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Green Beans for Health Benefits

ONE of the type of bean is already very familiar to us. Because of its existence, it is easy to find in almost any area in Indonesia. Mung bean (Vigna radiata) is a kind of crops are widely known in the tropics. Plants belonging to the tribe of legumes (Fabaceae) has many benefits in everyday life as a source of vegetable protein food high. Green beans in Indonesia ranks as the third most important legume crops, after soybeans and peanuts.

The most economic value is the seed. Green beans boiled until soft and eaten as porridge or eaten directly. Mature seeds are crushed and used as fill dumplings, Steamed Bun, or gandas turi. Mung bean sprouts into a common vegetable eaten in East Asia and Southeast Asia and is known as bean sprouts. Green beans when boiled long enough to be broken and the starch contained in the seeds will come out and thickens, becomes a kind of porridge. Mung bean flour, referred to in the market as hunkue flour, used in the manufacture of cakes and tend to form a gel. This flour can also be processed into noodles known as glass noodles.

The benefits that can be obtained from the green beans for health, including:

1. Lowering bad cholesterol levels and blood pressure
Eating green beans are known to reduce bad cholesterol. Green beans contain high dietary fiber and beneficial to maintain bowel function, accelerate the process of digestion, and lowers blood pressure.

2. Breast cancer
Green beans contain substances that can slow down replica of cancer cells, including breast cancer cells that attack. These substances are known to prevent the formation of tumor cells.

3. Helps absorption of nutrients
Research reveals that a lack of vitamin B1 causes the metabolism to slow down so that the absorption of nutrients from food are not running optimally. The content vitmin B1 and enzymes active in green beans can correct this condition by increasing nutrient absorption and metabolism.

4. Preventing heart disease
Green beans contain high fiber which serves to cleanse the digestive tract, increasing intestinal peristalsis, thereby reducing the time dirt accumulate in the intestines. Fiber also plays a role in lowering the levels of bad cholesterol in the body, making it effective for preventing cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease and stroke.

5. Eye Health
CONTENT vitamin A in the green beans are good for maintaining eye health.
6. For pregnant women
For women who are pregnant are strongly advised to eat green beans. It is recommended for green beans contain vitamins B1, B2, folic acid, carbohydrates, unsaturated fats, calcium, phosphorus and protein, the content is very beneficial for the health of the fetus and pregnant women.

7. Diabetes
Green beans are foods with a low glycemic index, meaning it good food consumed by diabetics. Foods with a low glycemic load causes sugar levels healthy. People who eat foods with a low glycemic index tend to have body fat levels lower than those who consume high glycemic index foods such as bread and soft drinks.

8. Helps maintain healthy skin and hair
The content of protein and zinc in green beans can help maintain healthy nails and hair. In addition, green beans can also help rejuvenate the skin due to the content of phytoestrogens that help produce collagen and keep skin elastic, soft, and prevent premature aging.

9. Post-menopausal
Legumes such as green beans contains nutrients isoflavones. This nutrient helps regulate hormonal activity. Isoflavones are phytoestrogens group, create green beans is estrogenic in nature. Green beans contain approximately 495.1 micro gram contains phytoestrogens make green beans are good sources of phytoestrogens.

In a 12-week trial, phytoestrogens may relieve hot show disturbing and unpleasant. Consume 90 mg per day of phytoestrogens can help post-menopausal women in preventing the adverse effects of osteoporosis by stimulating bone formation.

10. Preventing anemia
Enriched with zinc and iron to make green beans as a food option for anemia, helps balance hormones and glandular systems, and maintain the body's metabolism.

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