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Question & Answer about Cholesterol

Cholesterol Treatment

Yesterday my cholesterol is high, the head and body of a sense of drift, I shortness of breath ... the most bizarre ... my ear like no suata jangkerik ... sounded stronger when I again alone or lonely ... why my ears dock ... I also often cough

The normal value of total cholesterol <200 mg / dL, HDL cholesterol> 40 mg / dL, LDL cholesterol <100 mg / dL. There are 5 types of treatment of hypercholesterolemia, namely: Acid fibrates (eg: Gemfibrozil), resins (eg, cholestyramine), HMGCoa reductase inhibitors (eg, simvastatin), nicotinic acid and Ezetimibe.
Each has a way of working that is different and must be adjusted to the patient's lipid profile.

Cholesterol Treatment depends on the condition of your lipid profile, how LDLnya, how HDLnya, etc. For complaints that you feel and treatment, we recommend you consult with a doctor. The doctor will provide treatment in accordance with the condition of your health and also your lab results.

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