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Daily habits that Make You Looks Older. You should know to avoid it

Reporting from the following page 6 habits that make you look older.

1. Using a styling tool
If you frequently use a blow dryer, curling iron, etc., should stop now.
When air is heated using a tool that will form tiny air bubbles in the hair.
These bubbles cause damage to the head and makes hair is getting thinner and slightly older.

2. The habit of eating food sweet
Consuming refined carbohydrates and sugars such as bread, cakes, and crackers can cause a spike in blood sugar.
Sugar molecules go through the blood into the cells in the body by connecting the fat and protein.
When the sugar content begabung with collagen without enzyme would create a process of glycation which causes skin wrinkles faster.
To fix this, you can replace it with eating nuts, edamame, yogurt and low-glycemic foods lainny.

3. The habit of squinting while frowning
This habit can cause wrinkled in the forehead and the corners of the eyes, if done too often.
Especially if you do it while exercising expression then the effect will be felt sooner.
Because when the muscles are forming.
And it is less beautiful if you bersefli then you uploaded on Instagram, seemed so young guys.

4. Tie the hair
Hair roots are pulled repeatedly can cause alopecoa traction or receding hairline.
As a result, hair loss can occur and make the skin thinner and thinner hair.
Compared to tie the ponytail, you can replace it with curl hair style a bit messy.

5. Avoid fat
Healthy fats such as omega 3 fatty acid is made easily remove pimples or skin rashes.
But the good effects can prevent damage to collagen and skin elasticity.
Compared to stop the consumption of fat you can replace it with consuming salmon, avocado, olive oil, and flaxseed.

6. Rubbing Eyes
The habit of rubbing the eyes not only make the lashes fall out, but also cause trauma to the area under the eyes.
As a result, eye bags will be thicker and make the face a little older.


Some Effective Natural Masks Fight Aging

Beauty mature women photo

Believe it or not getting healthier and brighter skin can cover your actual age. When the skin away from the word `bersinar` then immediately face will highlight the older side. The reason seems to be a strong enough base to familiarize you maintain healthy skin.

Perhaps by using cosmetics or other chemicals, the desired results can be obtained quickly. However, if you are quite selective in choosing cosmetics and choose the ingredients are natural, maybe some masks are quoted from page Boldsky, Monday (02/02/2015), this could be a solution.

Although the process takes longer, it can be considered a natural mask is quite effective to counter aging because the content can provide moisture and normal skin lightening. Here it is a mask that can be used by you:

1. Honey
Try using honey. First, clean the face. Apply honey to face, let sit for a few minutes, then wash. Honey is useful to provide moisture to kilit and repel dust particles are embedded in the face.

2. Olive Oil
Olive oil is very useful for moisture. Apply and massage your face with olive oil every night before bed. You can also add a few drops of olive oil to the bucket when bathing. This will help treat dry skin on the body.

3. Vitamin C
The most effective way to brighten the skin is taking Vitamin C. In addition to the direct consumption, vitamin C from the lemon can also be used directly on the skin. The Result? Kulti will look brighter.

4. Walnuts
If you want to drive some of the texture of the skin, use walnuts. Split into two, then add a few drops of yogurt and almond oil. Skin texture will be softer.

5. White Eggs
Using egg white on the skin could drive a little oil on the face of the shelter. Apply egg white, then wash with warm water after the process after. Pat your face is more advisable than using a towel to dry the water on the face.


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Findings Procrastinator aging that makes muscles become younger

The findings of modern medical science increasingly amazing. For example, to answer the long quest of mankind about what and how the secret of youth, previously rumored scientists have discovered the mechanism of drug that can inhibit the aging process.

However, because basically all human beings want to always stay young and longevity, "youthful drug" just was not enough.
Therefore, how the people who are already old?
That's why scientists then work harder to answer these questions and challenges. So in the end the experts managed to get a finding which is exceptionally remarkable.

As reported by the BBC website, the US scientists said to have succeeded in reversing aging in animals.
These remarkable findings obtained after scientists doing research in mice.
In conducting this research, the scientists used a chemical substance to restore the freshness and youthfulness of cells in mice.

In mice, the treatment for one week has been done scientists have managed to reverse the two-year-old mice became six months.
That means scientists succeeded with such research, and said that it was the same as changing the human muscular 60-year-old into a muscle like a new person aged 20 years. It's just the muscle strength of the muscle that changed was not increased.

The above findings, the researchers say the "findings was incredible."
Because, during the aging process is still regarded as something absolute.
But with these findings, scientists from Harvard Medical School, it has been shown that in some aspects of aging can be reversed.

In experiments conducted, showed that by increasing the levels of a chemical called "NAD", then living beings can regain their youth.
NAD's own numbers will continue to decline with age.

Dr. Ana Gomes of the department of genetics at Harvard Medical School said,
"We believe this work is very important." While on the shortcomings of the results of this research can not restore muscle strength.

Dr Gomes also said that muscle strength can be restored with the other treatments.
The latest studies on the identification of the mechanisms of aging and how to reverse it, which is done by American scientists, published in the journal Cell.

List of Natural Ingredients To Overcome Wrinkles Under Eyes

Premature aging can happen to anyone. Usually someone will look wrinkled skin on certain parts. If you are still young, of course this will be a serious problem that needs to be fixed. Signs of premature aging such as this is usually due to the decreased elasticity of the skin under the eyes.

Wrinkles under the eyes can indeed interfere with performance. You certainly will feel insecure and embarrassed when assembled with colleagues - your colleague. You will probably look older than your age because of under eye wrinkles in it. Very disturbing is not it?

If you are one who have wrinkles under the eyes like this, do not worry. Because there are natural ways to overcome them. Well, here below are 6 natural ingredients to address wrinkles under the eyes:

1. Cucumber
The fruit is known with a high water content and can be beneficial for your skin moisture. When your skin is less humid, usually can lead to skin broken - broken and the appearance of wrinkles. You can use a piece of cold cucumber to make sure you keep your facial skin retain moisture. Use pieces of cucumber around the eye area, leave on for 15-20 minutes.

2. Avocados
Avocado is a fruit that is rich in benefits. One is to overcome premature aging happens to you. To get rid of under eye wrinkles on, you can use this creamy fruit. The trick is quite easy, just grab a slice of avocado and place the area under the eyes, let stand for 15 minutes. Press slowly - slowly so that the natural oils in this fruit can be absorbed by the skin.

3. Pineapple
It also can be overcome premature aging. In addition to reducing wrinkles under the eyes, pineapple fruit juice also contains active enzymes (Bromelain) which is an anti-inflammatory agent and can cope with wrinkles. How to use it is very easy, first blenderlah pineapple into juice and apply under eye area. Let stand for 20 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Do this regularly, the bottom line on your eye wrinkles will disappear by itself.

4. Coconut oil
Natural ingredients to address the under eye wrinkles next is coconut oil. Not only that, the fat in coconut oil can also make your skin soft. You do this by applying coconut oil on the bottom of the eye wrinkles, then massage gently until 15 minutes then wash. To get a soft skin in the morning, you can also apply coconut oil is in the under-eye area before you go to bed at night.

5. Rosemary Essential Oil
In addition to eliminating wrinkles, this oil is also useful to protect the skin and soften your face. The trick is fairly easy, you simply apply this oil on the bottom of the eyes and massage - massage with a rocking motion from top to bottom. Do this for a few minutes each day.

6. Honey and Ginger
Who does not know honey. Fluid produced by bees is indeed full of benefits. To get rid of wrinkles under the eyes, you can use a mixture of honey with grated ginger. Use the second mixture to massage the area under the eyes for 15 minutes, then let stand for 1 hour. This method not only can make the area under the eyes moist, still can accelerate blood circulation.

That's 6 natural ingredients to remove wrinkles on the bottom of your eyes. If there are natural ingredients that are safe to use like this, why should try beauty products that contain a lot of chemicals? It's pretty simple is not it? Good luck.

Make some food you Ageless

Make some food you Ageless

Premature aging lately triggered many of the increasing number of the originator of oxygen free radicals which are from our daily intake of nutrients. Good food, drinks or even lifestyle (smoking) became a major precipitating factor the presence of oxygen free radicals that lead to premature aging or even more terrible again the emergence of a fatal degenerative disease conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, osteoporosis or may even lead to organ failure condition also.
Because diforsir work digest intake which is not ideal and not healthy, no doubt on the body to be older than the age should be. Inevitably not only look at the outside appearance, but also the condition of the organ in decreasing vitality.

Here are some tips on foods that fight against oxygen free radicals, which can prevent premature aging are:

1. Beans. Never again get rid of the green color of your plate, and began to consume beans.
2. Garlic. Seasoning dishes typical smell is very useful for health and can also increase the body's immunity.
3. Green tea. A popular drink in the country Sakura has a high antioxidant levels and is best consumed without sugar of course.
4. Pepper. In addition to the high antioxidants, pepper also contains minerals such as iron high.
5. Tomatoes. With vitamin C and vitamin A, tomatoes become one of the most healthy food choices.
6. Nuts. We are encouraged to consume nuts as much as 1 cup per day. However, avoid fried beans and choose baked or boiled peanuts.
7. Carrot. Although not proven to reduce eye minus, but consume high vitamin A found in carrots will help maintain our health.
8. Papaya. This fruit is a good source of fiber and good nutrition, namely vitamin A, vitamin C and folate.
9. Orange. As a high source of vitamin C, oranges should be part of our food intake daily.
10. Dates. The fruit is famous during Ramadan, but in fact also be consumed daily.
11. Apples. Fruits are high in vitamin A is actually best eaten with the skin.
12. Broccoli. Green vegetables in addition to high levels of anti-oxidants are also high in calcium.
13. Cabbage. These vegetables are a source of high fiber and high in beta carotene.

Some Habits that Can Delay the Aging Face

Habits That Can Delay Emergence Facial Wrinkles

By the age of 35 upwards, wrinkles become the thing you fear. But in fact, with proper care, you can look younger and fresher than your age. In fact you do not need to spend the inside to do so.

Here are some ways to reduce wrinkles on the face:

1. Sleep on your back
The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) states that sleep in certain positions at night will cause "sleep lines", ie, wrinkles etched into the surface of the skin and do not disappear once you wake up. To reduce the formation of wrinkles, the AAD recommends to sleep on their backs.

2. Avoid exposure to sunlight
Do you believe that the sun is the number one cause of wrinkles? In one study conducted by Darrick Antell, MD of twins shows that children who are rarely exposed to the sun have fewer wrinkles and look younger than his brother who likes to sunbathe. Additionally, for those of you who live in the tropics, avoid exposure to the sun from 9 am to 4 pm.

3. Always use sunscreen
If you want to go out in the sun, do not forget to apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. It will protect you from skin cancer and help prevent wrinkles.
4. Do not smoke
In a study conducted at St. Thomas's Hospital, London, found that those who smoke tend to have skin that is more wrinkled their skin even 40% thinner than non-smokers.

5. Adequate sleep
When you lack sleep, the body produces excess cortisol, a hormone that breaks down skin cells. Therefore, if you get enough sleep you will produce more HGH (human growth hormone), which helps the skin remain thick, more "elastic," and less likely to wrinkle.

6. Eating fish, especially salmon
In addition to containing protein, salmon is also a source of essential fatty acids known as omega-3. Essential fatty acids can help maintain the skin to stay young while reducing wrinkles.

7. Eat soy
In a study published in the European Journal of Nutrition, the researchers say that the soy-based supplement (other ingredients included fish protein and extracts from white tea, grape seed, tomato and some vitamins) can improve the structure and firmness after six months of use.

8. Cocoa
Cocoa contains high levels epocatchin and catechins that help skin protected from sun damage, improve circulation to the skin cells, and make the skin look radiant and soft.

9. Eating more vegetables and fruits
Vegetables and fruits contain a lot of anti-oxidants. These compounds against damage caused by free radicals (unstable molecules that can damage cells), which will help the skin look younger and radiant.

10. Use a moisturizer
Women are very concerned with their anti-aging products, so they often overlook the power of moisturizer. In fact, damp skin can disguise wrinkles and folds so that the line is considerably reduced.

11. Supporting Supplements skin
The resulting benefits of skin care supplements so great. Well, to achieve the desired results, we recommend you choose a supplement that contains collactive. In bertajukEvaluation study of the Anti-wrinkle Effects of the Food Supplement Collactive conducted L. Sergent showed that occurred a significant anti-wrinkle effect on respondents who consume up to 19% collactive.

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