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Sore Throat Causes and How to Avoid It

Characteristics And How To Treat Strep Throat
Pharyngitis or often called Strep throat is a disease caused by infection of the throat section (pharynx) and become inflamed. Nearly 80% Laryngitis caused by a virus, can cause fever and another 20% are caused by bacteria, allergies, and cigarettes.

It is important for us to know the early symptoms before exposure to strep throat are:

Caused by bacteria
Bacterial infection is more severe than infection by the virus. Usually people affected by inflammation caused by bacteria may have been infected 2-7 days earlier. If the infection is caused by streptococcus bacteria should quickly medicine, because if it is not taken seriously the infection can spread to the heart valves and can cause rheumatic fever disease.

Pain when swallowing.
Swollen neck glands.
Bright red throat and there are white patches.
Increased body temperature or fever, and often accompanied by chills.

Caused by a virus
Inflammation caused by a virus is usually lighter, but treatment with antibiotics is not effective if the infection is caused by a virus because antibiotics can lead to resistance (immunity) bacteria to antibiotics.
The characteristics of viral infection:
Stinging, itching, and dry in the throat
Coughing and sneezing and cause hoarseness
Usually do not have a fever, but in some cases had a slight fever and aches in every joints.

If you've already been exposed to strep throat, then you should avoid some foods and foods that contain high nutrient to restore your body's endurance.

Here's the natural way to overcome strep throat:
Stay away from foods that contain protein and high in calories such as meat, milk, eggs, chicken, and fish,
Eat fruits and foods that contain lots of vitamins, such as vitamins A, C, E, B6, B1, and folic acid are useful to enhance the immune system.
Drink plenty of warm water
Avoid consuming drinks and food cold
Avoid foods that are greasy, spicy, and sour because it can cause inflammation of the throat got worse
Gargling with warm salt water to reduce swelling
Keeping your diet in order to remain healthy life.

I hope these tips can be useful for us all

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