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Findings Procrastinator aging that makes muscles become younger

The findings of modern medical science increasingly amazing. For example, to answer the long quest of mankind about what and how the secret of youth, previously rumored scientists have discovered the mechanism of drug that can inhibit the aging process.

However, because basically all human beings want to always stay young and longevity, "youthful drug" just was not enough.
Therefore, how the people who are already old?
That's why scientists then work harder to answer these questions and challenges. So in the end the experts managed to get a finding which is exceptionally remarkable.

As reported by the BBC website, the US scientists said to have succeeded in reversing aging in animals.
These remarkable findings obtained after scientists doing research in mice.
In conducting this research, the scientists used a chemical substance to restore the freshness and youthfulness of cells in mice.

In mice, the treatment for one week has been done scientists have managed to reverse the two-year-old mice became six months.
That means scientists succeeded with such research, and said that it was the same as changing the human muscular 60-year-old into a muscle like a new person aged 20 years. It's just the muscle strength of the muscle that changed was not increased.

The above findings, the researchers say the "findings was incredible."
Because, during the aging process is still regarded as something absolute.
But with these findings, scientists from Harvard Medical School, it has been shown that in some aspects of aging can be reversed.

In experiments conducted, showed that by increasing the levels of a chemical called "NAD", then living beings can regain their youth.
NAD's own numbers will continue to decline with age.

Dr. Ana Gomes of the department of genetics at Harvard Medical School said,
"We believe this work is very important." While on the shortcomings of the results of this research can not restore muscle strength.

Dr Gomes also said that muscle strength can be restored with the other treatments.
The latest studies on the identification of the mechanisms of aging and how to reverse it, which is done by American scientists, published in the journal Cell.

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