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Learning Secrets of Longevity Hunza People

Secrets of Longevity Hunza People

Advances in medicine in the modern era is recognized rapidly. But the disease is also deepened. Founder Tourist Holistic Hospital, DR Husen A Bajry PhD, try to answer this question.

In explanation, Husen invite you to look at the lifestyle of people of Hunza, healthiest and longest man his age in this era.
Hunza people who live on the slopes of the Himalayas known rare illness and live longer. Average age reaches 120-140 years.

Following review of the holistic health expert:
"Historically, many diseases are now emerging is not known at approximately 50 years ago. We now live in a world that is almost instantaneous, which people rely on instant foods as well, such as many that are in the supermarket.
The food is processed and designed to suit the tastes of our tongue, and with the addition of preservatives, flavorings, and dyes are toxic and enslave our bodies.
Worse yet, the instant lifestyle not only limited to food, but when we were sick we enslaved our bodies with a variety of drugs that can instantly eliminate the pain complaint.

How can we improve the quality of public health if our generation is formed by a pattern of living and eating 'junk food' (bad eating) since childhood!

How can we improve the quality of our health if we do not understand our own bodies!

How can we improve the quality of our health, if we only enslave the body at any time

How can plague will not spread when the immune system destroyed community!

How can we expect the people of the world are healthy and free of disease if: the doctor sick, sick leaders, scientists sick, sick community leaders, religious leaders pain, teachers and educators sick?

One thing that is undeniable, the day we are increasingly difficult to find family healthy and disease free.
If you do not believe me above, please see your own family!

One thing you should realize, healthy can never be achieved by simply relying on doctors and medicine.

Healthy can only be achieved by treating the body more wisely, taking into account the balance of the norms of the body as a whole, a good balance of physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

In addition, we need to realize together, every food and drink into our bodies will determine the future of our body. Therefore, careful selection.

Hunza people. You know the Hunza?
Human healthiest and longest age in this era. Hunza people who live on the slopes of the Himalayas known rare illness and live longer. Average age reaches 120-140 years.

Research experts, found, longevity secret Hunza people are lifestyle and diet choices.
They are accustomed to make fresh fruits (not fruit as we eat the all transgenic), dried fruits, and vegetables of various parts of the menu of the main meal menu.
They rarely eat processed foods or cooked; they eat very little meat and fatty foods.

Hunza Map photo

They live on the slopes of the Himalayas, in northwest Kashmir, south of Pakistan or in southwest Afghanistan.

The place is filled with fresh mountain air pollution-free with clear water springs out of the rocks that can be taken without having to be cooked.
They are rarely affected by degenerative diseases and malignancies. They almost no modern lifestyle diseases that swept the world today, such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, high blood pressure, kidney failure, liver, lung, cancer, and other degenerative diseases "

Let us begin to improve lifestyle habits of ourselves, improve environmental quality that is closest to ourselves, improve lifestyles, improve mindset and heart to keep thinking positive, and invite people closest to us to jointly take action and thinking better

source: DR Husen A Bajry PhD (PendiriTourist Holistic Hospital)
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