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Some Tips When, after and Prevent Flooding

FLood Neighbour photo

Getting Started When the Flood occurred:
1. Evacuation families to place higher
2. Turn off the electrical / power source
3. Secure your valuables and important documents to a safe place
4. Participate set up tents, kitchens manufacture general
5. Engage in aid distribution
6. Propose to set up a health post
7. Using water efficiently

Step After the Flood
1. Clean the residence and home environment
2. Pembrantasan mosquito (PSN)
3. Engage in kaporitisasi wells
4. Engage in improved latrines and sewerage (SPAL) Facing the flood:
5. At the time of the flood we should soon be possible to secure valuables to higher ground.
6. Turn off the flow of electricity in the home or contact PLN to cut the power in the areas affected by flooding.
7. Trying to flee to safer areas as early as possible while still allowing for a puddle in cross.
8. Avoid walking near sluran water to avoid flooding swept away.
9. If the water continues to escalate contact the institutions associated with disaster management.

Step Preventing flooding:
1. Dredge river / times and waterways that surround us, should not waiting for the government is doing, useless if ditungguin over time.
2. Make water catchment wells around our house
3. Make holes biopori
4. Widen and rehabilitate times / river, to increase the capacity of the river to accommodate the flow of water
5. Do not throw garbage in rivers or waterways.

Some Signs Before Person Dies

intesive care unit

Dying condition is a condition of the possibility of life is minimal. In the middle of the face of a dying condition, of course there are symptoms that are going through.

Matters relating to it should be understood by us that may have to be forced to accompany the dying person. So no action from us to help people who are dying. However, for the actors themselves will experience things that happen in the body the dying. Reported by, there are things that happen to the body when it is dying.

Appetite Start Missing Or Will not Eat
Someone who is dying does not want to eat or lust then disappear. When it does, then you try to fight it by giving people the appetite stimulant, and try to encourage eating together.
If allowed doctors, can use marijuana. According Hospice Patients Alliance, forcing people who are dying to eat not recommended. The body should be given permission to terminate itself.

Excessive fatigue, excess sleep, And Withdrawal Of Social Life
Someone who is dying more often sleep. It bother you and maybe it was a warning and that you are better prepared, and do not be afraid to lose the ability or opportunity to communicate with him.
The experts on this show that we can not force him to keep vigil or communicate. It is important to let him rest as much as possible. This will allow him to surrender.

Physical weakness
The process of gradual loss of a loved one. The first stage of the dying person may be sick, he has to fight the pain of what physical again began to weaken. The second stage is that he needs to use a walker.
This was followed by her wheelchair. And finally could not even muster the energy to get out of bed. It must be difficult for him. When people are approaching the time of death, you must brace yourself when the first physical touching of the head and face.

Mental confusion
There is some confusion that occurs during the process. Some tend to be asked to go to a distant place, he thought it was their home. Then, puzzled by people who surround him. Confusion could happen if someone was given morphine to strengthen it, of course with the permission of the doctor, ladies.

difficulty Breathing
Body began to slowly abandoned soul, making breathing becomes breathless. So difficult to attract and breath, and irregular.

Changes in urination
Once a person stops drinking, the kidneys become depressed. This leads to a decrease of urine, and the urine turns a dark golden brown. This process is usually characterized by a decrease in blood pressure. Urine dying decreased significantly, and the darker the color of urine. Forced to use a catheter, so it is easy to see the changes.

Finger Hands And Feet Being Cold
Blood circulation and body temperature decreases making, finger someone who is dying and feet become cold. Although the dying man still has a high spirit of life still can not fight destiny who charged him. It makes much oxygen out, and brain, while other parts of the body start to die or passive.

Stained vein (The Pale Skin Tones)
At the end of the process, the skin begins to develop a pattern more typical pale purple or red or blue spots appear.

For those of you who are accompanying someone who is dying, you should be concerned with the physical changes and behavioral symptoms that person thinning opportunity of his life. Faced with the death of a loved one is so confusing, exhausting, and heartbreaking. Therefore, you should be ready to deal with it.


Benefits and Negative Impact of Drinking Tea

Just as eating / drinking coffee, tea it also has some benefits and side effects as well you know. With various types and kinds of teas available today, of each tea has its benefits and effects sasmping different - different.

But in general, the benefits and side effects of drinking tea was much too. 
Here below is his review:

Healthy benefits of drinking tea:
1. Drink tea without sugar or other ingredients such as milk and mix and cream, it can speed up the metabolism of a person's body. And this can lead to weight loss. Suitable for those of you who again focused diet to reduce obesity.
2. Tea contains antioxidants that are good for skin care and heart disease.
3. Drinking tea can boost immunity, help fight the common cold.
4. Tea with the addition of peppermint can relax gastrointestinal tissue.
5. Eating certain teas can also reduce stress.
6. The tea can help fight cell - cell cancer.

Side effects of drinking tea:
1. Excessive Drinking tea can lead to insomnia and kidney stones.
2. Consuming tea can also lead to increased toxicity in the body.
3. Excessive Drinking tea can make a person osteofluorosis trigger Alzheimer's disease.
4. Excessive drinking tea can cause premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and disrupt the urinary system.
5. The tea was also able to interfere with the digestive system that likely to cause constipation and diarrhea.

Do not excessive consumption of tea in order to avoid all the above side effects. It is recommended to drink four to five servings of tea per day.

Natural Ingredients It Can Overcome Symptoms of appendicitis

The appendix is a disease that is associated with blockage in the intestine, known as the lumen. The blockage can lead to increased pressure, increased blood flow and even inflammation. Patients with appendicitis often characterized by symptoms such as fever, nausea and vomiting, abdominal cramping, abdominal pain and even will feel continued, especially starting from moving laterally around the navel and the lower right.

If you're feeling experience symptoms such as the above, it is better immediately checked by a doctor before appendicitis was happening. If you want, you can also use some of the following natural ingredients to treat symptoms of appendicitis are:

1. Turmeric
One of spices - spices are often used as a spice in this kitchen is rich in benefits, especially for health, even to overcome the symptoms of clogged asus though. Besides being rich in antioxidants, turmeric also has anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory properties as well as very good for digestion. Turmeric is also useful to kill the bacteria that cause infection and inflammation in the appendix. To eat them, first you need to scrape turmeric later give warm water, filtered and then take the water.

2. cucumber and beet
Two of these natural products also contain many nutrients and antioxidants also have healing properties. In addition to relieve inflammation, also can clean the intestines are clogged. First make juice with a mixture of these two materials before you eat them.

3. Tea mint
Drinking mint tea on a regular basis every day can relieve symptoms of clogged usu. You could make a mint juice mixed with other fibrous fruit or boiled for 5 minutes then serve mint tea. It would be better if the tea ditambahin with one tablespoon of honey.

That's 3 natural ingredients to treat symptoms of appendicitis. If your symptoms are getting worse, the better you immediately consult the doctor to obtain a more precise handling. Hope it is useful.

Know Lightning & Danger

Lightning or Thunder who is not afraid of this natural event. Lightning, thunder, or lightning is a natural phenomenon that usually appears during the rainy season when the sky led to a blinding flash of light momentarily.

Moments later followed with a booming voice called thunder. The time difference is due to the emergence of a difference between the speed of sound (340 m / s) and the speed of light (300,000,000 m / s).

Lightning is very dangerous for dikenainya to make their lives. But lightning was created with the aim to dispose of the excess electron charge through the air to reach equilibrium.

How occurrence of lightning?
Lightning occurs because there is a potential difference between cloud and earth or with other clouds. The process of the charge on the clouds as he moves continuously on a regular basis, and during the movement he will interact with other cloud so that the negative charge will gather on one side (top or bottom), while the positive charge gathered on the reverse side.

If the potential difference between the cloud and the earth is big enough, it will happen disposal negative charge (electrons) from cloud to earth or vice versa to reach equilibrium. In the process of disposal of this charge, the media through which the electron is air. At the time of the electrons can penetrate the threshold of this air insulation explosion sound.

Lightning is more common in the rainy season, due to the state of the air contains a higher moisture content so that power down insulation and current flows more easily. Because there is a cloud of negatively charged and positively charged clouds, then lightning can also occur between different cloud charge.

Interesting Facts About Lightning
Around the world some 14 million lightning per year or 40,000 per day lightning !, especially in the rainy season with great intensity of rain water.
Lightning usually end up only 15 to 30 minutes after it started, but another storm may be a new start in the same area. (source:
Lightning strength ever recorded the start of thousands of amperes up to 200,000 amperes. This figure is equivalent to the power needed to power 500 thousand 100-watt light bulb.
Although the lightning current is only momentary, for approximately 200 micro-seconds but the damage is very remarkable. Effects of direct attack is evident, ranging from damage to the building, fire, until the danger of death to humans.

dangers of Lightning
Lightning is a natural phenomenon that needs to be watched because there are so many victims. Lightning kills about 200 people in the United States and injuring about 550 Americans per year, largely due to a lightning strike.

Lightning not only can kill people with sambarannya but also can blow up electronic devices such as laptops and mobile phones.

That is why humans developed tools lightning rod. Can you imagine if there was no lightning rod skyscraper buildings will be destroyed instantly. The Empire State Building in New York City just struck about 100 times per year. That's a lightning rod for much needed and installed in every high-rise buildings.

Well, What about us who are outdoors or inside the house though?

There are several methods to protect themselves and the environment from lightning strikes. The simplest method but very effective is the Faraday cage method. Namely with protecting the area to be secured by encapsulating use earthing conductors connected with. This place serves the grounding of the electrical charge of the copper conductor cable to the grounding rod embedded in the ground.

Find shelter in a building or car. Many people think that the rubber tires can make you safe in the car because the rubber can not conduct electricity, whereas in the region a strong electric current, rubber tires can be a powerful conductor rather than an insulator. Why you're safe in the car, because lightning will walk around the surface of the vehicle, then towards the ground. So that motorists do not have to worry about the lightning strike. due to lightning striking the car immediately neutralized to the ground. Passengers on board the aircraft are also safe because the plane is made of a material that can protect passengers from lightning.

For staff working at the airport, do not take shelter under the wing of the plane and near the wheel when it rains. The reason, the high position of the tail can be struck by lightning and flows directly into the fuselage.

Avoid sheltering under towering metal objects. People who are in a structure made of metal, for example tower, must immediately enter into the structure. Do not touch the metal structure hit by lightning

When you are on the ship, stay away from the mast so as not struck by lightning
To avoid lightning in the open, you can also squat by placing both feet. then bow your head as low as possible without touching the ground.

That way, lightning strikes near you will not flow into the body. However, if your legs open, the lightning will jump into your body. Remember the description on strike because the line voltage -> You can only create a single point of contact with the ground.

If you're swimming and suddenly dark clouds, get out of the pool and into the nearest building

If by chance you are standing in the open, immediately approached a higher object, do not even get away. But remember, do not get too close to the object. The safest maximum distance is 2.5 meters high from the object. The farther away from tall objects, the more at risk of being struck by lightning.

Do not stand under a tree when it rains. A lightning strike to a tree can jump into the body. Tendrils tree can also deliver lightning into the body.

Do not stand clustered with other people when you are outdoors. Make the distance between the approximately five (5) meters

If you do not find shelter, squat, as described above, try the hand is not touching the ground and do not lie because it can facilitate the distribution of lightning from the ground to your body.

If you are indoors, perform the following steps:
If you are in a position to avoid the house close to the electrical contact. Stay away from sites that watery or wet ground, and stay away from doors and windows.

Turn off and unplug the power cord from the power outlet all electronic goods that you have, such as televisions, radios and computers to reduce the risk of being struck by lightning

Stay away from the phone. If you're forced to call someone, use a mobile phone. If lightning strikes the telephone network, the lightning electric current will pass through each call very potent sting you if you hold the phone.

Stay away from plumbing (bath tub, shower). Lightning has the ability to grab the house or near the house and the electric current can propagate through a metal pipe drains.

Use of rubber slippers (flip-flops) or try to put on dry socks, as a 'separate' body from the ground.

Risky places struck by lightning:
Place a lightning strike risk is hilly terrain, slopes, remote areas, and rural areas. In urban areas, the risk of lightning is relatively small because the population density in the area evenly.

Swimming pool.
Lightning can also propagate through the power cable and telephone line. Phone cord into the phone should also be revoked.

TV antenna can also be a lightning conductor into the house. Construction of buildings made of reinforced concrete is already functioning as a lightning rod.

Type Bats Balance - Danger and Its Role in the Ecosystem

Variety of fauna in the universe is so unique, not to mention the possible bat man much feared because apparently or because the myth that link with the spirit world or like a blood sucking vampire.

But behind the loss and danger given the bat in humans, there are great benefits that affect the balance of the world's ecosystems. So no wonder superhero Batman kind and helping others to imitate nature bats also generous in terms of several years previously for humans in terrestrial ecosystems.


Bats are the only mammals that can fly. They use their wings to fly and look for food at night. When the morning until noon bats just fell asleep and hanging in their home. Therefore, it is referred to as nocturnal bats.

Ability when flying at night with sharp eyes and be able to produce ultrasonic sounds, making the scientist fall in love to investigate. Moreover, bat fossils from ancient times to the present is not much different at all, nothing has changed.

There are banya species of bats, one of which is the most popular vampire bats, which are very efficient in the hunt at night by sucking the blood of animals incarannya like a bird, mammal or human blood. Because, basically, these bats are sensitive to animal breath sound asleep.

There are about 1,200 species of bats are scattered throughout the world including in Indonesia. Nearly a quarter of mammals on earth filled with bats. From bats are small, to large, or of the fruit bat to vampire bats.

However, only three types of the most feared vampire bats, including regular vampire bat (Desmodus rotundus), vampire bats hairy legs (Diphylla ecaudata), and white vampire bat wings (Diaemus youngi) and all of berhabitat in the Americas.

Heat sensors make vampire bats can distinguish the skin that covers the body part containing fresh blood and warm the hair area. They use their sharp teeth to make a hole 5 square millimeters of the skin and suck the blood of animals without waking.


70% of the bats consume insects, and mostly acts as a natural pest control. There are also fruit bats; nectar bats; bat carnivores that prey on small mammals, birds, lizards and frogs; fish-eating bats, and the most famous blood-sucking vampire bats of South America.

Bats are mammals that can fly from the order Chiroptera with both front legs evolved into wings.

Suborder Megachiroptera (megabats)


Suborder Microchiroptera (microbats) superfamily Vespertilionoidea

superfamily Emballonuroidea
Emballonuridae (Sac-winged or sheath-tailed bats)

superfamily Molossoidea

Molossidae (Free-tailed bats)

superfamily Nataloidea

Furipteridae (Smoky bats)
Myzopodidae (Sucker-footed bats)
Natalidae (Funnel-eared bats)
Thyropteridae (Disk-winged bats)

superfamily Noctilionoidea

Mormoopidae (Ghost-faced or moustached bats)
Mystacinidae (New Zealand short-tailed bats)
Noctilionidae (Bulldog bats or fisherman bats)
Phyllostomidae (Leaf-nosed bats)

superfamily Rhinolophoidea

Megadermatidae (False vampires)
Nycteridae (Hollow-faced or slit-faced bats)
Rhinolophidae (Horseshoe bats)
Hipposideridae (Old World leaf-nosed bats)

superfamily Rhinopomatoidea

Craseonycteridae (Bumblebee bat or Kitti's hog-nosed bat)
Rhinopomatidae (Mouse-tailed bats)

superfamily Vespertilionoidea

Vespertilionidae (Vesper bats or bats evening)
Antrozoidae (Pallid bat and Van Gelder's bat)

Read more at this link: Classification Bats

Or simply classified as follows:

Pteropodidae (flying-fox)
Emballonuridae (bat eco-Poster)
Megadermatidae (fake vampire)
Nycteridae (bat face-concave)
Rhinolophidae (bat-horseshoe)
Hipposideridae (barong)
Vespertilionidae (regular bat)
Molossidae (bat-lip wrinkles)


Almost all bats are nocturnal and many live in caves. Although they look good, they are relying on their voices when hunting at night, use echolocation (sonar) to avoid collisions and to catch insects in flight.

Bats emit high-pitched sound (up to 100,000 hertz) or categorized ultrasonic, which gives the bat information about the size, shape, and distance of the object. The rate at which bats emit squeaks sound sometimes as high as 200 Hz. Bats easily find their way through a complex obstacle though, but deaf makes them helpless.


Bats are an important part of the world, especially for agricultural ecosystems as natural predators for pest for crops, not only that, bats help keep humans from bertaburannya deadly mosquito transmission of malaria and dengue disease (dengue hemorrhagic fever).

Bats also participate in spreading the pollen which is certainly beneficial to humans. But over time, many bats hunted one as a meal or just kill him.


Bats do not live in peace for granted, as a threat to her very large ranging from wind turbines, bad weather, they are very sensitive to weather changes. Lung different bats to birds, so death can occur when wind turbines are called barotrauma. Not only that, poaching and disease that happened to be a big problem for the world. As of 2006, which occurred in the United States and Canada recognize White Nose Syndrome, a condition related to the death of millions of bats.

Deaths due to diseases caused by fungi Pseudogymnoascus destructans, was found growing on the muzzle, ears, and wings of bats suffer. It is certainly a loss for farmers because, with the demise of the bat and the outbreak of fungal disease in bats will make the farmer and land suitable threatened and losers.

There are things to be aware of the dangers posed bat. Bats are natural reservoirs for zoonotic pathogens many large number of viruses that make humans exposed to rabies. Its bite like a dog bite menghaislkan rabies virus, severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS known to Henipah (Nipan and Hendra virus), even ebola virus.

If there is a dead bat around the house or at home, then do not ever hold, due to a variety of diseases can spread. Should lift the bat corpses with tools while closing the mouth and nose. Then throw it away or eliminate much of the settlement.

Even in the UK, it is illegal to handle cases of bat if not an expert, and without a license. Therefore, it is required to contact the official agency handling the bat like the Bat Conservation Trust.

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