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Milk Cow Turns Not Good for Health. Here's explanation you should know

Mandatory Know Facts
Milk Cow Turns Not Good for Health! Here's explanation

Milk Cow Turns Not Good for Health

How long have we been fed with wrong understanding, cow's milk is good for toddlers and children?

Watch out, cow's milk is not good for health!

Foodies certainly agree, cow's milk is produced for calves, not humans.
Cow's milk is a drink that is very nice and perfect for calves in their first year since birth.

Cow's milk clearly has the nutrients needed by the calf, not a human child.

For humans, cow's milk has a high fat content, cholesterol, and excess calories.

All of it is not needed by the human child.

Oddly enough, people still drink milk even after more than five years old.

What species are still drinking milk when it was not a baby anymore?

If during this time, foodies notified, cow milk contains more calcium is needed to make the child's bones become strong, this statement is very wrong.
To this day not a single scientific study showed that consumption of cow's milk may reduce the risk of cracking or fracture.

In fact, countries with low milk consumption such as Asia and Africa would have the average number of osteoporosis is lower.
Osteoporosis is often found in countries with high consumption of cow's milk.

So, masihkah believe, cow's milk is good for bone health?


How to Raise Kids For both parents work - Tips

Tips For Raising Children of Working Mother and Father

Raising a child with a father and mother working conditions is not easy. But that does not mean it is impossible to do.
shake hand

Raising children properly is not easy for couples that work. With these guidelines hopefully you can perform the task as a parent and spouse career in a balanced manner.

The relationship of parents - children who either require time allowing them gather physically. Not for hours. Importantly, parents consistently spend time with kids almost every day. As with them, minimize distractions and concentrate our attention to them. Time is a milestone supporting good parenting.

Be a good listener
When children know that we really listen to what they say, they will be more eager to share their feelings and thoughts. Conversely, if parents degrading their ideas or "diligently" to criticize words, the child will withdraw and choose closer to friends. Therefore, if you want to have influence in a child's life, be a good listener. They will receive when we help them solve the problem.

Define clear expectations
Inform children what we expect from it will form good behavior. Do not hesitate to involve them in their daily work and to help accomplish the tasks in the home environment. Most children will certainly complain. So did we have to try to keep them happy to be involved. In children who participate in household affairs, will grow the work ethic and he generally is more feel part of the family.

Do not let guilt
Many parents feel guilty for working all day outside the home. As compensation, they let the child misbehaves and undisciplined. A good parent is firm. Feeling guilty is counterproductive.

Do not replace affection or time for money
It is important to teach children how to manage money, but do not use the money instead of time or our affection. Materialistic message on television is easy once possessed child and awaken their desire to buy this and that. We create them to always try if you want to get something. Something gained through work may be more pronounced in value.

Do not be too often mutually caregivers
One of the important psychological needs of the child is that he terasuh well and loving continuously. Therefore we need a nanny. By using a nanny, our anxiety will be reduced during our work. But before handing over the child to a nanny, give the opportunity to create intimacy and closeness between the child and the prospective nanny. Often mutually caregiver can harm a child.

The key: monitoring
Often when left parents, the child into trouble. Children do not just know from birth, which behavior is good, what is bad. They need to be taught and then monitored. Therefore, it is important for parents to know where his son, was with whom, and is doing. Indeed, children often complained that he was being closely watched, but the kids were not supervised, it often feels, parents do not bother with them.

Give more attention when he is good
We tend to pay more attention to children when they are obnoxious. Instead, it is much more difficult to pay attention to good behavior mreka. If you want your child to behave well, give attention to the things we like about them. When children feel neglected, subconsciously it will behave incorrectly to attract our attention. Pay attention to them when they are good indeed require effort.

The punishment was to educate
Parents who work outside the home tend to experience fatigue and irritability. Never punish a child when we ourselves can not control themselves. Use punishment to educate, not to vent anger.

Give an example in relation
Kids learning to relate from their parents. They also feel safest if they see parents treat each other with a good partner. Then the best thing we can do for children is to love our spouse.

Suggestions for Overcoming Problems in Children of pressure Perfectionism

Problems in Children of pressure Perfectionism - photo

Help them understand that hope to be 100% in all the time is not realistic and that no one can continuously achieve it.

Parents naturally have desires to see his children great in the activity. But what if a child is required to be great more than just the desire, the desire is not required for perfection? This is when we as parents need to act and help our children learn to cope with their stress and keperfeksionisan.

Here are some suggestions that can be used that might help.

Talk to your child about what caused him to be depressed

If possible, help them break from the pressure to do something fun or going out with family while and then come back with a clear mind. Ask your child to make a record. Writing is a therapy and can help a child to work when feeling depressed.

If the pressure caused by events such as exams or greeting ...

... Help and reassurance your child to deal with pressure situations with confidence.

Help your child learn relaxation techniques ...

... Such as deep breathing slowly, listening to soothing music, go for a walk, or taking a break to clear their minds.

Help your child understand that everything is not always black and white

As a perfectionist, this is a tough concept to grasp. I think that if I am not perfect, so I was the one who failed. But life is not like that and this is the reason why the parents should help their children cope.

Challenge your children's confidence and reason

If they say, "I will forget my solo performances and the whole auditorium will laugh at me." You say, "You will never forget it and the whole auditorium was never laugh at anyone as long as we have attended pertunjukannmu." Help them understand the error in their minds.

Help your child to understand the impact of negative thinking and teach them how to speak positively ...

... Like, "No one is perfect." No one is good in all respects. "Or" Everyone makes mistakes. "

Print a positive footage of the error and then place in the refrigerator door or in your child's room

This could include, "The biggest mistake you can make is constantly afraid to do it." By Elbert Hubbard. "Anyone who has never made a mistake never tried anything new." By Albert Einstein. "Or" Mistakes are a fact of life. This is the response to error. "By Nikki Giovanni. This footage will serve as a reminder to your child that mistakes are good, and will give them permission to make it not as a failure.

Help to reduce procrastination to teach your child about priorities ...

... To divide it into tasks that can be handled as well as they could finish it without feeling overwhelmed. Often, the fear of a child is a failure even before they begin.

Make a schedule and teach your child to apply

If your child understand that they are restricted for 2 hours to do their homework, this will stop them from suffering through the night.

Help your child set realistic expectations for themselves ...

... And make sure that you also set realistic expectations for them. Help them understand that hope to be 100% in all the time is not realistic and that nobody can continuously achieve it. Festive your child to make the question, "What's the worst that could happen?" "What is the best thing that could happen?" "What things are most likely to occur?" These questions will help them put things into perspective.

Always check

Make sure that your child does not get pressure and perfectionist nature by following your guidelines.

Make sure that your child gets enough sleep ...

... Sports, and a well balanced diet. Good body balance affect the balance of the mind.

Pressure and perfectionism can weaken children. But with the help of casing affection and support of the parents, and the appropriate balance and guidance, a child with perfectionist tendencies can find true happiness and success.

 "Tips for dealing with stress and perfectionism" by Tiffany Fletcher.

Some Simple Tips to Play With Kids

Play With Kids Tips
Tips to Play With Kids - photo

How can parents ensure their children get a happy childhood without making purses parents suffer?

Good parents know that raising children is not just to feed and send them to school. Parents are also obliged to entertain children and ensure that they have a happy childhood. The task of entertaining children increasingly difficult and expensive lately with the rise of electronic and online games on the market. How can parents ensure their children get a happy childhood without making purses parents suffer? Here are some tips on entertaining children with limited budget:

Outdoor activities
There are many outdoor activities that will entertain children for hours and did not require a lot of money, among others:

Playing in the yard. If you are fortunate to have a yard, use as a children's playground. You can teach children how to play hide and seek, jump rope and Galasin. If you do not have a yard at home as most of the urban population, you can take the children to go to a nearby playing field and teach them to play kites or rounders.

Exploring the local park. When kids get bored with the garden that's it, invite them to other parks and have them pretend to be a critic of the park. The work of a critic is a garden find the advantages and disadvantages of a park, comparing it with other parks, and provide value to the park. Children can also make nominations garden, like a garden with children's games the most, the most extensive gardens, parks most clean, and so on.

Visiting a nearby swimming pool. Nearest pool can be as much fun with the water park which is much more expensive if you do a thorough preparation. Bring something to eat and drink enough, swimming tires, and water toys that children can have fun in the pool.

Every now and then prepare a lunch basket and drink fresh juices and invite the children go on a picnic in the nearby park or even in their own backyard. Do not forget to bring a folding mat so that your family can nap for a moment staring at the sky and the trees after a big lunch.

To the beach or lake. Encourage the children to the beach or lake in your city. For residents of Jakarta, you can go to Carita beach. For residents of Bogor, you can go to Situ Gede. Sometimes we underestimate the tourist attractions in the city itself. Find out what the water in your city tour. You might be surprised to see that a place as beautiful as it is located in your own city.

Museum tour. Most museums have admission price is very cheap and even free. Most museums are also not on the weekend, making it perfect for spending time with children, in addition to fun also educational.
Activities indoors

In addition to outdoors, here are some activities you can do to entertain children when it was raining or you just want to spend time at home alone:

Making hand skills, such as origami or finger puppet of patchwork.

Singing and dancing. It can be more exciting if the disc of children's songs played on television.

Cooking together. Teach children how to cook simple, such as helping to make fried rice or make a sponge cake. If your child is still very small, remind them not to play with fire or a knife.

Scientific experiments. You can teach children that science is very pleasant with a simple scientific experiment. No need to perform complex scientific experiments. You can experiment mixing water and oil, or find out if the eggs float or sink when put into water.

Board games. You can teach children how to play Monopoly or snakes and ladders. In addition there is a chess game for your teenager. Then there are a lot of card games are easy and fun, such as: poker, or dominoes.

Drawing and coloring. Make it more exciting drawing with challenging children to draw pictures of each other. You might be surprised at the talent and creativity of your children.

Reading books together. For many children, their fondest childhood memories is when they listen to the fairy tale of a father or mother reading a story together. Reading together to teach children to focus, listen carefully, patiently wait their turn, using imagination, and communicate well.

Some Tips to Educate Children from Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse

It is important to educate our children to avoid sexual harassment. Here are some tips that concerns us:

1. Distinguish the body that may be touched and not
From now on, you can take a piece of paper with the full body of the shoulders, head, shoulders, knees, feet so on.

Next, provide a marker or a few pieces of paper in red and green. Red paper is used for body parts that should not be touched. Instead, the green paper is a part of the body that can be touched others.

To be exciting, you can apply this way while playing. For example, tell your child to stick red paper or mark the body part that he is not comfortable to the touch using the red marker. Whatever alasnnya, grant the child to answer.

Next, ask the children to mark the parts of the body may touch other people. For example, in the hand to shake hands.

If the Son of red marks on the lips and so on, it's okay. Because by doing so, he will be aware of the body that he felt comfortable and did not. If still not in accordance with the values in the family or culture, especially with the genitals, that is where you give sex education to your child.

Sex education itself, can be done by saying something like, "Son if here, in part panties, this is a red triangle, a private area that should not be allowed to touch anyone. Anyone. Even touching mama, mama will help to pee."

2. Independent in toilet
In addition to teaching about the anatomy that should and should not be touched. Also advised parents to teach their children to lock the door to the toilet.

You can encourage and teach locked in toilet school or shopping so she felt safe during defecation. With this little thing, the child will learn part of sex education.

3. Recognize the false alarm
His name is also the children. Sometimes he says, he does not like to be touched in certain parts. But we can say, it is only in the hands. It's called false alarms. When that time came and reported child, let that because when a child has the courage to report it means he will already be aware of his body.

Characteristics Girls with ADHD

ADHD photo

ADHD has three main symptoms, ie the behavior of hyperactive, impulsive, and less able to focus attention (attention easily distracted). Boys usually have two first symptoms, while girls are more often experience symptoms third. Therefore, ADHD in females usually only known at the time the child is not able to start working on school assignments more complicated during the junior high school  or secondary school (high school); or when the child began to experience depression.

However, many other diseases that also have the same symptoms with ADHD, such as dyslexia or other psychological disorders. This requires further examination by a physician to determine whether your child really have ADHD or not. Early diagnosis and treatment can help the child as soon as your child's life will be.


Hate to Go to School
If your child seems afraid or do not like to go to school, it can be one sign of ADHD. You may be able to ask your child what the cause they do not want to go to school and consult with your doctor.

Feeling Needy or Less Confident
If your child is often said that he is not able or not able to do anything right, it shows his confidence is lacking. It may be one of the signs of ADHD is more common in girls.

Impaired Social Interaction
This was apparent at the time your child has a friend or a difficulty to make friends. Children usually be dominant and bossy or even not get along at all because he felt he did not fit with the surrounding environment.

Difficulty Tasks
Usually your child really needs help in doing the task or require supervision to be able to concentrate on doing something.

ADHD Girls photo

Often taken to task Teachers in Schools
Usually you will often get reports from the teachers at your child's school that your child is often less paying attention in class, or homework, or attention easily distracted while working on a task.

(diverse sources)

* ADHD = attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

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Tips on How to Treat Hyperactive Children

ADHD photo

1. Tell On Your Child
It is important that you should know and tell your child is that ADHD is not a disease and not the fault of your child. ADHD is a brain disorder that causes a child is hard and difficult bekonsentrasi complete a task.

By telling you this, then your child may be able to accept the situation and no longer complain when I had to take medicine every day.

2. Do not Let Children Be Lazy
Although children with ADHD do require a longer time to do a task or learning, do not make it as a reason for you and your child can make it lazy. Continue to encourage your child to learn to be responsible about the things that it has become a duty.

3. Make Rules and Award
Make a rule that expressly and give praise or even a gift to your child when he or she can accomplish certain tasks can make it more vibrant and confident. Do not make the rules are too strict and rigid which can make your child become depressed and stressed. It can actually worsen the situation and this also may affect your emotions.

4. Growing Confidence In Children
Help your child to be more confident. The trick is to help them complete the task (not that you are doing it, you just need to assist and help in their time of trouble doing his job) and tell them that even though they are slightly different from the other kids does not mean they can not be a successful person.

5. Never Too Protecting Children
Every parent would want to always protect her, both when you were little kids or when they have grown up. However, too protect children, especially children with ADHD can make them unable to live independently and continue to rely on you. photo

Help your child to learn to be more independent so that they can do things without the help of others and solve their own problems. You only need to monitor and support your child from behind the screen.

Source: WebMD

* ADHD = attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

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About Kids
Tips for Overcoming Aggressive & Hyperactive Children

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Tips for Overcoming Aggressive & Hyperactive Children

Autism kids photo

ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a mental disorder that is most common in children in the United States. According to the CDC, approximately 11% or 6.4 million children aged between 4-7 years in the United States suffer from ADHD.

Children with ADHD typically have difficulty focusing on a long time. These children are usually seen as very active (redundant) and may act impulsively. They also may have aggressive behavior, irritability, and rebellious.

Most children with ADHD also have difficulty controlling aggressive behavior and emotions, which often make other family members feel overwhelmed and stressed.

It is true that children need a long time to control aggressive behavior and emotions. One important thing to note by the parents is when intervention should be initiated. According to one expert, the intervention as early as possible, when the child is still small, is the best. This is because when the child entered the age of 12 years, the success rate of behavioral therapy would be reduced to less than half.

According to a new study in the United States, the combination of certain antipsychotic drugs such as risperidone, standard ADHD medications, and discipline; apparently can reduce aggressive behavior better than just giving a standard ADHD medications and exercise discipline in children.

In addition to the above combination, physical activity such as exercise also appears to help children cope with aggressive behavior.

Individual therapy also appears to help children learn how to control impulses and emotions better. In addition, the provision of tutorials or lessons also can help children improve achievement in schools that can help her become more confident.

Help teachers both at school and at les apparently also played a role in overcoming the aggressive behavior of children with ADHD. The teachers are expected to inform clearly and consistently to the child about how the child's behavior should be. In addition, teachers are also expected to tell the child what will happen if a child's behavior is not as expected and giving gifts or praise when the child's behavior as expected.


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This one Without Cancer Symptoms and Rapid Progress

children health check up photo

Cancer is not only suffered by adults, but can also be attacked by children. There are many types of cancer that can be suffered by children. Among the blood cancer, brain cancer, bone cancer, eye cancer and neurological cancer or neuroblastoma. Although including the dangerous and deadly disease, there is no definite symptoms of cancer this one. Neuroblastoma is a type of cancer that is quite rare.
Lately, more and more frequently discussed neuroblastoma.

Neuroblastoma usually causes a lump in the abdomen and other parts of the nerve. However, the lump is often confused with common diseases in children such as bloating. Neuroblastoma can only be detected by laboratory tests. A child suffering from neuroblastoma can be ascertained only through blood tests, x-rays and biopsy.

Due to no symptoms that can be seen with the naked eye, which is why parents need to ensure the health of children carefully. When there is a lump or complaints about stomach continuously, you should immediately consult your child to the doctor.

neuroblastoma scheme photo

The development of cancer in neuroblastoma cells from early stage to late stage lasted only two years. This time period includes fast for the growth of cancer cells. So many new neuroblastoma patients get checks when it is at an advanced stage.

Treatment of neuroblastoma same as other cancer types, namely chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy. All forms and order of treatment is determined by the level stage. To be sure, the earlier the cancer is found, the greater the degree of recovery.

Childhood cancers including neuroblastoma is a type of cancer that is caused by a chromosomal abnormality that control the development of the organs in the body of the child is not going well. This chromosomal abnormalities can occur when a child is in the mother's womb, so that in addition to occur spontaneously, chromosomal abnormalities in children is also influenced by the lifestyle of the parents. Smoking and eating foods that contain carcinogenic substances is often a key trigger chromosomal damage that can end up with cancer.

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Really Big Butt Women Tend to Have a Child Smart?

Blessed for women who have a big butt and solid, because some researchers say women who have children are more intelligent buttocks.

Reported by the Daily Mail, turns on the buttocks save "fat bank or collection of fat" that was instrumental in the development of the newborn brain channeled through ation.

According to Professor Will Lassek University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who led the research on the function of fat in the buttocks, said the fat in the buttocks is a storehouse of fat to build a baby's brain.

"To build a network in the brain that is much needed fat, and fat in the buttocks rich in DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), which is a very important component of the human brain.

"So very nice if a pregnant woman, crowd-Ondong collect fat in the buttocks," he explained.
He also said, "Maybe this is why women tend to have more fat as a very large role in brain development," he said.

The same thing was said by biologists from Cambridge University, David Bainbridge said, brain development in infants breast milk obtained from largely derived from the thighs and buttocks.

"Women who have large thighs and buttocks has been shown to have a bright child, for example, Jennifer Lopez, he has a solid buttocks and thighs, her son too smart," he explained.

Some Tips For Children's Immune System

Immune or immune very important in maintaining health. Comes from the Latin immune from immunity immunity that has meaning. The immune system in the body is composed of cells and substances produced work collectively to fight foreign substances that enter the body.

Important role the immune or immune system that provides protection from external influences (bakteru and viral infections) involves the cells and organs of the organism. If the immune system weakens, the protection will weaken and cause a virus or bacteria to enter the body and grow. In children, their immune system is not perfect so susceptible to disease however there are several ways that parents can do to boost your child's immune system.

In the article by increasing a child's immune will explain the importance of the immune, how to improve the immune in children and prevention of diseases that attack the immune system in children.

Immune Importance In Children
When you first enter the body microorganisms subsequent reaction to two and to the three body produce antibodies more quickly and thus require vaccination or immunization. Immunization consists of two kinds of active immunization and passive immunization. Active immunization gives germs or toxins attenuated bacteria that stimulate the body's own antibodies while doing passive immunization injecting antibodies that increased levels in the body of the child.
The immune system is protecting the health of children from bacteria or viruses that enter the body. Child's immune system is composed of various aspects of the relationship aspects of biochemistry. The role of the child's immune defenses of foreign objects that do not cause health problems worse.

Beware of diseases that attack Immunity Children
The immune system is the mechanism used to defend from foreign objects are not recognized body. If immunity is reduced, causing health problems and endanger health.

The following are some of the diseases associated with immune system disorders in children:

1. Immune System the Less Active
The immune system is underactive, it will cause health problems such as Immune Deficiency Conditions associated with a large group of diseases that suppress the immune system and are often based on chronic disease. Severe Combined Immunodeficiency next is characterized by a declining immune system caused by genetic abnormalities. The latter is a growing AIDS and causes the immune failed miserably. Generally, the child is a congenital disease of the elderly who are already infected with the HIV virus.

2. The immune system is overactive
If the immune system is overactive, it will cause health problems which are caused by food allergies, drink or substance. Alergan that can stimulate reactions causing minor problems and medical assistance is needed to be able to diagnose the problem.
Anaphylaxis is a serious allergic caused by food, chemical or insect bites. Children who experience anaphylaxis will experience itching, throat experience swelling and decreased blood pressure. Asthma is a chronic lung disorder. Symptoms of asthma will make children become wheezing, coughing, shortness of napa, and chest tightness.

3. Disruption other body systems
While some of the health problems associated with the immune system include:
• Chediak Higashi Syndrome associated with the syndrome is a rare disorder that can affect all major organs.
• Common Variable Immunodeficiency associated with a low number of antibodies in the body. Even so commonly found in adults.
• Hives associated with both allergic to certain outbreaks caused by food or contact a particular plant.

How to improve the child's immune
As it is known that the immune in children has an important role in keeping the disease and infection then you can do the ways to improve the immunity of children:

1. Providing exclusive breastfeeding
In children 0-6 months of exclusive breastfeeding help increase your child's immunity. Research done that with breastfeeding the child's immune system to increase and provide protection against diseases associated with the respiratory and digestive tracts. In breast milk contains nutrients that can enhance the immune system of children.

2. Playing in the environment
Often parents worry about the children who play dirty-dirt when to play in the environment, the child's immune system will develop fully. Although the condition of children playing in the yard will be exposed to dirty that helps in tracking the number of pathogens in training the immune system but on the other hand will potentially benefit and support the body's cells to fight infection.

3. Lots of laughs
Enhancing immunity of children with lots of laughs? Surely you wonder, but in a fun way will help to increase endurance. Research conducted that watching comedy will help in increasing the production of cells that helps in improving the body's immune kill cold and flu germs.

4. Rest Enough
Research carried out to boost immunity is to rest enough. Adequate rest will reduce the risk of flu than when lack of sleep. Even portions of healthy sleep for children aged 3-12 years is 10 hours per day. Thus the need for the child to sleep longer than adults.

5. Reducing antibiotic
Reduce give antibiotics when sick minor children. Generally parents ask the doctor to include antibiotics when minor ailments such as flu, colds or sore throats do not require antibiotics. Giving antibiotics to children who are too often it will weaken the immune system in children.

6. Avoid Air Pollution
With air pollutants it will damage the cilia hairs in the nose that serves as an antidote to the entry of foreign objects into the body. So avoid your child from air pollution such as cigarette smoke, burning and some hazardous chemicals that are often used as an ingredient in some household appliance.

7. Consumption of foods that can boost immunity include:

• Soy milk contains flavonoids that can increase endurance. Sejeni flavonoid pigments that are often found in green plants that can enhance the immune system.

• Fish and Eggs contain zinc which can improve the development of the body, strengthen immunity and increase intelligence.

• Honey is an important source of protein which can improve immunity. Additionally able to maintain stamina and good consumed every day.

• Prebiotics are good bacteria in the digestive tract that there are many processed foods such as yogurt or some foods such as wheat, banana, honey and nuts.

• Vitamin C can improve the resilience of the child's body from infection and heal wounds. Can supplements or natural vitamin C from fruits and vegetables.

Understanding the Digestive System Problems in Children and its Prevention

Digestive Disorders Children are often ill and lost weight? One reason is because of the health problems associated with the child's digestive system. Even digestive disorders in children will hinder the child's nutritional needs will result disruption of development of the child.

It is important to maintain a healthy digestive 70-80% due to the child's immune system and the formation of children is formed in the gastrointestinal tract. If the child has a disorder of the digestive absorption of nutrients is inhibited in addition risk of gastrointestinal dysfunction. For more wary of gastrointestinal disorders in children, this article will discuss the definition of gastrointestinal disorders in children, an important role in the child's digestion, precautions should be taken to keep children healthy digestion.

Understanding Indigestion in children
Often the child complained of pain in the abdomen?
This is one of the early sign of indigestion. Indigestion is called dyspepsia, a condition of discomfort in the abdomen. Although gastrointestinal disorders including commonly experienced by children or adults but symptoms should remain alert.
Children who experience indigestion will inhibit development of the child. This condition is due to digestive functions as the formation of the immune system, interfere with the absorption of nutrients and intelligence of children in case of nutritional imbalance due to inhibition of absorption of nutrients in the digestive process.
Digestive disorders in children due to incomplete digestive system or the consumption of foods and beverages that trigger digestive disorder. That is why children need time adjustment to be able to adapt to the food they consume. Indigestion can not be underestimated due to take place continuously and require medical care to avoid other health problems.

Important Role of digestion in children
Digestion in children has an important role, namely to establish the immune system. Children who have a healthy digestion will affect the health of children. By having a healthy health it would be optimal child development. In addition, children who have healthy digestion will affect the optimal nutritional needs.
Digestive system greatly affects the nutrients needed by the child, the child's digestive system is healthy it will be able to absorb nutrients from food and beverages consumed in accordance with the needs of the child's body when disturbed the nutritional needs of children stunted especially age 0-5 years included a golden period children.

Digestion also plays an important role in the intelligence of the child, these factors are associated with an unbalanced nutrient absorption so as to interfere with development of the child. Disruption of growth and development in children will have an impact on children's intelligence. The current development is a bright child is able to have two-way communication that is able to be supported by the ability of your brain. With a healthy digestive tract then make maximum employment and nutrients your body needs child optimally absorbed.

Prevention of gastrointestinal disorders in children
Prevent digestive disorders in children made since the child was born is to give milk ekskusif. Breast milk is the main food baby can provide immunity to the body and provide complete nutrition. Breast milk contains probiotics that can maintain the metabolic processes in the body, can protect the intestinal wall and boost immunity.

In addition to be able to help a good digestive system in children, it can be done since in the womb. Pregnant women are advised to consume foods that contain probiotics like yogurt consumption. With konsomi foods containing probiotics can balance the growth of good bacteria and help educate in maintaining good digestive health.

Indigestion is not good in children associated with the intake of food that is difficult in children. Thus, to assist you in completing all children's nutritional needs during that takes into account foodstuffs consumed. Generally, children just love the food alone, it makes nutrition hampered. Therefore, you can distract the child's interest so appetite increases. For example, by providing an attractive cutlery.

Digestive disorders in children
Digestive disorders in children vary, the following is a description of gastrointestinal disorders in children:
1. Impaired entire digestive system function

Disorders related to the child's digestive system or irritable bowel syndrome, causing constipation, abdominal pain, or diarrhea. Symptoms generally faced bowel changes. Children may be more frequent or more frequent constipation diarrhea. How to cope with children who have irritable bowel syndrome is to lay off food and beverages that trigger diarrhea / constipation in children. Some of the foods that should be stopped is that too much food containing seasoning, too salty, sour or too sweet.

2. Hipertroli pyloric stenosis
Children who experience hipertroli pyloric stenosis is a narrowing of the intestinal tract will have 12 fingers due to a thickening of the bowel wall muscle. It often occurs in children, namely vomiting while being breastfed. Specific symptoms in this medical disorder is vomiting that occurs in children aged 2-12 minggu.Adapun medical procedures performed when they are likely to experience significant health problems, namely by making an incision but do not cut the pylorus muscle to dilate the goal.

3. recurrent abdominal pain
Children often have recurrent abdominal pain and often found in children aged 3 years. The causes vary can be caused by social, psychological, and something that trigger stress in children. Symptoms that problems are recurrent abdominal pain, pain even three times or more during the three months and experience problems child's activity. How to cope with knowing the main cause in children and then consult with a child psychologist.

4. The upper gastrointestinal bleeding
If the child who is vomiting accompanied with fresh blood or black spots due to undergo gastric acid denaturation. Cause injury to the child and duodenal ulcers or varicose veins of the esophagus rupture. Symptoms experienced by the child has vomited blood and stool black exhaust.

In addition there are many other digestive disorders experienced by children such as reflux, diarrhea because infeki, colic, constipation, bloating or intolerance bacteria. How to overcome indigestion stretcher to consult with a doctor to get medication in accordance with the conditions of this anak.Hal caused can not be diagnosed only from the symptoms but had to perform a medical examination to help restore kesehatanpencernaan child's condition.

Healthy digestion in children will support optimal growth and development in children. So it needs nutrients the body needs are met, it is this which will help in maintaining the health of children, endurance and intelligence of children.

Know Impetigo One Infectious Skin Diseases in Children. Causes, Treatment and Prevention

Impetigo often affects infants and children. Impetigo is a contagious skin disease characterized by red lesions on the face, around the nose or mouth. The cause of impetigo is a bacterium that enters the body through the skin injured children or in children with healthy skin. Although Impetigo can heal on its own will but to reduce the risk of complications will require treatment in a child with impetigo.

In some cases children who have Impetigo is characterized by injuries such as blisters. Although not harmful but complications in children with impetigo may occur. This is the importance of the role of parents in the prevention and treatment (if the child is stricken with impetigo). In this article will discuss the types of impetigo, the characteristics of children who attacked impetigo, factors that cause impetigo infected children, prevention tips that can be done and the treatment of children who attacked Impetigo.

type Impetigo
  Impetigo is a highly contagious disease. Even if the injury or goods on dipegang.Impetigo can heal itself but better immediate treatment to prevent the spread and infection worse.

Impetigo have several types, the following are types of impetigo:

1. Impetigo Contagiosa
This type of impetigo has red sores on the face and often appear in the mouth and nose. On the type of impetigo contagiosa wounds will quickly break up, watery and has pus even in dry conditions will have browned. Impetigo Contagiosa not cause fever but the swelling of the lymph nodes. Impetigo is contagious so that the spread of infection into the body more easily.

2. Bullous Impetigo
This type of attacking children under 2 years. Mekipun impetigo pain and blisters filled with fluid. Wound infections can become raw and long time to recover than other types of impetigo. Body parts are often attacked by bullous impetigo is the body, legs and arms.

3. Ecthyma
Types of impetigo which can attack the skin dermis. Symptoms of impetigo children who have this type of injury hurt, has a liquid or purulent. The scars will be difficult to recover lost even though it could even lead to swelling of lymph nodes in the body that is infected.

In addition, impetigo can lead to complications, although rare as poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis (PSGN) is inflammation of the kidneys that developed as a result of bacterial infection and often affects children aged 6-10 years. Furthermore Cellulitis that attacks the tissues under the skin and will spread to the lymph nodes and into the bloodstream. Those that cause infection methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) are resistant to antibiotics. The latter can lead to complications that cause skin color becomes darker or brighter.

Child characteristics Esophageal Impetigo
Impetigo is not a dangerous disease that beruhubungan with fatal system but Impetigo child would interfere with the health of children is more serious if left unchecked. Impetigo is a skin infection caused by the bacteria Staphylocovvus Aures that affects children of all ages. Whereas in children aged 2-5 years is generally caused by the germs streptococcoli.Jenis very contagious.
In children who are stricken with impetigo will have red sores on the face area and then on around the nose and mouth of the child. Even being a common sign that experienced by children who have impetigo. If the injured child will get worse then wound rupture and ooze pus few days so that it will form a golden brown crust or ulcers on the skin area.

Children who attacked the germs that cause impetigo can be inferred to have characteristics such as the following:

1. The child has red skin accompanied with small spots on the face, head and hands.
2. In the skin of the ill will mengelepuh so that a discharge that has a yellow color of honey and more widely.
3. Children infected with impetigo will have itchy red area on the skin.
4. If the pain will spread to parts of the body to another so that the liquid will blister.
5. There will be swelling of the lymph nodes of infected in the surrounding area.

Factors that cause impetigo
Impetigo is a disease caused by bacterial infection. Nonetheless disease impetigo in children may occur due to contact with the patient. The disease is highly contagious and even on items or objects previously impetigo patients.

The following are some of the factors that cause the spread of impetigo:
1. When your child to interact with friends who are suffering from impetigo to allow direct contact with impetigo sores and spread.
2. In hot and humid weather easier impetigo infection in children.
3. In the affected skin wound so as to facilitate the occurrence of the bacteria that cause impetigo infection into the skin lesion.
4. Children with diabete more susceptible due ecthyma more serious than the type of impetigo.

Prevention of impetigo in children
Prevention of the spread of impetigo can be done by keeping the body, including:
1. Wash hands and feet using methamphetamine.
2. If already in contact with a child suffering from impetigo immediately to clean hands with soap.
3. Cut your child's nails regularly to avoid germs infeki impetigo.
4. Try not to touch your nose and mouth when your child hands dirty.
5. In patients with impetigo items that used to be separated, washed with soap and hot water.

Treatment of impetigo in children
To detect disease impetigo in children doctor will see cuts, no need to perform laboratory tests. If the child is suffering from impetigo will be given antibiotics to tackle the spread of this disease. Besides creams and ointments are often given to children who have impetigo.

The wounds that do not heal then be taken in the wound fluid samples to determine the type of antibiotics in accordance with the type of impetigo. Although basically impetigo will heal by itself but if not cured and left it will lead to more serious complications.

Thus impetigo is a skin disease caused by germs, easy to spread even very often attack aged children. The disease is not dangerous but if complications are difficult to heal and be dangerous. This type of disease is very easily prevented by cleaning themselves from bacteria and always clean up when direct contact with suffering from impetigo. Impetigo can be cured with the use of antibiotics as recommended by your doctor, drugs given in the form of a cream or ointment. If it will be difficult to recover laboratory tests to determine the type of antibiotic that is in accordance with the bacteria that cause impetigo in children.

Some Ingredients That Can Help Intelligence Kids

Although the child's intelligence is influenced by internal factors are genetic but several external factors including physical activity, stimulation, nutrition and health also play a role. So for you as a parent if it can assist in providing the best nutrition to stimulate children's intelligence.

Here are 9 of food for the intelligence of children, namely:

1. Salmon
Fish that contain fats such as salmon is the best source of omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA are both important in the growth and development of your child's brain function. Research shows that children who get the intake of omega-3 fatty acids have the ability to think more sharply. According to experts, although tuna contain omega-3 fatty acids, but the salmon more omega 3 than tuna.

2. Eggs
Eggs are an important source of protein which is known relatively cheap and the price is quite affordable. Egg yolks contain choline proven, a substance that can help the development of memory. You can provide this type of variation in the processed egg to add to your child's appetite.

3. Peanut butter
Peanuts and peanut butter are one source of vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that can protect the nerve cell membrane. The content of thiamin and vitamin E helps the brain and nervous system in use glucose for energy needed by the body shape

4. Whole grains
The brain requires glucose supply of the body that are constant so that the grain can support the needs of your body with fiber resulting from its seeds. Fiber found in whole grains will help to regulate the release of glucose in the body. Vitamin B contained in wheat will keep the nervous system to remain healthy functioning.

5. Oats / Oatmeal
Oats are one of the most popular cereals among children and rich in essential nutrients for the brain. Oats are able to provide energy to the brain much needed children, oatmeal is very appropriate if taken in the morning .Kandungan fiber in oats or oatmeal able to keep your child's health and intelligence. Oats are also a good source of vitamin E, vitamin B, zinc and potassium which makes the body and brain function to function optimally.

6. Type Fruit
In general, strong colors contained in cherry, blackberry, strawberry and blueberry contains adequate nutrients to the intelligence of children. Berries fruit group contains high levels of antioxidants, especially vitamin C is capable menangka cancer-causing free radicals. Several studies have shown the content of strawberry and blueberry extract was able to improve the functioning of ingata. Besides the seeds of berries are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are needed in brain health, especially intelligence.

7. Nuts
Peanut is special because food snacks of nuts have the energy derived from protein and complex carbohydrates. In addition, nuts contain fiber, vitamins and minerals. Nuts are a good food for your child's brain can sustain due to energy and also the ability to think. According to the research, red beans contain more omega-3 than other nuts, especially ALA - the type of omega-3 fatty asan important for growth and brain function.

8. colored vegetables
Tomatoes, red sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, spinach is a vegetable that is rich in nutrients and antioxidants that will keep brain cells healthy. Consuming a variation of vegetables is very important for health despite the fact that children do not like vegetables, for that you can create from raw material processed vegetable snacks.

9. Milk and Yogurt
Foods derived from dairy products contain high protein and vitamin B content of protein and B vitamins are essential nutrients in perumbuhan brain tissue and also enzymes. Consuming milk, processed milk or yogurt can make the stomach survive from hunger because of the content of protein and carbohydrates as well as a source of energy for your child's brain. The study found that children and teens need more vitamin D even 10 times the recommended dose. Vitamin D is a vitamin which is also important for muscle and nervous system life cycle of human cells as a whole.


Love the parents of all time, the love child all the memories. So maybe proverb to describe the relationship between parent and child. Love of parents towards their children will not be interrupted even if the distance and time separating body. But not necessarily the love child like love both parents. When children become successful and all-sufficient person they can forget the parents, even just to visit his parents during the holidays only. Despite all that, the key is good communication and comfortable.

Sometimes parents also do not know how to speak good on his son a result, the son of response led to the debate. Here it is often a debate parent and child.

Education. Parents would want their children a good education so you can easily find a job. Quite often they are contributing to choose schools for their children, there is also to force their children to school would place his parents choice. But the choice of different children, children have their own choices that make them feel comfortable while studying. Sometimes also want a school with her best friend.
Mate. Problem mate will be very selective parents give consent, because dating is something that will be undertaken in a long time which may be for life if the marriage lasting. No wonder parents often see the prospective in-laws of seeds, ancestor, weight. Which means the views of private, family lines and establishment candidates uncertain. Unlike the case with a child, they tend to look at in terms of physical and action. They will choose someone handsome, capable of making the heart feel happy, safe and comfortable. While it may be just an ordinary man.
Residence. Parents who are already pregnant, give birth, and raise, hoping that their children would live together after marriage. They hoped their children would accompany their old age and care for them until his death. But of the children, want to feel independent living. Finally, a debate ensued. Each will argue as desired.
From some of the examples that are at issue is the awareness of the role of each. As a parent supposed to be a friend to her children. Thinking that the child is entrusted god, the child is a trust that must be maintained so that they are always running in the corridor is right according to religious teachings. Not assume the child is theirs entirely, until they are entitled to form children as what they want.

And as a child also must understand the role of parents is essential for their lives, because without them we would not exist. Reveal what we desire with smooth without offending parents. Do not forward the emotion when not mengsetujui opinion of parents. With so expected the parents can understand their desire and are willing to approve his step.

Tips on How to Overcome Measles in Children

Isolating infected children against measles is one way to prevent transmission.

Measles or commonly known as measles is contagious infection by measles virus. Measles transmission can be through droplets (splash saliva while talking, coughing and sneezing). The measles virus then enters the body through the respiratory tract.

Recognize the Symptoms
Know in advance of measles in children in order to do further treatment again.

Clinical symptoms of measles usually in the form:
1. high body temperature to 40 degrees Celsius.
2. The emergence of a red rash greater than mosquito bites and interlocked.
3. Over time more and more red rash spreads throughout the body.
4. Accompanied eye irritation (belekan).
5. The red rash changed to red, then become scaly.

By the time the rash has become black, the actual healing process has begun, because measles is one of the diseases that can be cured by itself. But if you do not get the right treatment, the healing process may take longer.

Different Measles with other diseases
Differences measles with other diseases is hot when the rash first appears very high. There can be complications such as diarrhea due to internal organs in the large intestine also develop a rash.

Also can occur inflammatory lung infections, also there is otitis media (inflammation of the ear area, sometimes until the damaged ear drums and discharge) to encephalitis.

Age susceptible to measles is aged 6 years and over. And the most vulnerable are toddler age is the age of 203 years. At this age there should be revaccinated, but still little is aware of this. As for children aged 0-6 months are relatively safe from the attack of measles because at this age children still get measles immunity from the mother.

First Aid Measles
First aid that can be done by parents is to reduce the heat. By the time the body temperature reaches over 38.5 degrees Celsius, then avoid compressing the child with cold water. We recommend using only plain water. Compressed in areas such as the large blood vessels in the neck, armpits, and in the thigh.

Because measles is a disease that can be cured by itself, then the parents should be able to keep the child nutrition to be balanced. Children must be maintained in order to avoid dehydration, and then isolating the child in the room to minimize the transmission of measles.

Finally, keep the child in order to be rested. Give vitamin A to maintain stamina. If the rather severe conditions, such as decreased consciousness, sesk breath, dehydration, or children reluctant to eat, then it should be taken to the doctor.

Measles Prevention Tips
Prevention of measles attack can be performed by administering the vaccine in accordance with the schedule. There are three stages of measles vaccine should be done.
1. When children aged 9 months.
2. At the age of 2-3 years.
3. At the age of 5-6 years.

This must be done because measles is a type of disease that can be prevented by vaccines.

Another way to prevent measles attack is to avoid direct contact with patients. Then provide a nutritious and balanced nutrition. Improve yourself and environmental hygiene.

Some Common Symptoms of Measles in Children

Measles is one of the diseases caused by the rubeola virus. It's easy once transmission and generally suffered by children. Because it is so easy it is transmitted, then only with the patient coughs or sneezes can be transmitted to children who previously had never experienced this measles saki.

Transmission can also through hands contaminated with germs. Moreover, should a child with measles should rest only in the home to prevent the spread of this virus.

Symptoms of Measles
After experiencing an incubation period of 10 to 14 days, came the following symptoms:
1. High fever up to 40-41 degrees Celsius.
2. red and watery eyes.
3. Exit liquid mucus from the nose.
4. Dry cough.
5. Appears red spots on the face and whole body after 3-4 days later.

Red patches all over the body which meets this looks terrible, but in fact, this disease is not too serious because it can heal itself. With proper treatment, in just one week, spot-bercaknya will disappear altogether.

How to handle given enough nutritious food to increase endurance, taking medication fever and cough when accompanied by cough, as well as other medications given by doctors. When measles is not addressed, the impact is very dangerous, where children will have pneumonia and middle ear.

Some Herbal Remedy prevent Dengue Fever in Children

Now it is time for the rainy season, where every time the change of seasons, disease Dengue Fever (DHF) is always increasing in number and particularly affects children under the age of 10 years. Indeed, the need for special handling in addition to go see the doctor.

Rainfall intensity is high enough cause flooding inundated several regions in Indonesia. A number of vulnerable and deadly disease began to emerge. There is no harm if we are always vigilant, especially diseases spread by mosquitoes.

But not to worry, because now is the herbalist Indonesia has issued some herbs for the treatment cost is very affordable alternative, there may even be in your garden.

Nine kinds of natural ingredients and accompanied by recipes and ways of making.

1. Guava red.
How: Guava red juiced and drunk all the time.

2. Leaf Imbo.
Method: boiled 5 Imbo leaves, flowers jungkut pendul 1 handheld and then mixed with five glasses of water reserving 3 cups. 3x daily drink half a glass.

3. Leaves Pare.
Pare leaves 1 handheld, 3 pieces of bitter, ginger 1 vertebra add 5 cups, reserving 3 cups. Sehsri 3x half a glass.

4. Brotowali.
5 cm brotowali, 1 stalk papaya, 1 vertebra Intersection ireng, cook with 5 cups water 3 cups leaving. Drink half a cup 3 times a day.

5. Ontong.
Ontong washed and boiled. Water is taken 3 times a day

6. Carambola.
2 pieces of star fruit, papaya leaf stalk 1, 2cm Intersection ireng. Rinse and then shredded and take the water to drink 3 times a day.

7. Guava klotok.
Guava klotok plus bitter juiced and drunk.

8. The roots of papaya.
1 handful of roots of papaya, papaya leaf 1 sprig, 1 vertebra Intersection ireng, 3 juiced fruit blimbing make 1 cup, drink 1-2 times a day.

9. Leaves Bitter.
3-7 leaves of bitter, boiled in 3 cups of water reserving 1 cup, and drink 3 times a day.

Thus herbs to cure dengue fever in children.

Some threatening Infectious Diseases Pediatrics

Mother will experience anxiety when the child has health problems. Especially when it is a few days along with body temperature above normal, ie above 37 degrees Celsius. Children are particularly susceptible to some diseases because the body temperature resistance are still vulnerable and also play a diverse environment that is easy to attack your child.
Contagious disease that often affects children can not be avoided, you can do the prevention and treatment if the child has a contagious disease. In this article there are some infectious diseases that are often experienced by your child.

Here are some infectious disease that often affects children:

1. salesma

The disease is mild but will interfere with your child's activity even up on the long term. Salesma is the easiest disease affects children and is also spread among friends playing children or adults around him. Salesma have typical symptoms of which are experiencing a fever, cough, runny nose and suffered headaches. Improved immune system of children with a balanced diet, to meet the needs of body fluids will speed up your child recover from salesma.

2. Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF)

Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) is transmitted by mosquitoes. If mosquitoes are biting in the school environment it will be easy to spread on a friend at school. This is because the mosquitoes carrying dengue fever not only bite once the first patient only. Dengue hemorrhagic fever suffered by children. There are four phases of the condition of children who have dengue fever is the first phase (fever accompanied by symptoms that are not typical) while in the second phase (eg fever accompanied with bleeding skin spots, nosebleeds or bleeding from the mouth). phase 3 (the child has failed circulation so that the pulse is faster) and in phase to 4 (severe shock).

3. Chicken Pox

The disease is characterized by red spots that form small ulcers that can appear in the body or in the face. Hot child's condition fever virus, the disease can be transmitted through the air when people sneeze or used clothing. In children who have chickenpox usually only happens once a lifetime. Smallpox will take place one week to two weeks if the itch and scratch it will leave a mark.

4. typhoid or typhoid

High fever in children over three days then you should immediately conduct a medical examination. Medical examination one to prevent typhoid or typhoid. When getting worse feared would be a serious complication that is in fear will experience the perforation of the intestine and brain disorders. It is easy to spread typhus can be easily infected because of the food that is not clean.

5. Flu

One that often affects children is the flu. Flu viruses are susceptible to attack in children. Suffered symptoms include fever, pain in the body and abdominal pain. Now there is the development of flu viruses that endanger children, one of which is singapur flu caused by coxsackie A16. Very easy to spread drought besides easy jiga affects children up to the age of 10-year-old child.

6. Worms

The next infectious disease is caused by worms dirty hands caused by hookworms can enter the body. Not that you limit the exploration child but do prevention, namely the hands of a child is always clean when eating or drinking, as well as touching the mouth and nose.

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