, of course, it is even more difficult. Especially if you are not a person who likes dieting.
fat stomach

To address this problem, Eve Lynn Kessner, an instructor of SoulCycle are also holistic nutrition expert, tries to provide answers.

As reported by the Byrdie, Tuesday (01/24/2017) causes distended abdomen is not only fat, but also bloating. Therefore, you should make sure your bloated gone to get a flat stomach.

Here's four ways to flatten your stomach as submitted by Kessner:

1. Drink more water

"When you are dehydrated, you actually hold more water as a function of reaction. Make sure you hydrated throughout the water, and add lemon juice to detox advantage," advises Kessner.

2. Chew your food

Make sure you chew your food, "said Kessner." Really chew. Chew, chew, and chew. Chew your food until liquid! This will help the digestive process. Often bloating caused by digestive disorders, so helps the digestive process will keep rumbling in the stomach after a heavy meal. "

3. Train your stomach

"Boost your metabolism and build muscle. Although it seems impossible for you to exercise in the middle of a busy schedule, the good news is that you can shape your stomach anywhere," said Kessner.

"When you sit on a chair in the office, sit up straight and straighten your spine. Pull your shoulders up and down. Take a deep breath, and when removing pull your stomach in. The key to this position. Pull your navel is getting in on any discharge breath. it will train a core part (core) you. do it as long as you can. By doing it regularly you will notice a change in your stomach and your posture. "

4. Increase your heart rate

"Everyone knows you have to take the stairs rather than the elevator," said Kessner. "But what if you try to jump as much as 5 times on each rung. You could even try to run on each of two floors jia you want," said Kessner.

Up and down the stairs will trigger a heartbeat, which will facilitate the circulation of blood. And in the end, make a flat stomach.


Some impact due to lack of Body Fat

Body Fat PHOTO

Fat can indeed lead to overweight if consumed in excess. However, without the consumption of fat, the body can also be unhealthy tablets. 

Here are some of the symptoms less body fat consumption.

1. Feeling hungry
The body takes longer to process than karbohidrat.Karena fat, if we quickly feel hungry, it could be because we lack mengosumsi fat when eaten. Dietitian in Washington, DC, Anne Mauney said, foods that contain enough fat will make us feel full longer.

2. Dry Skin
If the skin begins to dry, flaky, and dull, it could be due to the lack of fat from the food we eat. It is said Lori Welstead, a dietitian at the University of Chicago Medicine, Chicago, Illinois. Healthy fats can help us absorb fat-soluble vitamins from food and helps your skin stay moist.

3. Hormones disturbed
The body uses fat from food to regulate the hormones in our bodies. So do not let the body without the fat intake.

4. Do not focus
Many people avoid fatty foods and carbohydrates and protein.Padahal only one gram of fat contains twice as many calories than a gram of carbohydrates and protein. As a result we will feel hungry and it's hard to think fokusketika empty stomach.

It was her symptoms less body fat consumption. So how much fat should be consumed each day? it depends on the age, level of daily activity, and health conditions kita.Selain it, choose healthy fats.

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Eating In Bulk Some food is not going to make you Fat photo

Acute hunger that makes people forget themselves. Eating excessive food no longer be a burden, as long as a full stomach. Only after the entire food landed in the stomach, then they `kelabakan` and arise remorse.

Regret growing when they realized that they enter the food is high-calorie foods, such as crisps, biscuits, chocolate, and other types of food.

If only they were experiencing acute hunger eating some foods below as quoted by the Daily Mail, Saturday (21/02/2015) with an excessive portion, the remorse that will never appear at all.

For the record, the calories contained in each of these food list for per 100 grams.

1. Mentimum
Fruit or vegetable that contains many liquid calories by 16 kcal. Eating a source of vitamin C which are known to reduce the level of inflammation in the body in large amounts will not be a problem.

Nutritionist in NutriCentre, London, England, Daisy Connor, said that cucumbers contain ascorbic acid and caffeic acid, which can help prevent water retention.

2. Asparagus
Asparagus contains 20 calories useful as detoxification, because it contains nutrients diuretic that can help remove toxins.

Eating asparagus in considerable numbers will not make your weight go up, it can help you increase your metabolic rate.

Asparagus is rich in folate are suitable eaten by pregnant women. Moreover, said Daisy, asparagus contains antioxidants anti-inflammatory.

3. Cauliflower
Cauliflower contains no fat, but high in vitamin C and contains 25 calories. For dieters, cauliflower mixed with mashed potatoes, and baked to eat.

Cauliflower is the most excellent source of fiber and rich in vitamin K. eat steamed or raw condition (origin cleaned properly), then a number of benefits that will be gained.

4. Tomato
Vegetables are round and red colored lycopene-rich contains 18 calories.

According to Daisy, tomatoes are eaten after cooking has benefits such as statins are reserved for patients who are battling high cholesterol or high darag pressure.

5. Papaya
Fresh papaya contains few calories, only 43 kcal. Vitamin C is contained in papaya fruit the same as those in citrus fruit. Papaya contains 15 times more antioxidants beta-cryptoxanthin are beneficial for those who are at risk of polyarthritis (conditions that affect the health of the joints)

Fibers contained in papaya fruit is useful to combat constipation.

6. Chili
The chili will make your mouth burn when the teeth start to bite. Indeed, in conditions like this, foods that contain 40 calories is starting to work.

Chili contains capsaicin, and has the ability to increase metabolic rate will burn more calories after you eat it.

7. Green Apples
Green apple contains 52 calories which is rich in dietary fiber, and helps you full longer.

In one study published in Obesity ISRN in 2013 stated that the fiber can increase satiety, reduce excessive hunger, and beneficial for weight loss.

"Most important is the low apple glycemic index than other fruits," said Daisy.


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Tips on How to Have Ideal Body

Have Ideal Body photo

Ideal body is a dream of every person, but certainly necessary effort to achieve it. Maybe you are tired of the various ways to increase your body muscles. For those of you who want to gain weight and muscle mass, there are some tips that you can do to make your body become athletic, contained and ideal. 

Let us see what are the ways to form the ideal body.

1. The composition of the diet is not balanced
If your body is not getting bigger, it could be one of the reasons is that you do not consume food that is nutritious and balanced. To add weight and big muscles, then the composition of the recommended foods are foods that are high in calories. However, the food you eat should also have the right composition, which are foods with high protein content, contains enough carbohydrates, and fiber. Examples of foods high in protein are egg whites, chicken breast and salmon.

2. Sports irregular
Sport is a way to cause the muscles are stimulated to grow. With exercise, you will provide training on various muscles that are in the body to increase in size. If we talk about sports to increase muscle, the type of exercise that should be done is a weight-bearing exercise. You also have to see to it that your body is stimulated continuously with increasing load.

3. You do not have a target
Often you lost direction in doing the diet and exercise program. If you do not have a target, then you do not have a goal that you need to accomplish. Try to start measuring the food you eat, the weight and size of your muscles. By recording the amount of food and the amount of weight you use, then you will know your target next. Try measuring your muscle gain, the easiest example is the upper arm muscle size or biceps muscle. Is your biceps muscles grow in size every month or size is not changed. If the size is not changed, try reading again this article and find out which part of these tips that you did not do.

4. Do not have a coach
The coach knows the right way to build muscle. A coach can also observe you while doing certain movements and advise whether you are right or wrong movement. For those of you who just trained with weights, it's good to train with someone who has been trained and know the movement patterns needed to form the body.

5. Mental wrong
Mental will determine the outcome. If you already have the notion that a healthy lifestyle and exercise is not important, then you also will not have a healthy life. The right mindset will make you consistent in a healthy lifestyle, and ultimately will deliver optimal results.

Good Luck

New Drug Research to destroy Body Fat

obesity medicine photo

A drug that is specified in the attack on the body of excess fat (adipose) give satisfactory results of a study tehadap some monkeys obesity with weight loss on average up to 11% in just 4 weeks. It also managed to reduce the period of the Body Index (BMI) and waist size streamline them. Even monkeys slim given this drug did not show any weight loss, proving that the drug is working exclusively to excess fat alone as reported in the ABC News Medical Unit (9/11).

This success brought by researchers at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, United States by creating drug Adipotide. These drugs specifically designed to attack only the excess fat on the body by destroying the blood supply which makes the fatty tissue of living.

Thus, the fat tissue will die by itself without the supply of blood supply which is then further processed in the liver. The study, published in the journal Science Translation Medicine is a concern many medical community especially due to the fact the drug is successful in monkeys that have proximity with the human posture. So that further research on the safety and effectiveness of these drugs in the human body is supported especially because the monkeys were able to reduce their body fat is a monkey who are overweight due to overeating and not exercising.


Although discontinuation Adipotide can not prevent weight gain in the monkey, but it is this which emphasizes that people have common sense and mind to learn to maintain their weight with a healthy lifestyle and exercise, does not like the monkey who will be back with their habit without thinking as noted one of the study researchers, Dr. Wadih Arap.

obesity photo

Should the above explanation should be a concern and a reminder to ourselves would use the drug only as 'helpers' and ourselves alone 'boss' who knows what is important and not in maintaining body weight and health.

source: ABC News Medical Unit, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

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Tips How to Increase Weight body

Some people will desperately trying to lose weight, but there is also a wish to fatten the body. Adding eating it can be used as a simple alternative to gain weight.

Well, here are some foods that are believed to increase the weight:

• Eggs
An egg has a protein content as much as 5-6 grams so effectively raise the weight. Egg yolks are also believed to have a fat content which is good for the body.

• Milk
The content of nutrients in the milk is very good for the body. Not only that, various types of foods containing milk also has a protein content as much as 8-9 grams. Milk also contains fat that can raise your body weight.

• Vegetables and fruits
Fruits and vegetables are also good to fatten the body because it can make the process more smoothly metabolism of nutrients in the body.

• Bread wheat
The best carbohydrate content in the grain can help your digestion becomes more smoothly.

Well, that's some kind of food that is believed to help to fatten weight. But, remember that you should not eat them in excess in order to avoid obesity.

Good luck!

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Disposing of Belly Fat in a easy way , cheap and Natural

Disposing Belly Fat photo

Excessive abdominal fat but can interfere with your performance and damage the health. Although there is no "miracle drug" that can cut the fat in the abdomen. But if you exercise combined with proper diet then you can trim the fat in the abdomen.
Eating a healthy diet does not mean you have to eat foods that do not taste good. There are many different kinds of foods that can make you a tasteful and help trim the fat in the abdomen.

Here are foods that can help trim the fat in the abdomen:

10 grams of monounsaturated fats to keep you from storing excess abdominal fat. Helps the absorption of carotenoids to fight cancer cells.

422 mg of potassium helps shrink the big belly
Enhance the growth of good bacteria that support digestive health. yogurt helps stabilize insulin levels.

Antioxidants in berries increases blood flow to supply the muscles with more oxygen. This will help you have more energy to move back.

skimmed milk
Good drink after a person exercising that skim milk

green tea
therein helps burn fat.

Vitamin C found in oranges helps burn more fat by about 30 percent during exercise.

whole wheat
Fiber can help keep insulin levels steady so you do not store excess fat and sugar. The result is a longer lasting energy and fat cells shrink

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Some of this snack food can make you slim fast

women health photo

Eating snacks is one way that is considered to make the body fat fast. But make no mistake, not all can make fat snack. Some healthy snacks can actually help you to diet and lose weight.

Sheila Zhou, researcher of USANA Health Sciences, reveal some kind of snack that can provide essential nutrients for the body and help you lose weight. 

Here are some healthy snack that you can make a quick trim, as reported by the Daily Mail (16/01).

1. Fish
Zhou first recommendation would probably surprise. Zhou recommend eating fish as a snack. The fish will help you more quickly satisfied and not easily hungry. In addition, fish full of nutrients and contain omega-3 fatty acids.

2. Frozen Food
Frozen food often gets a bad reputation in terms of health. However, frozen vegetables such as frozen beans and corn can be a good source of nutrition. Frozen vegetables contain nutrients that are the same height as fresh vegetables. In addition, frozen vegetables contain more fiber and fewer calories.

3. Nuts
Nuts can be a good snack if you want to lose weight. Peanuts are rich in vitamins, such as vitamin E and nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Recent studies in New Zealand explains that eating peanuts can improve your health and help you lose weight.

4. Milk
Zhou explained that consumed four glasses of milk a day will meet the needs of energy, nutrients, proteins, as well as help ward off hunger. In addition, milk is also filled with calcium and vitamin D, and contains very little carbohydrate.

5. Popcorn
Popcorn contains very little calories, with 20 calories. Therefore, popcorn including healthy snack. In addition, popcorn can also make satiety.

That is some kind of snack that can be consumed every day without fear of fat. Do not be afraid to eat a snack, but make sure you eat a healthy snack and do not contain a lot of calories or oil.

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Some Healthy Ways Choosing Fried Food

But maybe you're tired of hearing how much less well menyehatkannya fried dishes. Of the dangers of cholesterol, blood vessel blockage potential, even obesity.

No need to worry any further, here are some ways to eat fried foods are safe for your health. First, you should know before purchasing principles fried.

1. Principle Buy Fried
When you are going to buy fried, consider the cleanliness of the manufacturing comestible and location where berjualannya.
The food was sold on road verges of contaminated smoke pollution from passing vehicles. Dust on the streets can also contaminate food sold.
So the conclusion is the principle of buying fried cleanliness.
But apart from that there are other things that you should keep in mind the principle of good, that you have to trust the merchant gorengannya.

2. Make sure you Believe In Your Favorite Fried Dealer
You might also not forget that some time ago was widely heard that there are some rogue traders who mix fried oil used for frying merchandise with plastic bags.
Plastic bags are directly inserted into the hot oil so that the plastic melt and join mixed together with the oil and food. It is intended to make the results become more crispy fried. But they did not notice that it is dangerous to the health of consumers.

Plastic contains a substance called melamine that should not be consumed by humans. Consumption of melamine can cause the formation of crystals in the kidneys that can cause urinary tract stone disease or kidney stones which can progress to kidney failure and death.

3. If You Have Cholesterol History, Do not Eat Fried
In addition to food hazards and dangers of melamine contaminated dirt, oil that has been used repeatedly for frying can lead to high levels of cholesterol in the diet, so for those with a history of high cholesterol should limit the amount consumed.

It may be used cooking oil salesman claimed in its advertising program without cholesterol, although it is true, but ironically it is precisely the formation of cholesterol later eaten after cooking oil through the digestive processes in our bodies.

In conclusion, limit your eating fried foods. But it is different if you're effort to lose weight. Here are the tricks that make it safe to eat fried foods are dieting.

4. If You Are Diet, Do not Eat Fried
The oil used is great potential in body fat pile. By doing so you will be more difficult to lose weight if you are still accompanied by snacks distraction nan greasy fried delights.
Well, do not try to touch the fries if you're a weight loss program. But if it had, try to compensate by increasing the activity of cardio exercise, such as jogging, running, swimming and others.

5. If Fried is your passions Cut Cigarettes, Coffee and immovable Start Exercising
It was said that a friend of the most delicious fried foods are cigarettes and coffee. But ironically, the consequences are not sesedap taste. Because fried oil levels and the risk of being cholesterol in the body has become a potential risk of deep vein thrombosis.

If you combine cigarettes and coffee, it was complete blockage risk more easily occur. Smoking is known as the originator of the damage to the blood vessel wall which facilitates the blockage at a later time, while coffee trigger further increase in blood pressure.
With exercise, you can reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis. In addition, accumulated fat is reduced due to the burning of calories derived from an increase in exercise and sports activities available from the sport.

Well, now you know not what you should look for when buying fried? Would be much better if you make it yourself at home so that hygiene and health will be maintained. You and the family does not have to be afraid anymore if you want to consume fried foods.

Know Fat Evil and Good On Your Body

YOU certainly have heard about a healthy lifestyle with a diet low in fat. This does not mean you should avoid fat completely. However, our bodies need fat. Moreover, not all fats are bad. So you need to do is be smart in choosing the type of good fat.

Most foods contain different types of fat, including saturated fat, polyunsaturated fat, monounsaturated fat and trans fat. Among these fats, there is nothing better than others. To learn more, the following description of the healthy fats and unhealthy.

healthy fats
If you want to choose the fat, the best option is fat-saturated fats, unsaturated fats either single or double. This type of fat, when used to replace other types of fat, can reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol in the blood.

Omega-3 fatty acids, a type of polyunsaturated fat, very beneficial for heart health. Omega-3s appear to decrease the risk of coronary heart disease. In addition, these fats also protect against abnormal heartbeats and help lower blood pressure.

To help you choose the food, the following are the types and sources of healthy fats:
Monounsaturated fat. Can be obtained from olive oil, peanut oil, canola oil, avocados, nuts and seeds.
Polyunsaturated fat. Can be obtained from vegetable oils, soybeans, nuts and seeds.
Omega-3 fatty acids. Can be obtained from fish such as salmon and mackerel, flaxseed, flax oil and walnuts.
harmful fats

Saturated fats and trans fats are less healthy type of fat. They can increase your risk of heart disease by increasing levels of total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. Cholesterol we get from food is basically the same as the fat, but cholesterol is found in animal foods. Intake of dietary cholesterol will increase cholesterol levels. But, it does not significantly increase compared with saturated fats and trans fats.

Here's a dangerous type of fat along with the source:
Saturated fat. Found in animal products (such as meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, dairy products, and butter) and coconut oil.
Trans fats. Present in hydrogenated vegetable oil, burnt products (such as crackers and cookies), as well as fried foods.
Cholesterol from food. Found in animal products (such as meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, dairy products, and butter).
Limitation of daily fat intake
Based on the recommendations of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), as quoted situsmayo clinic, fat intake should not exceed 35% of your total daily calories. That is, if you follow a diet 1800 calories a day, your fat intake should be no more than 70 grams / day. (The trick: multiply 1,800 by 0:35 to get 630 calories, and divided by 9, the number of calories per gram of fat, to get 70 grams total fat). You also have to remember, this is the maximum limit. In addition, most of these fats should come from sources of monounsaturated and doubles. According to the USDA and HHS, limit saturated fat should be less than 10% of total daily calories and cholesterol less than 300 milligrams a day.

Tip choose the best fat
Limit intake of fats in your diet but do not try to eliminate fat completely. Focus on reducing foods rich in saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol. Instead choose more foods that contain unsaturated fats. You can consider the following ways when choosing:

• It is better to replace butter with olive oil
• Use olive oil when making a salad but it is better to use canola oil when baking.
• Better to choose a handful of nuts as a snack instead of potato chips or crackers other processed products.
• Better add the avocado into your sandwich than cheese.
• It is better to eat fish such as salmon and mackerel are rich in monounsaturated and omega-3, compared to meat.

Some Steps to Reduce Fat diet Body

Belly Fat

Lose weight at least half a pound a week. Or, if perhaps a kilo a week. This is the best way to lose body fat. Weight loss occurs slowly can help make your skin smoother and firmer. Stay in the slow lane, and still do a series of exercises that can help eliminate cellulite. To be more optimally, follow these five fat buster program follows:

1. Measure with hands
Our hands is a reliable tool, so no need to bother to wear a spoon or cup again. Hand grip is a guide to get meat intake by 85 grams, while the fist is the size fitting for pasta. Our thumbs equivalent to 28 grams (except for cheese, which requires a size of 1.5 thumb), and fingertip equal to 1 teaspoon, if we use it to measure the oil.

2. Eat small portions
Eat three small meals and two or three snacks a day, with a distance of about 4 hours. The women who followed the diet of this mini will have a more slender body and too little body fat, compared to the large eat two or three times a day, according to researchers at the University of Michigan. Eat smaller meals more often can make us go faster metabolism and a full stomach so that we do not overeat.

3. Cut 100 calories per meal
No need to bother counting how many calories you eat, then look for elements that are roughly equivalent to 100 calories. Simply by not touching the bread croutons while eating a salad in a restaurant or subtract 1 tablespoon butter while smearing bread. Both are equivalent to 100 calories.

4. Choose foods high in fiber and water
For example: chicken broth soup or raw vegetables. Indeed, these two types of food less appetizing so it tends to be avoided. But a study of 150 people showed excess body weight, those who eat soup every day lost weight 50 percent greater than that not to do so. And, the habit of eating a salad also can cut calorie intake by 12 percent, according to other research.

5. Leave the fast food and snacks
Biscuits, crackers, and other processed foods contain calories are large and do not have sufficient nutrition. The latest survey of 7,000 people suggest that women who like to eat high-calorie snacks have numbers higher body mass index and also a heavier weight.

Fat busting foods
Add these foods into the daily diet to control your appetite, burn fat, and eradicate cellulite.

Oatmeal. Studies in 2006 found the fiber in oatmeal can satisfy the appetite without excessive caloric intake. We will eat less.

Vegetable juice. Now there are a variety of juices made from vegetables to taste pretty good on the tongue. Drink 1 glass before meals to reduce caloric intake to 135, according to experts from the Pennsylvania State University.

Nuts. Fiber and good fats in nuts makes us satiety, according to researchers from Loma Linda University.

Fat-free milk. Studies show that when calcium intake increases, decreases body fat. In addition, dairy foods may reduce the risk of weight gain of up to 70 percent.

Green tea. Shown to help encourage the body's metabolism, said the latest clinical research.

Dangers of Belly Fat and Solutions

Localized fatty deposits in the abdomen, or more popularly known as belly fat, not only collects under the skin, but also surrounds the organs in your abdomen.

Belly fat itself may increase the risk of:
• Cardiovascular disease
• Diabetes Type 2
• Colorectal Cancer
• Sleep disorders

Does age and genetic factors also play a role in the onset of belly fat?
Your weight is determined by a balance what you eat with the energy burned. Age and genetic factors also play a major role in this regard.
When you get older, you will lose muscle mass, especially if you are not physically active. The loss of muscle mass in the body will decrease the rate of use and burn calories.

Is the only beer that can cause the formation of fat belly or beer belly?
The answer is no. Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol, of any kind (including beer) may increase the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area.

How can I tell if my excess belly fat?
In men, if waist circumference more than 102 cm indicates the concentration of fat in the abdomen that is unhealthy and increases the risk of various health problems.

How to Eliminate Belly Fat?
You can shape your abdominal muscles with crunches or by using another tool in the gym. But it can not necessarily eliminate the fat that wraps your internal organs. To eliminate it you can try the following ways:

• A healthy diet
Increase consumption of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and protein. Limit saturated fat found in meat and dairy products such as butter and cheese. Choose unsaturated fats such as nuts, fish and olive oil

• Keep your portions
Reduce your portions and eat small meals but often

• Physical activity
For adults it is recommended to perform moderate aerobic activity such as brisk walking, at least 150 minutes / week or strenuous aerobic activity such as jogging, at least 75 minutes / week.

You can get rid of fat in the abdominal area, but it takes effort and patience. But remember and set a goal, if you can lose weight and belly fat, then you can live a healthier and avoid the various diseases.

Stomach distended and risks

Fat deposits in the abdomen not only interfere with the appearance but also can lead to many health problems. Distended stomach can happen to anyone, not just those who have a fat body. Someone who has a body mass index (BMI) with normal body shape like an apple and waist circumference (waist circumference) wide also have to be careful.

According to a study published by the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, more than 70% of patients with a heart wide waist circumference died during the study than patients with smaller abdominal circumference. In addition, waist circumference be a stronger predictor than body mass index in determining the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Body fat is composed of two types, namely visceral and subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous fat is the fat located under the skin. While there visceral fat in the abdomen and surrounds vital organs such as the liver, heart, and kidneys.

Many studies prove that excessive visceral fat (obesitassentral) can cause metabolic syndrome, increases the risk of diabetes mellitus, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, and other chronic diseases.
Visceral fat causes the release of proteins and hormones that can trigger an inflammatory response (inflammation) and vascular endothelial damage. In addition, visceral fat can cause insulin resistance that leads to diabetes mellitus.

Is your waist circumference to normal?
Measuring waist circumference is easy. In the standing position, use the meter, wrap in the middle of your abdomen, just above the pelvic bone. Measure the circumference of your waist upon exhaling. Waist circumference was normal for people asia:

• Male: <90 cm
• Women: <80 cm

If waist circumference than normal, then you have a high risk of health problems. Segerakonsultasikan with your doctor to undergo a weight loss program and assess whether there are other risk factors.

The good news is the slightest amount of weight down (5-10% of the weight of the moment) can reduce the risk of developing these diseases. Start a healthy diet and regular exercise to get the ideal body weight and free from disease.

Distended abdomen is not only beautiful to look at but also carry health risks to the owner. Problems with distended abdomen is not only limited to the extra layer under the skin (subcutaneous fat), but also include visceral fat located in the abdominal cavity, surrounding internal organs. Health risks that may develop include:

• Cardiovascular disease
• Diabetes Type 2
• Colorectal Cancer
• Sleep apnea

Your weight is determined from the balance calorie intake with energy burned. When you eat too much, but lack of exercise, abdominal fat also accumulate.

However, it also affects the aging process. As we get older, muscle mass begins to decline, especially if you are less active lifestyle.

Decreased muscle mass reduces the speed of the body use calories to maintain weight loss even more difficult. Moreover, in some men fat cells in the arms and legs lose the ability to store fat, so the excess fat stored in the abdomen.

How do I know that your belly fat is too much?

• Use the meter, measure the circumference of the waist (just above the hip bone). When the stomach fell, measuring recline.
• Exhale and measure the circumference of the waist without trying to resist the stomach.
Waist circumference of more than 89 cm for women and more than 102 cm for men indicated concentrations of unhealthy belly fat and become an important health risk factor. What is your waist circumference?

Very Fast Ways to Flatten Belly Fat

Tummy tuck or in the medical world is also called abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure to flatten the abdomen by removing the excess fat and skin and tightens the muscles of the abdominal wall. In contrast with liposuction surgery (liposuction), although you can perform the same operations both in the surgery as well.

Tummy tuck itself is divided into 2 types:

Complete abdominoplasty
The doctor will cut your abdomen and gives contours to the skin, tissue and muscles. This surgery also includes moving your belly button and you will be using drainage for several days postoperatively.
Partial or mini abdominoplasty

Mini abdominoplasty is often performed on people who have fat deposits terlokasir in the lower abdomen, below the navel.

Who should perform this procedure?
Tummy tuck may be performed in men and women in good physical condition. Tummy tuck often be an another option for men and women who never obese and still have fat deposits or sagging skin in the abdominal area. In addition, in women who have given birth several times, this procedure is considered beneficial to tighten the abdominal muscles and reduce excess skin.

Who is not advisable to do this procedure?
Women who are planning to become pregnant
During operation, the vertical abdominal muscles are tightened and pregnancy can separate these muscles.
If you are planning to lose weight that much
tummy tuck should be the last choice after you try all ways. This procedure is not an alternative choice for weight loss.
Also consider the risk of getting scarring (old surgical wound healed) after this procedure. Consult with your doctor before doing surgery.

What should be prepared before doing this procedure?
The first step of course meet and consult with a plastic surgeon. The doctor will also ask you to stop smoking at least 2 weeks before surgery until two weeks postoperatively. Besides medicines (including herbal medicines) also dismissed two week pre-surgery.

What are the complications that may occur?
Pain and swelling in the area of operations
Bruising and numbness
Bleeding on the bottom flap
blood clots

Tips to Get the Ideal Body Weight

Agency if overweight or too skinny is not ideal especially inadequate height. To perform a weight loss program, it is not enough merely to restrict food intake. The balance between the food consumed by the activities undertaken should also be considered.

Keeping a diet is often regarded as one of the effective way to maintain weight in order to stay ideal. But not necessarily and not always one hundred percent correct.

10 Tips to Achieve Ideal Body Weight:
1. Reduce eating snacks and switch to fruit.
2. Do not reduce the frequency of eating, still keep eating three times a day, including breakfast.
3. Although fat can increase appetite, try to fry dishes to a minimum because without digorengpun animal fat is high.
4. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Water as a function of detox, which remove toxins through sweating or urination.
5. Chew food slowly.
Because chew when eating effect on hunger. When chewing in the mouth, food mixes with enzymes mouth. The more enzymes present in the diet, the body will turn signals and will lead to satiety.
6. Avoid foods that are too salty.
The content of sodium in the salt will make growing food cravings.
7. Begin to behave healthy lifestyle.
8. Eat a high fiber diet.
9. Exercise for routinely.
10. Avoid staying up.

Therefore, the hunger hormone will be tinggjika sleep late.

So safe diet is a diet without reducing the frequency of meals, as many as three times. If the frequency is reduced, then the hormone breaking fat into inactiv. It is recommended to reduce the portion.

Similarly tips reach your ideal weight.

Obese Women More at Risk Cancer

Overweight is a risk factor for cancer. However, compared with women who were overweight men were more at risk of cancer.
Excessive body fat is the direct cause of four of the 10 cases of cervical cancer. Those who have a body mass index of 25 or more, three times more at risk than women of ideal weight. These alarming figures published last week by the World Cancer Research Fund in the journal Lancet Oncology.

High BMI or obesity can significantly increase the risk of breast cancer in post-menopausal women and colon cancer. Obesity also increases the risk of pancreatic cancer, esophagus (gullet) and kidney cancer in men and women.
The scientists reported that 20,000 cases of cancer in the UK each year are directly related to obesity.

"But how obesity may increase the incidence of cancer is the 'subject of heated debate in the clinical and scientific community'," said Professor Nicholas Lemoine, director of Barts Cancer Institute at Queen Mary University, London.
Compared with men, women who are obese are more at risk of cancer. Every year in the UK, 13,000 women with cancer are associated with obesity, twice that of the men. Two common types of cancer is cervical cancer and postmenopausal breast cancer.

A total of 13,000 women per year of cancer are associated with obesity, twice the number of men affected by cancer. Experts suspect, estrogen, especially after menopause, could be the trigger.

Before menopause, estrogen made by the ovaries to thicken the lining of the uterus in preparation for ovulation. Every month, progesterone is also produced to facilitate the lining of the uterus shed during menstruation.

Estrogen also made by the body fat in women. The more fat cells you have, the more estrogen produced.

"After menopause, women with excess body fat will continue to produce high amounts of estrogen and it will coat the lining of the uterus. In fact, there was no effect of the influence of progesterone. This is likely to lead to cervical cancer," said Lam Dr.Matthew, researchers.
High exposure to the hormone estrogen after menopause will also stimulate the growth of abnormal cells in the breast, triggering the growth of estrogen-responsive breast cancer.

This explanation is also supported by a large research program in the United States and Sweden since 2009, where scientists keep track of cancers associated with obesity in two groups of patients: one that never binding intestinal surgery for weight loss, and which are not.

In a Swedish study, women who perform these operations are less likely to suffer from obesity-related cancers. 42 percent lower risk.

However, studies report different patterns in men, where estrogen is not a factor to cancer.
Different fat distribution in men and women's body could also explain why men are more at risk of cancer in areas of the body close to the stomach. This is because men typically accumulate fat in the abdomen, while women spread in all parts of the body.


Often obese or overweight have a different meaning for everyone. But in a general sense obesity significantly overweight that far exceeds the desired weight.

Not infrequently we often been confused with the understanding of obesity and overweight, whereas the second term has a different understanding of each other.

Obesity (overweight) is a condition where there is accumulation of excess body fat, so the weight is well above one's normal and can be harmful to health.

While overweight (overweight) is a condition in which a person's weight exceeds the normal weight.

Obesity can occur due to, among others, the imbalance between energy intake with energy out. Body Mass Index (BMI) or body mass index (BMI) has been recognized as the most practical way to determine the level of overweight and obesity in adults under the age of 70 years.

Body mass index is a calculation is done to determine whether you are included in the normal weight, less, or excess (obesity).

Not Mean Healthy Body Fertile

Stigmatic public on the human body shape figure skinny always connoted personal representative who is always under pressure or stress. Not necessarily. Instead of stress or depression is triggered obesity and overweight.

Dr Paresh Dandona of Kaleida Health in Buffalo, New York, found that people who are obese tend to have higher stress levels than those who have weight in the normal category. Paresh also showed that fatty foods could increase stress and faster influential to people overweight.

On the discovery of dr. Paresh tested to ten people who have a normal weight category and eight people who have weight obese category. Experiments done by providing nutritional intake 1,800 calories consisting of hamburgers, fries, soft drinks, and a few slices of apples to all trial participants. Then proceed with the testing process providing test questions to all 18 questions to the participants.

As a result, within a period of two hours all participants have increased stress in solving test questions given. Then later one hour later, the ten participants trials that have been normal weight category regardless of the condition of normal stress alias. Yet another eighth trial participants who have weight categories obesity, depression stress condition is still ongoing even increasing.

Obesity & Complications

As we know, chronic stress conditions with very high frequency intervals can lead to some deadly diseases such as, among others, cancer and heart disease and even stroke. Where in this case in particular has a direct correlation with symptoms of hypertension.

Elucidation of the mechanism of this case because obesity is a major factor that is flexible. Where the flexibility aspect a little more influence blood pressure and also the development of hypertension. Approximately 46% of patients with a body mass index values as high as 27 are hypertensive.

Framingham study has found that an increase of 15% body weight can lead to an increase in systolic blood pressure by 18%. Compared with those with normal weight, people who are overweight by 20% at risk of an eight-fold greater against hypertension.

Some diseases are triggered from obesity include:

Coronary Heart Disease (PKH) / Coroner Heart Disease (CHD)
Approximately 40% of coronary heart disease events occur in a person with a Body Mass Index values above 21, but did not rule out the disease can actually be prevented.

Being overweight is a major risk factor for stroke. Obesity (especially around the stomach / abdomen) may increase the risk of stroke (this condition does not depend on the value of Body Mass Index).

Gallbladder disease
Obese tend to be more susceptible to gallstones.

Osteoarthritis (OA)
Being overweight is associated with osteoarthritis in the joints of the hands and knees. However, the limitations of exercise capacity in patients with osteoarthritis bit much also take a role on the incidence of overweight.

Obesity can increase the risk of certain cancers. A study conducted by the American Cancer Society explains that death from prostate cancer and colon-rectal (colorectal) is increased in obese men, whereas endometrial cancer, uterus, cervix (cervical), and ovaries (ovarian) increased in obese women. Compared with normal weight women during the post-menousal, obese women have a higher risk of breast cancer.
Disorders (disorders) other
Obesity is also associated with varieses vein, some hormonal disorders and infertility.
In addition, overweight and obesity are closely related to an increased risk of a number of complications that can occur individually or simultaneously.

As was mentioned earlier, the morbidity can be high blood pressure or hypertension, lipid disorders or dyslipidemia fraction indicated the increase in total cholesterol levels, heart disease or cardiovascular disease, stroke, type II diabetes, a disease gallblader or gall bladder disease, respiratory dysfunction, the buildup of uric acid crystals in the tissues and joints of the body or gout, joint pain or osteoarthritis, and certain types of cancer.

But the chronic diseases that most often accompanies obesity is type II diabetes, hypertension, and hypercholesterolemia which is further implications of dyslipidemia.

Data from NHANES (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey) III, 1988-1994, showed that two-thirds of adults are overweight and obese patients (Body Mass Index score: 27) suffered from at least one of the many chronic diseases as well as the other 27% of them suffer two or more diseases.

Then What ?
A person becomes obese is not only caused by a single factor, but rather triggered from various aspects, including dietary factors, lifestyle factors, cultural factors, genetic factors, gender factor, and factor patterns.

But the factor that has the most trigger substance is the selection of lifestyle. Fast food (fast food), tools that facilitate the work to create the habit of working patterns can also make an inactive body fat.

Experts agree that in the life of modern society-stress and diet modern lifestyle as well as prepared foods or do not have the time to exercise and the other lead to excessive accumulation of body fat.

Behavioral therapy is a method used to manages or modify your diet with exercise and physical activity in obese patients.

Thus, the therapy is expected to overcome the barriers to patient adherence to a healthy diet by taking the way of therapy or diet and exercise.

Therapeutic strategies are as follows: self-assessment or self-monitoring, control stress, control stimuli (stimulus), troubleshooting, emergency or contingency management, cognitive overhaul (cognitive restructuring), and social support. One thing to remember is that these strategies should be made personally tailored to the needs of the patients concerned regarding strategies for diet and exercise.

Drastic changes in a patient with a normal diet is very difficult, the feeling against the deprivation of pleasure, which in turn can lead to frustration. In most cases it can lead to an increase in weight.

Here is a guide to help the solution to obesity:
Eat less fat maximum of 30% of the total number of calories consumed. Reducing fat will reduce calorie intake and increase weight loss. It also may limit or prevent the onset of 'eating the wrong effect'. Because fat is the largest source of calories.

The food menu is now obviously far different from the diet of the previous era. If the first era of more foods containing carbohydrates such as cakes with only the main ingredient of the flour, the modern era now besides flour, too much dinambahkan margarine, oils and other types of fat.

As already known, the fat is the biggest producer of calories per gram, compared to other sources of nutrients such as carbohydrates and proteins.
So do not be surprised, if the high fat intake is the cause of the excess energy intake, which when buried can cause overweight.

From observations it appears that someone with overweight really like fatty foods. The average consumption of fat they are in the top 50% of total calories.

The process of digestion begins in the mouth, where food is converted into a smaller form, and then forwarded to the stomach. With the help of enzymes, food in the stomach is broken down into its components, such as proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

Reduce your intake of calories per day than usual diet (approximately 600 kcal). The body always require basic nutritional intake, not always of the quantity of intake that much. But more effectively obtained from the diet quality.
The main nutrients needed by the body are proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Nutrients that occupies a vital portion needed for metabolism, build and repair body cells, and to get energy.
In addition to the main nutrients before, the body also requires minerals and vitamins to regulate fluid (electrolyte) body, bone growth, the formation of blood cells, helps metabolize and forming hormone / enzyme

Consuming a balanced diet, at least 3 times a day. Choose foods and beverages carefully will help you control the calories and the amount of total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, salt, sugar and alcoholic beverages.

Expand activities. Before you make any changes in yourself, be sure that it would be beneficial. Increasing physical activity in general as long as 20 minutes of exercise can lower blood pressure, control diabetes, lowers cholesterol levels and reduce other health complications associated with being overweight. Definitely better than you spend 2 hours waiting in the salon or in the garage.
With regular exercise are generally more successfully lose weight and keep it off than those who do not practice regularly. And did not escape consult a doctor or related experts first before you start an exercise program.

One thing that is necessary and important to remember, the only way to lose weight is to use more energy than the energy consumed.

And the last one is the determination. Required persistence of implementation intentions effort invested. The fasting month is the right moment to implement this effort.

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