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Showing posts with label CES 2015. Show all posts

CES 2015 - Computer Stick with Quadcore CPU

Photo: ZDNet -  Computer Stick

Intel announced a unique computer. This computer is tiny, only for data storage device, USB flash. Users can run Windows 8.1 operating system entirely, as well as on a desktop computer.

Enough paste the HDMI slot a monitor or TV, the computer can operate like a desktop computer. This computer is also equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity to connect to the internet.

The small size can be realized thanks to the Intel mobile processor technology. Its performance is only at the tablet. However, the small size of the flash makes it very easy to carry anywhere. So users can change the TV or monitor into a PC, as long as have a HDMI port.

Kitchen runway in Compute Stick, as quoted by ZDNet, Thursday (01/08/2015), the form of the Intel Atom processor Z3735F Bay Trail. Meanwhile, other specifications were made to adjust the operating system that is adopted.

Compute Stick with Windows 8.1 operating system equipped with 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory.

While adopters of the Linux operating system is equipped with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB of internal memory. Linux adopters using smaller RAM for the purposes of the operation is not for Windows.

Computers are exhibited in Concumer Electronic Show (CES) 2015 also has a MicroSD slot. Users can use this slot when the internal memory was provided was not sufficient.

Unfortunately, these tiny computers can not charge via the HDMI port. Charging can only be done via micro-USB, must be removed and with a separate charger.

Computer Stick scheduled to go on sale in March 2015. The Windows version of its priced at 149 US dollars, or approximately USD 1.8 million and Linux versions priced at 89 dollars, or approximately USD 1.1 million.

Source: ZDNet

Some Advanced Technology that Will there CES 2015

Millions of gadgets has been marketed last year. As in previous years, the world of the presence of new gadgets that will be shown at the Consumer Electronic Show 2015.

The event which took place in Las Vegas from 6 January rumored to be met by approximately 3,500 international companies. Here, they will show off the advanced technology that will boom throughout 2015.

"Although many vendors who have to plan the launch of its newest gadget, this is still the most important event every year in the technology industry," said IT consultant IHS Technology, Ben Keen, as reported by the BBC, Monday, January 5th, 2014.

According to Keen, he has visited this event for the 20th time. He believes this event will be characterized by advanced technology in television and became an arena show off a vendor-producing big screen television.

"Still on television and other related technologies. There is also a smart watches, wearable devices and smart home. Of course, the smartphone will also be a lot of raised here," said Keen.

Some existing technologies, such as in between

1. New TV
Television sets will be toys three major companies such as LG, Sony and Samsung. In addition to the wide size, more than 60 inches, the technology inside is also very qualified, Starting from Android smart TVs made by Sony and Philips, LG has a quantum television.

2. Smartphone and SmartWatch.
Sony, Samsung and LG also have serangkan smart watches that can be connected to the tablet or smartwatch. Since news Apple wants poured smart watches, more and more people are interested.

3. Wearable.
According to Berg Insight, there are 19 million wearable which hit the market in 2014, up 3 times that of the previous year. CES 2015 will prove more attractive wearable.

4. drones and robots will compete to win the hearts of users. Reportedly, the GoPro camera vendors will introduce drones as accessories of camera-new adventure.

5. The idea to equip all the objects in your home or office with the internet seems more interesting. Many vendors are keen to make all objects become smarter in 2015, the Internet of Things and smart home will compete.

6. Creating images become real, can only be done through a 3D printer. At CES 2015, the three-dimensional printer is likely to be the attention of visitors.

7. The car is connected to the Internet.
Although in America there is also the Detroit Motor Show, but CES is considered more attractive because all the sophistication will be shown here. BMW will show a vehicle that can be automated parking, and Ford will launch the third generation of vehicles that have personal asistens system.

8. Tracker and Virtual Reality
At CES 2015, Oculus Rift is predicted to show off. Glasses viewer virtual reality will become the opiate of gaming enthusiasts. There was also the object tracking device that allows users never lose stuff.

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