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How to Appreciate a person can be seen how he put his cell phone

When chatting with friends or family, do not confuse attention with staring at the phone screen. Telungkupkan moment and focus to the chat.

Try to remember, while you're having lunch with your comrades, how do you put in your mobile phone on the table? Do you put it with the screen facing up or down? It turned out that this simple choice behavior has meaning not simple.

According to an article in site, there are two categories of mobile phone users, which are placed the cell phone with the screen facing up and they were put with the screen facing down. Apparently, the way we put the phone on the table with regard to how committed we are to be in the moment with others in the real world, both physically and mentally.

When we're hanging out with close friends, almost certainly we will consider seriously the words in a chat with them. However, when we are together with some people that we consider less interesting conversation, almost certainly we automatically begin to play with each mobile phone to find something else more enjoyable.

In the real world, in certain circumstances we are required to prioritize and appreciate the people who are present with us. However, with the advent of smart phone technology, why our attention to those people so easily distracted? The answer is that in cyberspace we have a choice to do just something we want to do. There is no necessity in it.

According to the study, the behavior of the people in the virtual world show more based on self-gratification factor, namely the things that can please ourselves. Think about it, when did you last do something in cyberspace because you feel it is the right thing to do? It is rare indeed.

In the real world, similar rules do not apply. We "should" behave. We "have to" pretend listening even though we are not interested. In the real world there are many things we do as a necessity, not an option as it is more often the case in cyberspace.

Have you ever talked to someone for 5 minutes without the person's release from his eyes clutched the phone screen? The phenomenon that is now prevalent.

To establish social relationships deeper than just exchanged greetings on Facebook alone, we need to be people who want to put a cell phone with the screen facing down. Why is that? By putting your phone with the screen facing down, indirectly we have put a damper on the distraction the same time reduce the need of self-gratification.

Yes, the man who put the phone with the screen facing up tend to be more easily distracted by other things more interesting than his friends who sat with him at the time. Because when chatting lunch the real world, it is good we change behavior by turning the phone facedown.

Quite simply, when we are talking or hanging out with some friends, we also want to be rewarded with the full attention of the interlocutors, is not it?

Playacting make some things in life are not happy

One of the factors that determine our happiness is a choice and the attitude of our lives. Did you know that living with too much drama make life increasingly unhappy?

Often we are asked, when it comes true happiness in life? Due to the fact that many things in life that are difficult to control. We can not control the weather, disease, family choose where we are born, and we could not control our age. In other words, we can not always get what we want and expect.

But are we not entitled to be happy? Of course we have to be happy! Aside from the things we can not control, in fact many things that can affect our happiness. However, we often do the habits of our own making us unhappy.

What habits that often we do not realize it?

1. Living a life with too much drama and worry

Often feel scared for things that do not necessarily occur is characteristic of people living in the drama. He often imagine the worst rather than the best chances in life. Though it's not necessarily the case. He is the fear of failure, fear of poverty, fear of abandonment, fear of rejection.

Negative imagination dominate his life as drama scenarios. Who could be happy if it continues ruled concern? If you want to be happy, immediately end your drama!

2. Judging yourself harshly

Have you ever said harshly and scold yourself out loud? "You idiot!", "Why do you always say the wrong thing?", "Why can not you lose weight by yourself?", "Basic suck!"

Self-criticism is allowed, but that does not mean self-deprecating. Do not be so cruel to yourself if you want to be happy. Try to be realistic in evaluating themselves.

3. Always think that myself always unlucky

Stigmatize yourself like, "Ah I certainly fool so always make mistakes," or "I can not work properly," sentences was not only degrading the concept of self, but also humble dignity.

To this end, we must dare to evaluate ourselves wisely. Even made a mistake, it does not mean we are the worst in the world. Changing and trying to get better is the answer rather than discredit themselves.

4. Blaming yourself for something that can not be controlled

Indeed, it is easier to blame themselves rather than accept the situation that we can not control. There are conditions in which we are stuck in a situation that is going out of control and beyond our responsibility. Do not blame yourself in that situation. Better to accept realistically.

Not all bad things happen in our lives because of our fault. Moreover, if that makes a reality of life is someone else entirely we can not change. But we can change ourselves and our perspective.

5. Always blaming circumstances and other people

Do not blame others when the situation we face is not as we expected. Do not blame other people who make you so angry and emotional.

Because actually we ourselves can control anger, not their cause. If you want someone to understand you do not say, but talk well.

6. Creating his own suffering with bad habits

Opium smoking, alcohol, and drugs will only undermine happiness, why should it be continued? This custom looks can provide relief, but only for a moment. In fact after this bad habit can make life even more miserable.

7. Comparing oneself with others

Stop wished to be someone else because you are not satisfied with yourself. Comparisons are created in social community will never satisfy you.

Be yourself and accept yourself what it is. Prove that we can live within our own happiness. Do not hang your happiness with the happiness of others. Everyone has their share of happiness. One way to stop comparing yourself to others is: be grateful!

8. Do not be yourself

Do not let the social pressure which controls the attitude and behavior. Do not try to live to be someone else if you're not comfortable. Find the things that make you believe yourself to be yourself. Do not let the "true self" is lost.

9. Believing that you will never be able to change

"I really like this one," "It's been ingrained, can not be changed". Well that self-acceptance is a positive thing, but that does not mean this to be a compromise to not change yourself for the better.

Remember, humans have the privilege

10. Too independent

Human life will always come with other humans. We can not live alone and feel able to do everything alone. Humans are always in need of emotional support, help to solve the problem, a friend to brainstorm. To grow we need others.

The decision to be happy and live life with a sweet in your own hands. Do not let the bad habits that are not important disturb your right to be happy

Cheating Spouse, How to know ?


Faithful lover is everyone's dream, but when we girlfriend cheating it is a very painful thing. Below are tips to know you're a lover or boyfriend cheating.

Suddenly lover Give More Attention
If your lover suddenly pay attention more than ever it deserves to be suspicious. Because it could be the lover is covering perselingkuhannnya. He did this so that you do not suspect. In order to anticipate this case you should ask why so considerate lover, but if the answer lover disconnected or does not make sense, chances are you're cheating lover.

You Call Your Girlfriend moderation
Tip this one opposite to the first tips. Tip this second you call your lover only modest, for example your lover contact you via telephone, SMS, BBM, Line, WhatsApp etc. once every three days, and if the reply sms or chat seem indifferent and lazy. This happens because your lover is already saturated with you. Usually this is a sign of your lover will ask for breaking and may already be a substitute you in his heart.

Often lover Evade
This one is one of the characteristics of your lover cheating. The cause of this is the lover you are bored with you or likely she cheated. It is usually seen when we invite met, the lover always say busy or stall-ngulur time and still many reasons to shy away from you. It could be your lover concerned with the time for the affair.

Often lover Emotions Unclear
Your lover often angry unclear is one of the characteristics of your lover is already bored with you or already have another lover. The reason your lover always emotions against you because you want your lover to hate him. Usually after you root angry quarrel with your lover that may cause trivial. After a long fight your lover will ask the break up to you .This is the way to escape from your lover so that he could more freely affair with mistress.

Those are some tips to know the characteristics of your girlfriend or boyfriend were having an affair. May be useful for you to have a lover.

Some Benefits of Hugging

Benefits of Hugging
Benefits of Hugging - photo

Cuddle is an action that is very easy to do but have a big impact on the state of emotional, mental, and physical.

Cuddle is an action that is very easy to do but have a big impact on the state of emotional, mental, and physical to the giver and the recipient hug hug. 

Here are some interesting facts about the benefits Of A Hug :

1. Reduce Depression
Studies have shown that hugged at least four times a day can help dispel depression. Furthermore, hug someone to eight times a day can help stabilize the mental health of both parties. According to Beate Ditzen, Ph.D., a psychologist from the University of Zurich, hugging produces the closeness that decreases the secretion of stress hormones and increases the secretion of the hormone oxytocin, known as the hormone that makes one feel happy.

2. Smooth communication
No relationship is perfect, even the most perfect pair though certainly never fight, at least once or twice. After the fight, may be somewhat difficult to start making up and talking as usual. You may be afraid to offend or hurt the feelings of your partner again so that you do not know what to do. Give a warm hug to your partner. A famous marriage counselor named David Klow stated that hug is the best medicine for couples who want to improve their relationship. While this is certainly not the solution to the problem of romance you, hug is a good start to help relieve anger and hurt.

3. Increasing confidence
Make a habit of hugging your spouse and your children before the start of each day. Studies show that people who hug will feel more confident and brave to face the challenges of today. With a hug loved ones, you build a special relationship and the person you hug will feel that they are loved and cared for. For example, a child who often embraced his parents as a child will grow to understand and know how to respect and love others when he grew up.

4. Creating comfort
When a child cries, they often will raise their hands as if crying for attention and hugs parents. Sometimes a hug is an effective solution to stop the crying and frightened child. But did you know that it is also perceived adults? Cuddle proven to help adults calm down and deal with the problems it faces. So, when a friend or your partner is experiencing hard times, hug him as he prayed the prayer so that he can cope with the problem as well as possible.

5. Helps reduce pain
A study showed that when a person is in the arms of her partner or beloved ones, perceived pain levels less than those who do not cuddle or people who are in the arms of a stranger. Regular physical interaction with your partner will not only create kemesraaan but also can reduce the pain and sorrow that you are both natural.

6. Encouraging healthy mental growth
As a parent, you have a duty to make sure your children grow healthy. Good nutrition through healthy foods and beverages of great benefit to the physical growth of children. But did you know that a hug of great benefit to the mental growth of children? Contrary to the belief of modern society that a baby should be left alone when crying that he was able to compose herself, recent studies indicate that this action actually will actually cause anxiety and panic when faced with separation (separation anxiety) when the baby becomes an adult later . The best way to handle a crying baby or child is to hold her in her arms until she feels comfortable you or go back to sleep. You may feel tired and lack of sleep, but you sacrifice a good parent will help your child develop a positive mental attitude.

7. The secret of eternal youth
Have you ever heard the phrase "happiness is the key to health and longevity"? Cuddle up can make you look and feel youthful and energetic as hugging helps secretion of the hormone oxytocin which makes you feel happy. In addition, the hormone oxytocin is remarkable is also beneficial for strengthening the immune system, reduces the risk of heart disease, and lower stress levels.

So, what are you waiting? Hug your loved ones now and do it as often as possible for you and their happiness.

Building a Stronger Relations between Parents with Children

Tips Relations between Parents with Children
Relations between Parents with Children Tips - photo

Although we are busy with all the activities that exist should we also have to take the time to close with the family especially children. The role of parents in childhood is very influential for the growth and development of their children.

Routines may have turned us into people who do not care about us. Because solid routine, making us unable to interact with the people around, including the family. Although we are busy with all the activities that exist, should we also have to take the time to close with the family especially children. The role of parents in childhood is very influential for the growth and development of their children. Therefore, a close relationship with the child's need to have to lead them and be a role model for them. At least take the time to strengthen the relationship with the child.

Consider the following things that can strengthen the relationship with the child's parents.

1. Vacationing
The most common way and effectively carried out by all the parents are away on holiday with the children. Whether it's going to the recreation park, go to the beach, or maybe go camping. Try to get as close to the child's self with him talking or joking. Not a problem friend a nice vacation or not, but the opportunity to be with the child need to use it well.

2. Clean the house together
A simple way to do without having to spend a lot is to clean the house together. In addition to strengthening the relationship of parents with children, it also can foster cooperation between parents and children. Not only that, in this way we also teach our children to be responsible and care about the cleanliness of the neighborhood.

3. Perform a hobby together
If parents and children pick the same hobby, you do not need to search for topics or what it can attract the attention of the child. With the same hobby closeness between children and parents will stay awake, because they will continue to talk about the hobby together they like.

4. Do not lose a moment to talk with children
Although you are busy with all the activities that exist but do not let a moment to speak with the missing child. Use the sidelines of the time available to talk with the child whether it is currently taking a child to go to school, breakfast time, pick up school children, and so on. Ask questions about life at school, friends at home or something that can make them happy. In this case the parents should always actively looking for questions for their children.

5. Accompany and guide children learn
This may rarely or may not have had time to do because of the busyness that requires you to leave this opportunity. But try to take time to help and guide them in their learning at school. Although merely assist them in learning, it can make your child's heart happy.

6. Try replacing the role of a maid or nanny you
Although we've put all the responsibility of caring for the child to the maid or nanny, but the exact role of parents can not be replaced by a nanny. Do not let our children all about hanging the nanny, the role of parents is also important. Try to be a real parent for your child to take care of them, bathe them, prepare breakfast for them, and many more.

7. Storytelling for them
Although many say that storytelling is an ancient method used to get closer to parents with children, it turns out it is still an effective way to use. With storytelling we also teach children to process information and imagination with what we talked about. Tell me about the stories that can inspire them and build their spirit.

8. Give the gift of a surprise for an achievement
The kids were very happy with the gift, especially if the gift is the object he wants tersebuat. This method is also good enough to be close to the child, through this way we teach that something can not be obtained in a way that instant but it takes hard work to achieve it.

9. Bring to worship together
Although we have inadequate physical needs but do not forget we must meet spiritual needs as well. Teach children to know God early on will give a lot of positive impact dikehidupannya later. Parents in this very important role in the spiritual development of the child to God. Do this over and over in order to get closer to God's children and the elderly.

Good Luck

A Few Things You Mandatory Beware When Online Dating

Beware When Online Dating
Beware When Online Dating  - photo

Online dating may be done, but you still need to be careful and vigilant lest you be deceived and regret. Perform online dating in a proper way so that you soon get the right pair.

Today, advances in technology are very influential for human life. Technology not only can provide extensive information for us, but the technology can also help us to make friends all over the world without boundaries. Many applications are created that enable us to be able to socialize via the internet, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Not only that, with the progress of this technology has helped many women or single men in the world get a mate through online dating sites on the internet. There have been many couples who follow the online dating is finally married.

But behind the good benefits provided from this online dating, there are many people who take advantage through online dating is to commit a crime. If you are interested in finding your soul mate of online dating sites, try the following tips so that you are not fooled and can find your true soul mate.

1. Choose an online dating site that has established a reputation
Almost the same as shopping at an online store, make sure that you have selected a trusted dating site and have had a good reputation. Using an online dating site that has had this reputation greatly help you avoid scams.

2. Protect your personal profile
If you are a beginner, you should not first use your real name in the online dating site or a short message on the internet the other. Do not list your full identity such as address, phone number, and the like. This thing you need to do to avoid the evil that can come your way.

3. Does he use a pseudonym
When you've done online dating with the same people for many times and you love to talk with him, try to make sure in advance whether he wears a pseudonym or not. If he is open and real name, maybe you can do the same thing that you are both more open and close with each other.

4. Ask identity
When you already know the original name and want to get to know him, ask him who the real identity, such as phone numbers, addresses, what the origin of his work and a brief about him. When you get the credentials, try to call or simply check their credentials to ensure correctness. If he hides his identity or reject your phone, you should be vigilant.

5. Ask for more photos
In online dating many people often manipulate themselves by putting other people to their profile picture. Most of them are doing it because want to cheat or for not confident with their own faces. When you do this online dating, should you need to ask a lot of photos of your friends online dating. Instead, you must do the same thing that you both trust each other more.

6. Do not rush
When you do online dating on the internet, you should use the time to know your date and get to know your date is closer. Do not rush to invite meet until you are sure that your date. Keep the conversation casual and fun for both of you until you both feel for each other.

7. Make a video call
Before you meet directly with your date, ask him first to make video calls. The aim is that you can see the way your actual date so that you are not cheated or you can recognize it when you meet. By doing video calls can also help you avoid scams.

8. Save the evidence
When you do online dating, save the evidence that you have just in case if something bad happens in the future. Save all conversations, photos, identity, and anything that may be evidence of a crime in order to anticipate the future that may befall you.

9. Invite meet directly
When you are sure he is the one you are looking for all this time and after doing some of the above, you are more confident with it, you can take him to meet to get to know more deeply and bring your relationship to a more serious level.

Online dating may be done, but you still need to be careful and vigilant, lest you be deceived and regret. Perform online dating in a proper way so that you soon get the right pair.

Some Things Must contemplated by Good Before Married

Think Before Marriage Articles
Think Before Marriage - photo

Wedding that you will live with him will not be short, as long as it will be a lot of changes going on within you and him, the power of love you every day will continue to be tested until the time you have parted ways.

He began a new chapter in home life is often confusing, there will be many questions that often arise would lead to various kinds of doubts. To overcome this smooth communication between the two sides is the solution. Various kinds of misunderstandings and doubts will be resolved together if each partner wants to be humble and unselfish. Therefore, before you get married there are some questions you should ask to your potential partner so that everything can be gone well.

1. Are you sure to choose him
It's important to know how strong your beliefs about your potential partner, it aims to ascertain whether or not you feel overwhelmed when deciding to be willing to become his life companion. Also ask him to express his own feelings honestly and without any coercion from anyone.

2. Will stay where after married
Ask you both will stay where after getting married later. Whether to stay in their own homes or temporarily staying with the parents of the husband or wife. Make a deal together at the beginning in order to avoid misunderstandings.

3. Who will be responsible for the family economy
Ask and make mutual agreement who will be responsible for the economy of the family, so that the division of labor allows one party can concentrate on taking care of and caring for the family at home. But today ideally every couple should work. Like a pool when the pool has two springs will certainly be quickly filled and in case if one of the ponds dry out will still have water, but this is just an exception.

4. How many children do you want to have
Check with your partner. Plan your family with the best possible including the number of children who want you both have. Be sure to always tailored to the capabilities of your economy, health and education so that someday your children can be met.

5. Who will take care of the children later
If it turns out you both agree to work together there must be the responsible care of the family at home, including who will care for your children later. Bahasalah this issue before you were married, if necessary, involve siblings or your parents so that they understand your situation.

6. Do you need a housekeeper
This problem should already be completed and agreed upon ahead of time before you get married. Customize your financial ability is unable or unwilling to pay for services of a housekeeper.

7. Would you be willing to budge mutual
In married life will surely always be obstacles that come to confront. Therefore, ask if you would be willing to both each other someday succumb when faced with a situation contention? Promise and hold the determination of this agreement so that any disputes will always be resolved peacefully.

8. Are you both willing to promise to put family above all else
You need to understand that once married you will not be able to freely as they did before getting married. You must understand that the time for the family is much more valuable than anything. Therefore, ask yourself whether once married you both are willing to put the interests of the family above all else.

9. Will she love you until the end of life
Wedding that you will live with him will not be short, as long as there will be many changes that happen to you and him, the power of love you every day will continue to be tested until the time you have parted ways. Ask it to him and ask him to answer honestly whether he is willing to love you sincerely to the end of life, and then ask him to hold it with a courage that your marriage with him will always be filled with happiness.

Some Tips to Become a Successful Woman

Successful Woman Articles photo

Certainly a successful woman is the dream of every woman. The success of a woman not only in the light of its wealth or position.

Currently times have changed, women and men have an equal role. If the first woman could never compete with men because women are always considered weak, now women have to be reckoned with ability than men. We have had many leaders in government, led by a woman, not only that, today more and more employers and workers are highly successful women than men. It is proved that women can be successful exceed men.

Certainly a successful woman is the dream of every woman. The success of a woman not only in the light of its wealth or position, this success also means success as a successful child for his parents, success as a wife for her husband, successful as a mother to her son, went on to become independent and hardworking woman for himself. Being a successful woman would require a process that is not easy. Many things you need to do if you want to be a successful woman in life, and here is the key to success:

1. Know the identity
If you want to be a successful woman, you need to be familiar with how your identity completely because it is important to determine the success of your life in the future. You need to know what abilities and your passion in life, for example, you have a talent as an entrepreneur or care of the house. That way you will know your character and can plan your life.

2. Develop the ability
After knowing who you are, of course, you know what abilities or advantages that exist within you. Develop the skills that you have every day. For example, if you have the ability to write, take every day to write or if you have the ability to make a cake, make a cake as often as possible. With hone and develop your skills every day, your ability it will soon deliver you to success.

3. Looking for experience
In addition to developing the ability, you also need to find the experience as much as possible. Many ways you can do for the experience, for example by reading a book, listening to the experiences of people who have become experts or successful, watching video, or you can also plunge into the field. With a wide range of experience that you get can help you get the knowledge that you can use to achieve success.

4. Networking
One key to the success that needs to have a woman in this day and age who wants success is networking. Social networking is critical to your success in the future. Build your network of friends as much as possible. With so many friends and acquaintances, aka the connection will help you find relief later in the future. Not only that, with many of your connections will be easier to find a job or promote your business or businesses.

5. Confidence
To be a successful woman takes great confidence. You need to believe in yourself, believe in your ability, believe in what you do, believe that every effort you make will definitely get results by your efforts. With confidence will be a positive impact on your life's journey towards success. You will be better able to work hard and do not give up your dreams in the future.

6  Love your choice
Trust me, if you love what you have chosen, as difficult as any obstacles that you face is sure to be easy because you enjoy it. Additionally, with the choice to love you do, you will not be stressed or afraid of because you will try my best to do the best in your life. That way you will also be easier to get success.

Every human being, both men and women have the opportunity to be successful, it all depends on the choices you make. If you want to succeed you can try to do the tips above and do not forget to pray, because every effort and hard work always requires prayer to perfect it. Believe me there is no wasted effort in the eyes of the Creator.

Thank you for reading this article.
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Some Causes Reasons You Should Leave Social Media

Leave Social Media photo

As we know, there are some negative effects of engaging in social media too much. What are the symptoms that indicate that you should lose touch with social media?

Before Facebook sweeping the globe, we know only a little bit of social media, among others, YouTube or MySpace. But now apart from Facebook, Twitter appears, Instagram, Pinterest, and whatnot. Many people follow all of this just so practically trendy. 

As we know, there are some negative effects of engaging in social media too much. What are the symptoms that indicate that you should lose touch with social media?

1. Spend time
Practically no other activities that you do in addition to the ubiquitous carry cell phones and social media to open each page. Wake up, eat, work, before bed, the other not your eyes attached to your phone's screen.

2. Fired from job
Because of the open social media and caught wearing mobile phone while operating can you get fired from your job. And you've got the warning twice but still did not give up. The third time you led out by your boss, in addition to embarrassing also shut down your search eyes everyday.

3. You do not have any friends
You have only friends in cyberspace. Your association just around the photographs and messages written on social media pages.

4. You have more than 10 accounts
All social media you have to open each day. Your life just revolves around the social media. You busy reading the post and write about yourself.

5. You are obsessed
You forgot to eat forget to sleep because of busy with your account. Every action and feeling, you write in social media, there are other things more interesting than yourself. Of displaying the photos you take with Selfi and tongsis (narcissistic stick) to writing about how you give your cat eat today. You think social media is your autobiography?

6. You are paranoid
What have you read, your connection between yourself and you do not believe that the author did not even know you.

7. You do not take care of yourself
Because you no longer often out of the house and are not working, you do not care about your personal appearance. Matted hair, face cemong, clothes smell because you have not shower a month.

8. You do not like to read anything other than social media
In the past you like to borrow books from the library, now let alone do it, you are no longer interested in reading other than messages or postings on social media.

9. Households displaced
Because the mind focused to social media pages, whatever people say around you is not heard. Sign ear and out the right. Relationship with your spouse because he felt shaky unnoticed. Even worse when both are busy with social media. Household topsy turvy because there is no communication, abandoned children and there is likely to be brats.

10. School Abandoned
You miss school because secretly in your class busy opening social media pages so did not hear what is being taught by the teacher. Home work is not once you do, you do not learn at home so that your test scores drop.

If you experience one or more of the above symptoms mean you have to stop doing activities in social media. At least until you understand or change your bad habits. If you ignore these symptoms and continue your bad habits, your life will be ruined. Imagine if you get fired from a job because could not resist opening of social media in the workplace. You will add to unemployment and if you are married you torment your family. Similarly, if you do not finish school because of the plethora of reading and writing in social media, you ruin your future. There's more things that are not written on the can show that you have to break up a relationship with social media. You should examine yourself whether you are on social media activities harm or benefit yourself and those around you.

Several factors led to Divorce

Couse Divorce photo

Having experienced in the world of weddings, I conclude that it is my duty to share my experiences with other couples with the decision to divorce.

I want to share with you, what I believe, as the main reason couples have a hard time keeping their marriage intact.

You will notice when you are researching 8 this reason, nothing looks serious on this list. None of this subject at first glance seem a big deal.

Let's discuss them one by one.

1. Saturation
It is the choice of each individual to keep boredom crept into their lives. It is not the task of your partner to continue to entertain you or to adjust everything he did in order to keep you always happy. Find a job you love, choose a hobby, follow the class to develop yourself, find things you like and do. You will bring it to the happiness of your marriage.

2. Unrealistic Expectations about marriage
Married with the thought that all would be fun and have fun, be happy every time and continue to rejoice forever only to plunge you into a place called disappointment. Is when we realize that we are in this situation together, we want to protect and love each other, we want to be in the same street as our goal, and we want to bring joy to each other so that all things start running smoothly.

3. Refuse to look the other way than you do in doing something
Are those that become rigid and organize the most important for us. In the end, if nothing has changed, one or both of you will be unhappy. The real meaning of truly loving others is to learn to give.

4. The idea: The grass is greener
It is very WRONG. I have been married and often enough to know that every relationship requires a lot of effort. And if you really want to succeed, you will do whatever it takes.

5. Lack of humility: never wrong and do not forgive
When you are wrong - admit it. When you right - say too sorry. We all know the word, I'm sorry, work to fix the problems in the relationship. Women, in particular, we will be touched and forgive anything if a man humbly apologize. Is normal to make mistakes.

6. The focus changed from love to criticism
It is easy, for many years, to begin to see the negative in any relationship because you are met at all times. More difficult to find and appreciate the positive things. Make a desire to look for good things from your partner and show it to your partner.

7. The mindset that is difficult to change.
If I gather a thousand for every time I heard the greeting, "that's me, do not try to change me." I will be rich. If that is your attitude - change your attitude now. We all have the space to be developed, and be willing to change will only create a worse situation

8. Money: shortage or waste of
As long as there is money, there is always a problem in the marriage. What else can I say.

And again, in its own way, this thing looks harmless, but money can lead to bigger problems in the marriage, if not controlled. Some couples are very remarkable in uniting their minds when the situation becomes difficult. However, some couples believe that the solution is to go - infidelity, too old to work, drugs and alcohol, too long outside the home - the list continues to grow.

Do what you can do to make your marriage intact. Do whatever it takes to get there. If you have trouble, take a case or problem and solve it now. If you can save your marriage, in the end, it will be worth it.

"It's not too late8 s good biggest Consider couples divorce"
works Janeen Diamond.

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Tips Some Attention husband who can build increasingly wife can touch

Tips Some Attention husband who can build increasingly wife can touch photo

According to the women, couples who can provide the attention of his behavior was much warmer than they are always giving gifts on special occasions. Let's look together if your spouse has also been doing these things or not. If yes, you should keep it well!

1. When you sleep to the edge of the bed, he will drag you into next.
He obviously already half asleep but still can take you into his arms. This behavior will surely make women feel very warm.

2. He washes his own clothes by hand to help
In one night, your husband brought a basket full of dirty clothes to be washed with a washing machine. But he never returned from washing clothes and turns once seen, he separates pants and your underwear and wash themselves by hand. It's really very touching.

3. You see there is a fruit that has been cut in the fridge when you've just come home from the office.
When you open the refrigerator after coming home from work and found there was a box of fruit that has been cut, really makes all the loads and tired of the way you feel it felt vanished.

4. Every morning she always just send a short message to you first.
Every morning woke up and saw there was a short message from your boyfriend makes you feel you are greatly appreciated and can see that you really exist in his heart.

5. He will always take care of when he saw many cars as you walk with him
Very considerate behavior will make you very touched.

6. He'll buy the goods that you like every time he saw her.
You will still feel touched no matter how often you receive a gift of food from him.

Some How To Build Your Social Life More Interesting

How To Build Your Social Life More Interesting article photo

Although currently the rainy season, there is no reason to be able to socialize with your old friends, try new things and interesting course.

It's important to have an active lifestyle, because it can grow your spirit and enhance your reputation in social status.

Look for the pair if you are single or expand the circle of friends and acquaintances with seven following way, which will make your social life much more interesting.

1. Exercise.
If you are looking for a special and useful way to raise your social life, you can choose to exercise. Sports can provide an opportunity to meet new people. For example, joining a health club particular, here you can socialize with people who have similar interests. In addition, you also have the opportunity to participate in the competition. It will help you improve your own performance.

2. Join a club.
This is a great way to socialize. You can join a social club or sports team and attending meetings. It will help you gain experience and build confidence. If you attend a social club, you will always be surrounded by people who are positive and active. Additionally, you will get new friends. The more friends you have, you will be more extensive knowledge.

3. Trying new things.
Say 'yes' to everything that is new and unknown. Try something you've never tried before, will be very significant.

4. Meet with your old friends.
Maybe our lives are now very busy, so we often do not have time to meet up with old friends. Not just enough to talk in cyberspace, maybe you can plan to go shopping together or just drink tea in a cozy atmosphere and friendly. It could also holidaying together.

5. Stay away from the TV.
Have you ever imagined living without television? In my opinion, if you get rid of the television, you will find a new activity in your social life. These electronic devices, will steal your time and replace real communication with the online service. Moreover, by watching TV, it will make your stress and make your social life worse.

6. Learn a new language.
How many languages do you speak? It is important to be able to master several foreign languages. This activity is an effective confidence booster, which will help you feel comfortable when visiting another country. By learning a new language, you will be surrounded by people who are interesting with a new perspective.

7. Read the new book.
If you are interested in the field of literature, consider reading a new book. Books usually can change our vision of the world. They are a lot of reading, can be easily answered questions and find the talk when speaking with other oran. Today, science has been highly developed modern literature, so you can find something decent to read.

Tips Being Adult in response Differences to Existing

Tips Being Adult articles photo

Differences there should not be a reason for us to fight against or attack others.

The differences that exist in life often makes human hate and dislike each other. The difference is like making a gap and difficult man to love one another. Political differences, differences in ethnicity, race and religion create lifelike fragmented, it is not uncommon that one group considers golongannyalah better, another group considers them wrong. This kind of things that make life becomes harmonious, not all people realize that the difference should not be a reason to feuding but the difference should be appreciated and used as a means to train ourselves to be more humble.

Is not God also created differences when He created the universe. We can not deny that there are men and women, there is day and night, there are hot and cold, there are long and short, there are large and small, and so forth - but we see that all of it can run with the harmony and God considers the difference -differences are beautiful.

Differences there should not be a reason for us to fight against or attack others. Ironically political differences, differences in ethnicity, race and religion in society is often found used as the main reason for some people against each other. Instead of profits but instead a loss that would be obtained, with hostile we would not be able to be strong, we can not work together, people's lives become unsafe impact becomes weaker countries so it is easy to get an outside attack.

In the family of my parents was very evident that there is a difference, a difference of religion in everyday life we as members of our family never make an excuse to hate each other and hostile to each other, we can actually work together and love each other in spite of understand our religious beliefs are not the same.

Humility and awareness as social beings need to be instilled into every human being in order to realize the role that we can not live alone, opposition is always present in every moment, to be selfish and exclusive will not produce good fruit. Socialize as family members and community members will help each of us realize that the difference is not an enemy to be fought, jutru difference is something to be grateful, because through these differences we can see things from a different angle.

Of course teaches a person to tolerance towards diversity as a gift from God Almighty can not be done easily and in a short time. Tolerance education should be taught from an early age when still a child, educate them since the children will be much easier than when they were teenagers.

A writer once said, "Every kingdom divided against itself will perish and every city or household divided against itself can not stand." Peace in life will be achieved when all mankind can work together to implement tolerance toward others. No longer questioning of the class to which they belong, understand that we are all creatures of the same God, we are brothers.

There is no specific way that can be recommended to teach tolerance to your children, you are the example and the example of the best way to teach it to them. Give them positive comments, assist them when watching television and give the correct explanation of the questions they ask, encourage your children to socialize, introduce them to new friends who have different backgrounds is the most small way that you can teach them. In the end when the tolerance can be established among mankind, the sole purpose of making the world a comfortable place to live is not impossible to achieve.

Some Personality which can Cause Love Fades

Cause Love Fades photo

In a relationship of loyalty is a fixed price, because no one sane willing gladly betrayed by his partner.

Maintaining existing love is not as easy as the first time he said it, it's why many couples who had the affair after so long, suddenly decided to split up in the middle of the road.

Many poets love portrait of love as something abstract, something invisible but can be felt, something that can heal but also can hurt.

Someone love life like a wheel spinning, sometimes is above but someday could be under. Now, for those who are carried away by the passion of love to your partner, let's together to identify some reasons why someone passionate love can fade, so that you as a couple can avoid it, so that your love towards your partner can always awake until whenever.

Avoid having the following properties

1. Too Proud
Imperious = always look down on others. Know that such an attitude to hurt your partner. Cavalier attitude that still maintained over time will make your partner does not respect you more, and if the couple had not appreciate you, it means that he began to lose his love for you.

2. Arrogant
Feel yourself arrogant = truest, most powerful, or the most powerful. Know that your partner is expecting a colleague who might be persuaded to cooperate. Therefore, if today you still expect the presence of your colleagues are always there at your side, throw away this attitude.

3. Authoritarian
Authoritarian = Arbitrary. Not only couples, but all people without exception, hate people who have such an attitude. Authoritarian attitude will make other people feel oppressed, so that such an attitude will never make running smooth and harmonious relationship.

4. Lightly hand
Lightweight hand = is meant here is not helpful, but likes to hit. An abusive spouse is very dangerous, has a lot of couples suffer physically because of his having an attitude like this. Everyone expects to be treated gently by her partner, but if any of you who can not stop this habit, then be prepared to be abandoned by your spouse.

5. Slacker
As a team, like two oxen pull the cart, if one of them lazy, then it will be a heavy burden on her. Therefore, avoid slacker attitude, always eager to undergo any activity in your daily life, so that your partner can feel admiration for your hard work and sacrifice.

6. The slob
Certainly it would be so painful at all if you have a dirty pair. Respect yourself and your partner to always keep clean, especially your body. Others, especially your spouse, will assess, if someone can respect himself, then he must also be able to appreciate others.

7. Do not faithful
In a relationship of loyalty is a fixed price, because no one in his right mind is willing to happily betrayed by his partner. Therefore, always be faithful to your partner, and show your sincerity, because it will bind the love you both.

8. Possessive
Possessiveness is often indicated by limiting the space for couples, loving couples too much - so have a fear of losing, easily jealous, always think negatively when the pair close to the opposite sex, and always wanted to know at any time partner activities. Therefore, so that your partner does not feel confined, as far as possible avoid such attitudes.

9. Not responsible
Because you are not a child anymore, then as adults have a sense of responsibility is obligatory, and your responsibility is tangible proof that you are ready to mate.

10. Selfish
Everyone hates them are selfish, because selfishness tend selfish and have no desire to cooperate with others. Therefore, such an attitude should be defeated by increasing adult person in terms of thinking and acting.

11. Inconsistent
Very frustrating once if you have a friend or even a spouse who does not have the establishment, tend fickle and inconsistent. Therefore, try to our best to always be consistent in every case.

12. No firm
As a man has a firmness is an obligation, because most women are eager partner have good confidence in taking a decision. Therefore, indecision man can make a woman's heart into doubt, which in turn can affect his love for the couple.

13. Rigid
Tendency rigid attitude often shown through some things like: can not get along with others, can not kidding, too serious, clumsy, irritable, and so on. Therefore, be flexible and friendly person, so that other people, including your spouse, can always feel comfortable when he is around you.

14. Emotional
Someone who is easy temperament and emotion it was terrible, most couples will soon be away and lost sympathy, if found her partner have such an attitude or character.

Each person must have one and even possibly other properties that have not been mentioned above. However, if everyone really loves his partner sincerely, then there is no word impossible to be able to change these properties.

Some of the causes of violence in your marriage

violence in marriage photo

The phenomenon of domestic violence almost every day of issue and present in newspapers, television, and radio. Then the question is why does this happen so easily?

The phenomenon of domestic violence almost every day of issue and present in newspapers, television, and radio. This news create fear and makes the heart sad. Then the question is why does this happen so easily? Is this caused by the development of modern times already and sophisticated or a warning to mankind that these are signs of the end times?

Many factors make domestic violence, and it should avoid so it does not happen in your family. Here are a few factors.

1. Talking loud and painful
This behavior is very important and you should absolutely avoid to all family members. Talking loud and loud will make the listener hurt another case with a polite talk will make the other person becomes sympathetic. Thus will avoid misunderstandings that make strife in your family.

2. Can not wait
The next factor is impatience, because it is a benchmark in the event you take action. In family life must not be separated from error. If you have a family you do something wrong do occasionally sentenced. Give the concerned speak to convey his argument. Then give advice or advice with a polite tone and wise not to repeat the same mistakes.

3. The nature of the ego
The nature of selfishness will only encourage your hearts be hard then appear arrogant behavior and persecution of others. Keep the nature of your life. Because if the nature of the egoism continue nesting and settles in the human heart over time will emerge types of liver disease include stubbornness difficult to accept the advice of others, envy, revenge, and so forth. Keep properties like that of your life.

4. Economy
One case of domestic violence are economic factors that are less well established, in terms of the domestic life of the economy is still fragile. So with such a situation will arise various disputes in your household everyday because of the demands of a spouse or your child are not met. So before you carry home life should prepare your financial ability to meet the needs of a decent life.

5. Looking for a scapegoat
When you get a big problem in the work that makes a chaotic mind, do not ever vent into the house because family members do not know anything. Resolve problems in your work and do not jumble into the family. It would be nice if you talk, your partner may have a way out of your problems.

6. There is no culture of democracy in the household
In the family, the husband has the task of becoming the head of the family but not all things are done it right. If the husband of one in conveying or doing something, as wives do not hesitate to justify. Vice versa, if the wife of doing something, husband obligation to steer to the right path. With gentle words it will be readily accepted by the couple and not to make the hurt.

7. Less is open in the family
Less open is one of the things that can make it harmonious married life. If you have a problem outside, do not sweat it alone, it will make you become a greater burden. Communicate about issues received to your partner and find a solution together that would ease the burden of your problems.

8. Go out of the house for no reason
In this case many examples done by children who grew up and still unstable. As a parent, you should be more strict in maintaining and supervising your children while going out of the house. By giving directives about the negative and positive outside the house, then your children will think and away from negative things that you are prohibited.

9. PRIS bad
Prejudiced against the couple will make the discomfort in the household. These properties would make sense not to believe in all the things that couples do. With a good mind to couples will foster mutual trust in married life and this will add to the harmony in the family.

Things that Never Do when in love

Do not do when in love photo

Although both are in love that makes the world seem just belong to both, but still try not to show your affection with friends directly in front of the general public.

In love, who does not ever feel? When two people are in love, the world feels just belong together, all forms of obstacles and difficulties will be very easy to overcome, sometimes because they do not ignore various kinds of negative comments made by other people who feel uncomfortable seeing them show affection.

Of course everyone is legitimate to fall in love, there is no law whatsoever in this world has the right to prohibit a person to fall in love. However, when someone is in love it's good they still consider the norms prevailing in society and adhere to the rules of the religion that everyone profess and believe.

Therefore, in order to relationships with "the special one" you can run well and the people around you also appreciate you, then here are some restrictions that need to be known by those who are in love that they should not do, including:

1. Do not show affection
Although both are in love that makes the world seem just belong to both, but still try not to show your affection with friends directly in front of the general public. It is intended not for fear there will be jealous of your affection, but more because of ethics in the relationship and attitude of courtesy that both of you should show it to the public. Similarly you should not need to show off pictures of intimacy you both in social media, once again not because of fear there are envy, but it's better when it becomes your privacy, after you were married, so please if you want to tell the good news to all the people.

2. Do not ignore the character and habits of couples
Learn and get to know about the character and habits of each. Strengthen your heart and convince yourself that with you later he himself will spend the rest of your life together.

3. Do not go overboard in giving gifts
Usually people who are in love will be "mentally ill", it seems love really can blind a person's mind and a healthy mind. You need to know that to be able to always delight your lover is actually you do not need to fuss and bother to give gifts to him, because the shape of the real concern is not always in material things, but in other forms such as attention, affection, help, said -said soft, and so on.

4. Do not obey his wishes
There are many occasions someone exploited by her boyfriend from college asked him to escort shuttle, loaned money, debt, selling jewelry, lying to parents, to lead to something worse like taking sex to the crime such as robbery and gambling. Again, you may be crazy about him but remember and beware lest you be exploited by it.

5. Arguing in public
Despite being in love does not mean you will be able to slip away from trouble. Sometimes problems arise actually trivial, but to be great because everyone still has a high ego and do not want to beat each other. Therefore, when you're arguing or cranky towards your partner, try not to show it directly in front of the crowd. The goal is that you still respect yourself and do not embarrass yourself and your partner in public.

6. Being possessive
You both need to ask these things to yourself each, "Do you often organize your spouse, if you often limit the motion, if you frequently call him many times improperly or follow her wherever she goes, always want to meet, easily jealous, selfish, and always provoke an argument? "

You need to know that these things are some of the attitudes held by those who are possessive and it was very childish. Therefore, when still in the dating level as much as possible avoid having such attitudes. When you both are married should also throw away the gesture.

You need to know once again, colleague or partner that you have today are others who need the freedom to express himself. But when you are being possessive to it, then your attitude can make a love that once burned in his heart to you slowly but surely be extinguished and eventually turned 360 degrees so hate you. Therefore, you both need to constantly nurture maturity in behavior behave so you both remain always in love with your spouse until whenever.

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