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Keeping Family Harmony with a few tips how to manage the stress that you should know

An online survey conducted by the American Psychological Association (APA) in August 2010 found that 73 percent of parents report the responsibility in the family becomes the source of the emergence of stress.

how to manage the stress

More than two-thirds of parents think, the level of stress that could possessed little influence stress levels of their children. However, only 14 percent of teens who reported that they were not bothered when their parents are stressed.

Nonetheless, it is anticipated that stress does not affect family owned.

Here are tips to manage stress in the family, as written American Psychological Association, Saturday (28/2017).

Evaluation lifestyle

As a parent, you should menyontohkan healthy behavior in front of children.

You can evaluate the stress, for example, if you tend to overeat or other unhealthy behavior (smoking and drinking) when under stress.

You can slowly alter or eliminate the behavior.

Discuss the causes of stress

If you see kids looking worried or stressed, ask them to say what was on his mind.

You can talk to each other in the family in order to help each other and to better understand and be able to cope with any stress experienced by children.

Create a healthy family environment

Home, work space, and social environment can affect your behavior. By changing the environment in the home can help relieve stress.

For example, cleaning the rooms in the house you can control at the same time teach children to focus on the things they can control when feeling stressed.

Focus on yourself

The correlation between health, obesity and unhealthy behaviors selection so strong. When you and your family are experiencing stress, make the decision to pay attention to yourself. You can consume enough nutrition, physical activity, and sleep.

When you feel overwhelmed by stress, you can easily eat fast food, play video games or watching TV, and not enough sleep.

To fix this, you can present a healthy diet along with your family activities, such as walking or riding a bike and then ends with a good night's sleep.

Changing a habit

Not an easy change to make some important changes in time, such as eating healthy foods, the body is more active physically, hours of sleep a night is better or spend more time together with family.

To achieve that change usually takes time. You can start by changing one habit, which will slowly make you and your family can move forward together more healthy.

If one habit changes successful, this will encourage your family to do other habit changes.

On the other hand, if you or a family member continues to struggle to change unhealthy behavior or feel overwhelmed by stress, consider seeking help from a health professional, such as a psychologist.

Licensed psychologist can help you develop a strategy of how to manage stress effectively and make behavioral changes to help improve your overall health.


How to Raise Kids For both parents work - Tips

Tips For Raising Children of Working Mother and Father

Raising a child with a father and mother working conditions is not easy. But that does not mean it is impossible to do.
shake hand

Raising children properly is not easy for couples that work. With these guidelines hopefully you can perform the task as a parent and spouse career in a balanced manner.

The relationship of parents - children who either require time allowing them gather physically. Not for hours. Importantly, parents consistently spend time with kids almost every day. As with them, minimize distractions and concentrate our attention to them. Time is a milestone supporting good parenting.

Be a good listener
When children know that we really listen to what they say, they will be more eager to share their feelings and thoughts. Conversely, if parents degrading their ideas or "diligently" to criticize words, the child will withdraw and choose closer to friends. Therefore, if you want to have influence in a child's life, be a good listener. They will receive when we help them solve the problem.

Define clear expectations
Inform children what we expect from it will form good behavior. Do not hesitate to involve them in their daily work and to help accomplish the tasks in the home environment. Most children will certainly complain. So did we have to try to keep them happy to be involved. In children who participate in household affairs, will grow the work ethic and he generally is more feel part of the family.

Do not let guilt
Many parents feel guilty for working all day outside the home. As compensation, they let the child misbehaves and undisciplined. A good parent is firm. Feeling guilty is counterproductive.

Do not replace affection or time for money
It is important to teach children how to manage money, but do not use the money instead of time or our affection. Materialistic message on television is easy once possessed child and awaken their desire to buy this and that. We create them to always try if you want to get something. Something gained through work may be more pronounced in value.

Do not be too often mutually caregivers
One of the important psychological needs of the child is that he terasuh well and loving continuously. Therefore we need a nanny. By using a nanny, our anxiety will be reduced during our work. But before handing over the child to a nanny, give the opportunity to create intimacy and closeness between the child and the prospective nanny. Often mutually caregiver can harm a child.

The key: monitoring
Often when left parents, the child into trouble. Children do not just know from birth, which behavior is good, what is bad. They need to be taught and then monitored. Therefore, it is important for parents to know where his son, was with whom, and is doing. Indeed, children often complained that he was being closely watched, but the kids were not supervised, it often feels, parents do not bother with them.

Give more attention when he is good
We tend to pay more attention to children when they are obnoxious. Instead, it is much more difficult to pay attention to good behavior mreka. If you want your child to behave well, give attention to the things we like about them. When children feel neglected, subconsciously it will behave incorrectly to attract our attention. Pay attention to them when they are good indeed require effort.

The punishment was to educate
Parents who work outside the home tend to experience fatigue and irritability. Never punish a child when we ourselves can not control themselves. Use punishment to educate, not to vent anger.

Give an example in relation
Kids learning to relate from their parents. They also feel safest if they see parents treat each other with a good partner. Then the best thing we can do for children is to love our spouse.

Some Benefits of Hugging

Benefits of Hugging
Benefits of Hugging - photo

Cuddle is an action that is very easy to do but have a big impact on the state of emotional, mental, and physical.

Cuddle is an action that is very easy to do but have a big impact on the state of emotional, mental, and physical to the giver and the recipient hug hug. 

Here are some interesting facts about the benefits Of A Hug :

1. Reduce Depression
Studies have shown that hugged at least four times a day can help dispel depression. Furthermore, hug someone to eight times a day can help stabilize the mental health of both parties. According to Beate Ditzen, Ph.D., a psychologist from the University of Zurich, hugging produces the closeness that decreases the secretion of stress hormones and increases the secretion of the hormone oxytocin, known as the hormone that makes one feel happy.

2. Smooth communication
No relationship is perfect, even the most perfect pair though certainly never fight, at least once or twice. After the fight, may be somewhat difficult to start making up and talking as usual. You may be afraid to offend or hurt the feelings of your partner again so that you do not know what to do. Give a warm hug to your partner. A famous marriage counselor named David Klow stated that hug is the best medicine for couples who want to improve their relationship. While this is certainly not the solution to the problem of romance you, hug is a good start to help relieve anger and hurt.

3. Increasing confidence
Make a habit of hugging your spouse and your children before the start of each day. Studies show that people who hug will feel more confident and brave to face the challenges of today. With a hug loved ones, you build a special relationship and the person you hug will feel that they are loved and cared for. For example, a child who often embraced his parents as a child will grow to understand and know how to respect and love others when he grew up.

4. Creating comfort
When a child cries, they often will raise their hands as if crying for attention and hugs parents. Sometimes a hug is an effective solution to stop the crying and frightened child. But did you know that it is also perceived adults? Cuddle proven to help adults calm down and deal with the problems it faces. So, when a friend or your partner is experiencing hard times, hug him as he prayed the prayer so that he can cope with the problem as well as possible.

5. Helps reduce pain
A study showed that when a person is in the arms of her partner or beloved ones, perceived pain levels less than those who do not cuddle or people who are in the arms of a stranger. Regular physical interaction with your partner will not only create kemesraaan but also can reduce the pain and sorrow that you are both natural.

6. Encouraging healthy mental growth
As a parent, you have a duty to make sure your children grow healthy. Good nutrition through healthy foods and beverages of great benefit to the physical growth of children. But did you know that a hug of great benefit to the mental growth of children? Contrary to the belief of modern society that a baby should be left alone when crying that he was able to compose herself, recent studies indicate that this action actually will actually cause anxiety and panic when faced with separation (separation anxiety) when the baby becomes an adult later . The best way to handle a crying baby or child is to hold her in her arms until she feels comfortable you or go back to sleep. You may feel tired and lack of sleep, but you sacrifice a good parent will help your child develop a positive mental attitude.

7. The secret of eternal youth
Have you ever heard the phrase "happiness is the key to health and longevity"? Cuddle up can make you look and feel youthful and energetic as hugging helps secretion of the hormone oxytocin which makes you feel happy. In addition, the hormone oxytocin is remarkable is also beneficial for strengthening the immune system, reduces the risk of heart disease, and lower stress levels.

So, what are you waiting? Hug your loved ones now and do it as often as possible for you and their happiness.

Building a Stronger Relations between Parents with Children

Tips Relations between Parents with Children
Relations between Parents with Children Tips - photo

Although we are busy with all the activities that exist should we also have to take the time to close with the family especially children. The role of parents in childhood is very influential for the growth and development of their children.

Routines may have turned us into people who do not care about us. Because solid routine, making us unable to interact with the people around, including the family. Although we are busy with all the activities that exist, should we also have to take the time to close with the family especially children. The role of parents in childhood is very influential for the growth and development of their children. Therefore, a close relationship with the child's need to have to lead them and be a role model for them. At least take the time to strengthen the relationship with the child.

Consider the following things that can strengthen the relationship with the child's parents.

1. Vacationing
The most common way and effectively carried out by all the parents are away on holiday with the children. Whether it's going to the recreation park, go to the beach, or maybe go camping. Try to get as close to the child's self with him talking or joking. Not a problem friend a nice vacation or not, but the opportunity to be with the child need to use it well.

2. Clean the house together
A simple way to do without having to spend a lot is to clean the house together. In addition to strengthening the relationship of parents with children, it also can foster cooperation between parents and children. Not only that, in this way we also teach our children to be responsible and care about the cleanliness of the neighborhood.

3. Perform a hobby together
If parents and children pick the same hobby, you do not need to search for topics or what it can attract the attention of the child. With the same hobby closeness between children and parents will stay awake, because they will continue to talk about the hobby together they like.

4. Do not lose a moment to talk with children
Although you are busy with all the activities that exist but do not let a moment to speak with the missing child. Use the sidelines of the time available to talk with the child whether it is currently taking a child to go to school, breakfast time, pick up school children, and so on. Ask questions about life at school, friends at home or something that can make them happy. In this case the parents should always actively looking for questions for their children.

5. Accompany and guide children learn
This may rarely or may not have had time to do because of the busyness that requires you to leave this opportunity. But try to take time to help and guide them in their learning at school. Although merely assist them in learning, it can make your child's heart happy.

6. Try replacing the role of a maid or nanny you
Although we've put all the responsibility of caring for the child to the maid or nanny, but the exact role of parents can not be replaced by a nanny. Do not let our children all about hanging the nanny, the role of parents is also important. Try to be a real parent for your child to take care of them, bathe them, prepare breakfast for them, and many more.

7. Storytelling for them
Although many say that storytelling is an ancient method used to get closer to parents with children, it turns out it is still an effective way to use. With storytelling we also teach children to process information and imagination with what we talked about. Tell me about the stories that can inspire them and build their spirit.

8. Give the gift of a surprise for an achievement
The kids were very happy with the gift, especially if the gift is the object he wants tersebuat. This method is also good enough to be close to the child, through this way we teach that something can not be obtained in a way that instant but it takes hard work to achieve it.

9. Bring to worship together
Although we have inadequate physical needs but do not forget we must meet spiritual needs as well. Teach children to know God early on will give a lot of positive impact dikehidupannya later. Parents in this very important role in the spiritual development of the child to God. Do this over and over in order to get closer to God's children and the elderly.

Good Luck

Some Tips to Teach Children Gardening Skills

Teach Children Gardening Articles photo

Supposedly each of the family members took part in the family garden project. Sometimes this job turned into a project that you do yourself.

How can you better engage your kids to be a part of the project of making a family park?

Here are some ways that you can do to involve children or begin to teach your child how to gardening and loved it.

Focus on plants that can grow rapidly
Your children probably will not have enough patience to wait for the harvest to reap the rewards of their crops already planted, such as a large pumpkin plants. Your children will need instant satisfaction. Seinstan probably since they first planted seeds of their crops.

No matter what plants you want to plant in the beginning. Children will be very happy just by looking at the first leaves and stems that grow from seeds they planted. Vegetables can grow quickly.

Planting crops they like
Once your kids see the fruits or the results of their crops planted, they must be willing to taste the flavor of their crops. Plant a fruit or vegetable that you like family.

Gardening is more fun when the fruits of the harvest was delicious to eat.

Give your child a special place that would be a place for her gardening
You will instill a sense of pride and confidence to your children if they are given a special place to be theirs for gardening. It also will allow them to keep the maintenance of the garden if they can understand what they need to do.

Working with older children
Work will always be more fun if you do it with other people. Your children will be more willing to work in their gardens if they work together or accompanied by their parents and siblings. In addition you can also use this opportunity as a chance to talk about meaningful things with your children. They will be able to talk more about what is bothering them when their concentration focused on the activity they are doing.

Make Activities Gardening Together Family Fun Without There's Permanent Pressure
Do not be too ambitious in this activity. Start with small things first. Each person will be tired and not like this activity if you are making activities with family gardening is becoming a major project to be completed as soon as possible. You will always be able to add more space for gardening next year if you get your family can handle well and loved gardening project together this year.

  "How to teach gardening skills to your kids"
Tiara work Auxier.

Several factors led to Divorce

Couse Divorce photo

Having experienced in the world of weddings, I conclude that it is my duty to share my experiences with other couples with the decision to divorce.

I want to share with you, what I believe, as the main reason couples have a hard time keeping their marriage intact.

You will notice when you are researching 8 this reason, nothing looks serious on this list. None of this subject at first glance seem a big deal.

Let's discuss them one by one.

1. Saturation
It is the choice of each individual to keep boredom crept into their lives. It is not the task of your partner to continue to entertain you or to adjust everything he did in order to keep you always happy. Find a job you love, choose a hobby, follow the class to develop yourself, find things you like and do. You will bring it to the happiness of your marriage.

2. Unrealistic Expectations about marriage
Married with the thought that all would be fun and have fun, be happy every time and continue to rejoice forever only to plunge you into a place called disappointment. Is when we realize that we are in this situation together, we want to protect and love each other, we want to be in the same street as our goal, and we want to bring joy to each other so that all things start running smoothly.

3. Refuse to look the other way than you do in doing something
Are those that become rigid and organize the most important for us. In the end, if nothing has changed, one or both of you will be unhappy. The real meaning of truly loving others is to learn to give.

4. The idea: The grass is greener
It is very WRONG. I have been married and often enough to know that every relationship requires a lot of effort. And if you really want to succeed, you will do whatever it takes.

5. Lack of humility: never wrong and do not forgive
When you are wrong - admit it. When you right - say too sorry. We all know the word, I'm sorry, work to fix the problems in the relationship. Women, in particular, we will be touched and forgive anything if a man humbly apologize. Is normal to make mistakes.

6. The focus changed from love to criticism
It is easy, for many years, to begin to see the negative in any relationship because you are met at all times. More difficult to find and appreciate the positive things. Make a desire to look for good things from your partner and show it to your partner.

7. The mindset that is difficult to change.
If I gather a thousand for every time I heard the greeting, "that's me, do not try to change me." I will be rich. If that is your attitude - change your attitude now. We all have the space to be developed, and be willing to change will only create a worse situation

8. Money: shortage or waste of
As long as there is money, there is always a problem in the marriage. What else can I say.

And again, in its own way, this thing looks harmless, but money can lead to bigger problems in the marriage, if not controlled. Some couples are very remarkable in uniting their minds when the situation becomes difficult. However, some couples believe that the solution is to go - infidelity, too old to work, drugs and alcohol, too long outside the home - the list continues to grow.

Do what you can do to make your marriage intact. Do whatever it takes to get there. If you have trouble, take a case or problem and solve it now. If you can save your marriage, in the end, it will be worth it.

"It's not too late8 s good biggest Consider couples divorce"
works Janeen Diamond.

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Some Causes of Toddler can not walk in time yet

Some Causes of Toddler can not walk article photo

Normal conditions, age 12 months your child can walk. Although the ability to walk on every child is different. There are children who have a greater ability early, ie at the age of 8 months or some are more than 12 months. During the fair vulnerable age your child is not classified in the category of hard running. Whereas if your child has reached the age of 18 months and still can not walk then you should worry. Could your child have trouble walking?

At the age of 15-18 months is still within the normal time vulnerable if your child has trouble walking but if exceeding the age of 18 months should conduct tests to determine the interference experienced by the child. Generally associated with gross motor disorders that disrupt the balance so it's better to do since early stimulation before it's too late.

In the stage of motor development of each child is different. Even so important for parents to do the stimulation that can help in providing the basic stimulus in the motor development of children. The ability of children to walk begins with several stages which are prefixed ability at age 12-18 months who walk with the help or the child's ability to walk 5-15 minutes without assistance. Meanwhile, at the age of 18 to 24 months your child is able to walk without difficulty.

This causes the mother wondered why children at 18 months of age have not been able to walk, a lot of the causes of which are:

1. Nerve Problem
Motor movements in children is determined by the maturity of the nerve to regulate the movement. When your child is born is still undeveloped nerve in accordance with the function but optimal growth with appropriate stimulation will prepare kematang nerve to support the motor.

2. The balance is disturbed
Impaired balance can be caused by dysfunction of the child has sensory integration (DSI). This disorder is characterized by fear of children when such activities such as swimming, climbing toys sway or other activities. Even children have difficulty in holding his head while sitting, impaired while on the move, or awkward movements accompanied by a delay in activity.

3. Sensory Disorders
Delay running in children over the age of 18 years can be sensitive because aan experience in the feet or hands. In children with impaired sensitive then your child will have to walk on tiptoe or often experienced that generally fall while standing his age was able to walk and berlari.Anak which saw strong sensory issues can sometimes make you jittery and uncomfortable and often impaired to light and sound.

4. Psychological Obstacles
Children who do not megalami physical problems are likely to experience psychological problems associated with parenting, trauma or habits that children are not given stimulation. It is therefore imperative to make observations that can help monitor your child's motor development in advance of your parenting style to observe vulnerable time in accordance with the child's ability to develop motor movements.

Some Tips Overcoming Unruly Children

Unruly Children Articles photo

As a baby, the child is looked so adorable, the age of the range toddlers age 2-3 years they grow into a so awesome, has a curiosity that is so great that this behavior is not uncommon to make his father and his mother laughed grimly. With age, this little one into a unique person who has hopes and desires of its own and even this desire can not be in accordance with what is expected by the father and mother.

In some cases, the father and mother found her son a carefree and tractable suddenly turned into explosive personal, sentimental, dissidents, hyperactive, aggressive whiny and some other properties that are less favored. Here, the role and patience father and mother as a parent being tested.

But not to worry, we need to understand that the above properties is normal thing to happen in children. As adults are not always perfect, this little one is also sometimes can behave unpleasant and considered annoying. But the most important thing is to teach the limits of reasonableness in this little one is a mandatory task for a parent.

Causes of Unruly Child
If the mother's father found the little one who suddenly becomes angry, have a negative character and unruly, before rebuked him blindly, there is a good father and mother introspection first, is there a character that makes this little one feel less attention, frustrated or depressed. Because basically, the less attention the child will do anything to make it to the attention of his parents and the people around him. So do not be surprised when it was dikeramaian, then suddenly this little one became unruly and tend dissidents. In addition, the other reason is because the child is having problems in adapting to its environment. Or maybe it is typical of people who tend to be anti-social pulled himself from the environment.

When faced with an unruly child, scolding is not a smart solution to solve the problem. Instead, let the children continue to apply as such, because the father and mother are tired with his behavior, also not a wise move. As a parent, never mind the duty of educating children. In order to overcome the father and mother unruly child.

Here are smart tips to overcome them:

1. Perform Approach
When the fuss and unruly child, responded with loud and heat does not resolve the problem, otherwise the child will be even more fussy and difficult to manage. When this happens didean general, the father and mother would be less hassle. For that, do subtle approach and began to give him wise counsel, for he understands what he wants is not a good thing. keep consistency father and mother, as for example when he wants ice cream, after his father and mother forbade him to say no, then keep up this little one under. That way the child will be getting used and according to the words of the mother's father.

2. Shows Strong Commitment
In addition to the consistency needs to be maintained, strong determination is also necessary to point out. When faced with a difficult fight that moved at this little one, parents should always show a strong determination. This is important, because when we mneyerah, although not say, children will be able to know whether they can win or not. With strong determination you must have the internal strength to keep this little one of the things that are bad for him. Children should be able to see the determination and inner strength to straighten parents when they are wrong and to know that you do so on the basis of compassion.

3. Create Special Regulations
Other smart tips that can be father and mother to do is to create special rules that have been discussed in advance with the little one. This regulation would have consequences for the child tries to avoid the mischievous deeds. The more the father and mother patiently then children will be more easily controlled. And do not forget to enact regulations that have been made to keep this little one considering the limitations. In addition, always give him the award when he was doing good things is by giving praise.

Some Tips to Educate Children from Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse

It is important to educate our children to avoid sexual harassment. Here are some tips that concerns us:

1. Distinguish the body that may be touched and not
From now on, you can take a piece of paper with the full body of the shoulders, head, shoulders, knees, feet so on.

Next, provide a marker or a few pieces of paper in red and green. Red paper is used for body parts that should not be touched. Instead, the green paper is a part of the body that can be touched others.

To be exciting, you can apply this way while playing. For example, tell your child to stick red paper or mark the body part that he is not comfortable to the touch using the red marker. Whatever alasnnya, grant the child to answer.

Next, ask the children to mark the parts of the body may touch other people. For example, in the hand to shake hands.

If the Son of red marks on the lips and so on, it's okay. Because by doing so, he will be aware of the body that he felt comfortable and did not. If still not in accordance with the values in the family or culture, especially with the genitals, that is where you give sex education to your child.

Sex education itself, can be done by saying something like, "Son if here, in part panties, this is a red triangle, a private area that should not be allowed to touch anyone. Anyone. Even touching mama, mama will help to pee."

2. Independent in toilet
In addition to teaching about the anatomy that should and should not be touched. Also advised parents to teach their children to lock the door to the toilet.

You can encourage and teach locked in toilet school or shopping so she felt safe during defecation. With this little thing, the child will learn part of sex education.

3. Recognize the false alarm
His name is also the children. Sometimes he says, he does not like to be touched in certain parts. But we can say, it is only in the hands. It's called false alarms. When that time came and reported child, let that because when a child has the courage to report it means he will already be aware of his body.

Some Things That Parents Concern In Mental Educating Children

Parents Concern In Mental Educating Children photo

1. Parents fight
Pearl eyes of children, will record the words - words that terlontarkan by papa mama in front of his eyes. Husband and wife who fight never stops, even fighting, domestic violence, etc., will make its own pressure in the child's heart; there are some parents of their relationship is not good, rarely communicate at home, growing up in this family, the child will feel depressed, and will damage the mental health, making the child into a cold, lonely.

2. Parents Angry
Angry at the child, of course, would hurt the child. In fear, they may exist:
(1) according to what you say
(2) shock, and did not dare to move
(3) cry, not going to do what you allow, and also did not do what he wants to do
(4) learn how you angry, throwing things into the underground favorites.
Should not be angry with the child, you should explain clearly, should do what, and at the same time your child will feel you care with it. If possible, before angry, give warnings, such as: "I can not stand it wanted to be angry, you should quickly do ...."

3. Attention
Research shows, a strange old man gives negative effect on the child's mental, making adolescence to adulthood the child would be problematic. No matter whether too loving child, or children who are silenced, or children who are not considered, only to feel ignored, she will be hurt. Children were allowed to stand would hate her mother, and children who are too spoiled to be hated brother sister.

4. Parents who are dishonest
Loss of trust would lose the honor at the same time, the head of the family does not hold words, would lose the honor of his own, and would interfere with the child's development. Conditions will be shaping the nature of bad children, being someone who is not responsible, in this way the child will easily pick the habit of "reckless", "not trusted". This habit will make him lose a lot of friends and opportunities.

5. Do not be impatient to answer questions children
Kecuekan will eliminate the enthusiasm of a child's parents will be asked, and will eliminate the curiosity and thirst for knowledge; trust children to parents is full. So when a parent gives a wrong answer, it would be difficult to be fixed in their minds. If parents did not answer the question at the moment, you should mengiyakn questions, and tell him that you do not have the time, and promised to answer her questions later.

6. Do not accept friend of the child
Parents should respect the child's choice of friends. Parents also have to stand in position children to see their friends. At the same time parents should also know the difference between children and parents in choosing a friend, and respect these differences. there are times when we must give our children face, and we will give our children face as well.

7. Ignoring Excess children
Each child has its advantages and disadvantages, although every child is born different, the speed of learning is different, they see themselves may be high value and may be low, but the judge good or bad children, can not be seen from one side only.
Parents should not judge one side of her own, and should see their strengths, believing with kehebatanmereka, praise them, so that they develop in accordance with their respective advantages - each.

8. Accusing the child in front of guests
Many parents like to say how bad his son in front of the crowd, like he was complaining, and without realizing it will make the child feel guilty, no one likes to him, making him feel the parents are not satisfied with him, and he would stay away from her parents emotionally .

Some of the above is the case - the most feared of the child, they are very afraid of the cold conditions, strained, and families are dull. The dream of the child's family is a warm family, have love, relaxed, complementary and active.


Love the parents of all time, the love child all the memories. So maybe proverb to describe the relationship between parent and child. Love of parents towards their children will not be interrupted even if the distance and time separating body. But not necessarily the love child like love both parents. When children become successful and all-sufficient person they can forget the parents, even just to visit his parents during the holidays only. Despite all that, the key is good communication and comfortable.

Sometimes parents also do not know how to speak good on his son a result, the son of response led to the debate. Here it is often a debate parent and child.

Education. Parents would want their children a good education so you can easily find a job. Quite often they are contributing to choose schools for their children, there is also to force their children to school would place his parents choice. But the choice of different children, children have their own choices that make them feel comfortable while studying. Sometimes also want a school with her best friend.
Mate. Problem mate will be very selective parents give consent, because dating is something that will be undertaken in a long time which may be for life if the marriage lasting. No wonder parents often see the prospective in-laws of seeds, ancestor, weight. Which means the views of private, family lines and establishment candidates uncertain. Unlike the case with a child, they tend to look at in terms of physical and action. They will choose someone handsome, capable of making the heart feel happy, safe and comfortable. While it may be just an ordinary man.
Residence. Parents who are already pregnant, give birth, and raise, hoping that their children would live together after marriage. They hoped their children would accompany their old age and care for them until his death. But of the children, want to feel independent living. Finally, a debate ensued. Each will argue as desired.
From some of the examples that are at issue is the awareness of the role of each. As a parent supposed to be a friend to her children. Thinking that the child is entrusted god, the child is a trust that must be maintained so that they are always running in the corridor is right according to religious teachings. Not assume the child is theirs entirely, until they are entitled to form children as what they want.

And as a child also must understand the role of parents is essential for their lives, because without them we would not exist. Reveal what we desire with smooth without offending parents. Do not forward the emotion when not mengsetujui opinion of parents. With so expected the parents can understand their desire and are willing to approve his step.

Stages of Baby's Development

When the baby is present in the world, as if all the joy overflowed. It does not want our baby quickly grown. Well, before that, try to enjoy the first 10 year milestone of the first age of the baby:

1. Smile
After two months of no sleep and tired awakened by cries, all will pay off when he saw his first smile. This is because the two-month-old babies usually are able to smile in response to your voice.

2. Laugh
Hearing her cry was normal, but heard laughing feels amazing. 4 month old baby has been able to laugh when you teased, tickled, or startled.

3. Sleep well
Now this is awaited by all parents. 4-6-month-old baby has been able to sleep all night and have a clear pattern of sleep.

4. Sitting
Infants aged 4-7 months usually can sit with your hands or leaning on the chair. When the age of 8-9 months, new baby really can sit unaided.

5. Crawl
Ready tired because at the age of 8-9 months, the baby will learn to crawl and age 10 months, he was able to crawl quickly using feet and hands.

6. Waving
Waving is an expression language. When the age of 9 months, the baby will begin to react to the sound and movement of parents. And waved his reaction is a form of expression.

7. Eating finger food
Between 9-12 months, babies are ready to eat finger foods because their motor skills have been developed. Give it a healthy food to add nutrients growth.

8. Standing
Generally when aged 12 months, the majority of your baby can stand unassisted. He also can move while holding on to a small chair or table, Continue to monitor so as not to hurt him.

9. Walk
This is the first major event of the year baby. Usually parents are ready with a camera to capture this event. But not all babies will be able to walk at the age of one year. Normally between 9-15 months.

10. Talk
Heard him call 'father or mother' like beautiful music. This usually happens when he was already a year. At this time, most infants are able to speak or follow the sound.

Common Mistakes Parents in Educating Children

Being a parent is not a trivial thing. And can not be said as an easy thing. And to add to the difficulty, there is no school to become a parent in this world. Then how can we be good parents for our sons and daughters? There are no specific guidelines. The most basic to become parents we must love our children. But sometimes without us knowing it, because of the love that we are stuck in some "mistakes" that if not immediately realized will result in no better in the future. I am not an expert in terms of being a parent, but let me share a few things I learned from what I saw and experienced.

• Obeying all the willingness of children
The first mistake that is often made accidentally by the parents is a willingness to obey all children. Can not be too blame, too, because it is triggered by the love of parents for their children. But beware, not all the child wants good for the child. We must be able to distinguish between what is needed with what they want the child. And if a child is familiar or accustomed to getting what he wants, he will grow into a spoiled, and did not appreciate the hard work, and self-centered.

• Doing all things for kids
Have you ever seen a child aged 7 years and still have to be fed every meal? I never, often instead. And it makes me wonder, is it a good thing or just the opposite. Nothing wrong with us as parents to make sure our children get all the help he needed, but be careful not to help us make our children become independent. It is necessary for us to teach independence to children early on. Not that we make it work beyond their means. Independence makes a child become a person who does not always depend on others. It also will shape it into a creative individual. Simple things like learning to feed himself, wearing his own shoes, or even pick up his toys alone is a good thing to be taught as a beginning.

• Boasts a child with excessive
If not careful this will lead to arrogance that without us knowing it could give excessive pressure to the child. There is nothing wrong with a sense of pride in our children. What parent is not happy when his son managed to achieve something. But do not, to borrow a phrase my friend, we make the child window displays. Many of us without us knowing not get caught up in all the children because we sincerely proud of their achievement, but more because of our ego is not willing to lose the others. A child's mother was a good swimmer, my son also had to swim champion. Mrs. B and her son good at playing the piano, my child must be proficient piano, so roughly example depiction. Sincerely appreciate and take pride for every simple thing to achieve our children. Even if your child does not get any achievement, sincere pride in the efforts that he gave. Good and sincere compliments very well for the development of the child's self-confidence. otherwise excessive praise, which is due to a sense not to be outdone by others, it will make a depressed child.

• Too protective
It is the responsibility of parents ensure the safety and health of the child is always awake. But also do not forget, our children need to thrive and have the courage to try new things. Sometimes because of our affection, we unconsciously too far in protecting children. even not at all allow children to play outdoors. Or forbid children to try this and it's because of fear of a child is injured or ill. In fact, basically children already have natural immunity, and that immunity will be more fragile if rarely used. Another result, our children will become timid and did not dare to try new things. He will get used to fear because subconsciously we fear for his safety affect kepriibadiannya. Let the children to try new things and grow as long as it does not exceed the limit.

• Making "for the children" as the reason
This is the reason that I often hear. Even to things that really do not want children. Yes, as parents, we have to do anything for the sake of the child. But think again with a more thoughtful, really what we are doing is good for the child. Many parents who work without knowing the time, to not have time to mingle and listen to the child, and at the end say that it's all for the sake of the child. Is it true that the child need? No one denies that raising children requires a lot of cost. Not to mention for their educational expenses. But who do not let it take the most significant things that belong to you as a parent, that accompanied him to grow, there with him in every development. That is your right, and the rights of your children as well, in addition to the fulfillment of all kebutuhnnya. I was not raised on the family materially abundant. But I remember every moment of my life, where my father was always there for me, until now. Both in good times, when my achievement of something, or when I am angry and sad. Another thing is to force the child to obey our wishes, again with the reason for the good of the child. Good that we desire to be obeyed child is important and he should do. But it would be very unfair if it is only because of our ego as a parent. Such as forcing a child to participate in an activity that is not a talent he is, what happened, instead of being proficient, that there are many quarrels and dissent, even if the child is finally in, it will not be effective.

Again, no one said that being a parent was easy. But believe me it is a great blessing that God has entrusted to us. There will be many blissful moment, as much as the current challenges, we are going to get.

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