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Some Weirdest Phobias Sexual Ever

Fear of heights, narrow place, or a particular animal is probably the type of phobia is a common and once you hear.

But what about the strange fear of the things of a sexual nature? For example, as reported from How About We below.

Phobias this one makes sufferers fear of a young woman who is a virgin. So the nuns could say is 'enemy' of their biggest.

Are you afraid of the penis erection? If so, then it is a symptom Medorthophobia. Difficult also if there is a man who is afraid erection, then how does he satisfy her partner?

Medomalacuphobia a phobia or fear of erectile dysfunction. Phobias this one is the opposite of Medorthophobia that make sufferers worried half to death if not managed to achieve an erection.

Fear of seeing others naked called gymnophobia. Maybe when making love, people with phobias that one should force their partners to keep wearing clothes.

Eurotophobia is a phobia against genital (mainly) women-owned.

Are those who fear a wet dream. The condition is known as oneirogmophobia. If people with wet dream, when I woke up he will freaked.

Phobias this one might make the sufferer alone masturbating before sex. Because they fear foreplay

Are you afraid to be kissed? Because you may suffer philemaphobia or fear of kissing.

Sexual claustrophobia
Finally, there is the most horrific sexual claustrophobia among other phobias conditions already mentioned. Why? Because this one phobia sufferers are afraid to make love in the room. So they could only have sex in public places.

Some Phobias are not Prevalent

Sometimes, fear does not seem to make sense to other people.
For example, fear of flying, fear of tight spaces, or fear of spiders. So far, we have known several types of phobias are common in society. However, the following may have never crossed your mind.

1. Ablutophobia
Is the fear of bathing, washing, or cleaning the body referred to as Ablutophobia.
This Ablutophobia cases and problems commonly found in children and women when compared with men are much less suffer from this phobia.

2. Alektorophobia
Excessive fear of the chicken. There are even some people who are already hit by a wave of fear at the sight of feathers or eggs.
While for some people, the fear was merely touching uncooked chicken meat.

3. Bromidrosiphobia
Rare is the person who thinks that he has a body odor.
However, people who have Bromidrosiphobia always haunted by the fear of exaggeration that body issued a very smelly scent, so they can make others go.

4. Caligynephobia
Excessive fear of the beautiful woman.
However, this fear can be experienced by both women and men.
Fear is likely to arise as a result of a bad experience with a beautiful woman.

5. somniphobia
People who have this condition are afraid to go to sleep, because they also fear it will not be woken up again or will have nightmares.
Most people with this phobia will drink or pills contain caffeine, so they can stay awake. Unfortunately, when sleep is essential for health and life.

6. Dendrophobia
Fear of trees and forests. Sufferers will feel afraid to enter the forest area or leafy bushes.
They may believe that the trees will be able to hurt them. Moreover, coupled with darkness in the woods and a breeze that could make them more fearful and paralyzed with fear.

7. Heliophobia
Is the fear of the sun and its rays. The sufferer will choose to always be in the room and close all the windows or cracks that could be breached by the sun.
Not infrequently, this phobia sufferers are often given the nickname "vampire" for fear of direct sunlight.

8. Ichthyophobia
Fear of fish, whether alive or dead condition, whether in the sea or on a dinner plate. Most likely, the display of fish with big eyes and a body that slimy it is this weird phobia triggers.
As for the phobia of sharks, has no specific term, namely galeophobia. Shark phobia is triggered by a number of views about sharks and tragedy that could be caused these fish, which are common in television and film.

9. Mageirocophobia
is excessive fear of the cooking activity. Sometimes, this phobia is associated with the actions of others or cooking for a large group.
However, in some extreme cases are found, the sufferer can not even cook simple foods like toast or fried egg!

10. Nomophobia
Phobias are a relatively new and are associated with the trend. Nomophobia is a phobia that appears when not able to access the contacts listed in the phone, either because of the missing cell phone, battery, or loss of signal range. Strange, but true!

11. Trypophobia
If you feel fear, chills, itching and uncomfortable seeing a lot of holes, such as honeycomb, fungus, lotus seeds, bubbles, coral reefs or holes arranged in large quantities then you including people with trypophobia.

However this phobia does not fit into the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Trypophobia often also called repetitive pattern phobia.

Thousands of people said they were afraid to see objects the size of a small hole. Limited research conducted by Arnold Wilkins and Geoff Cole who do research first and suspect these fears over the direction of disgust rather than fear in culture.


Tips to Cure Phobia

Understanding Phobia

A phobia is a fear that excessive against objects or certain situations that are often unreasonable and not based on reality. The term "phobia" comes from the word "phobia", which means fear or anxiety that are not rational; perceived and experienced by someone. A phobia is a disorder characterized by persistent fear and irrational towards a particular object or situation.

Although there are hundreds of kinds of phobias but basically phobia phobia is part of the 3 types of phobia, which according to the book of DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorder IV) three types of phobias that are:

1. Simple or specific phobia (Phobia of an object / circumstances) as in animals, enclosed places, heights, and others.

2. Social Phobia (Social Phobia of exposure situations) as afraid to be the center of attention, people like this happy avoid crowded places.

3. The complex Phobia (Phobia to place or crowded situations and open for example in public transport / mall) person like this could have been afraid to leave the house.

Causes of Phobias

Phobias can be caused by various things. In general phobia due to ever experienced great fear or personal experiences are accompanied by feelings of shame or guilt that everything is then pressed into the subconscious. Traumatic events in childhood is considered as one of the possible causes of phobias.

Then how to describe people who are afraid of something though never experienced trauma in childhood? Martin Seligman in his theory known as biological preparedness said fears that plague depends on the relevance of the stimulus to the ancestors or the history of human evolution, or in other words the fear caused by heredity. For example, those who are afraid of the bear, at the time of their ancestors still living in caves, never torn and almost eaten by a bear, but survived, so that we can produce as offspring. Seligman said that we had been prepared by our evolutionary history to be afraid of something that could threaten our survival.

In the case of more severe phobia, anxiety symptoms neurosa accompany the patient. The patient will be constantly in a state of phobia although no specific stimuli. There is always one who makes his phobia comes back, for example thanatophobia (fear of death), etc.

We need to know that phobias are often caused by heredity, environment and culture. The changes that occur in various fields are often not in line with the rate of change that occurs in the community, such as dynamics and social mobilization are very fast rise, among others, the effects of development in all areas and the influence of modernization, globalization, and advances in the information age. In fact, the changes that occur is still too little to touch the children through adolescence. Supposed to change the quality of children through the process of growth and development should be considered early, especially when it is still in the formative period (formative period) basic personality types (basic personality type). This is to obtain the next generation of quality.

Various personality traits / karakterologis needs special attention how the environment allow good growth process and how the environment to provide the best source of excitement for children's development, particularly in the family.

Various matters relating to the duties, obligations, the role of parents, including a mother and a father figure to the growth and development of children, they are often vague, nebulous. Until now still not clear on specific characteristics of parenting (rearing practices) which is ideal for children. Such as what age a child should begin to be taught to read, write, according to maturity in general and not to impose. The purpose educate, cultivate and develop the child is that when adults can show an overview and mature personality qualities (mature, wel-integrated) and productive for themselves, families and entire communities. Roles and responsibilities of parents towards the growth and development of children is of paramount importance.

Healing techniques

There are several techniques to cure a phobia of them are as follows:

1. Hypnotheraphy: People with phobias are given suggestions for eliminating phobias.

2. Flooding: Exposure Treatment extreme. The phobia sufferers are horrified to dogs (cynophobia), put in a room with some tame dogs, until he was not scared anymore.

3. Systematic Desentisisasi: Do mild exposure. The phobia sufferers who fear the dog was told to relax and imagine being in place beautiful nature reserve where the patient was visited by dogs cute and tame.

4. Abreaction: phobia sufferer who are afraid of dogs accustomed first to see a picture or a movie about a dog, when it can be quiet and then proceed to see the real objects from far and getting close slowly. If there are no obstacles, it can be continued by holding the dog and its phobias disappear when they will be able to play around with the dog. Sure if phobia due to traumatic experiences more difficult to remove.

5. Reframing: phobia sufferers told to imagine going back to the past where the beginnings of the patients experienced a phobia, place it formed a new man who is not afraid of his phobia.


Phobia is a symbol of 'Something'
World of Psychology wanted little to discuss about the definition of a phobia. Phobia is a mechanism of escape from conflicts bathiniah of one's soul. Maybe there are about 80 or even 100 kinds of phobias known people now. Phobia- phobias that cause fear of the absurd and illogical. -Phobia phobia usually relate to experiences that pent, who pressed deep and forgotten.

Phobia was seen as emotions substitution and is often called neurosis is pressed (repressed neuroses). Raises fears that something unpleasant things and have pressed the depths of our souls. In other words phobia that has a specific function, namely to hide or divert an entirely different sense of fear is fear of the ever so painful consciousness. So phobia is an escape from a number of psychic conflict within us. Fear of thunder and lightning may indicate the presence of fear in the voice stern father and tantrums.
Fears or emotional distortions that can be traced back into the experiences of our childhood that has been buried. Experiences are pressed this cause chronic anxiety and great distress. Anxiety is channeled through physical channels and in time will worsen his phobia-. If it happens like it then 'vicious cycle' continues to appear without berkesudahan.Yang eventually will make you constantly 'sick'.

Fear is a human reaction that is biologically a protection mechanism for a person in the face of danger. Fear is an emotion that arises when people face a threat that endangers the life or one specific area of life. Fear commonly referred to as a warning sign against life, a warning to stop, look or listen.

Every human being faced with warnings and threats very demanding attention. Fear is really slow and control the large number of psychosomatic emotions. One of the objectives of the control is to help a person to avoid danger and overcome it. When someone overcome fear, happiness and success we are threatened, people often experience pain in the abdomen, palms sweating, heart pounding, lazy move, stuttering and other speech.

Faced with a daunting situation, the reaction is different, there are people who are not afraid of the dog itself, but they are afraid to hear her barking. But there are others who are not bothered barking dogs. There are others who truly afraid of
lightning, while others do not. It is normal in the face of certain danger people feel afraid and fear level was usually comparable to large-small danger. But reality shows that the objective cause of the fear that just forgotten someone,
So the reaction was harder, faster, and cause panic. Such great fear this is not comparable to the cause. This is purely neurotic reaction. Fear is what we call the "Phobia". Just by looking at the black cat, then worried someone will die. Others had almost fainted just because there is a snake approached. Neurotic fear showed no emotional reaction is proportional to the stimulus. In other words, the objective causes of emotional reactions and fears at all

This type of phobia
Experts divide phobias into three main groups, namely agoraphobia (excessive anxiety when in a public place), social phobia (fear of social situations) and specific phobias (irrational fears of objects or situations).

1. Agoraphobia: fear of public places
A person with agoraphobia fear trapped in a public place or places with long queues, as in the bank. This type of phobia at most (nearly 2-fold more) experienced by women than men. If not addressed, will make people cooped up in the house. With treatment, 9 of 10 patients with proven experience improvement.

2. Social phobia
A person with social phobia is not just shy. Patients feel excessive anxiety and fear about their appearance in public. Do they act in accordance with the others? Will others know that they are anxious? Are they going to have words spoken when the time comes?
Because this can lead to social phobia sufferers avoid social contact, it will greatly affect the relationship and their professional lives.

3. claustrofobia: fear of enclosed spaces
Someone with claustrofobia can not ride the elevator or walk down the hall without fear. Because of fear of being caught, phobia sufferers of this type will avoid the narrow space and memilihkebiasaan they think is safe, such as opening a window or sit near the door to the outside. This makes them able to tolerate the situation, but will not assuage fears.

4. Zoophobia: fear of animals
Fear of animals is the most common type of phobia. This type of phobia phobias cover more specific types, such as Arachnophobia (fear of spiders); ophidiofobia (fear of snakes); ornithofobia (fear of birds). This type of phobia is often formed in childhood and will disappear with age. But it can also survive until adulthood.

5. Brontofobia: fear of lightning
Although people with brontofobia aware that lightning will not hurt them, they will refuse to remain outside during a thunderstorm. Chances are they will hide in the room as he crouched behind a sofa or in a closet waiting for the storm to pass.

6. Acrofobia: Fear of heights
This type is characterized by excessive fear of heights. People with this phobia can be attacked as excessive anxiety when climbing stairs. Sometimes the fear is so strong that the patient can not move. This type of phobia can be dangerous because of panic attacks will make people come down from the high place with no caution

7. Fear of flying: fear of flying
Someone with a fear of flying Fear of flying. This type of phobia is usually formed after someone had a bad experience in the aircraft, such as experiencing shock or see other passengers suffered panic attacks. Fear will remain even after the incident is forgotten. Fear terepndam can arise only by watching the plane crash on TV.


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