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2017 business opportunity with a small capital you can do and you should know

Many people know that employment is getting less and less here. If anything, the results obtained are also not as big as expected. Even for vocational school graduates, now a lot of that to be unemployed than those who work or continue their studies. From that a lot of people who choose to start a business or own business from home. Now I want to give a little information about business opportunities in 2017 will developed and become viral.

business opportunity you should know

Business trends each year it is different from one another. But in recent years, according to the survey are not many changes. Only a change in ranking position among one another. Therefore, you can read this article to get a variety of information about business opportunities for 2017. Please see the discussion below.

The sharing of a growing business can be a reference for you to try. Because after all, if we do not dare to try a business, then we can not feel it directly and can not get experience. So do not just read it, but the courage to start and run the risk of whatever happens in it.

Indeed, the business however it can not be equated with work. If we work may be the greatest risk of mistakes we did was fired. But if we do business, the biggest risk is bankruptcy and the loss is so great. So you should be able to choose the right business and improve your own business.

Well here are some business opportunities in 2017 which could be a reference for you to choose the right type of business. Indeed this is a popular business and ngetrend, so however, there will be many people who do this business. So you should be able to set up a business as possible in order to compete with others. Because after all, will be more and more tight competition.

You should be able to create something that is completely different from the others. Because if your business with the others. Then you will more easily match. Unique, creative and innovating creating change for the better is the most determining whether a business will continue to grow or not.

Immediately, refer to the discussion on business opportunities in 2017 with well manicured.

1. Selling online
Increased buying and selling online in 2017 will rise sharply. This is because the effect of increasing digital world, even things made easy in many ways. Even school children, many who have been able to generate a lot of money by selling online.

Although the major online stores as the ruler of the virtual universe has been lots scattered, but because it relies on its various kinds of ways in addition to the lure lucrative lure of different types of people, many who do this business.

It is estimated that such dropship business and resell it also will increase in 2017 as a profitable business opportunity. Because of the ease of selling without the need to stock the goods themselves, it will make itself a trend among many people.

To sort MLM business is estimated to still exist. But many people who are not interested. But for those beginners who want to earn money online, sometimes they get stuck with this business. But because they could not find a buyer, then they become traumatized by the online business.

Honestly authors alone time first foray into the business world has ever stuck with an MLM business, money games and so on. But I can finally detached from it all and no trauma to try different types of businesses that exist and have been shown to produce. One of them is the online selling itself, but not MLM and so on.

If you are a beginner and want to run a business of selling online, then you have to study and learn. Because the ins and outs of online sales, many from obtaining quality goods to how to create an ad copywriting and promotion strategies are able to attract many buyers.

Online Selling is easy easy difficult

For myself it was selling online easy easy difficult. Easy that we just sit down and stay in front leptop or smartphone. And hard it is for the sale transaction. Between trust and quality provided it is very difficult to be in the hearts of potential buyers if we can not convince.

But it also depends on the talent. If they were gifted to sell, any goods can be done easily. For those of you who are not talented sales will probably assume that the online sales business was so difficult. But you are talented or not talented, it does not hurt to try a business opportunity in 2017 this one, who knows you have a passion of its own in the online business on this one.

You can start selling items such as the veil, dress, cake, electronics, gadgets, books, housewares, school equipment, internet packages and so on. The important thing to know about the range of people who want to be a potential buyer, so not a spam campaign with here and there on social media using a tool that makes 

2. Online Services
Online Services is a business that is now being developed as well. Even growth each year is always increasing. Online Services is a service that is done by online. So the transaction does not meet in person, and the results of jasanyanya also not in the form of physical goods. So that the finished goods that will be delivered via online facilities as well. But if the goods it is a physical item, then it te includes a blend of offline and online services.

Services online is a business opportunity in 2017 will develop it as well as making web services / blog, repair and web settings, seo services, manufacturing services articles, services application creation, editing services of an application, service of making animated films, services, photo editing , interpreting services, design services, services online store, software development services to rekber services. Services such services will become a separate trend in 2017 will be. You can try one of the many online services.

Use the power of your own
In presenting the online services, you should be able to make everything with the skills you have. Suppose you are good at coding, you can create different types of android applications or services open to create a blog. Because that's where you will get a lot of money. Even if you do not have a lot of capital and ability, then you can also earn money by opening a photo editing services or services of article writing services. Because it alone can make a lot of money if you want to pursue well.

Online businesses are more open and more spacious. So maybe you will be dealing with fraudsters, people who like to demonize menjelek, rough and so on. Therefore, the thing you can do is to use everything as good as possible so that no one is harmed. Because to build that reputation is more difficult and longer than destroying the reputation of itself.

You also need to give priority to quality than quantity. If you can still both be run in conjunction with the well. For example ok quality, quantity also ok. This is so people who have been using your services, they will use your services in the future. In addition intertwine with both comfort and confidence to the users of your services. Because they are the assets that can set yourself to move forward properly.

3. Culinary business or café
Culinary business also includes 2017 business opportunities that could really thrive, and loved by young people in Indonesia. The proof development in 2016 alone so rapidly. Moreover, later in 2017 would be more people were in business. You can also try to follow this business if you have the ability to cook and also coined a suitable and strategic place for the sale of food or used as cafe.

This culinary business can be a profitable business for you to try. Because based on the experience of others, this is also a fast growing business. Especially when this business has its own characteristics and uniqueness. For example, are in place do not always, or packaging of the food was different.
For cafe business, I suggest that you make in a crowded place visited. And most importantly, keep the existing facilities free wifi. Because after all, this feature will be very important to attract the attention of visitors.

But you also should be able to manage finances as possible, lest they have their free wifi you become losers. Give the boundary, such as free wifi only switched from 7 pm to 12 o'clock at night. But if you still get a lot of benefit from income in the cafe itself, then make a 24-hour free wifi was not an issue.
Nowadays many culinary entrepreneurs are racing competition makes everything growing. For example there is a trend of "mirror cake" everyone flocked flock to buy it. Culinary entrepreneurs also do not want to miss the opportunity to see and take advantage of it.

Indeed, the power of social media was very great. Therefore, you may be able to take advantage of social media such as facebook and twitter to introduce cafes and culinary products to any other person.

4. Business Listing
Many people assume one eye on one's business. In fact, this is a business opportunity in 2017 to be nerkembang. Because, in this year alone, a lot of development so that the property business is also the choice of many people.
Maybe this is more loved by those who are not young people, but those who are already experienced. Even that much of it being a realtor. Because this was arguably a very profitable as long as know the target and market it well. The results obtained are also not small. So many people who pursue this business.
Maybe you do not understand much about it. Picture simply is no one who wants to buy a house, and there is also a wish to buy a home. Well you it becomes an intermediary for both of the transaction.

Profitable business
For some people, this is an easy business, as it can find a buyer and seller. Moreover, if the realtor is already known and trusted, would be very much through you without even looking. The easiest way you can do is to use the information that is scattered in all directions.
For example, from newspapers, internet, advertising media and so on. Then you find anyone who wants to buy a certain criteria and matched with selling certain criteria. Then you contact both parties and make them to want to sell and buy at a price that you adjust itself.
There are many people who succeed in that way. If you really want, then please try it this way. Who knows you can be successful in the business of brokering a property like this. Then when they have more capital, then you can become a financier of development itself, so that it becomes an investment.

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SAMSUNG possess Plans for 100 Years Ahead photo

Giant South Korean information technology company, Samsung Electronics has launched a program of the next 100 years. Samsung claimed to have a strategy for 100 years rather than 25 years or annual targets.

President and CEO of Samsung Electronics BK Yoon who was in Dubai to attend the Summit 2015 The Government acknowledges its secret weapon is in three things called 3P.

3P secret that is Product, Process and People (human resources). The three pillars that form the history of innovation Samsung.

"The vision we see the next 100 years and is active in accordance with the priorities and competitiveness, with the ultimate goal be long-term industry leader," said Yoon as quoted from Emirates247, Wednesday, February 11th, 2015.

Yoon tells difficult times such as Samsung make changes to the TV industry by issuing a super-thin LED televisions.

"During that time, I learned that the only way to advance is to leave all the technology and thinking behind and reset the rules of the game."

Now, Yoon boasted if in every second, 20 Samsung devices in the hands of customers. Nearly 665 million Samsung devices have been sold in 2014.

According to Yoon, technology is the key to penetrate the mega-trend, especially with the concept of the Internet of Things (IOT).

By implanting sensors, intelligent components, and enhanced connectivity in everyday devices, and using Big Data analysis to understand and act on the information they produce, IOT holds infinite possibilities to provide solutions that make our lives more healthy, comfortable and safe .

For Yoon, Samsung's future will be dominated by the Internet of Things technology. In 2020, Samsung will embed IOT technology on all devices issued. To that end, Yoon called an open ecosystem to harness the transformational potential of the IOT.

"In order to run a successful IOT, it must be developed starting from the day-to-day needs and is built on an open ecosystem," he said. Therefore, Yoon expect no support from the government. Collaboration between government and the private sector is very important to open up infinite possibilities of the IOT.


Some of technology company Collapsing because Adapting Late Change and Development

company broke photo

1. Napster
If you often hear about the fact that the music industry is currently low, probably Napster is one that can be blamed.

Through our peer-to-peer, Napster offers a new way to share music. Napster allows users to download music from other users easily. This service makes the greater the level of music piracy and harm the music industry at the time.

In less than a year, Napster users had passed 25 million and rising to 70 million in 2001.

In 2000 Napster was shut down because of the demands of the music and film industries, forcing Napster changing business models and stop sharing its facilities. In the end, Napster filed for bankruptcy in June 2002.

But the music and film industries have not been able to fully recover until today.

More than a century ago, Kodak photographic present and introduce the public to the world through its products. In fact, Neil Armstrong never use it when set foot on the moon in 1969.

Unfortunately, these companies failed because can not adapt to rapid change. Moreover, if not follow the digital trend.

In recent years, the leadership of the company failed to restore annual profit. Cash continues to depleted makes Kodak difficulty meeting its obligations to employees and retirees.

However, Kodak now trying to get back up to keep pace. One of them by producing smartphones.

3. Wang Laboratories
Wang Laboratories is a company famous calculator that branched into electronic word processor. The company marks kejayaanya in the 1970s.

Wang developed a sophisticated word processor operating system to match the hardware at the time. In fact, Wang had claimed more innovative than IBM, one of the tech giants 'aging' which still survive.

The company left behind when technology took a big leap forward. When that IBM made PCs much better than Wang operating system, relying on the merger of many applications in one device.

Wang was trying to get up, but Wang's decision to produce word processing software integrated on the PC too late. Wang finally went bankrupt in 1992.

List of Countries with the ease of Doing Business in 2015

List of Countries with the ease of Doing Business in 2015 photo

The easiest country to do business was not the global giants such as China, USA, Brazil and India. According to the latest rankings issued by the World Bank, a small country of Singapore and New Zealand, who led 187 other countries in terms of ease of doing business.

The report, entitled "Doing Business 2015: Going Beyond Efficiency" This is the 12th report made to measure business with ease using quantitative indicators relating to the regulation of business and can be compared among 189 countries.

According to the report, these indicators including ease of starting a business, dealing with construction permits, getting electricity, registering property, getting credit, protecting minority investors, paying taxes, trading across borders and legal certainty.

Countries such as Estonia, Germany and Switzerland are improving their positions last year. Currently three countries had perched in the top 20 positions. Meanwhile, Syria, Afghanistan, Venezuela and the Central African Republic are some of the worst countries in terms of ease of business.

Here are the top 10 countries in terms of ease of business:

1. Singapore

2. New Zealand

3. Hong Kong

4. Denmark

5. South Korea

6. Norway

7. United States

8. English

9. Finland

10. Australia

While the bottom 10 countries on this list are:

180. Haiti

181. Angola

182. Venezuela

183. Afghanistan

184. Congo

185. Chad

186. South Sudan

187. Central African Republic

188. Libya

189. Eritrea


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Rockstar Shipping the game Grand Theft Auto V as many as 34 million copies

Rockstar Game Developer photo

Rockstar, developer of the game Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) announced in 2014 that they shipped 34 million copies of the game adventures. Date, the company unveil the latest achievement of the most popular games ever launched in 2013.

Reported by Ubergizmo, Wednesday (04/02/2015), Rockstar shipped by 2015 as many as 45 million copies of the game GTA V. Approximately 10 million copies of the game genre is slid open-world gaming console Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Not only the console version of the game, the PC version of the game GTA V will be released on March 24, 2015. The appearance in the PC has been anticipated since the game debuted in September 2013.

Please note that the shipping is not showing sales figures. Copies of the game will be circulated on the store shelf retailers for sale to the buyer.

Figures shipments to 45 million units showed a great demand in the sequel to the game. GTA V game can be played in the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and following on the PC.


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Mafioso photo

Most of the crimes that occurred in the midst of human life is an act of criminal gangs or groups. Gangs have always been in the spotlight of public and law enforcement because of their deeds.

With all the resources and capabilities they have, gangs that often make people scared.

A number of modern gang has now evolved into a complex organization and strong enough. They also do not miss to immerse yourself in the world of politics and business to rake in purse money. Most of the gang was still justify any means to achieve their goals, including murder and torture with sadistic. They operate in a number of countries and continents.

For in Asia, where the gangs are the most dangerous? Follow the following review.

1.Yamaguchi gumi
According to Forbes magazine, the Yamaguchi-gumi group have the greatest revenue of all the gangs in the world. Their income reached more than Rp 1,000 trillion. The gang is also the largest yakuza group in Japan.

But the number of members of the Yamaguchi-gumi continued to decline in Japan. In 2013 the number of group members is estimated to be less than 60 thousand people. That figure is the lowest so far.

Tokyo Reporter even estimate about 11,600 members of this group only.

Chinese gangs known as the Triad is most frequently involved in smuggling weapons, drugs, animals, plants, software piracy, hacking credit cards, cybercrime, and forgery.

The gang is usually divided into small groups that operate independently. says there are about 1.5 million people were involved in the Triad organization. Triad of the largest group, the Sun Yee On has a membership of about 55,000 to 60,000 people.

Triad Group is increasingly rampant in his involvement with interstate crime.

3.United Bamboo
United Bamboo believed to be the most powerful gang in Taiwan, with more than 10 thousand members.

The group is still in operation by running the "code of ethics" which emphasizes the traditional unity.

They are known to control the amount of drug distribution in Taiwan and had a fairly strong influence in politics. United Bamboo is believed to operate in the whole of Asia, America, and Europe, as reported

Like most other gangs, United Bamboo does not have a leader. They tend to have a horizontal organizational structure that allows its members became the leader of the group if there are other members who were killed or captured.

Criminal group D-Company operates in India and the Persian Gulf. Their leader named David Abraham.

In contrast with other criminal groups, the D-Company is more likely to be the mastermind behind the terrorist attacks. When the terrorist attacks they usually ask for ransom. Even Ibrahim dubbed as a global terrorist by the United States because he had a relationship with Osama bin Laden, as reported

Under his leadership, the D-Company is involved in a number of terrorist attacks, including the Mumbai attacks in November 2008, equivalent to the events of September 11 attacks on the WTC, New York, USA.

In-Company are expected to earn billions of dollars from their criminal activity throughout the world. David Abraham himself is quite well known in India. Rumor has it she underwent plastic surgery to hide his identity.

5.Laskar Bali
Site Rocketnews24, Tuesday (2/2), released a shocking news. In the list that they set, Laskar Bali Society Organizations in the category of the most dangerous criminal gangs in Asia.

Laskar Bali assessed terrorize memalak tourism business through extreme action. RocketNews site was mapped five major gangs on the island, but Laskar Bali is its ruler. Average has official permission from the government armed with a large family association status.

"Laskar Bali establish security contracts with a restaurant and a nightclub in Bali tourist areas. Starting from Kuta, Legian, Seminyak up, guarded by members of Laskar Bali," said Amy Chavez, the author of the article.

These CBOs had broken joint venture, which also resulted in gang Baladika focus on running the business security. Members reached 25 thousand people.

Amy claimed to get the information that local residents did not like the lunge Laskar Bali. "They are very powerful," said one of the sources named Ketut.

"If there are restless in our restaurant, (Laskar Bali) move faster than the police," said Wayan.

While the book "Snowing in Bali" written Kathryn Bonella, Laskar Bali has a dirty business behind the security services. These CBOs accused pave drug trafficking, illegal weapons, as well as prostitution. "Laskar Bali can be separated from the stigma because every member do mischief, then this organization will say there is no connection," wrote Bonella.


These are some of your Online Business Failure Causes photo

Nowadays almost every business has a website as a medium for advertising and information for its customers. Internet worldwide make employers aware of the importance of having a business website if you do not want to be left consumers. But not all successful online business site, then what makes it fail?

As reported by Forbes, Tuesday (10/15/2013), must have a business site often makes it looks so unattractive. By doing so, of course, many visitors are reluctant to access the site.

Often employers do not think about some of the strategies that can make it look more attractive. Observation and research rarely done first to make a business website looks great.

Here are three reasons that can make your business websites fail:

1. Too complicated

In a business site, visitors are often baffled by too much movement and modification. This often makes it difficult to site visitors find what he was looking for.

If you display a number of commercials and video simultaneously without distance. The display makes visitors reluctant to see it.

View sites that are too complex can also be caused by too much animation, menu items, a link on the home page, mismatched colors and other things that make it difficult to access the visitors of your site. If people can not access your site, then the other sites will be incarannya.

2. Too focus on company profile

Although it sounds strange, but the sites are too many company profiles can make your business fail. Indeed, the site of the product and your company, but of course the consumer is the main thing.

What consumers need, including information on products and other informasil can increase consumer interest towards your product is a key priority in a business site.

If you are just busy discussing product specifications or pages of your site only displays the information sendikit attract visitors will be very difficult. In other words, do not make your website boring.

To avoid this, add the contents of an attractive appearance that suits your product. Provides information about peruahaan is important, but if you want to attract more people, make sure consumers receive the information they need.

3. Too general

Your business website should have a look unsightly and interesting content. It can help users find what they want and need.

But if it fails, then the consumer will quickly get bored. The visitors did not know what information can be obtained from the product because of the content of the site you are too general


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