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Best Camera Phone 2017 benchmark scores

Smartphone cameras have changed the world of photography. Almost everyone has a camera (a smartphone) and bring it all the time. This shows that there is little need to buy a separate digital camera. Indirectly, effectively kill the smartphone market digital cameras, especially for low-end.

Camera Phone Benchmark

But if the smartphone's camera really reliable? While the seiringnya time, resolution and camera performance smartphones continue to increase, but the specifications indicate that the smartphone is still inferior to a dedicated device such as a digital camera picture taker.

Smartphones offer smaller sensors (in terms of resolution) and has a smaller lens. If you share pictures electronically these differences may be negligible, but problems arise when we preserve the precious moments we have in the physical form of photos, this could be a different matter.

DxOMark benchmark

Product name                                 value DxOMark             Information                                               
Google Pixel                                              89                         Best In Overall
iPhone 7 Plus                                           N / A                      Best Optical Zoom
Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge               88                         Best Low Light
HTC 10                                                      88                            Alternative    
Asus Zenfone 3 (ZE552KL)                       N / A                       Middle class      
Huawei P9 Lite                                        N / A                       Prices More Affordable
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To get listed in the phone with the best camera, the phone must have:
- Rating Average with the highest ratings
- Average camera specifications: high-megapixel camera, a special imaging features, etc.

This approach produces mobile phones with best quality cameras, according to some opinions, not just one. Here's a summary of the best camera for your smartphone.

Pixel is the latest smartphone from Google was crowned as the best camera smartphone today after receiving the highest overall score of DxOMark, namely 89. While in position 2 there are 3 android smartphone with the best camera equally get 88 of DxOMark benchmark scores, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, HTC and Sony Xperia X 10 Performance. It is unfortunate, the latest smartphone from Apple that the iPhone 7 just got a score of 86 from DxOMark camera. This score is not even better than Z Force Moto Droid, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Sony Xperia Z5.

List Best Camera Phones
More specifically, following a complete list of smartphone / mobile with the best and latest camera this time.

1. Google Pixel
Ranked first, we chose Google Pixel become the best smartphone camera at this time. Smartphone Google Pixel has an impressive photo quality overall, relatively low noise for any lighting conditions, as well as providing accurate exposure with contrast and white balance are very good, and fast autofocus.

2. iPhone 7 Plus
Salanjutnya we prefer the iPhone 7 Plus to rank second as the best camera smartphone. Although the benchmark results 7 disappointing iPhone camera, iPhone 7 Plus remains the best photography smartphone with dual rear camera which can provide a 2x optical zoom. In fact, this smartphone can be fairly competitive with a DSLR camera. For serious photographers, Apple also provides greater storage of up to 256GB.

3. Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge
Thanks to the dual-pixel sensor, Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge became the fastest smartphone cameras dengna. This technology allows the S7 Edge to shoot two to three times faster than the iPhone 6s Plus, including a focus fast. With a 1.4-micron pixels larger and wider aperture f / 1.7, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge also better than the previous generation. That means the camera clearer, brighter, especially in low light.

4. HTC 10
With a 12-inch sensor 1 / 2.3 inch, HTC 10 highly qualified in terms of autofocus and capture the texture, making it a good choice for recording moving images or landscape and architectural detail. Sensors on the HTC 10 also carries technology "UltraPixel 2", in which each pixel size of 1.55 micron achieve f / 1.8. In testing DXO Mark, this smartphone is able to compensate for the score of the Samsung Galaxy S7 which previously had occupied the title of World's best camera smartphones.

5. Sony Xperia XZ
Xperia XZ is the latest Xperia the best camera from Sony. Smartphones that really looks cool and has a variety of HP's most advanced camera sensor. Sony's latest flagship smartphone is claimed to be "pro camera". And thanks to sensors RGBC-IR, Xperia XZ is able to produce images with impressive color. Unfortunately, the performance of the software is less than the maximum of this advanced camera technology make less than optimal (such as Auto HDR does not have as sophisticated as the iPhone 7 and Google Pixel) and the lack of good performance in low-light camera. In addition, the manual mode is also disappointing.

6. LG V20
If you are looking for the best HP for high quality video recording, the LG V20 could be the best option. The sophisticated camera of 16 MP of the LG V20 has an optical image stabilization is very good and capable of being able menghaliskan recording is smooth and free from shocks. Plus the quality of the speakers is less sophisticated, of course, can produce the best video content from the smartphone.

7. Huawei P9
Huawei P9 memiliki sederet fitur kamera smartphone yang canggih, tidak mengherankan jika smartphone ini bisa menjadi salah satu yang terbaik. Hal ini berkat bermitra dengan Leica, pembuat kamera asal Jerman untuk membawa pengalaman kamera yang solid. Memiliki lensa kamera ganda 12MP pada bagian belakang, lengkap dengan f / 2.2 aperture dan menggunakan 1,25-mikron sensor Sony IMX286, serius Anda tidak akan kecewa dengan pengalaman kamera Huawei P9 ini.

8. Asus ZenFone 3 (ZE552KL)
ZenFone 3 merupakan HP Asus terbaru dengan kamera terbaik yang datang dengan harga murah (lebih terjangkau dari kompetitor). Kualitas foto yang dihasilkan smartphone ini cukup baik, bahkan dalam cahaya rendah, serta memiliki software kamera yang canggih dan baik. Kameranya mungkin tidak sebagus Galaxy S7, tetapi Anda harus ingat Galaxy S7 tidak bisa semurah ini.

9. Huawei P9 lite
Pilihan lainnya, jika budget Anda terbatas. Huawei P9 lite merupakan smartphone android yang dirancang dengan sangat baik. Menawarkan layar Full HD yang jernih, serta fitur kamera canggih yang mengesankan. Selain itu, P9 Lite juga menawarkan daya tahan baterai yang baik. Hal ini berkat hardware yang dirancang secara efisien. Secara keseluruhan, Huawei P9 lite adalah smartphone kelas menengah yang benar-benar solid dan terbaik dikelasnya.



Hidden Features vary on your android phone

Using a smartphone seems to have become a way of life today.
Quite often many who use it for various purposes.
For example, for social media, chat, and various other things.
                                                    Gadget Magz

But among many things, it turns Android smartphones store a variety of other functions you know!
Even a simple function too many do not know.
The trick is quite simple if you want to try it.
No wonder, if there are still many people who do not know these functions.
Want to know what does it do?

Come see some of the secrets of the following Android smartphones.

1. Easy Ways to Save Battery
If you are using a dark colored appearance, making you far more efficient smartphone battery know!
Because the automatic feature pixel highlight will automatically die.
Unfortunately only some models of Samsung Galaxy and tablets are using this feature.
But at least dark colors are also much more power efficient on different types of screens.

2. Text-to-Speech
If you prefer to hear the information that goes out to see it, go to Settings and turn on the Accessibility and output options Text-to-Speech.
So you can create posts or articles than you need to read it, just you listen to it.
Very interesting is not it?

3. Smartphone Remote Control
Its function is very useful, but if you want to anticipate when the smartphone is lost or not in the grip of this is very helpful.
The way to go to Settings, Security, Device Administrators, and then check the box for Android Device Manager.
Now if you lose your smartphone, you can find and block without losing data you get to a page with Android Device Manager.

4. Turn on the Guest Mode
If you want to temporarily give the phone to someone else but do not store personal data about you is confidential, just use this method.
Swipe down from the top with two fingers to some smartphones with other operating systems, and touch the icon on the top right
Add the guest icon (guest), and you will be able to choose the action the person handling your smartphone.
Very easy is not it?

5. Screen Magnifier
If you experience problems with vision, it helps you turn on this feature.
The way is to go to Settings, then select Accessibility, and proceed with lit Magnification gestures.

You can do so zooming display at various locations.

6. Hotspot mode
You no longer have far to WiFi early if you have a smartphone.
If you wish to use its Internet network to other devices, just turn on the features Portable WLAN Hotspot.
How to enter the Settings, and then select Tethering and Portable Hotspot turn them on.
Do not forget to set a password for the security of data quota you.

7. Control Smartphone with Head Movement
Do not want to use my hands to use sebauh smartphone, try this way!
Simply install the application EVA Facial Mouse, and you can fully control your smartphone with head movements.

8. Game Secrets
Starting from the Android 2.3 Gingerbread, Google put a gift little secret for users to all their devices.
However, finding may prove to be quite difficult.
If you are curious, try opening the Settings menu and select About Phones.
Press repeatedly on your Android version.
If it appears the logo of the Android version, press and hold the image.
Mini-games will appear on the smartphone you.


Cheapest Android Phone 2017 with 4GB RAM . The following list of 19 of them that you should know

The following list of 19 of them 
with specification you must know

In addition to the trend of fingerprint scanners and body clad metal materials, the latest smartphone is now also equipped with RAM (Random Access Memory), which has a large capacity. Perhaps many of the friend wondering? Indeed, what is the point HP has large-capacity RAM or indeed as important as whether the RAM for the performance of Android Phone?

Cheapest Android Phone 4GB RAM 2017

1. Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML
Ranks first there Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML Even when the beginning of January 2015 kemunculanya ago, this smartphone smartphone had alarmed the world for being the first smartphone that has 4 GB of RAM. In addition to a very affordable price, the specification of Zenfone 2 ZE551ML also quite tough call degan screen 5.5 inch IPS technology, Intel Atom Z3580 CPU Quad Core 2.3 GHz, a 13 MP camera and 5 MP and a large enough battery 3000 mAh.
Even so, Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML also has some disadvantages such as materials made of plastic materials that seem cheap. In addition, the lack of features fingerprint scanner is also a bit disappointing for a smartphone which is priced at 3 million of this. Because as we all know the competitors that are cheaper are already equipped with fingerprint scanners.

2. redmi Xiaomi Note 4 Pro
Redmi Xiaomi Note 4 Pro also one smartphone with 4 GB of RAM cheapest, because this smartphone will be released at a price the range of 3 Millions alone. In addition to having 4 GB RAM, Xiaomi redmi Note 4 Pro has a 5.5 inch wide screen with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels combined with IPS LCD display technology which certainly is maximal when used to play the game.
As for the processor, Xiaomi Note 4 Pro ditengai redmi Snapdrgaon 653 processor with Octa Core CPU, which certainly provides a very responsive performance. Then for the camera part, Xiaomi redmi Note 4 Pro is equipped with a front camera and a 5 MP rear 13 MP camera feature complete with phase detection autofocus and LED flash, which certainly gives the picture quality is perfect.

3. Xiaomi redmi Pro Exclusive edition
We think Xiaomi redmi Pro with Exclusive Edition variants have become one of the best in its class. Because not only bring large-sized RAM capacity of 4GB, other specifications were taken also very tough class. Xiaomi redmi Helio X25 Pro equipped machine Deca-core 2.5 GHz processor, Mali-T880 MP4 GPU and 4GB of RAM, which are certainly capable of delivering powerful performance.
Not only the processor is just awesome, Xiaomi redmi Pro Exclusive Edition also brings a highly qualified display screen. By carrying out a screen of 5.5-inch OLED Capcitive Full HD resolution 1080x 1920 pixels, which is capable of presenting every inch the picture is clear and sharp.

4. Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe
Then there is the Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe also brings super 4GB of RAM. The display of this smartphone is also quite interesting with a cover that has a motif such as cut diamonds, reminiscent of the design of Oppo Mirror 5. In addition, Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe also offers top-class specifications, one of which is Chipset Intel Atom Z3580 Quad Core 2.3 GHz and a pair of 13MP and 5MP camera.
Although the design of the Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe is quite interesting, the material used on the back cover is not good enough because it still uses Kevlar fiber material. Because of its competitors on average are using full metal material or metal frame with a cover glass.

5. Xiaomi Mi Note Pro
As one of the vendors who perkembanganya fastest smartphone, Xiaomi also did not want to miss the competition of smartphones with 4GB of RAM with the lowest namely Xiaomi Mi Note Pro. Not only brings super 4GB of RAM, the device also has a top-class specifications such as 5.5-inch screen resolution of Full HD, 64GB internal memory and CPU disematkanya high-end Snapdragon 810.
Unfortunately, this smartphone also brings some specifications that it is still lacking, such as the lack of a microSD slot for storage options for users and are less qualified selfie camera was limited to just 4MP.

6. Vivo V3 Max
Henceforth there is a smartphone from Vivo, namely Vivo V3 Max that has been equipped with 4 GB of RAM. Besides relying on the 4 GB RAM, Vivo Max V3 also comes with a 13 MP main camera relying complete with advanced features phase detection autofocus which will certainly help my friend when shooting moving objects.
As for the camera selfie, Vivo V3 Max comes with a front camera of 8 MP which would be very suitable bingit for selfie. Additionally, Vivo V3 Max also has powered processor resilient, thanks pengunakan Snapdrgaon 645 processor with Octa Core CPU 1.8 GHz speed.

7. Xiaomi Mi Max
In addition to bringing big-sized 4GB RAM, Xiaomi Mi Max also brings a very broad landscape display the 6:44-inch IPS LCD Full HD resolution 1080 x 11920 pixels. As for the battery capacity, Xiaomi Mi Max 
As for the battery capacity, Xiaomi Mi Max has brought a battery of 4850 mAh.

8. Vivo V5
Then there is the latest smartphone from Vivo who fall into this category, the camera Vivo V5 comes with a 4 GB RAM and only released at a price of 3.5 Million. More interesting again, Vivo V5 has a 20 MP front camera complete with flash feature which certainly is perfect when used for selfie.
As for the rear camera, Vivo V5 equipped with 13 MP rear camera feature complete with phase detection autofocus very best when used to capture every moment. Then to parts of the network and operating system, Vivo V5 rely on 4G LTE network and runs on Android v6.0 marshmallow.

9. Motorola Moto M
Motorola Moto M is also one of the cheapest smartphones already have RAM 4 GB As for the screen, the Motorola Moto M has a 5.5 inch wide screen with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels combined with IPS LCD technology.
Then for the camera sector, Motorola Moto M has a front camera of 8 MP which certainly is perfect when used for selfie. And for the rear camera, the Motorola Moto M has a rear camera with a 16 MP lens complete with phase detection autofocus feature that is very up to capture the moment setuap.

10. Zero Infinix 4 Plus
Infinix Zero 4 Plus is also one of the cheapest smartphones diibekali 4 GB RAM. And for part of the screen, Infinix ZrO 4 Plus is equipped with 5.98 inch screen with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels combined with IPS LCD technology.
More kerenya again, Infinix Zero 4 Plus is equipped with 13 MP front camera complete with LED flash feature that certainly is perfect when used for selfie, and rear camera, Infinix Zero 4 Plus comes with a 20 MP rear camera equipped with a full-featured laser autofocus.

11. Samsung Galaxy C5
It seems to be quite strange if Samsung as king of smart phones do not include devices in this category. And true Samsung sent its newest product the Samsung Galaxy C5, which has brought large-sized RAM 4 GB and can be redeemed at a price that is quite affordable.
Other specifications are no less captivating to shift its competitors, as has already brought a screen measuring 5.5-inch Full HD 1080p Super AMOLED panel ber. Samsung Galaxy C5 also runs on Android OS Marshmallow, Fingerprint features and has brought 16MP + 8MP resolution camera.

12. Oppo R7s
Oppo R7s be one alternative next to the smartphone category with the lowest 4G RAM. It turned out that not only expertly with Oppo smartphone display a very luxurious and elegant, but also presents a formidable smartphone with specs. Besides bringing the RAM to 4GB, other specs are also very tough and you can rely on to compete in this class one of which is resolution 8 MP camera selfie.
Hmm ,, already very premium look and specifications are also very tough. But Oppo seems to miss a thing, namely the lack of security features fingetprint scanner. For a price of 4.9 million smartphones, is certainly very disappointing.

13. Asus Zenfone 3 ZE552KL
Smartphone with ZE552KL serial number is one of the best option for you have, if you want an affordable smartphone already carrying capacity of 4GB RAM. Interestingly, 4GB RAM capacity is already in tandem with a powerful processor and CPU 625 Snadragon Octa-core 2.0 GHz Cortex-A53, which is capable of crushing various HD resolution games without interruption.
Not only kinerjnya are reliable, Asus Zenfone 3 has also been brought to see the screen very highly qualified, and brought the Full HD 1080p resolution and panel-type Super IPS + combined with a screen measuring 5.5-inches, so it can serve screen display crisp and clear.

14. Coolpad Max
Coolpad also put one unggulanya smartphone, the Coolpad Max attendance carries 4 GB RAM. In addition, Max Coolpad also been equipped with Dual Space feature that allows users to have two profiles in one HP, meaning users can have two accounts at once in a single HP somed such as fuel, FB, Twitter, Instagram, path, etc.
Not quite there, the Coolpad Max also comes with a 13 MP primary camera that has been equipped with advanced features like phase detection autofocus. As for the front camera, Coolpad Max attended carries a 5 MP camera that will certainly fit bingit for selfie activity.

15. Oppo F1 Plus
The latest smartphone from Oppo brings specifications and high-end display. Wrap depadukan metal body with a charming and super slim design which is very pretty. Specifications are dibawapun also not kidding, 5.5-inch AMOLED screen, 4GB of RAM type of LPDDR3, Helio Mediatek chipset P10, and selfie 16 MP camera which will definitely be very indulgent hobby you take pictures selfie.
However Oppo F1 Plus also has some shortcomings such as its battery is non-removable. For some users who still lay certainly be a little confusion when the smartphone have a hang or when the battery is damaged. Due to replace you brought sevice center.

16. Vivo Plus V5
Then there is the latest smartphone from Vivo, Vivo V5 Plus which is also one of the cheapest smartphones that have 4 GB of RAM. Then for the operating system, Vivo Plus V5 has been running on the Android operating system v6.0 marshmallow.
As for the storage, Vivo Plus V5 comes with equipped with an internal storage capacity of 32 GB, which certainly is suitable for storing many apliaksi. Then to the camera part, Vivo V5 Plus is equipped with 20 MP rear camera and dual front camera 20 MP + 8 MP.

17. Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom
3 Asus Zenfone Zoom is also one of the cheapest smartphones that have been equipped with 4 GB of RAM. Then to the camera part, Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom equipped with dual 12 MP rear camera complete with autofocus and features a laser for the next 13 MP camera with LED Flash.
More interesting again, Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom has a fingerprint scanner sensor has the fastest today, namely Fingerprint sensor. As for the battery, Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom equipped with a battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh Charging complete with features fast.

18. Samsung Galaxy C7
Next there's the Samsung Galaxy C7 is now released at a price of 5.5 Million and has been equipped with 4 GB of RAM. Then to parts of the network and operating system, the Samsung Galaxy C7 supports 4G LTE network for super-fast internet access and has been running on the Android operating system v6.0 marshmallow.
Then on the screen, the Samsung Galaxy C7 comes with equipped with a 5.7 inch wide screen with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels combined with a Super AMOLED screen technology is certainly very convenient when used to play the game. Then for the battery part, Samsung Galaxy C7 equipped with a 3300 mAh battery.

19. Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro
Lastly there is the latest smartphone from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro and has been equipped with 4 GB of RAM is certainly very smooth when used for multitasking applications simultaneously.
More interesting again, Samsug Galaxy C7 Pro equipped with 16 MP front camera which is perfect when used for selfie and rear camera, Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro equipped with 16 MP camera complete with autofocus and LED flash.


Weirdest Mobile phones ever man made

Mobile phones with Form 5 Weirdest 
of All Time.

A variety of unique shapes and sizes are available depending on which you choose.
Smartphone development is very fast.
old cellular phone

But do you remember about the shapes smartphone will make you old school nostalgia with the past?
Five mobile phones with strange shapes as quoted from page

Weirdest Mobile phones

1. Motorola V70 (2002)
Sixteen years ago, the mobile phone Motorola V70 released at a price of about 400 dollars

Weirdest Mobile phones

2. Nokia 7600 (2003)
Mobile Nokia 7600 introduced to the public in 2003.
The form is not fair is addressed to the market 'mode.'

Weirdest Mobile phones

3. Nokia N-Gage (2003)
Still in the same year, Nokia re-issued one phone with a design quite bad.
This phone is intended for true gamers, especially for the enthusiast gaming consoles.
But due to the shape of the keyboard is not appropriate to make this mobile phone has an odd design.

Weirdest Mobile phones

4. Samsung Serene (2005)
Samsung Serene has a circular shape of the keyboard is shaped a bit odd.
Although not among the worst phones, but products with strange shapes is priced in 1275 dollars

Weirdest Mobile phones

5. Nokia 7280 (2004)
Nokia mobile phone output is listed in Fashion Phone.
Available in various colors, black, white, and red styling.
When the lights dim screen, this phone will be turned into glass and can look as neat as what order your eyebrows.

Although intended for the fashion world, as the phone is certainly quite odd shape


Nokia P1 specification Review (video inside)

Nokia P1 - Will Compete Galaxy S8, Mobile It Comes with Design Premium, Peeking sophistication
nokia p1

Nokia P1 specifications. 

Based on the leaks, the Nokia P1 is expected to feature a 5.3-inch display with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection. It is also expected to feature 128GB and 256GB onboard storage options, 3,500mAh battery with quick charging capabilities, and a fingerprint sensor.

For photography, it is expected to be equipped with a 22.6-megapixel rear camera with Zeiss-certification. The P1 is likely to be quite durable with IP57-level resistance to water and dust, and it will run on Android Nougat 7.0 out-of-the-box.
Awakening Nokia which had triumphed in the 2000s and then began to appear.
Some time ago, Nokia released the Nokia Official 6 which is a new Android based phone.
Smartphone was sold out within about 60 seconds on its first flash sale in China.

After launching the Nokia 6, the Finnish handset manufacturer is rumored to bring a new Android smartphone again.

The smartphone will be unveiled at the MWC 2017 which will be held on 26 February.
Smartphone to be introduced it is Nokia P1.

This smart phone is predicted will be the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 competitors, Xiaomi MI6 and LG G6.

There will be a choice of three colors namely Nokia P1 white, silver, and black.
Reporting from page Gizmochina, this phone will carry Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset.


Do not Use Laptop in bed that you need to know

Danger Use Laptop in bed that you need to know

Laptop is a portable computer system. By using the laptop, we can move the location to use this computer system. Starting from the home to the office, then to the cafe, we can together continue with our laptop.

laptop in bed

Although it can be brought moved around to many places, apparently there are some places that we can not use to put the laptop. One is in bed. Curious why? And the following reasons danger disposable laptop in bed.

Reasons Danger Use Laptop in bed
Use a laptop on the bed in general is quite often done by many laptop users. The biggest reason is usually because you want to play laptop while sleeping. But apparently you should not do that. Why?
Here's why.

1. Make Circulation Heat Laptop Not Fluent
The first reason is the circulation of hot laptop is not smooth when in bed. Many laptop models using the bottom of the laptop as an intake for air vents. Because the surface of the bed is uneven often closes the air vent.

The result is a laptop you will not be immediately broken up. But it certainly will make your laptop quickly broken. The reason is obvious, that due to overheating.

2. Make a Hard Disk shook
A further reason is because it makes the hard disk shake. Hard disk workings is basically a disc such as a CD or DVD is spinning very quickly. Because the surface of the bed is soft, it will often make the laptop shake.

By doing so, it will make the hard disk you also shaking. Because the hard disk shock, most likely your hard disk disk becomes unstable and abrasions. As a result, the hard disk you will be quickly broken, even totally destroyed.

3. Become a Laptop Keyboard Not Comfortable (Optional)
The last reason is that you will not be able to do the typing optimally. Basically it is a laptop designed for use in a sitting position like a computer in general.

Apart from the typing position while you are sleeping, as well as the surface of the soft bed shaking makes the laptop keyboard. Thus, it will make you difficult to coordinate with each button.

Solution When Forced Must Use Laptop In bed
If there is a condition that forces you to use a laptop on the bed, you can use a small portable table. By using these tools, you can overcome the possibility of number 1.

work in bed

To overcome the possible number 2, you can replace your hard disk with SSD. Have functions that are basically the same, but the SSD is not using the rotating disc system again. SSDs use flash memory that is already anti-vibration.

Although wearing a small table and a portable SSD, this will not solve the problem number 3. Because small portable table holder will remain in the bed and shook the laptop keyboard. The only way is to see to it that you do not move much.

Well, so articles about the dangers of reasons to use a laptop in bed. Now that you know how dangerous using a laptop in bed. If anyone wants in a question and comment please comment below. 

Thank you and hope it is useful!


Xiaomi Yi Action Camera

Xiaomi Yi Action Camera

Xiaomi seems to not want to be known as the only smartphone maker. Chinese smartphone manufacturer was recently released Yi Action Camera is priced at a low price.

According to the website TechSpot reported on Thursday (05/03/2015), this camera will be a GoPro Hero camera weighs competitors. In comparison, Yi Action Camera GoPro is superior to both the ability and also the price.

Yi marketed at a price of US $ 64 You might think, "price that much, just where the former camera can?".

In fact, Yi Action Camera is equipped with an image processor coupled Ambarella A7LS Sony Exmor R CMOS sensor BSI-resolution 16 megapixel (MP), which is able to record Full-HD (1080p) with a frame rate of 60fps (frames per second). While GoPro Hero 13 MP resolution can only shooting 5 MP and 1080p video with a frame rate of 30fps.

Action This tiny camera weighs 72 grams and is lighter than the GoPro Hero (111 grams). His ability, claimed doubled beyond the nearest competitor. GoPro Hero camera itself is marketed at a price of US $ 130.

Yi Action Camera also features a built-in storage of 64GB, and is used under water resistant up to a depth of 40 meters.

Unfortunately, the camera Yi not packaged with other equipment such as storage boxes. You are interested in the camera Xiaomi Yi is also likely to have to be patient, because these new cameras released in China and there is no news to be released in other countries in the near future.


Try These Tips If your smartphone fell in the water

tips smartphone fell in the water photo

Now many advanced smartphones that have been equipped with the ability to resist being in the water. But there are still many smartphone or conventional phones are not designed for it.
And if you accidentally drop the phone into the water, it could be the start of a catastrophe because it can cause the phone to malfunction or die. But do not panic, with proper precautions, you can still save the cell phone of the possibility of further damage by paying attention to things that must be avoided and also what should be done.

Do not do this:
• If it is off, do not immediately turn on the phone. This is to prevent the possibility of a short circuit in the wiring or a particular component.
• If the conditions of life, do not immediately press any button to check if they work or not.
• Do not shake or memiring-tilt the phone, this is to avoid the spread of water inside the component.
• Do not attempt to dry the inside with hot air (eg hairdryer), because certain components are very susceptible to heat.
• Do not also use a blow-dryer (or a device with a gust of wind) because they can be spread water to internal components that have not been exposed to water that will actually aggravate the condition of the smartphone.

Steps must be performed:
• If the condition of the state is still alive / lit, immediately turn off the phone.
• If splashed in the dirty water or sea water while playing on the beach, first rinse the outside. Special for sea water, rinse with fresh water to neutralize the salt sea water is more dangerous for electronic devices.
• Afterwards, remove the protective casing, remove the microSD card and SIM card from the slot. And if you use a removable battery, do not forget to pull it out.
• Use a dry cloth, tissue, or towels to dry, avoid so the water does not spread to other areas.
• If water gets into deeper areas, you can use a vacuum to suck up the water contained in the gaps that are difficult to reach.

tips smartphone drop in water photo

• piled phone in rice because rice is very good at absorbing fluid (in the condition of the battery and the card has been removed). Although it sounded weird but it was a common method of drying a smartphone or tablet into the water. Try to fill it within 24 hours.
• If you have Drybox (storage boxes used for digital cameras), insert the phone into it for more than one day.
• Do not rush to use the phone. If the condition is severe spelled wait until one or two days. For a while you could use mobile phones or other reserves (if any).
• During a pause of one or two days, check whether the remaining water is still visible. To be sure, you can drain back by putting them in front of a fan or dried in the sun.
• If you are sure there is no water, re-insert the battery and turn on. Check whether the response of the touch screen still works as usual. Do not forget to turn on the music or song to check whether the speaker is still functioning.
• If the phone does not start, try to pull out the battery and turn it on only using the charger. If successful, the battery is damaged and you live replace it with a new one.
• If all this does not work, take it to the authorized service center or reliable for further action.

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Information peek Samsung Plans Using Materials Materials on Samsung Galaxy S7

samsung design photo

Design becomes an important part in the smartphone device, the design can make handsets manufactured looks elegant. Currently the majority of the material used in smartphones is plastic and metal, but researchers in Korea wanted to create an innovation.

By combining aluminum with other metals, Pohan Researchers from the University of Science and Technology in South Korea have developed a mixture (alloy) that is lightweight and inexpensive to produce, but has the strength of titanium alloys are very expensive. The mixture consists of steel, magnesium and nickel and aluminum lightweight. Resulting in levels of titanium.

As reported by PhoneArena pages, Saturday (07/02/2015), since the discovery made at home to South Korea's Samsung, the company seems to have funded the research. So hopefully Samsung will get the right to development and to disburse funds to research new materials used on the smartphone device besutannya.

This is because the rumors that show changes in the chassis to the Galaxy S6 into metal. While titanium chassis is expected to be a written agenda for the next Samsung Galaxy S7.

Meanwhile, the new mix is also expected to be used in cars, planes, and other devices.


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List of Various Options laptop that you can have at the beginning of 2015

laptop at the beginning 2015 photo

Each vendor offers besutannya laptops with different specifications and different prices. There are considerations in choosing a laptop, not just a matter of specifications, but also the price tag offered by the company.

Reported Businessinsider, Sunday (01/25/2015), following a number of laptops you can buy in early 2015.

MacBook Air
MacBook Air offers a thin and lightweight body and claimed an excellent performance with long battery life. In a review, PCMag reveal that laptops with screens 11 and 13 inches can last more than 10 hours. The device is priced at USD899.

MacBook Pro with Retina Display
This laptop is claimed to have the best screen quality, ever made by Apple. There is a difference between a laptop 13 inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. With more expensive tag of USD 300 on a MacBook Pro, this laptop brings speed processor and better graphics. MacBook Pro with Retina Display is sold at a price of USD1.299.

Dell XPS 13
Dell XPS 13 comes with touch screen resolution of 3,200 x 1,800 with technology 'infinity display'. Have the same portability as impressive as the MacBook Air, but the Dell XPS 13 comes with Windows and a lower price tag. This laptop is claimed to last for 12 hours and is priced $ 100 cheaper than the MacBook Air 11-inch.

Lenovo ThinkPad X240
ThinkPad X240 has a body that is slightly heavier, but the laptop is equipped with a comfortable keyboard and a fingerprint sensor. According to ZDNet, and PCMag review, Lenovo offers several different configurations on the laptop and two batteries that can make the survival of 15 hours after a full charge. USD854 priced laptop has a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.

Toshiba Chromebook 2
Toshiba's latest Chromebook laptop comes with the official claimed very affordable and very good battery life. This laptop also has an impressive display at the price of USD250.
Each vendor offers besutannya laptops with different specifications and different prices. There are considerations in choosing a laptop, not just a matter of specifications, but also the price tag offered by the company.

Dell Inspiron 17 5000 Series
Dell Inspiron 17 5000 Series comes with aluminum material design USD449. Laptops with Windows OS support offers better performance than the HP Stream. The company also provides a model that features a touch screen.

HP Stream
HP Laptop Stream diklain as the cheapest laptop, you can buy. HP Stream with a tag of $ 200 includes Microsoft Office Personal free subscription for a year and a good battery life.

Acer Chromebook 13 Inches
If the user wants to search for Chromebook laptop with lowest price, users can find Acer Chromebook with a 13-inch screen. This device comes with support for full HD 1080p display and comes with a good battery life. Acer Chromebook 13 Inches priced at USD292.

Asus ROG G751JT
For fans of gaming laptop, the Asus ROG name may not be familiar. Model Asus ROG G751JT deliver powerful hardware, premium quality and the ability to play almost all games at high graphics settings. Laptop with keyboard is quite comfortable when worn type and quality of the slick screen is priced at USD1.749.

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro
Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro comes with a sleek and lightweight body. This laptop has a flexible hinge that allows it to be folded. However, about the battery, the battery power of these devices can not last long. Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro is priced at USD1.296.


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Information Leaked Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung smartphone photo

Some time ago appeared device casing Galaxy S6. Latest, Samsung's flagship smartphone appears in a new look, showing the body behind the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Edge.

Reported Stuffmideast, Sunday (02/08/2015), the appearance of the Samsung Galaxy S6 body is derived from sources Cnet Korea. The picture shows the rear camera along with flash and the average reader sensor heartbeat.

The side of the smartphone seem to be made of metal material. Galaxy S6 shows a premium material that would compete with smartphones like HTC and Apple's competitors.

To the back of the handset, is not yet known whether the Galaxy S6 will adopt the glass material, metal or plastic. Not yet known also detailed specification of the smartphone is the successor to the Galaxy S5.

The company is expected to unveil the Galaxy S6 at an event called Samsung unpacked 2015 on March 1, 2015.


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Tips to Know and How to Take Care Smartphone Batteries

various Smartphone Batteries photo

This is one of the important components that serve as a source of power your smartphone ... Batteries

Smartphone was a miracle, and can be considered as a small computer that can do many things. But all is not useful if it your smartphone battery runs out. Moreover, today's smartphone battery is no longer removable plug. So how to take good care?

Here are tips and tricks to take care of your smartphone battery in the right way.

• Li-Ion (Li-Ion) and Li-Polymer (Li-Po)
• Should the battery is used up?
• Tips on caring for your smartphone battery

Some of you may have heard the term is related to the above battery mobile phone, smartphone or laptop. Actually, both of these things do not have much effect if you only smartphone users, because both types of batteries is derived from the same type, namely the Lithium-ion battery.

So what's the difference?
The difference is li-polymer battery (Li-Po) is a further form of li-ion (Li-Ion) where the electrolyte (solution in the battery as electrical conductors) are stronger and more like a gel. Therefore, the Li-polymer battery can be made thinner than the Li-ion battery and now this fame continues to grow as batteries smartphones and tablets.

Have you see the battery on the latest laptops or the latest smartphone that they can not be revoked post? That li-polymer battery (Li-Po). Most Li-Polymer battery planted directly into the technology, unlike the Li-Ion battery that can still be revoked pairs.

You buy a new smartphone, try it out and the next thing you think you have to do is adjust the battery. How do you do it? Most of you think the best way is to charge your battery until it is completely full, then use it until it is completely discharged, and then charge the battery again to the brim. You might think this is the right way, but it is not really as good as you think.

Do you know where this idea came from?
This thought comes from a battery of nickel-based antiquity. At the time of this battery, there is a term called 'memory effect'. 'Memory Effect' is an event where you spend the battery to about 25 percent and then charge the battery to 100 percent again, eventually the battery will forget he has the remaining 25 per cent and only use 75 percent of its original capacity if it is carried out continuously.

But as has been said before, smartphones and laptops today based Li-Ion and Li-Polymer. This type of battery is not experiencing the above, therefore you do not need to use them until they run and charge the battery fully. In fact, this kind of battery last longer if used in your heart's content (used not to run out and charge the battery as you wish).

Smartphone Batteries Adjustment photo

So is it just a myth battery adjustment?
Before we discuss it, we need to know in advance that in fact, all the battery will gradually lose its best capacity, depending on the age, usage and environment. Manufacturers measure the lifespan these batteries with cycles, where one cycle is use to run out and charge the battery fully. Li-polymer battery itself can survive 300-500 cycles, so if you only use 50% and then charge the battery fully, you only use half cycle. Therefore, it takes a long time to reduce the quality of the battery.

However, there are times when you need adjustments Li-polymer batteries and Li-ion. After several cycles, the actual battery and digital battery on your smartphone will not fit. For example, you may have a full battery but digital battery in your smartphone screen shows only 85 percent. This can happen because you are using a battery of your heart's content (but is it the best way).

How to adjust your battery is using your battery to run out, and then charge the battery back up to 100%. But this only needs to be about 3 months or even longer. Because doing it too often it will worsen the quality of your battery. But you do not need to fear, because the adjustment or calibration is simply to adjust the digital battery on the screen of your smartphone, and your battery is still working fine.

Here are some tips and tricks to take care of your smartphone battery li-polymer based atai li-ion. photo

Charger that came with your smartphone when you buy, not only serves to charge your battery only. It is also useful auntuk prevent your battery charge the battery exceeds the capacity, this is yag prevent your battery from exploding even if you leave it full battery charge continues (it a bad idea).

By the time you begin to touch the battery to 80%, this will start your charger to charge your battery slowly than before. So use the right charger, original charger should default your smartphone.
Avoid also charge the battery by using a wireless (wireless charging). In addition to the time it takes much longer, only 80% of battery capacity you get. The remaining 20% will be hot, and your battery will be very hot (if it happens, turn off and chill your battery).

As previously discussed above battery calibration or adjustment of the battery that says that the battery should be used up and charge the battery fully. For more details can be found at the top.

Smartphone Batteries photo

In fact, the best way of keeping the lithium-ion or lithium-polymer you, is keeping around 50% and charge the battery back. But you also do not want you always charge the battery, because the battery li-ion and Li-polymer can be overheated. Fortunately, your charger also has a sophisticated and will not charge the battery again if it is full, but another way of keeping your battery again is not to make it charge the battery fully 100%. Disconnect the battery charger before you actually full. Yes, the point guard around 40-80% of your battery.

Smartphone Batteries photo

While charging, the best way to keep your battery is to turn it off, so the charger you know the right time to actually cut off the electricity. It also will make your smartphone can charge the battery more quickly.

One of the main enemies of li-ion battery and li-polymer which is used in smartphones today's smartphones are hot. If your smartphone battery is too hot, then the possibility of decreasing the quality or capacity will be higher.
It said at a regular temperature, each year lithium-ion batteries will lose approximately 6% of its maximum capacity. But if the heat is in sektitar 77oF or 25oC then the figure would be 20% upward, and if 104oF or 40oC then it will rise again to 35%. Therefore avoid the heat of the state of your battery.

Smartphone Batteries photo

As has been discussed many times over, never let your battery is fully discharged. It will worsen the quality of the battery, for details can be read at the top.
If you want to leave a smartphone, tablet or laptop in a long period of time, the battery in this technology will continue to diminish over time even if not used. Therefore, it should, leaving about 40% if you really want to leave. It is said that every month when not in use and are turned off, the battery will lose 5-10% capacity while not in use. photo

Think of ways to take care of your battery is good, but to do it is sometimes very lazy. Therefore, unless you really intend ruin your battery, your battery will not deteriorate as easy as that. Generally, your battery will last about 3-5 years. So do not be too confused, and when it was time the battery is replaced, replace the battery alone. The thing to remember is just the battery to avoid touching zero, it is the worst way to degrade the quality of the battery.

(various sources)
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Android KitKat still better than Android Lollipop

Android KitKat still better than Android Lollipop photo

Although the title of the operating system (OS) version of Google, Android Lollipop is not completely perfect. Even in some of the side, OS predecessor, KitKat, still claimed to be much better.
For users who are already familiar with KitKat, several new features were presented by Google's Android can look disturbing and often confusing. These things in the end it makes Lollipop no better than KitKat.

Then, the new features of what makes the Lollipop candy with chocolate KitKat lost? 
Here's his review.

1. Material Design Concept excessive
Since gave rise to the concept of Material Design view, many Android apps that display look more attractive and simple. However, many argue Lollipop bring Materials Design concept too far.
Just look, for opening the toggle or fast setting, users must swiping a finger from top to bottom on the main screen twice. Trouble is not it?

2. Display the full application shortcut open
In Android KitKat, display applications that are currently open can be viewed comfortably and neatly. Unfortunately it is not found in Lollipop.
If too many applications open, you will find a 'pile' shortcut applications like stacks of cards. In fact, in some cases, there are two shortcut from the same application.
Worse, unlike Android Cyanogen, there is no button to close all the shortcut cards simultaneously. As a result, you have to shut down one by one such shortcut want to lighten the work of the smartphone memory

3. There is no silent feature
Since the days of mobile phones to smartphones, feature silent or 'silent' almost always worn by the user. In Lollipop, you will not find these features.
What you find is a mode of 'Priority' which can make the smartphone idle for a certain period. But still many users who turns out to install third-party applications that make smartphones capable of displaying a silent mode.

4. The Lockscreen Widgets disappear
On Android smartphones, the existence of a widget or mini display critical application for most users, especially the widgets contained in the lock screen alias lockscreen.
However, widgets on the lockscreen removed by Google at Lollipop. Lollipop lockscreen looks empty and hollow. If you are a user who likes to change the song see SMS via the widget, you definitely would prefer KitKat.

5. The on / off quiet
If you press the on / off in Jelly Bean or KitKat you can find the option 'off the power' of up to airplane mode, in Lollipop you can only see the 'power off' or turn off the power.
This is in line with Google and smartphone vendors who claimed will eliminate the on / off button on the smartphone in the future. But for many users, they want more choice options when pressing the on / off button.

6. The notification lights off when silent mode
Due to silent mode or silent disappear in Lollipop, function notification light in the smartphone becomes affected. Your smartphone notification light will not turn off when the voice smartphone.
You can imagine when users will miss a lot of important notifications from various applications due to it.

7. Many bugs roam
Probably almost all operating systems will not escape from bugs or system errors. Not surprisingly, Google's smartphone vendor or continue to provide updates.
Well, because the relatively new Android OS, Lollipop still has many bugs that have not been repaired by Google. One bug that could haunt Lollipop is a problem when the smartphone is Wi-Fi is exposed to sunlight.

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HTC plans for smartphones and a new smartwatch

HTC photo

Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer, HTC, rumored to be preparing two new best product in the performance of Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015. Thorough, two products were prepared, namely smartphones and smartwatch.

As quoted by Bloomberg, Monday (19/01/2015), mentioned that presented the HTC smart phone will be equipped with the name of the M9 series. Android-based smartphone is powered sensor 20 MP camera and front camera with a resolution of ultrapixels.

In addition, the present specifications for the HTC One M9 will bring support kitchen runway from Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 810 Octa-Core with a user interface (UI) or interface development itself has been updated the HTC Sense UI 7.

As for the excellent features, in addition to the camera, the manufacturer is also reportedly going to rely on the quality of audio from Dolby Laboratories Inc. Pinning the internal speaker is equipped with Dolby 5.1 surrond technology, claimed to be present without distortion.

Electronic tool world exhibition to be held in Barcellona is reportedly going to be filled with the smartwatch or HTC smart watches. Unfortunately, there is no detailed information about the names and specifications to be used HTC.

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