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Tongue Piercing And The risk

Tongue piercing

Tongue piercing can probably make a different person, and further popularized by the superstars who pierced their tongues. But before you decide to pierce your tongue and decorate it with any jewelry, you should first know what risks you may face in the future. Although this risk is not necessarily must be experienced by everyone, you should be wary.

The most common problem occurs after a tongue piercing is excessive bleeding, but it also can cause infections, speech disorders, respiratory problems and can even lead to broken teeth.
Tongue piercing infections are more likely to occur than other places commonly pierced earlobe eg, due to its location adjacent to the respiratory tract and contains many blood vessels. If there is an infection of the tongue and floor of the mouth (the area under the tongue), can cause swelling of the tongue which leads to difficulty in breathing. Also susceptible to infection because of bacteria in the oral cavity. If the equipment / jewelry that is used when the piercing is not sterile, then the risk of infection is increased many-fold.
Not to mention the risk of contracting HIV if the piercing equipment previously used by people with HIV and not sterilized.

Various studies involving tongue piercing users find that the collision / constant friction in the long run between jewelry with teeth can cause the teeth to crack or even shatter, as well as damage to the gums on the inside of the tooth (facing the tongue) and bone supporting the teeth.

If oral hygiene is not maintained, plaque (dirt) can accumulate around jewelry pierced tongue and become a breeding ground for bacteria. This can lead to infection and in extreme cases can lead to fatal conditions, because the bacteria get into the bloodstream and infect vital organs like the heart. You also need to consider whether you have a history of allergies to certain metals, and jewelry made of material what you will wear.

If after knowing the risks you still want pierced tongue, then you should you need to know how to care and prevention in order to reduce the risks that have been described above. Most important is the equipment used must be sterile, keep the mouth and scars to prevent infection by brushing and cleaning the tongue, can also be helped by the use of mouthwash. Immediately consult a doctor if there is something or scars piercings are not recovered.

Here's Some Consequence Risk Tongue Piercing

Has received numerous reports of cases experienced by people doing tongue piercing in the form of complications include:
1. Teeth broken,
2. Decrease the gums,
3. Coral or calculus dibarbel,
4. Injuries to the mouth area,
5. Tongue split,
6. Disease ludwig's angina,
7. Bacterial infections,
8. cerebral abscess,
9. Aypotensive collapse,
10. HIV infection,
11. Hepatitis B and C,
12. Damage to the nerves of the tongue,
13. Herpes simplex,
14. Epstein Barr Disease,
15. Obstruction of breathing due to swelling,
16. Hypersensitivity,
17. The formation of scar tissue,
18. paresthesias.

Given the many consequences of piercing that does not fit in place, then you should be prudent in performing body piercings.

Some Causes and How to Treat Oily skin

Skin care

Have you ever look in the mirror and pay attention to your face? specify most women or men often do so because it has become a habit that is hard to avoid. For example, only when you are sure there is a tendency to walk you see the windshield. But have you ever noticed a bunch of carefully you kulityang kind you have when you're bercermin.Ya course sring notice especially for oily skin without notice cerminpun sure you can feel it.

Oily skin it is certainly very disturbing. Why? this is because if you face produces excess oil will make a lot of dirt or pollution be attached to the face you. In addition, you also will face once exposed acne prone because of accumulated oil and clog pores - so timbulah acne facial pores.

Definition of Oily Skin
Oily skin is skin that has oil glands which produce excess oil that is far from normal skin in general. Ciri- character is the face look shiny, makeup will not last long, easy acne-trivial dirt.

By reducing the production of oil on your skin will definitely help prevent acne as well. Therefore for this time I will give you some tips on eliminating oily skin. but before the subject would be helpful to know in advance what causes oily face.

Causes of Oily skin

1. Menstrual Cycle
Oily skin can be caused by the menstrual cycle. this happens because so many women produce hormones that when menjelag menstruation or after menstruation face will tend to produce more oil. Because kotoranpun oily face will stick and will poripun clogged pores causing acne.

2. Stress
When you're stressed skin will be more likely to produce Minak with many. This happens because your psychological attitude will often wary and a lot of thinking when under stress. So that the face will produce a lot of cortisol.

3. Weather
When the weather is hot and humid condition your skin will produce more oil to adjust to the environment. With this so that when you put on makeup without smudging you have to wear foundation is strong and able to absorb the oil.

4. Cosmetics
A use of cosmetics that do not match your face will lead to oily face. to be careful in choosing cosmetics.

5. Other - Other
Such as genetic factors, Change of Season, Drugs - drugs, beauty equipment, and tanning

Advantages Oily
Have oily face does not mean only cause any problems for facial banyk. For example just face bermnyak has many advantages such as being able to make your face moist so prevent aging of the skin. Although oily bring banyk problem but if the face is too dry too quickly can lead to wrinkles. was thankful for those of you who have oily face. But remember excess oil is also better to be reduced.

How to Take Care of Oily Skin
Here are some Tips on How to Take Care of Oily among others:

1. Oily skin should be cleaned frequently because oily skin will be very easy to dirty and make all the dirt. so will result in blockage of the skin of your face and eventually will cause acne. Wash with facial foam is better than using milk or toner.

2. Oily skin is more likely to store fat. so as to reduce them you need to reduce fat deposits.

3. The deposition of fat in oily face must often be how can the use peelling or facial.

4. Stay away from foods that can trigger the fat on the skin.

5. To clean grease and oily skin on your face can save your face and feel diata boil water vapor concentrated on the face. Remember enough to feel the steam just do not input into the boiling water.

Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery Risks

Along with the development of science and technology, requests coming from masyarakatpun increasingly diverse. If at times and a lot of women want to have a sharp nose, breasts are sexy, and ideal body shape, then it is time now where many young women who had surgery to carve and beautify their intimate areas.

Application of aesthetic surgical procedures is actually not new, but many of the women who still do not understand the risks of the procedure in which they live, study published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology stated.

For example, is a surgical procedure that is most often sought after by women, the surgery labioplasty. Labioplasty, or plain disebutlabiaplasty, is the implementation of the operation to rejuvenate the vaginal lips (labia).

But in fact, an act of 'polish' this sex can not be arbitrary intentions. Because there are consequences of the risk to be had. What are the consequences of potential risks referred to?

Consequences of Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery Risks

Before we find out what the consequences are, it helps us to know in advance consideration of the reasons that a major factor why steps to operate the vagina becomes an option.

Patients who want to undergo surgery labioplasty generally come with two (2) reasons, namely:

• cosmetic reasons:
Some feel unhappy and embarrassed during sexual intercourse affecting his confidence. Most patients undergoing labioplasty to reduce the length of her pussy lips, but many just want a change on the outside of their sexual organs, namely the mons pubis (the area under the hair grease vital organs) or external labia / internal (vaginal lips).

• Medical reasons:
Discomfort from long pussy lips, especially during exercise, sexual intercourse, and wearing tight pants.
Most patients do report satisfaction with the results obtained with minimal complications. However, of the 40 studies that have existed on this surgical procedure, only few of them are researching the long-term effects of this procedure, including how it impacts on the sexual satisfaction of the patient or if there are complications in childbirth which they live later.

On this, the plastic surgeon who used to perform surgery labioplasty say that the warning that there will be long-term complications or side effects of this operation in general deliberately exaggerated for the purpose of scaring the women not to undergo this procedure - A simple way to motivate women to feel comfortable and appreciate their own bodies. The doctors said that every procedure is essentially a risk, but if done according to the standard operating there can actually be minimized this risk. 

Vaginal Surgery Risks
Nevertheless, there is still disagreement that more research should be conducted to assess the long-term risks of this procedure accurately, as well as to consider whether counseling therapy can be beneficial for those who want to undergo surgery - given the physical discomfort can be caused by psychological factors.
However, women should not let himself be easily tempted by the news circulating in the community regarding the standard view of the female genitals, because the shape is varied every individual, and it was normal.

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