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Some Signs Before Person Dies

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Dying condition is a condition of the possibility of life is minimal. In the middle of the face of a dying condition, of course there are symptoms that are going through.

Matters relating to it should be understood by us that may have to be forced to accompany the dying person. So no action from us to help people who are dying. However, for the actors themselves will experience things that happen in the body the dying. Reported by, there are things that happen to the body when it is dying.

Appetite Start Missing Or Will not Eat
Someone who is dying does not want to eat or lust then disappear. When it does, then you try to fight it by giving people the appetite stimulant, and try to encourage eating together.
If allowed doctors, can use marijuana. According Hospice Patients Alliance, forcing people who are dying to eat not recommended. The body should be given permission to terminate itself.

Excessive fatigue, excess sleep, And Withdrawal Of Social Life
Someone who is dying more often sleep. It bother you and maybe it was a warning and that you are better prepared, and do not be afraid to lose the ability or opportunity to communicate with him.
The experts on this show that we can not force him to keep vigil or communicate. It is important to let him rest as much as possible. This will allow him to surrender.

Physical weakness
The process of gradual loss of a loved one. The first stage of the dying person may be sick, he has to fight the pain of what physical again began to weaken. The second stage is that he needs to use a walker.
This was followed by her wheelchair. And finally could not even muster the energy to get out of bed. It must be difficult for him. When people are approaching the time of death, you must brace yourself when the first physical touching of the head and face.

Mental confusion
There is some confusion that occurs during the process. Some tend to be asked to go to a distant place, he thought it was their home. Then, puzzled by people who surround him. Confusion could happen if someone was given morphine to strengthen it, of course with the permission of the doctor, ladies.

difficulty Breathing
Body began to slowly abandoned soul, making breathing becomes breathless. So difficult to attract and breath, and irregular.

Changes in urination
Once a person stops drinking, the kidneys become depressed. This leads to a decrease of urine, and the urine turns a dark golden brown. This process is usually characterized by a decrease in blood pressure. Urine dying decreased significantly, and the darker the color of urine. Forced to use a catheter, so it is easy to see the changes.

Finger Hands And Feet Being Cold
Blood circulation and body temperature decreases making, finger someone who is dying and feet become cold. Although the dying man still has a high spirit of life still can not fight destiny who charged him. It makes much oxygen out, and brain, while other parts of the body start to die or passive.

Stained vein (The Pale Skin Tones)
At the end of the process, the skin begins to develop a pattern more typical pale purple or red or blue spots appear.

For those of you who are accompanying someone who is dying, you should be concerned with the physical changes and behavioral symptoms that person thinning opportunity of his life. Faced with the death of a loved one is so confusing, exhausting, and heartbreaking. Therefore, you should be ready to deal with it.


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