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Tips to Avoid Crime Currently Taxi Ride

Avoid Crime Currently Taxi Ride
Avoid Crime Currently Taxi Ride - photo

The development of the modern world increasingly complex and versatile triggered an increasing criminality alarming. Moreover, in some large cities or country life high mobility and high social inequality.

The development of the modern world increasingly complex and versatile triggered an increasing criminality alarming. Moreover, in some large cities or country life high mobility and high social inequality. Crime is a meal days occur. No wonder TV stations today met a lot of crime news, for example, murder, robbery, kidnapping, beatings, rape, torture, and so forth brawl.

These things certainly do not want to happen to yourself, your family or relatives. All these events can happen to anyone, anywhere, any time. On the street or in a crowded situation that could happen even if the crime.

Which we will discuss today is crime rife in the cab. Taxi is one of public transport is facilitated by a certain comfort, so the taxi passengers can have their own privacy. Taxi is one of the people's choice for traveling. Especially now that the rainy season, a taxi will be needed by people who do not own a car.

However, many cases of crimes committed in this transport service users. Although it seems safe and comfortable, we still need to be cautious and wary of anything that would happen. Because in fact, many crimes have occurred in the taxi. Triggers and the mode is very diverse, which obviously is very disturbing crime and disturbing the public. Crimes that may occur in the form of robbery, hold-up, rape, kidnapping and even to murder. Ironically the crimes committed by the taxi driver and are usually assisted by others. For that, you need to be more careful in using this transport. 

Here are some tips to avoid crime when using taxi services.

1. Select the taxi which has high credibility
Although many choices of taxis that operate in the streets, you must select a taxi that has a high credibility. Look for a taxi that has been widely known that already trusted or that have been frequently you wear. Taxis are already a trust or a taxi you already have a good performance licenses.

2. Record the license plate taxi, taxi ID number, the name of the taxi driver
To keep unwanted crime, record the identity of the cab also we need to do. Before you take a taxi, note the taxi number plates. After being in the cab, record the ID number and the name of the taxi driver. You can send all the taxi's identity to the people closest to you via text message on your phone, so if anything happens to you, the people closest to you can keep track of where you are through the information that you submitted earlier.

3. Avoid excessive wear and bring a lot of money or other valuables
Exaggeration would invite attention. Especially if it's excessive invite crime. Often you do not realize that the crime was sometimes we were created. For example, it is possible that the taxi driver did not initially intend to act nothing against you, but when he saw you wearing excessive jewelry and flashy, or use an expensive gadget, making the taxi driver willing to rob your stuff. For that you should be able to put themselves under the conditions to avoid the danger of evil that threaten your safety.

4. Dare, smartass, but still polite
The point is be someone who can be assertive and bold but still polite. It would be very easy for the taxi driver to be mean to you who sees timid, meek, less agile and gullible. So most of the target crimes committed in the cab is a woman, because women are considered weak in resistance. When you want to travel alone, try to find a friend or partner to accompany you, avoid scantily clad and open as this can also trigger the driver acts of evil against you.

5. Immediately go down if there is anything suspicious
If in the course of the events that you think is strange and suspicious, immediately to request a stop. For example, if in the course of the driver received a call that sounds odd, come down quickly, it could be a cue that has been prepared to do evil. Or if in the course of the taxi drivers along the road that you normally do not pass, you can quit. And many other modes. Bottom line, if you happen to trip events that you think is not fair, immediately quit.

Good Luck !

List of Best amusement park in Asia

Amusement parks into one place that must be visited by you who like adrenaline and want to relieve himself of a variety of work activities. Each country of course has an amusement park that is equipped with a variety of games are thrilling, beautiful decor theme parks and various other advantages. Amusement parks of the state where are they?

The following reviews were reported on Thursday (11/27/2014):

Universal Studios Singapore
Of course the place is a familiar one for those who like to vacation with friends and family. Located on Sentosa Island, Singapore Universal Studio presents a wide variety of game taken from the titles of Hollywood movies. Among such as Shrek, Revenge of the Mummy, Madagascar, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure and many more. The title of the film is transformed into a fun and thrilling rides.

Waterbom Bali
Want to try the thrill of water and all the rides in it? Yes, go to Waterbom Bali. International standards, a variety of rides and beautiful scenery was offered in a super wide this one. Waterbom Bali is perfect for those who want to vacation with family.

Hong Kong Disneyland
Want to play in a fairy tale, yes go to Hong Kong Disneyland. Vast amusement park this one brings a variety of exciting games. Start of TOYSTORY Land, Adventureland, Tomorrowland, and much more. Not only the game, but Hong Kong Disneyland also presents interesting decorations of disney characters that make you want to continue to go back and play in this place.

China Dinosaur Park
Want to try the thrill of playing with the dinosaurs? Yes, Dinosaur Park, the Chinese answer. Stepping amusement park located in Changzhou, Jiangsu, China's eyes and your heart will be pampered with a variety of children's rides are fun and statues of dinosaurs. In addition, China Dinosaur Park also provides a dinosaur museum, water tours, city tours dinosaurs and many more. 

A list of the cheapest city for backpackers along with the estimated costs incurred in a day

backpacker tourist destination photo

Cities in Asia is probably the most popular place as the backpacker tourist destination worldwide. One reason is that starting prices are cheaper.

Of the many cities of the backpacking destination, Which the cheapest city?

To answer these questions, a tourist site called issued an index named Backpacker Index for 2015.

In this index, the cities in Asia ranked by level of expensiveness city. A city will be better when the money spent a backpacker in the city per day less.

Based on this index, the city of Pokhara in Nepal was the one which is the cheapest city in Asia. The backpacker who went there only going to spend the money as much as US $ 17, or about Rp 213 thousand per day.

How to calculate these figures? According to data from their website, the cost of which is calculated consists of several components. First, the cost of accommodation is calculated based on the price of the cheapest room in the inn of the most expensive. Second, the cost of transportation which assumed a backpacker would ride public transportation 2 times a day.

Third, the most famous performances once a day, whether it's performing arts, museums or similar place. Fourth, the budget to eat 3 times a day. Finally, the cost for 3 bottles of cheap beer, or coffee for those who do not drink beer.

Even so, not all cities in Asia are indexed. This is evident, for example, in the absence of a list of Yogyakarta in this index and only Jakarta and Kuta. In fact, as we know, Yogyakarta is one of the best cities in Indonesia with the necessities of life are pretty cheap too.

Here's a list of the cheapest city for backpackers as well as the estimated costs incurred in the day:

1. Pokhara, Nepal: US $ 17.01 per day

2. Hanoi, Vietnam: US $ 17.42 per day

3. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: US $ 17.74 per day

4. Goa, India: US $ 18.12 per day

5. Kathmandu, Nepal: US $ 19.30 per day

6. Chiang Mai, Thailand: US $ 19.85 per day

7. Vientiane, Laos: US $ 20.22 per day

8. New Delhi, India: US $ 23.07 per day

9. Luang Prabang, Laos: US $ 23.51 per day

10. Phnom Penh, Cambodia: US $ 23.75 per day

11. Hoi An, Vietnam: US $ 23.83 per day

12. Bangkok, Thailand: US $ 24.83 per day

13. Colombo, Sri Lanka: US $ 25.76 per day

14. Jakarta, Indonesia: US $ 26.84 per day

15. Mumbai, India: US $ 26.86 per day

16. Manila, Fipilina: US $ 27.49 per day

17. Yangon, Myanmar: US $ 28.32 per day

18. Siem Reap, Cambodia: US $ 28.35 per day

19. Beijing, China: US $ 29.28 per day

20. Kuta, Indonesia: US $ 29.95 per day


Wonders Some Places

Wonders of the time traveled as beautiful scenery, perfect rows of landscape painting tub, crazy adventures, or just sedeharhana unique architecture can be obtained from anywhere.

Quoting from page BuzzFeed, Sunday (01/25/2015), there are places that have strong magical power to tempt you traveled there.

Most likely you would not expect if the place is very much worth visiting. Where are they? Here it is his review:

1. Burano, Italy
Soft colors to striking a beautiful play in the City of Burano, Italy. Not only the walls, doors, and windows are tinted, but the church and the ship are treated equally. Several roads were selected using colored floor.

2. Oxford, UK
Ever watch the movie Harry Potter? Yes, let alone a visit to one of the churches in the city of Oxford, England, to feel keajaiban` of the Harry Potter films.

3. Waitomo, New Zealand
A cave located in Waitomo, New Zealand, will bring you to sink enjoy the beautiful natural glow.

4. Netherlands
Tulip Festival will soon be scattered late spring throughout the Netherlands.

5. Japan
Enjoy enter the world of the past while under the shade of bamboo trees in Sagano Bamboo Forest, Japan.

6. Hawaii
Incomplete if it did not include the coastal plains in the list traveled. So, go and feel the miracle in pantasi Lumahai, Hawaii

List of countries whose population is not friendly to tourists

One attraction of the tourist attractions is the friendly attitude of the population shown around to the tourists who visit. The more friendly people around, then the possibility of tourists who come to be more and more. Vice versa.

Residents who are not friendly course will be able to spoil the holiday. So, if you want to go on vacation, avoid the state with a population that is just not friendly and leave a bad impression on your vacation.

In that case, the World Economic Forum ranking 140 countries ever made in terms of friendliness of its people. From these ratings, it is known which country has a population that is friendly to tourists which is actually annoying.

In the rankings, the World Economic Forum using a scale of 1 to 7. Points 1 refers to the attitude of the population most unfriendly while figure 7 shows the population about the most friendly to tourists.

Countries with the most hospitable inhabitants encountered many come from mainland Europe. Meanwhile, Which countries including the most unfriendly country for tourists?

Here are the 5 most unfriendly country for tourists, as reported by AOL on Sunday (04/01/2014).

5. Latvia
Latvia, a country in the Baltic region, Northern Europe is given a score of 5.2. When this report was published, the Minister of Economy of Latvia, Daniel Pavluts, defending the country by saying that the population is in fact not unfriendly but be careful on the tourist.

4. Kuwait
One of the largest oil-producing country is located in the Persian Gulf, bordering Saudi Arabia exactly. Kuwait to get a score of 5.18 on a scale of 7 for local residents attitude towards tourists. This score makes Kuwait ranks 137 out of 140 countries.

3. Russia
Russian population is the population number 3 is considered the most unfriendly to tourists. Scored 4.98, Russia also reported to have high crime rates and a great distrust of the police. The latest news from Russia, the country is indeed quite hard hit by the decline in world oil prices. Because one of the biggest revenue comes from the sector.

2. Venezuela
One of the countries in Latin America is placed in a position to second lowest with 4.52 points out of 7. However, Venezuela actually has a fairly well-known tourist spots in the world, including the Niagara Angel which is one of the highest waterfalls in the world.

1. Bolivia
This is a country that is considered by the World Economic Forum as the most populous country unfriendly to tourists. Bolivia just get a score of 4.09 out of 7. However, Bolivia is a country to the top-8 in the world that has the most competitive tourism costs because the inexpensive price of the hotel and transportation.

In this Country, Violence against Women Happen Every Day

Safety of women in India still has not increased since the onset of action of rape perpetrated a number of people to the students in New Delhi, exactly two years ago.

Some women carry candles to commemorate the rape incident on December 16, 2012. The case has angered the public and caused a wave of protests in India.

One mother whose son was a victim of rape said, although there are severe penalties for perpetrators of rape but violence still occur every day in India.

"There's always attack every day (for women-ed) Seeing this phenomenon, I feel there is still no change. Everything is still the same, "said the woman who can not be named for reasons of law.

A survey released today says, 91 percent of women saw no improvement to the safety of womanhood after rape two years ago. Surveys conducted by the Hindustan Times that reveals, 97 percent of respondents had been victims of sexual abuse.

Rape case two years ago experienced by a student who was attacked by six men on the bus. At that time, the female students were on their way home after a movie together with his male friends.

Student woman died 13 days later from injuries suffered. The brutal action and struggle of victims to survive until he could identify the perpetrator to the police lead to protests and massive protests.

Four perpetrators of rape has been sentenced to death in September in the trial running quickly. Sedangka one another convict committed suicide and another was sentenced to a lifetime. (AFP / CNA)

Japanese tourist was gang-raped in India

Held for three weeks in the basement.
Indian police arrested five suspects rape of a female tourists from Japan in the area of Bodh Gaya, India.

22-year-old female tourist was held captive in a basement near tourist spot sacred to Buddhists. Earlier, the tourists staying in east Kolkata. There, he befriended three Indian men who could speak Japanese.

Then, these men took him to a seaside resort in Digha area, west Bengal. Once there, they rob the poor tourist money amounting to 12 thousand US dollars.

Then, at gunpoint, they took him to Bodh Gaya. This is where the woman is raped by three men and two of his friends who came later.

Unfortunately, rape was not just happen once. However, many times over three weeks.

"When his condition became weakened by repeated rape, they took him to Gaya (downtown) for a medical examination on December 20," said a police officer told AFP.

Somehow, the poor woman finally managed to escape to Varanasi and met with some Japanese tourists who helped him to contact the consulate of Japan in the near Kolkata.

The police finally managed to hold the perpetrators. Sajid Khan and his brother, Jawed Khan-both guides wisata- on Friday (12/26/2014).

Earlier, police had arrested three other perpetrators of rape from Kolkata and Gaya.

"We have arrested three people associated with this incident," said a police officer Kanti Ghosh told Reuters.

Bodh Gaya complex is located 110 kilometers south Bihar. In this place there is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in India and is also a tourist destination from all over the world.

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