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Some Tips on How to order Your Home received the Best Protection

Tips on How to order Your Home received the Best Protection photo

Flood, fire, until the theft, is a risk that could occur in your home. Do you already know if these risks can be covered by home insurance?

Today many types of property insurance that is offered, especially for house insurance. In order to obtain maximum protection, you are also required to compare and choose products that have protection as needed.

Variety of products offered. Of which only offer fire protection, until complete protection for all risks that occur in the entire property that you have at home, including flood protection.

This is where you need to have a different technique to choose the company and also the type of insurance that can provide protection or protection of any kind of risk. How to?

compare protection
The first step you must do is compare. That way you can know the choices offered. That way you will be easy to do a comparison of home insurance product provider.

Your goal here is to be able to make the best decisions by comparing costs and benefits of various insurance companies of the house.

To save time and expense in making comparisons, try to do a comparison online. Therefore, you can also directly file a home insurance or a free consultation through this caraonline.

know guarantee
With so many insurance companies that offer a variety of home insurance products, as a consumer you actually benefited. Because you can have a lot of choice in doing comparisons. However, find out and see what protection is owned by each product.

Any protection dimilliki by your insurance will later list. For example, the risk of fire. The fire risk can occur for many reasons; such as surge, short circuit, lightning, fall of aircraft, explosion, or because of unrest.

Try to ask how the insurance company will look at the list of these risks. That way you will be more clearly understand the risks which is guaranteed by the insurance company, because of the risk because of what can be guaranteed, and what risks are not guaranteed. By having clarity about this at the start of the agreement, you will not hesitate to take a decision.

Avoid difficult process claims
You certainly do not want to risk the possible eventually happen. But if it should happen, the next step is to claim damages. The question is, is difficult or not claim that going to do later?

Therefore, in the comparison process that you do try to ask in detail about the claims procedures applicable in each company that provides home insurance. You must make sure the next time no difficulty in handling claims when unwanted risks have occurred.

You can also put this question to the experts who care insurance financial forum. Try to visit the online forum to get answers quickly. At the forum, ask also the opinion of others who have used the services of home insurance companies.

Calculate the cost and value of insured
This is usually the determining factor of your decision. Therefore, you will calculate how much should you pay and remove it, and how the insurance coverage will be obtained. This is the replacement of the insurance coverage will be accepted when the claim.

For the record, not to happen when you receive insurance money, the fund is not even enough to rebuild your house. This is the need for careful you do the calculations and compare the length of the insurance contract.

Here Are Some Reasons That Make You need Insurance?

As he grew older, married, have a family and then started running a business then it needs to have insurance more so urgent. In such conditions, the insurance is a fundamental part of a sound financial plan and long-term.

In addition, the need to have insurance are also more urgent when the various external threats, such as accidents. Naturally, we do not want to have an accident. But anyway it would be better if everything is prepared as possible.

In addition to preparing for the worst possible, of course there are several other reasons why you need insurance. Here are some of the reasons as quoted from the payoff, Wednesday (01/07/2014).

1. To protect the family and loved ones

For parents with children who are still small, it is important to immediately create a family insurance. Insurance is important if at any time your source of income was not sufficient for the needs of children, for example for education.

2. As a legacy

Insurance can also be a legacy for your children if one day you died. You can buy a life insurance policy and the children as beneficiaries. This is a great way to manage your finances in the future that the benefits will be felt by your child.

3. Pay bills and other expense

In addition to keeping financial stay safe in the future, the insurance can also be used to pay bills, such as mortgages, credit cards or car loans. Sure you do not want if a spouse, parent or child just left the bills that accumulate when you die, is not it?

4. Make a calm heart

Insurance can help provide protection and certainty in the uncertainty of life. Having insurance will bring you and your family on sobriety. Therefore, doubts in life that would not have been slowly reduced.

5. Other Financial Security

You do not just want to see your kids get a high-quality education, you also want to see more of it. You want to see the child remains financially secure even when they are married or when starting a business. This you can do to prepare ahead of time with insurance.

Types of Insurance

At this time has developed various types of insurance in the community, in risk management, insurance allows the sharing and transfer of risk, this is the best way to compensate. Most people do not understand the fundamental differences in the type of insurance, but to determine the most suitable insurance program needs, we need to know the kinds of insurance.

Insurance is divided into two main types
1. Traditional Insurance
2. Non-Traditional Insurance (modern)

In the Traditional Insurance, divided into several types of insurance, insurance usually has long been used by consumers.

Traditional insurance consists of:

2. Wholelife
3. Endowment

explanation TERM
- You never know about Motor Car Insurance? Or maybe health insurance? Now type of term insurance is usually purchased by many people, because of low premium payment and get great benefits. In other words, pay less, failure lot, but if it is not used in insurance claims and does not occur, then the money we deposited will be forfeited. From that fact, we can see, no savings element in this type of insurance, so call us buy our security assurance within one year or a certain period. We pay the same as travel insurance, when going on a plane billed amount of money, after getting off the plane safely, the contract is completed. Because the premium payment period is not specified, then every year, premiums will increase with the age of the insured.

- Wholelife, means a lifetime. This type of insurance protects the insured until the end of the age, usually covered up to age 99 years. And great! premium payment period is determined from the beginning, there can be no extension of the premium payment period. If selected 5 years, so five years of pay, then lifetime will not be billed again, whenever we died, we can still claim the sum assured we have planned. Because the system is saving money, then started the second year of the policy cash value is formed, in particular the savings can be taken up to 80%. Cool ga? Besides protection still go on, there are also savings, but cash value is not much compared to the value PROTECTION.

- Endowment, this is a life insurance with a value greater savings. In certain years the savings can be withdrawn in accordance with the program. Usually this type of insurance known as insurance education insurance or pension fund. Education insurance determined when the money could be taken for school fees dear. The Endowment system, which is a bonus savings life insurance, if anything happens when saving, then we get the sum assured as death benefit, but in the event of an obligation to pay claims, insurance companies still pay the claim until the completion of the contract. Usually the premium offered far greater than any kind of TERM and Wholelife.

Okay, we'll talk a little about the Non-Traditional Insurance

Non-traditional insurance or so-called modern insurance, is insurance with type UNIT-LINK. Where the Unit Link Insurance is very popular at the moment, why? because Unit-Link is a type of insurance that combines Life Insurance and Investments. Life insurance is mated with the investment, is kind TERM. Remember! TERM if it is a short-term insurance, and insurance costs could rise with age.

UNIT LINK = TERM + Investment

Most people take the unit links because they want to save the result is many-fold, compared to having to save money in the bank, with not much interest. By investing or MUTUAL FUNDS, then the money we invest will grow prolifically. But it must be remembered, the greater the profit, the greater the risk.

Investment can be increased and decreased, according to the economic development of the nation at that time. In times of crisis, it is certain that the value of the investment that we have dropped dramatically, and consequently the value of our savings will be depleted. If so, do not protest dong .. was not it pingin gain a lot, means must bear the loss too .. :)

It is certain, on the type of unit link insurance, do not have a cash value that is guaranteed, even the company that issued the insurance policy, can not promise cash value obtained in X. Another case of traditional insurance, in the policy clearly stated cash value guaranteed and obtained in X.

Due to the absence of guaranteed cash value, probably in the 11th or so, the insured must pay the premiums returned, though promised to pay only 10 years, in fact, is not listed in the policy premium payment period, so that the premium can be charged back anytime.

Unit Link, bear the cost of life insurance is the type of TERM, then each year the costs will go up with age, and the cash value that is formed will cut insurance costs and other administrative costs.


Here is a tip for you to choose the right insurance that suits your needs:

1. So many types of insurance offered insurance agent. But remember, not all insurance products need to have. Everyone has a different financial situation so that the need for insurance products is not necessarily the same. So, must not buy. Know your product first.

2. Not only choose the type of insurance should be considered, but also choose a policy from any insurance product. Please read carefully policy clause that really understand the costs and protection to be obtained. Often an error occurs, the protection of policyholders who have been turned out not meet the requirements, or otherwise, exceed the needs of so vain.

3. For the same type of insurance though, the value of a premium offered by other insurance companies vary, or known as the company policy. Choose the offers and services the insurance coverage equal but the value of the premium is quite competitive.

4. Note the main causes of risk. The insurance company will reimburse only the claim for damages caused by factors that have been agreed. For example, not all types of health insurance borne disease treatment because there are some exceptions.

5. Observe the track record of the insurance company, if it has been registered in the Ministry of Finance or not. That's the quality of the company's strategy to detect if healthy enough to be able to serve customers' claims. Many cases customers are disappointed because it is difficult to claim that they are entitled. Be careful, inadequate services such as insurance agents who do not understand or can not explain the products offered are often occurs, resulting in harm customers.



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