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Eating fish that contains Omega-3 Prevents Skin Cancer and Oral Cancer

New research has found that omega-3 fatty acids contained in oily fish such as salmon and trout are known to fight skin cancer and cancer of the mouth, as well as efficiently can help prevent the growth of tumors and destroy cancerous tissue.

The findings obtained by scientists from Queen Mary, University of London, based on laboratory tests which showed that omega-3 into the cause of death of the malignant cells cause cancer.

The study, published online in the journal Carcinogenesis shows omega-3 has the potential to be used either as treatment or prevention of skin cancer and mouth. Polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 can not be created by humans in large numbers and to obtain it must be from food or supplements.

According Zacharoula Nikolakopoulou, MD, who conducted the research at Queen Mary, those at risk of these cancers may benefit from omega-3 fatty acids.

This new study involving certain types of cancer called squamous cell carcinoma. Squamous cell is part of the skin, and also occurs in the mouth, gastrointestinal tract, lungs, and other areas in the body. Oral squamous cell carcinoma is the sixth most common cancer occurring throughout the world and one that is difficult to treat.

In an experiment in the study, the scientists grow cell cultures in the laboratory and then treat it with a fatty acid. Such cells include the type of oral cancer cells and skin cells along with premalignant (precancerous) and normal cells of the skin and mouth.

"We found that omega-3 can selectively inhibit the growth of malignant cells and cells of premalignant at doses that do not affect normal cells." Said Kenneth Parkinson, head of Oral Cancer Research Group at Queen Mary's Institute of Dentistry.

Although some previous studies have linked the omega-3 in the prevention of some types of cancer, but few of them are associated with oral cancer.

Omega-3 fatty acids can be obtained by eating fish, fish oil, or supplements. Eating foods that contain omega-3 on a regular basis can provide benefits for your body, especially as it has been reviewed by this article, namely to prevent skin cancer and oral cancer.




What  is What  is oral cancer ?
Cancer of the oral cavity is a common designation of a malignant tumor that occurs in the oral cavity , including lip cancer , cancer of the gingiva , tongue cancer , cancer of the oral cavity palate , jaw cancer , cancer of the mouth , oropharyngeal cancer , salivary gland cancer , cancer of the maxillary sinus and cancer that occurs in the mucous membranes of the skin on the face .

How high incidence rates of oral cancer ?
Of all types of cancer , oral cavity cancer incidence rates occupy levels ~ 5.6 % 1:45 % of all malignant tumors , incidence rates were higher in men than women .

What are the factors that cause oral cancer ?
1 . Habit of smoking and alcohol consumption in the long term : most oral cancer patients have a history of smoking and drinking alcohol for a long time and oral cavity cancer patients who do not smoke and do not drink alcohol very slightly visible .
2 . Condition less oral hygiene : oral hygiene habits are lacking , creating the conditions for the growth of bacteria or fungi flourish in the oral cavity , thus simplifying the formation of nitrosamines .
3 . Stimulation foreign matter in the long run : the root of the tooth or teeth are pointy end , dentures that do not fit in stimulating the mucous membranes of the oral cavity for a long time , causing chronic injury and occurs canceration .
4 . Nutrition is not good : such as lack of Vitamin A1 and Vitamin B2 and elements Zinc , Arsenic , all of which can increase the body's sensitivity to carcinogens , thus causing oral cancer .
5 . Mucosa leukoplakia and erythema : Oral Mucosal erythema and proliferation of leukoplakia is often a symptom of precancerous lesions .
6 . Ultraviolet ( UV ) : tepapar outdoor workers directly in the sun for a long time , the incidence rate of oral cancer is higher .
7 . Ionizing radiation : Ionizing radiation can cause changes in the genetic material

DNA , activating genes causing tumor canceration .
Eighth . Another factor : chronic hepatitis , liver cirrhosis , viral infections and other diseases that cause decreased immunity levels are also associated with cancer of the oral cavity .

What are the symptoms of oral cancer are suspect?
1 . Discoloration : If the oral cavity changes color to white , brown or black , mean epidermal cell mucosal changes . Especially the oral mucosa turned into a rough , thickened or become scleroma , arise oral mucosa leukoplakia , erythema , very likely an canceration .
2 . Wounds that do not heal : Process sores in the oral cavity is generally not more than two weeks , when there burning, pain in excess of two weeks and not getting better , need to be aware of the possibility of cancer of the oral cavity .
3 . Obvious pain : In the early stages there is no pain or just feel abnormal friction in one piece , after ulcerate obvious pain , along with further tumor infasi to the nerve , causing pain in ears and throat .
4 . Swollen lymph nodes : Cancer of the oral cavity most metastases to lymph nodes in the neck , causing swelling of the lymph nodes .
5 . Symptoms of dysfunction : Tumor invasion might mouth muscles and joints of the lower jaw , causing movement limited mouth opening and closing .
Own examination of the oral cavity cancer
1 . Examine the face and neck : When examining the neck, as much as possible must be raised my head back , look at whether there is an abnormality in the bone of the lower jaw and neck ; then use a separate hand touching the left and right side of the neck and lower jaw bone area , try to feel whether there is a difference of the two sides on the neck and lower jaw bone area .
2 . Checking the lips : Previously using eye observing the outer side of the upper and lower lips , then use hands to touch , then use your thumb and index finger pull the lower lip down to inspect the inside , the last check the inside of the upper lip .
3 . Checking gums : Attractive lips to check the gums and use the index finger to touch , observe whether the result is not the same with the previous examination .
4 . Checking cheek : The mouth closed , then by placing the thumb and index finger in the corner of the lip and pull it outwards , using the eyes to observe , at the same time using two hands to touch the sides of the cheeks , to see if there is an abnormality .
5 . Checking tongue : tongue Reaching out , using the hand that has been wrapped in gauze to hold my tongue , watching and touching the surface of the tongue , pull to the left and right , pay attention to the two sides of the tongue .
6 . Checking the base of the tongue : the tongue lifted up as much as possible , observing and touching the base of the tongue , check whether there is an abnormality .
7 . Checking section of the esophagus and upper palate : Sounding " Aaaaa " , under illumination sufficient attention to the throat , then ditengadahkan head slightly back , watching and touching the ceiling above .

Conventional methods of treatment of cancer of the oral cavity
1 . Operation : Surgical removal is a common method in the treatment of oral cancer , oral cavity cancer early stage if still not found metastases to lymph nodes in the neck , can use a single method with surgical removal .
2 . Chemotherapy : In the treatment of head and neck cancer are very few who only uses chemotherapy , usually combined with radiotherapy , in order to increase the sensitivity of the radiation beam .
3 . Radiotherapy : Treatment of radiotherapy although used alone or in combination with surgery , in the treatment of cancer of the oral cavity has an important function , can maintain the functions of chewing , swallowing and voice function , improve the quality of life of oral cancer

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