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Driving Tips that does not take the cost of gasoline is too extravagant

fuel-efficient driving Articles
fuel-efficient driving - photo

Is the desire of every driver, it can be done by familiarizing drive with "intelligent".

It's a way to make fuel-efficient driving to note:

Think about aerodynamics
Additional accessories are more often just so sweetener should be lowered, thereby reducing air resistance while the vehicle is moving.

The interior is clean not only visually pleasing but also can reduce fuel consumption. How can it be ?, of course be by lowering objects or trash that had been added to the burden of vehicles. The more light-duty vehicles, the light machine work, more fuel-efficient.

Check tire
Tires are less wind can squander gasoline up to 3 percent, but it increases the risk of eruption.

AC needed
The use of air conditioners of course requires additional fuel consumption, so it is wise to use it. Better vehicle glass in a closed state because the glass is always open will cause extra drag.

Note gearshift (gears)
Moving teeth when the RPM reaches 2,500 (petrol engines) and 2,000 (diesel engine) to avoid unnecessary use of fuel.

Turn off the engine traffic jam and red light
In addition to saving fuel, this step also reduces air pollution we breathe.

Try other transportation
Do you have to use a four-wheeled vehicle ?, what city buses, public transport, cycling or even walking can sometimes be faster than stuck in traffic on the road.

Plan a route path
Know for sure that these will go through, including the search for an alternative way to avoid road congestion.

Focus on the road
If we are always able to anticipate the situation in front of the road, we can reduce sudden braking or throttle the waste of energy fuels (gasoline).

Road / cycling a viable alternative
Vehicle engine turns the most wasteful of fuel and pollute the air when the heating stage. So, why should you use it for a short distance. Road or cycling can be an option.

Some Tips on how to Expel mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants and mice by Using Natural Ingredients

 Expel mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants and mice by Using Natural Ingredients photo

Without the use of chemicals, insects such as cockroaches, mosquitoes and ants, as well as animals such as mice intruders, can we get rid of. The ingredients derived from natural and easy to obtain, so you will not make it difficult for yourself.

Natural materials are also more environmentally friendly and safe for your health and family. Let expelled insects and mice with natural materials like this

Materials and tools:
pepper grains, gauze, elastic bands; lemongrass oil; lime, cloth; Noni.

Step workmanship

Grains pepper puree, place it in gauze, tied with a rubber band. Create some fruit. Put in places that become a den or a traffic cockroaches.

Now widely sold essence of lemongrass or commonly called citronella oil. Use citronella oil as a mosquito repellent. The trick, put about 10 drops of citronella oil in 1 liter of water for ngepel floor. Lemongrass scent will repel mosquitoes. Do it regularly every day so that mosquitoes do not dare to approach.

Use lime juice for removing ants. The trick, squeeze the lemon juice and mix the water into the water 50cc. Dip a washcloth, and use the cloth to clean the gathering place of the usual lines of ants or ant passed.

Use ripe noni fruit. Wear gloves, then cut the fruit. Gloves are necessary to avoid sap noni, because if exposed to hand sap can cause itching. Put a few pieces of fruit in the container and place the containers in the corners are often passed mice or in places where rats nested. The smell of noni will make vague and cured mice come again.

Thank you for reading this article.
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Let Caring for the environment as best we can

With the threat of global warming or increasing the heat in the Earth we all can participate to preserve the environment and thus save the only planet we live on.

With the threat or increasing the heat of the earth, we can all participate to preserve the environment and thus save the only planet we live on. Air pollution include carbon dioxide greenhouse impact. Glass house is the house where people grow in winter. Sun rays penetrate the glass warms the plants in the house. Hold the glass in the evening air warmth of the room so the plants do not freeze to death. Air pollution serves as a glass house that holds the warmth of the sun on the earth, because the earth hotter, average weather on Earth is 15 degrees Celsius. It sounds so cold, especially in Indonesia, which average about 30 degree weather. But the weather was 15 degrees Celsius causing Arctic ice melt. It is feared would flood the earth. What can we do to prevent this danger? Every day we can do something to save the earth.

drinking water
If you do not like with tap water or well water should be cooked first and had to buy bottled water, use a large bottle with a pump or and wear glasses every day that you can wash and reuse. Small plastic bottles former drinking water becomes difficult to destroy waste. You can collect them for recycling.

clean water
Remember how miserable people in Africa who had to walk many kilometers to get clean water. Therefore do not waste excess water when washing dishes or washing the car. Likewise, when a shower, the water should not be allowed to flow continuously when we are not using.

shopping Bag
If you are into the market or supermarket, always remember to wear shopping bags like those of the past. When forced to wear a bag from the store, ask if there is a paper bag. It can take decades before plastic bags destroyed.

cans of soda
As well as water bottles, soda cans piled meet the trash. We can collect them for recycling.

Prevent forest fires
If you picnic or camping near the forest do not leave lit cigarette butts or wood fireplace that has not died completely. Forest fires resulting in smoke that can interfere with breathing and also harm the environment. Not long ago a famous Hollywood actor, Harrison Ford, while making a documentary about nature conservation in Indonesia threatened with deportation because of too much meddling in a matter of logging in violation of the law. It is said that the forestry minister we feel offended when asked why people are allowed to harvest timber in a nature reserve, this action clearly violated the law, but they were not arrested. He complained that the question papers are not given in advance so that he can assemble the answer.

Use cutlery from aluminum, not plastic which once used discarded.

plastic trash
Wear old plastic bags to line the trash. There is no point in buying a new bag, in addition to spending money also adds to the trash.

The battery can be recharged
Although a little more expensive but you can use a rechargeable battery, so you use it repeatedly.

Household furniture
Buy the former because of the new wood furniture means fewer trees in the forest. You can memulasnya with varnish or paint to make it look like new.

Reduce toxins in the home
Use baking soda, vinegar or soap to clean the house, do not rely too much on cleaning materials that contain chemicals. Wear a rat trap and not rat poison to eradicate it.


Some Diseases Affecting the Human Body
So many types of diseases that can strike at any time if it is not maintained and it prevented us always to maintain good health by exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet and a healthy sepreti 4 5 sempura should tepenuhi . Now let us discuss about the disease of mild to severe like cancer starts one by one .

The types of diseases in humans

1 . Cardiac disease
This name is used for all the disturbances that occur in the heart organ , disorders stretcher certainly different and has different effects to each other .
One example is cardiovascular disease, is a condition in which the narrowing of the arteries and blood clots . This disorder can lead to a stroke , the wind sitting and chest pain .
There are also arrhythmia , a condition where the heart beats too fast , slow or irregular . All disturbances in the organs more often called the heart disease . The disease is reported to be the number one killer of people in the world and the most suffered by the inhabitants of the earth .

2 . Cancer
Health problems have many types , depending on where the cancer cells to grow and thrive . If it grows and attacks the tongue is called cancer of the tongue , if attacking the throat then the experts named with throat cancer .
Cancer is a killer after heart normor two . Is a disease that begins with the development of abnormal cells in the body or specific organs . The development is relatively fast and can spread and infect other parts .

3 . Arthritis
Included in arthritis such as osteoarthritis , gout , ankylosing spondylitis , rheumatoid arthritis and others. They have causes and triggering factors respectively .
But whatever the cause , this disorder is usually characterized by inflammation of the joints .
Results of research conducted by the National Institutes of Health found that osteoarthritis is an inflammation of the joints most often contracted by humans than other types of inflammation .
Osteoarthritis trigger pain in lower back , knees , hips , hands and neck . It is usually caused due to the crystallization of uric acid .

4 . Acne
according to the study , approximately 80 % of all people have acne first . acne as a disease of the skin that is caused by bacteria that grow in the skin and pores connect to oil glands under the skin . Acne can develop if healing is not done in the initial step appearance . Acne is not just growing in the face , but can also grow other parts of the body especially the back .

5 . Hypertension
The disease is usually triggered due to the narrowing of the blood vessels . High blood pressure can affect anyone and would risk factors increase with age .

6 . Kwashiorkor are diseases caused by protein deficiency
7 . Edema is a disease due to lack of carbohydrates .
8 . Obesity is a disease due to an excess of carbohydrate and fat .
9 . Sprue is a disease due to deficiency of vitamin C.
10 . Night blindness is a disease due to deficiency of vitamin A.
11 . Beriberi is a disease due to deficiency of vitamin B.
12 . Disease Bone loss is due to calcium deficiency .
13 . Anemia is a disease due to iron deficiency .
14 . Rickets is a disease due to deficiency of vitamin D.
15 . Ulcer is a disease of the stomach due to irregular eating .
16. Mumps due to iodine deficiency salt .

17 . Several Diseases Due to Bad Environment ( Pollution )
a. Shortness of breath due to air pollution can be prevented by using a mask .
b . Itching ( skin disease ) can be prevented by using soap and bath turns wearing clothing with the patient .

18 . Dengue fever ( DHF ) and cikungunya transmitted by mosquitoes to prevent the break the mosquito life cycle include making 3M ( drain and close the stagnant water , and hoards junk ) .

19 . Rabies is a disease due to dog bites .

20 . Leptospirosis is a disease transmitted by rodents ( rat urine ) is prevented by eradicating rats and hygiene utensils.

Habits that can kill you slowly without realizing it


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