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Xiaomi Yi Action Camera

Xiaomi Yi Action Camera

Xiaomi seems to not want to be known as the only smartphone maker. Chinese smartphone manufacturer was recently released Yi Action Camera is priced at a low price.

According to the website TechSpot reported on Thursday (05/03/2015), this camera will be a GoPro Hero camera weighs competitors. In comparison, Yi Action Camera GoPro is superior to both the ability and also the price.

Yi marketed at a price of US $ 64 You might think, "price that much, just where the former camera can?".

In fact, Yi Action Camera is equipped with an image processor coupled Ambarella A7LS Sony Exmor R CMOS sensor BSI-resolution 16 megapixel (MP), which is able to record Full-HD (1080p) with a frame rate of 60fps (frames per second). While GoPro Hero 13 MP resolution can only shooting 5 MP and 1080p video with a frame rate of 30fps.

Action This tiny camera weighs 72 grams and is lighter than the GoPro Hero (111 grams). His ability, claimed doubled beyond the nearest competitor. GoPro Hero camera itself is marketed at a price of US $ 130.

Yi Action Camera also features a built-in storage of 64GB, and is used under water resistant up to a depth of 40 meters.

Unfortunately, the camera Yi not packaged with other equipment such as storage boxes. You are interested in the camera Xiaomi Yi is also likely to have to be patient, because these new cameras released in China and there is no news to be released in other countries in the near future.


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