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Some wary of internet crimes in 2015

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Mankind has witnessed the birth of millions of new viruses and various illegal acts on the Internet in 2014. Unfortunately, the threat will not just stop in the 2015's.

ESET as a provider of Internet security services, warned that the potential of cyber crime will continue to grow along with the development of technology and gadget world.

Unfortunately, the impact of the development of cybercrime in 2015 could have an impact fatal for netizens. Call it a loss of time, loss of business opportunities, and polluted reputation as happened at Sony Pictures when attacked by hackers 'Guardian of Peace'.

Here are five Internet crime trends predicted by ESET will boom in 2015.

1. APT Attacks
APT Advanced Persistent Threats or Internet attacks executed is specific or focus on a specific target. The danger, APT attacks tend to persist in the system for a long time and did not realize its presence.

APT methods typically use social engineering techniques (gathering information before hacking) or Zero Days exploits. Site APTnotes reported when APT attacks increased in recent years, from three attacks in 2010 to 53 attacks in 2014.

2. The online payment system
With the development of eCommerce Indonesian climate, attacks against online payment system via the Internet is still very tempting for criminals.

The number of transactions and increase the perpetrators in the field of eCommerce helped trigger the birth of a new crime in the online payments sector. Especially today, online payment method has been integrated with online banking and mobile gadgets, which led to hacking activities to earn money 'haram' more interesting.

3. Point of sales (POS) system
ESET detects the presence of the worm Win32 / BrutPOS on PoS System is capable of doing overused password to get into the Remote Desktop Protocol user. PoS attack is predicted to continue to increase in 2015.

One of the attacks are quite shocking PoS is an attack on the online retailer Home Depot which resulted in 56 million user data exposed in cyberspace.

4. Bitcoin, ransomeware, and malware
Bitcoin has been declared as the currency with the most extreme decline in value in 2014 due to the many attacks launched to steal it. Well, Bitcoin will remain the main target of hackers in 2015.

In fact, hackers will most likely use it to impersonate ransom ransomware attack. Hackers believed will also continue to develop the type of malware that is increasingly difficult to detect and kill them, so they plan to run smoothly.

In July 2014, ESET researchers published an analysis of ransomware in Android, as well as a first Ransomware that encrypts files on Android. In a discussion forum Cybercrime 2020 Goeorgetown University declared Ransomware will be the future of consumer cybercrime.

5. Digital Devices
Internet of Things is a milestone in the various parliaments internet use human life began to glance cybercriminals to launch their illegal actions. Not only gadgets, various household devices that are already connected to the Internet can be used as a back-channel to attack the target.

Fortunately, ESET predict when an attack against the household digital technology is not going to get in the frequency of massive and not aiming for economic motives. However, remain vigilant against this attack pattern is the most appropriate measures so that we do not experience the business data looting or even money via cyberspace.

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