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Some Powerful Tips on How to Set You Free of Credit Card Debt

How to Set You Free of Credit Card Debt photo

The main function of a credit card is a tool that allows payment. But remember, there is an obligation and responsibility after you use it, aka pay.
Want to know, how can you not get into debt credit card?

This five safety principles that you must understand when using a credit card: Hope This Tips about credit card debt problems will be solved.

Use as needed
Although facilitate you in every activity of payment, but not the credit card debt card. Therefore, use your credit card as a payment tool in the purchase of goods as needed.
Respond wisely promos and discounts offered. Do not be, you eventually forget and make credit card payments kewajban soaring.

Use installment
You may often see many promo offer for a credit card zero percent installment program. The program is quite interesting because you can buy an item just by installments and without interest.
However, installment offered zero percent, still calculate how much mortgage you have to pay each month. Do not let the mortgage and even add to the burden of your debt.
Remember other credit obligations which still have to pay.

Suppose you have a credit card limit of $ 1000.
Further, you buy goods worth $ 600 with zero percent interest for a mortgage for a year. By doing so, you have the obligation to pay the mortgage credit of $ 50 per month.

Zero percent of your mortgage is interest-free, but if you are late paying then there will be interest charges you have to pay.

Use reminders
Try to always pay your credit card bills before the due date. In order not exposed to interest expense, try to pay off all the bills and do not pay the minimum bill.
Facilities minimum payment on a credit card it only requires that you only pay 10 percent of the bill, but you will be charged interest for the next rest.
In contrast, if you do not pay the bill in full, the interest on the unpaid amount will be added to your bill amount. If forced to pay the minimum, try to pay two to three times more than the minimum amount available.

Limit ownership
Having a credit card with a high limit number, or have a lot of credit cards have low limits the number and reach of a limit that you want, where you choose?

It is better to first choice. Therefore, you have to remember when every credit card has a cost.
Therefore, if you have many credit card the more the costs to be paid.

Use it wisely limit
What is the limit as you want?
The answer would have been possible 'highest'. However, bank or credit card issuer has a reference to determine how much the limit to be given to someone.
Therefore, the limit will be given in accordance with the valuation ratio of credit you have. To avoid trapped in payment problems, you also need to be wise to use your credit card limit as needed.
Instead given a credit card limit of three times your income, then you end up spending the amount limit.

Some Tips on How to Safely Avoid Credit Card Data Theft

Tips on How to Safely Avoid Credit Card Data Theft photo

Actually what is card skimming it and how to prevent it? Here are some important points you need to know:

What is a card skimming?
Of understanding, card skimming is the act of stealing a credit or debit card information by way of copying the information on the magnetic strip of a credit or debit card illegally.

Typically, the card data thieves will use an additional tool called a skimmer or surveillance cameras to record data on the card and PIN. Some skimmer tool shape even seen together with electronic data capture (EDC) is used. Until it would be difficult for the layman to recognize you.

How to prevent credit card skimming?

1. Always pay attention to how the process your credit card payment
After eating at a restaurant, do you ever give your credit card to the waiter when you are lazy to go to the checkout to make payments.

From now on, stop the habit. Try to go directly to the checkout so that you can pay attention to how you use your credit card.

2. Reject if need twice
You should be suspicious when the cashier asks you to enter your credit card to EDC for the second time.

3. Check the bills on a regular basis
Always check your account balance regularly. That way you can quickly find out if there is a transaction that is strange.

4. Always use the card at a merchant / store reliable
Store or merchant reliable over safety standards and surveillance cameras to monitor the movements of suspicious while you are transacting.

Even so try to always make the first move. Therefore, a skimming device was found in the ATM located in a popular store in Florida

5. Note the location and condition of the ATM
Have you ever withdrawing cash through ATM? If yes, try to pay close attention to the ATM machine is used. Especially when some people feel the strangeness when inserting the card into the ATM.

Avoid using ATMs in the dim and night. However, in general, the ATM machine located outside the bank sometimes many thieves target.

6. Be careful when pressing the PIN
With the ever credit card transactions using a PIN is still not yet begun. However, when making a cash withdrawal at an ATM with a credit card, you also need to enter a PIN.

Hidden cameras can be are monitoring your activities. Therefore, when pressing the PIN, close it by hand. This could prevent thieves know your PIN.

7. Always transact safely internet
Credit card information can sometimes be abused, especially when used for transactions on the internet.
Transactions on the internet do not need a signature, and only need three security number is usually located on the back of the card or commonly called CVN.
This data can be retrieved by the thief and can be used for transactions anywhere.

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Credit Cards - Tips on Wise use it

In using the credit card we also need to always wise. Consider first before you make a loan and get yourself so that you do not pile up a lot of debt beyond your limits.

In today's ever-increasing need for family. There are many families who have sufficient income but still have to look for another attempt in order to meet their other needs. This is the perfect excuse for many banks in seeking profits by exploiting this situation to attract a lot of people have credit with low interest easily so many people who are interested to open a credit card in order to meet its needs.

The use of credit cards in the world is increasing and credit cards also have become today's lifestyle. Credit cards not only allows us to credit home electronic appliance or vehicle, but the credit card has been regarded as a magic card in all the activities of shopping, only with one swipe you can buy everything without spending cash.

In other countries such as America, people have to make a credit card transaction tool shop everywhere. Almost all Americans have credit cards and use cash already rare. Some time ago when I traveled from New York to Miami using the plane, I want to buy food in the plane and when I was going to pay, they could not accept my money because the payment system in the plane can only be done by using a credit card. It occurred to my mind at that time, the technology is very advanced in age, everything can be bought only by using a magic card (credit card). But did you know credit cards also have a negative impact should be avoided for its users. Many people become addicted to shopping and could not pay his bills because lulled by the ease of this credit card.

Here are tips for using credit cards wisely:

Knowing how to pay credit card
Before you use a credit card, you should calculate in advance how your mandatory expenses, such as monthly basic necessities, pay utility bills, pay school fees and so on, then if your income minus the cost of basic needs is still there, just put it aside to pay credit card you. If you do not have much income should not use credit cards.

Prioritize the need
Once you have had a credit card and want to use it, you must instill in you to not over use it. For example you are shopping for a shopping center with the aim to buy a television, when you have to get the items you need, you see a very nice DVD with promo price is very cheap. If the item was not so into your needs you should not buy it even though you can pay by credit card, because it will only add to the burden of your loan each month.

Do not shop without a plan
Shopping may be the nice thing to do but if you do not have a goal to buy something, you should not go shopping. Many people, especially women who use credit cards while visiting the shopping center became hungry eyes and buy anything that caught his attention. Avoid habits like it and learn restrain yourself to spending not otherwise planned. If you like shopping you should plan in advance what you want to buy and Take into account also the money you have.

Provide sufficient cash when you leave the house
If you want to shop, places to play, or eat at a restaurant, or anywhere, take the first money you have before you go, whether you enough money to pay your expenses. Seek to always pay your expenses with cash. We recommend using a credit card if necessary, for example, your money runs out and you have to buy a meal or if paying by credit card get a much cheaper price.

We may keep abreast of the times, enjoy the convenience, get a discount when shopping, and meet the needs of our families with the help of a credit card. However, the use of credit cards we also need to always wise. Consider first before you make a loan and get yourself so that you do not pile up debt beyond your limits.

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