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Here's Some Simple Ways Happiness that you need to know to try

That happiness is Rights & Options everyone, 
Here's Some Simple Ways Happiness that you need to know to try

Happy man

Expectations were too high on the happiness it will never satisfy us. 16 Try these simple ways to achieve happiness if you are confused about how to achieve it.

We often relentless pursuit of happiness as if happiness is far in front of the eye. I was so busy chasing, we become tired and neglect that happiness is in fact already provided for us. Expectations were too high on the happiness it will never satisfy us. Due to the fact that happiness is a choice and a decision. However, try 16 simple ways to achieve happiness as aid.

1. Do not forget to breathe

I was so busy and productive, we sometimes forget to breathe with relief. Breathing exercises will help us to fight stress, mumet mind and body are tired.

2. Enjoy the fresh air at least once a week

Try exercising in the open air at least once a week. No need to do things that are extreme, just sauntering alone can reduce the risk of depression. Enjoy the fresh air and nature also improves mood.

3. Try a new experience

Try new things that you never did before. Usually it will give you happiness itself.

4. Keep a diary containing gratitude

Researchers claimed that write different expressions of thanks and complaints can help us to clean our minds. With gratitude we will be more humble view life.

5. Fasting internet and media

Indirectly, many of us are affected by the events reported in the media. Research shows that too much exposure to negative news can affect a person's mental condition. So, in order to save mental health, why we allowed to fast internet and media moments.

6. Listen to music

True to say music can provide a calming effect. If you feel anxious and nervous, try to listen to music. If necessary, save the playlist for relaxation on your device.

7. Sleep an hour earlier than usual

Sleep is a very powerful magic potion for mental health. The better the quality of sleep, the better your emotional situation.

8. Leave the alcohol

It is not allowed to consume alcohol. But if too many and the excess, alcohol can steal your happiness. Keep in mind, alcohol can make a person more agitated and anxious.

9. Keep away from people who become toxic to you

If there are people around us that is ruining our lives with the behavior and attitude that can not be changed again, better keep away temporarily. You are entitled to be happy in spite of those that are toxic.

10. Be honest and open about your life situation

Do not doubt the power of shared emotions and our feelings to others. If we are in doubt, share the doubts in people we can trust. The same applies if we are angry, sad, happy, happy, etc.

11. Giving and sharing those in need

Rest assured, give and share to others will always bring happiness for us. Try to volunteer either the funds or personnel to other people. And see that their happiness will be our happiness too.

12. Do good in small things

Good works are not merely a matter of doing great things. The value of good deeds not depend on whether or not that good. Try to do the virtues of small, eg, treat others, be listeners for others, etc.

13. Do not hold back the sadness

If you are sad and want to cry, then cry! Do not store and hold his own grief. Humans are created for one another and support one another. So let others to lessen your grief.

14. Plan your holiday

Planning a holiday and looking forward to the holidays arrive apparently gives more happiness than Marko itself. Try to plan your vacation plan, no matter short or long vacation. Enjoy euphoria!

15. The positive self-talk

Talking to yourself may be done, but do not be too harsh on yourself. Talk about positive things and achievements that you have made.

16. Take a break!

Many of us who are too pressing and forcing yourself. Yet there was a time we should be more lenient and let our bodies rest, both mentally and physically.


List of Countries with the Best Quality of Life 2017 you should know

21 Countries with the Best Quality of Life 2017

The countries with the best quality of life to have a good balance between working life, access to quality health care, education, infrastructure, and opportunities for career and reside. Not only that, the nice weather also became one of his supporters.

Countries with the Best Quality of Life 2017

Internations recently conducted a survey involving 14,300 expatriates representing 174 nationalities live in 191 different countries or regions. They were asked to rate 43 different aspects of life abroad with a scale of 1-7.

From here internations make an assessment to obtain an overall average.

Several factors are taken into consideration: the comfort, happiness persolan, travel and transportation, health and welfare, and security. The result there are 21 states:

21. Denmark
These countries have the shortest working time in a week. There are shortcomings in facilities for children.

20. Hungary
The country appears to the top 20 thanks to the cost of living is relatively low but relatively abundant career opportunities.

19. Finland
"74 percent of parents expatriates in Finland agreed that the means of education here is very easy to reach," wrote internations. Finland is also superior in health and wellness.

18. Ecuador
Expats love the country due to suitable for traveling. However, they often cite a different language as one of the problems.

17. Luxembourg
Luxembourg ranked as the country with the best quality of life begins to decline because of the cost of living in this country slowly began to rise. Nevertheless, the country is still in the top 20 because of the opportunity to work in this country is quite high in addition to a beautiful environment, quality health care, and access to education are qualified.

16. Australia
The country is considered one of the best places in the world to raise a family. Access to education in the country is also quality assurance.

15. France
These countries have an average of only 41 hours of work in a week time. The country is also to be the best about the quality and availability of access to education.

14. Portugal
Portugal is regarded as one of the "dream destinations" expatriates. As many as 91 percent of respondents who live there say they are generally satisfied with their lives.

13. New Zealand
"Most people tend to equate New Zealand and Australia-and there are some surprising differences about expatriate life here," wrote internations.

12. Canada

Environment, a sense of feeling welcome, and short-time working to make Canada one of the countries with the best quality of life.

11. South Korea
The country is almost in the top 10. Many career opportunities in a country known for its K-Pop's. In addition, South Korea is also considered environmentally friendly sting for those who are married.

10. Switzerland
Health, education, and the ease of finding a job makes the Swiss in the top 10. But unfortunately, the cost of living here continue to increase from year to year.

9. Germany
Germany is very popular among expats for being one of the favorite places for work.

8. Singapore
The city-state ranking dropped from first to eighth because of the rising cost of living and especially health costs.

7. The Czech Republic
70 per cent of expats said that access to education is very easy to come by in this country. Child care costs are also very affordable in this country Czechoslovakia fragments.

6. Malta
Malta is very popular among the British, mainly because of the weather and fascinating local culture. However, Malta fell from rank-3 for the balance of life and work less intact.

5. Costa Rica
The weather was warm and the progress in the language category rankings catapulted the country. 79 percent of expatriates say they feel "at home" when they are here.

4. Spain
Spain is famous for good weather. Ranking rose because the expats feel the friendliness and, in particular, the attitude of the locals towards foreigners makes this country worth a sebagaik residence.

3. Japan
The country climbed from seven to three years, mainly because of its transportation infrastructure. Expats are also satisfied with the medical care services and kedamaiannnya.

2. Austria
The country is suddenly skyrocketed because of the quality of water and air. The country is ranked first for the health and well-being. The expats are also very satisfied with the transport infrastructure.

1. Taiwan
The country rose to the first rank for medical care and affordability. Taiwan, too, surveyed, ranked first the matter of quality of life, both for respondents male and female.


Cheap Ways Hilariously in Helping Others

Money is not the only thing that you can give to help others.

Well, people are religious or agnostic, most people want to meet their obligations as social beings to help others who need help. Anyone can help others.

Money is not the only thing you can do to help others. You can donate their time, energy, and talents. There are many ways that you can do to help each other according to their talents and time can you give. The most important thing is to do it with a happy heart, sincere and honest.

Here are some ways to help others in cheap with major implications for the welfare of others and your own inner satisfaction:

1. Blood Donor
Needle that looks great painless. And if you can not bear to see the needle or blood, turning only or close your eyes. Usually there is also a TV, or if not, you can chat with the medical officer who takes your blood. Depending on your physical condition, blood donor usually lasts for about 15 minutes.

2. Visit a nursing home
My first and college friends regularly visit a nearby nursing home and we will sing, recite poetry or acting for the residents. Now, I visited the nursing home alone near my house. I'm not talented enough to do creative things as before, but apparently sitting on the side of the occupant and listening to their life stories to entertain them and also adds to my knowledge.

3. Providing free private tutoring
Offer the neighborhood kids with their parents' permission for private lessons for free in their schoolwork. Try to place and time fixed and does not interfere with your regular activities, for example on the front porch of your house every Saturday at 4 to 6 pm.

4. Teach your talents and skills
It depends on the talent and skills that you have and want to share with others. For example, you can teach how to sew a tablecloth or make cakes to the PKK. If you are adept at playing music, you can teach to play guitar or piano to young people in Karang Taruna in your home environment.

5. Actively participate in religious activities
For example, for Christians can volunteer to teach a Sunday school class for children. For Muslims may hold a joint study in your home.

6. Parenting grandchild, niece or neighbor's child while the parents go to work
Daycare or nanny usually quite expensive for couples who have small children. Babysitting likely a side job for this young woman and a little more affordable. For retired couples who already have children in their homes, caring for small children for a few hours in a day can help relieve the loneliness and rejuvenating your home.

7. Being a volunteer humanitarian activities
For example, follow distributing food aid and medicine to the affected area, to run a marathon to raise funds for cancer patients, or follow the planting of thousands of trees, and many other humanitarian activities in your city. Such activities are usually made public through social networks or public service ads on TV.

8. Donate your used clothing
You can donate used clothing that is still wearable to organizations that accept donations of used clothing. Your wardrobe and your heart will be relieved after you donate used clothes you belong to those who need it more.

When you help others, you will feel happier because you're not too focused on the problems and challenges of your own life. Knowledge, talents, skills, energy and time you give freely to help others will not be reduced or harm you. Instead, your generosity and sincerity will make you a better person. You will become more skilled in your talents, the more prudent in managing your time, and the faster rise from your own problems.

So, what are you waiting? Let's start helping others and be prepared to enjoy the happiness you will feel !

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