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France Allow Shops Open more often to boost economy

Cafe in france photo

French lower house of parliament, approved a law that allows stores open more often on Sunday. New measures taken by the government to address the economic downturn.

The new law enacted on Saturday (14/2) that allow the store to open for 12 days on Sunday. Earlier, the French government only allows the store to open five Sundays in a year. Workers store also agreed to work without coercion. They will get a double reward. Permission is also granted to the stores that are in train stations are great.

The law also allows, shopping at some tourist destinations will be allowed to open until midnight on Sunday.

Large shopping center department as Gallery Lafayette and Primtemps welcomed Law tersebut.Tambahan opening hours will enable them to open up more job opportunities and compete with trade over the Internet indefinitely.

But that rule sparked protests from unions. The move is considered to injure the rights of workers and small shops are anxious for fear would not be able to compete with the big chain stores. MPs from the Socialist Party who oppose the legislation in parliament, but they failed to gain support to block the agreement.

Cause Gold Prices Back bottom ranking this week

World Gold Price photo

Gold prices slumped to its lowest level in three weeks as some investors to think again about the projected interest rate of the United States (US) after the US jobs report was stronger than expected.

Quoted by Reuters, (02/07/2015), the price of gold for April delivery fell US $ 28.1, or 2.2 percent, to US $ 1,234.6 per troy ounce on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange. It was the lowest close since January 14, 2015.

The US Labor Department reported an additional 257 thousand new jobs in January, beating economists' forecast of 237 thousand.

Gold prices fell in response to signs of economic recovery paved the way for the US Central Bank or the Federal Reserve (Fed) to raise interest rates,

"The prospect of the Fed's rate hike will depress demand for gold as a safe haven asset," said Dave Meger, director of High Ridge Metal Trading Futures in Chicago.

In January, Fed officials reiterated his plan to raise interest rates which is the first time for almost a decade. Fed Governor Janet Yellen signaled the benchmark interest rate will be increased in June 2015.

But investors speculated slowing US economic growth in the fourth quarter of 2015 and fears of rising debt in the euro zone could prompt the Fed to postpone the planned increase in interest rates.


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The fall of oil prices slumped Participate Make This Country

Venezuela is one of the saddest country in the world. It was driven from the economic situation which occurs mainly in world oil prices continue to decline.

Based on the annual list compiled The Cato Institute, Venezuela ranked top misery index for two consecutive years. List it combines state-level data inflation, interest rates and unemployment. Plus the growth in gross domestic product (GDP). So quoting from page Business Insider, Sunday (01/25/2015).

Why does Venezuela have to face the difficult economic situation during the past year ?. The price of oil into the answer. About 95 percent, oil became one of the country's main export commodities. World oil prices has continued to fall, and makes Venezuela entering the country must face a difficult economic situation. Now the government has run out of funds.

Over the years, the legacy of Hugo Chavez made his successor Nicolas Maduro had to change the social programs are expensive. The country is already drowning in debt plus falling oil prices make the country quickly face a bad situation.

Venezuela collecting 106.3 points for the misery index. Under Venezuela namely Argentina with 68 points. Venezuela to Argentina is quite similar. Both countries also have a major problem, especially inflation. Venezuela's inflation rate reached more than 60 percent. While about 40 percent of Argentina.

With world oil prices fell today, creditors could only watch. Venezuela was expected to defaut or fail to pay the debt, and it seems the amount of restructuring the country's debt increased from day to day.

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