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At home you may no goat meat you need though. But not a few women who are reluctant to process the meat goat for meat smell disturbing smell.

It turns out the smell of goat meat can be eliminated. Even naturally. Here are the tips.

1. Use Lime Juice
Lemon or lime is famous for kasiatnya eliminate the fishy smell or prengus in food ingredients, including meat and poultry. Therefore, before we process the goat meat, we should also use lemon or lime to eliminate the smell.

2. Use the Cucumber
There is another alternative to eliminate the typical smell goat meat, using cucumber slices. Cucumbers are already cut us mash along with goat meat. We stir together with the meat for 10-15 minutes or until the dominant smell of cucumber.

3. use the Turmeric and Ginger
In addition to orange juice and cucumber, we can use pieces of ginger and turmeric. It should be noted, the amount of turmeric that we use not too much, if you want a lot of ginger. This process takes place when the first boiling the meat. So we boiled goat meat along with ginger and turmeric.

4. Use Radishes or Green Beans
Perhaps impressed rarely heard, but it turns out turnips and green beans can also be used in an effort to eliminate the smell of the meat when cooked. We can add slices of radish or a handful of green beans in boiling process the meat first.

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5. Using a guava leaves
Guava leaves also can we use in the process of boiling the meat to remove the smell of 'prengus' goat meat. It's easy, by adding a few leaves of guava in the first boiling the meat.

6. Use Charcoal
Another alternative is to use charcoal dalah when boiling the meat first. How to cut small pieces of charcoal and then wash and mixed into the first goat meat stew.

Similarly tips in removing odors in the process of sacrificial dishes, especially goat meat. Easy is not it?

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