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Menstruation. Understanding the meaning of the color of blood that you need to know

Did you know that the menstrual blood or menstrual meaning of each color. Every month women will certainly experience a period mestruasi caused by the decay of the uterine wall because no conception.

Understanding Menstruation the color of blood

Blood had already been issued in color and texture are different and it has a meaning that is different also. Normally the blood can be bright red, brown to black, and can be textured thin or very thick.

Blood is paid also vary in number. Normally be only 4 teaspoons of up to 12 teaspoons for a week or more periods.

However, from the color of menstrual blood was found to have a special meaning loh. Such as the following :
Bright red color, it means that the blood was just removed from the body and tend to be mild and regular flow.
Dark red color, this indicates if the blood of prolonged storage in the womb and newly issued now. Usually this blood came out when she woke up.
Brown to black color indicates that the old blood. Usually brownish and blackish blood came out when the final menstrual period.
Orange, meaning blood was mixed with secretions from the cervix. In addition, blood orange this could also be a sign of a disease.

In addition to color, texture blood also has its own meaning, such as a blood clot that has meaning mensturasi blood occur tend to be heavy. If this condition occurs continuously, we recommend that you consult a physician.

If the blood slick shaped like a jelly, is blood mixed with mucus of the cervix in the vagina. As for the blood thinner and blood usually liquid has been returned to work with the body's natural anticoagulant.

On the blood that comes out with a gray-colored blob of tissue in large amounts, it means there has been a miscarriage or abortion, and need to see a doctor immediately.

Menstrual blood can also indicate the presence of a benign tumor that is inside the womb. Usually the presence of tumor is characterized by menstrual bleeding more than usual, and a blood clot in a long time.



Restoring Vagina Back After Childbirth

The vagina can undergo changes after childbirth, especially when you give birth normally. When you give birth normally, the baby will come out through the cervix and vagina.
The vagina should also be large enough and flexible so that the baby can get out. Often the skin between the vagina and anus, perineum, can be torn or cut by a doctor to ease the process of childbirth.

So, what changes occur in the vagina after childbirth?

vaginal Landscape
Your vagina will look wider than ever and will "feel" looser, smoother and "open". This is normal and swelling as well as "open" will decrease a few days after your baby is born.
Your vagina may also not be a complete return to form as before delivery, but you need not worry. Because there is a simple solution that can help.
Solution: You can do Kegel exercises regularly to restore the strength of the muscles of the vagina and pelvic floor muscles.

Drought In Vagina
It is normally experienced in women after childbirth. Vaginal dryness is caused by a decrease in the hormone estrogen in the body than during pregnancy. In women who are breastfeeding, estrogen levels will be lower compared with not breastfeeding, so the drought will be more pronounced. When you've stopped breastfeeding and your menstrual cycle back to normal, vaginal dryness usually do not experience again.
Solution: Vaginal Dryness menenggarai on condition of pain when having sex. To fix this, you can help with the lubricant.

Pain In Stitches Used Wounds
Pain in the vaginal area commonly experienced after giving birth and usually will improve 6-12 weeks after giving birth.
Solution: Again Kegel exercises are also recommended to reduce pain. Be sure to clean the wound stitches you every day and if you feel severe pain, you can ask your doctor to prescribe painkillers are safe for breastfeeding women.

Pain during sex
There is no right time or the right to re-initiate sex after childbirth.
But do not hurry. If you feel pain during sex because of vaginal dryness.
Solution: You can work around this acknowledgment is made to use a lubricant. In addition, do not forget to use contraception after delivery, because it is possible you can come back pregnant 3 weeks after you give birth.

How to clean the hair of Miss V

A discussion of the female sex organs seemed never-ending. Starting from the outer portion, the deepest, most sensitive to the point of becoming a topic reviews are always in demand most women.

Because the vagina clean not only determine the health of the sex organs but also can determine the harmonious relationship with the woman's partner. For that every woman should understand correctly by keeping the vagina so that the happier the outside and inside. Maintain cleanliness of Miss V does not require any special skills, but in practice, most women do not do it right. There are regular shaving, cutting, to come to the salon or clinic to clean the vagina of the pubic hair, but it is the way that you do it right?

Hair on Miss V is too heavy it can cause problems of cleanliness and moisture. If not cared for properly, pubic hair growing risk as a source parasitic diseases. In this condition, the hair removal with the correct and safe way can be an alternative to maintain the health of sex organs.

In addition to the hygiene factors, many men who claimed to love the woman's genitals without hair because it looks more sexy. Remove hair on the female sex can increase sensitivity to sexual stimulation.

If you decide to remove hair in the vagina, a lot of things that must be considered, especially regarding safety and hygiene. Shaving is the cheapest solution, but is less effective because the vagina hair will grow back quickly and itchy when it begins to grow. Make sure you use a razor quite clean and sterile.

Moreover, by cutting the hair of Miss V, it is quite dangerous and requires more attention. Because not all the hair Vagina head hair and vagina area small enough certainly difficult for you to cut the hair of Miss V. This allows your sex organs injured due to exposure to the eye scissors.

Problems in Women's Reproductive Organs

Causes of Dry Vagina

Vaginal dryness will cause irritation, discomfort and pain during intercourse. To avoid pain and suffering, you must determine the cause of vaginal dryness. Here is the cause of vaginal dryness:

Levels of estrogen in the body maintain lubrication in the vagina, at the time of menopause estrogen levels decline. This will cause dryness and irritation of the vagina. It is also called vaginal atrophy

Women's health issues
Childbirth, breastfeeding, removal of the ovaries and medicine for endometriosis which can cause a drop in estrogen levels that cause the dryness of the vagina.

Radiotherapy and chemotherapy will cause vaginal dryness.

Some antidepressants and allergy medicines that can cause vaginal dryness

Before penetration should do foreplay useful for the lubrication and lubrication of the vagina is enough.

stressed Out
It turns out that stress also affects the vaginal dryness

Handling for the occurrence of vaginal dryness:
There are several medications available to relieve the discomfort of the vagina
Avoid self-medication, you should consult with your doctor to get the right medicine for your body's needs.
Estrogen therapy were monitored by doctors
Reduce stress
Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated

Source: healthmeup

Various Things You Need to Know Regarding Female Reproductive Organs

Did you know that many women in this world who do not know anything about their reproductive organs? Based on a survey in the United States, approximately 64% of women did not know what form the cervix (cervical) itself.

Approximately one-third of survey participants thought that a healthy vagina is a vagina that is completely odorless, however, is actually a healthy vagina was a bit smelly and trying to eliminate odors by using a cleaning fluid femininity it can create unwanted germs multiply and cause infection.

One-third of other survey participants said that consuming wine is good for the health of the vagina. This is not true because alcohol can disrupt the hormonal balance.

Approximately two-thirds of the study participants did not know how big the size of the average vagina and some people do not even know where the urethra (the hole where urine is issued).

Researchers in the United States found that approximately 40% of women thought that the ovaries will continue to produce or make eggs when they were aged 20-30 years. However, did you know that the actual number of eggs you've determined since the day you were born into this world. Other studies have even found that approximately 40% of women do not know what is meant by the process of ovulation, or the release of a mature egg from the ovary.

Many women do not know what exactly is meant by the vagina healthy and normal. This makes the women finally ended on 2 situation that is, they do not ignore the various health problems that occur in the feminine organs or just very concerned about the state of health of her female organs.

Source: womenshealthmag

Itching In Vagina - Beware

Do you ever feel the itch in your vagina? Beware the occurrence of bacterial vaginosis in your vagina. In the vagina there are good bacteria or referred to as the normal flora of the vagina is living in a certain amount that does not interfere with the health of the vagina. Under normal circumstances, the vagina has a pH that is acidic. The normal flora in the vagina live in acidic pH conditions. However, certain circumstances may change the state of this pH from acidic to alkaline.

Alkaline conditions in the vagina will allow the growth of bad bacteria in the vagina due to the nasty bacteria produce alkaline and alkaline environment fond. Will be an imbalance between the number of bacteria bad bacteria and good bacteria.

This cause vaginal irritation, itching or burning in the vagina, and became foul-smelling vaginal discharge, similar to the smell of fish so often called fishy odor. The vaginal mucus will stick to the walls of the vagina. The mucus canescent. Especially odor can occur after sexual intercourse, the smell of menstrual blood saaat will also be different, be more smells.

Some circumstances may alter the vaginal environment acidic to alkaline, including semen, vaginal mucus itself, menstrual blood, and vaginal washing habits (douching). Some of you may have misunderstood douching habits. Might be expected to make vaginal douching be clean of bacteria which affect health. But in reality, the habit of washing the vagina is causing the normal vaginal flora is reduced so that it will diminish the good bacteria and bad bacteria will multiply. Therefore, for those of you who have a habit of douching should begin discontinued.

Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery Risks

Along with the development of science and technology, requests coming from masyarakatpun increasingly diverse. If at times and a lot of women want to have a sharp nose, breasts are sexy, and ideal body shape, then it is time now where many young women who had surgery to carve and beautify their intimate areas.

Application of aesthetic surgical procedures is actually not new, but many of the women who still do not understand the risks of the procedure in which they live, study published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology stated.

For example, is a surgical procedure that is most often sought after by women, the surgery labioplasty. Labioplasty, or plain disebutlabiaplasty, is the implementation of the operation to rejuvenate the vaginal lips (labia).

But in fact, an act of 'polish' this sex can not be arbitrary intentions. Because there are consequences of the risk to be had. What are the consequences of potential risks referred to?

Consequences of Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery Risks

Before we find out what the consequences are, it helps us to know in advance consideration of the reasons that a major factor why steps to operate the vagina becomes an option.

Patients who want to undergo surgery labioplasty generally come with two (2) reasons, namely:

• cosmetic reasons:
Some feel unhappy and embarrassed during sexual intercourse affecting his confidence. Most patients undergoing labioplasty to reduce the length of her pussy lips, but many just want a change on the outside of their sexual organs, namely the mons pubis (the area under the hair grease vital organs) or external labia / internal (vaginal lips).

• Medical reasons:
Discomfort from long pussy lips, especially during exercise, sexual intercourse, and wearing tight pants.
Most patients do report satisfaction with the results obtained with minimal complications. However, of the 40 studies that have existed on this surgical procedure, only few of them are researching the long-term effects of this procedure, including how it impacts on the sexual satisfaction of the patient or if there are complications in childbirth which they live later.

On this, the plastic surgeon who used to perform surgery labioplasty say that the warning that there will be long-term complications or side effects of this operation in general deliberately exaggerated for the purpose of scaring the women not to undergo this procedure - A simple way to motivate women to feel comfortable and appreciate their own bodies. The doctors said that every procedure is essentially a risk, but if done according to the standard operating there can actually be minimized this risk. 

Vaginal Surgery Risks
Nevertheless, there is still disagreement that more research should be conducted to assess the long-term risks of this procedure accurately, as well as to consider whether counseling therapy can be beneficial for those who want to undergo surgery - given the physical discomfort can be caused by psychological factors.
However, women should not let himself be easily tempted by the news circulating in the community regarding the standard view of the female genitals, because the shape is varied every individual, and it was normal.

Troubled Signs Your Vagina

Not a few of the women who have difficulty in maintaining health vagina
Various problems reap into panic when Miss V 'acting'. A course of problem vaginal discharge, itching or suspicious, or begin to appear unpleasant scent that did not previously exist. Female genital problem or so.

Although the signs are not entirely harmless, but if one ignores, might be detrimental impact goes.
Therefore, it is important to recognize the existence of conditions that deserve symptoms suspected. In short, there are some symptoms that you should be aware if there are signs of following in the following pages.

Not a few of the women who have difficulty in maintaining health vagina.
Various problems reap into panic when Miss V 'acting'. A course of problem vaginal discharge, itching or suspicious, or begin to appear unpleasant scent that did not previously exist. Female genital problem or so.
Although the signs are not entirely harmless, but if one ignores, might be detrimental impact goes.
Therefore, it is important to recognize the existence of conditions that deserve symptoms suspected. In short, there are some symptoms that you should be aware if there are signs of following in the following pages.

What Signs Should Caution? Immediately consult a doctor if :

• There is a change in color, odor and increased vaginal discharge - especially if accompanied by fever.
• Redness, itching or irritation of the vagina.
• Bleeding or spots that occur in the menstrual cycle, after sex or after experiencing menopause.
• There is a mass or bulge in the vagina that feels unnatural.

Well, the four conditions that must be observed. Because if left unchecked can be dangerous.

Factors Affecting the Health Anything Vagina ?

• Having sex without using a condom.
You can be at risk of contracting the disease from sexually transmitted infections if not using condoms.

• aggressive sex
Aggressive sex can lead to trauma to the vagina.

• Certain medical conditions
Diabetes can increase the risk of fungal infections and vaginal dryness.

• Antibiotics
Antibiotics are taken continuously can increase the risk of fungal infections.

• Product contraception
Spermicides and vaginal ring may cause irritation of the vagina.

• Pregnancy and childbirth
Tear in the vagina often occurs when a normal delivery and also a decline in muscle strength in the vagina.

• Aging
After the menopause, there will be a decrease in the elasticity of the vagina.

• Hormonal
Hormonal changes, such as a decrease in estrogen can cause thinning of the vaginal lining.

What Should I Do to Maintain Healthy Vagina ?

• Responsible for sexually
Use condoms and maintaining a monogamous relationship and not changing partners.

• Vaccination
Vaccination can protect you from HPV (human papillomavirus), hepatitis A and hepatitis B (viral infection of the liver that can be transmitted through sexual contact.

• Maintain cleanliness of the vagina
Avoid washing the vagina with soap scented douches or the counter (except on indication doctor) because it can disrupt the pH of the vagina. Do not use tampons or scented pads.

• Perform Kegel exercises
By doing Kegel exercises, it will help maintain the strength of the pelvic floor muscles. Do at least 3 sets of Kegel exercises every day.

• Know the medicines you consume
Consult with your doctor about the use of drugs and possible side effects that may occur in the vagina

• Avoid alcohol, cigarettes and drugs

Keeping the Right Vaginal Health

Keep the vagina is actually easy to do. Cleaning the female organs can be done with warm water and mild soap without perfume. Better you do it at the time of afternoon showers.

Here are the things you need to consider in maintaining the cleanliness of the female organs:

1. Note Soap Used
Clean the outside of the vagina with warm water and mild soap without perfume. Better to do at the time of afternoon showers. In addition to the warm water creates a relaxing effect, warm water can also relieve pain if she was menstruating.

2. Note that Worn Knickers Materials
Wear cotton underwear, types of textiles made from natural fibers, so that the skin can still breathe, smooth air circulation, and make feeling more refreshed. If you're experiencing vaginal discharge, replace panties 3 times a day.

3. Replacement Pads
If you are menstruating, change pads every 4 hours.

4. Notice cebok Engineering or Mechanical Cleaning Vagina
After defecation, make sure the direction of cleaning the vagina is from front to back. This needs to be done to prevent dirt or virus derived from the sewer does not get to the vaginal area. Also do not forget to dry the vagina using a clean towel or tissue.

5. Consult your doctor preemptively If Using Vaginal Cleansing

Avoid various cleaning products, because nobody knows not cause health problems. If until forced to use a vaginal cleaning, consult prior to the obstetrician and midwife about what products to use.

Several Ways to Maintain Healthy Vagina

Sex organ health should be a major concern of all women. Maintaining the health of womanhood is not an easy task indeed. It takes persistence and thoroughness in treatment.

The most frequent problem is mengenaikeputihan. Whitish itself can be a normal thing to happen. In fact, the production can be increased if a woman is experiencing an increase in the amount of hormones in the time around menstruation or during pregnancy, getting sexual arousal, stress or excessive fatigue, and are using certain medications or contraceptives.

In order to remain healthy and feminine area does not occur abnormal discharge problem, then there are a few things to note:

Here are Several ways to maintain health and hygiene of female genital organs:

1. Use the clothes in cotton or silk instead of synthetic material. Change underwear every day.
2. Do not linger using tight clothing (tight pants, jeans) or stockings because it can increase the humidity of womanhood and ease irritation and growth of bacteria and fungi.
3. Avoid products such as feminine hygiene sprays, color and fragrance wipes, pads that contain fragrance. These products can cause irritation of womanhood.
4. If you are using pads, rutinlah changing pads, at least 2-3 times a day.
5. Make sure your underwear washed and rinsed 2 times with clean so that no irritants that remains of detergents or fragrances, clothing.
6. Avoid using perfumed soaps, deodorant, talcum powder around the area of femininity.
7. Wash the area of femininity with the direction from front to back to avoid the transfer of bacteria from the anus area to the area of femininity.
8. Do not perform vaginal douching because it can cause irritation and eliminate the good bacteria that are useful to keep the area healthy womanhood.
9. Do not keep changing sexual partners and do not have sexual relations outside of marriage.

Healthy feminine area does not require any treatment. The important thing is to keep your feminine area stays dry and clean at all times. Avoid excessive moisture and should not need to use products that can cause irritation to your feminine area.


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Some causes of vaginal discharge in Women

Nearly 85% of women have problems with vaginal discharge. Sometimes this causes a variety of health concerns because it involves sex organs. Whitish or in medicine called fluor albus, is a collection of fluid and cells out of the vulva. Its function is to clean and protect the feminine area.

Actually if you experience vaginal discharge is clear or light yellow color when attached to clothing in the form of mucus which can dilute or thick depending on the hormone cycle, odorless and does not cause itching, burning, pain, and there are not too much then you do not need to worry about these things . Whitish you are reasonable.

Abnormal vaginal discharge can be caused by a variety of infections, ranging from bacterial infections, parasites, or fungi.

You need to feel worried and immediately visit a doctor if you find you are having vaginal discharge characteristics such as the following:

1. Discharge caused by fungus infection (candidiasis vulvovaginalis)
Yellowish-white whitish form clumps like cream. Itchy, hot and cause pain after urination and pain during intercourse.

2. Discharge caused by parasite infections (Trichomoniasis)
Whitish yellow-green, thick shape, smell bad and frothy. Another complaint is that can accompany any pain during intercourse, bleeding after sexual intercourse and bleeding outside the menstrual cycle.

3. Discharge caused by a bacterial infection (bacterial vaginosis)
Whitish-gray colored, shaped somewhat watery, foul-smelling and rarely foamy. The stench is pierced after sexual intercourse and cause abnormal menstrual blood smells. Another complaint that can accompany is itching and burning in the genital area.

4. Signs of Cancer
Whitish brownish, there are spots of blood and foul smelling. Discharge can take place in a long time, did not respond to any treatment and can be accompanied by pain during intercourse.

5. vaginitis due Allergy / irritation Chemicals (cream, liquid, spray materials, fragrances)
Whitish will be more, whitish yellow, can be thin or thick. Complaints that can accompany are itching, burning, pain and redness in the genital area.

Wary of whiteness is an important measure in maintaining the health of the female sex organs. Make sure you consult with your doctor and check-up when experiencing vaginal discharge and other suspicious than usual.

Vaginal Discharge (Fluor Albus)

Fluor Albus is the liquid that comes out of the vagina. Fluor Albus can arise from a variety of circumstances, ie normal / physiological and pathological. Fluor Fluor Albus Albus physiologically normal is caused by hormonal changes, such as during menstruation, stress, pregnancy, and the use of contraception. While Fluor Fluor Albus Albus pathological is arising from certain medical conditions with the most common cause is due to parasitic infection / fungal / bacteria.

Normal vaginal discharge has characteristics include the clear white color, when attached to clothing in bright yellow color, consistency like mucus (dilute-thick) depending on the hormone cycle, odorless and does not cause complaints.

When the discharge from the vagina has become discolored (white milk, gray, to green), smelling, and with many other complaints (such as itching, burning, etc.) indicate that there has been Fluor Albus are generally caused due to abnormal tract infections reproduction by a variety of bacteria, fungi or parasites.

How to Fluor Albus you?
If you include Fluor Fluor Albus Albus abnormal then need to be treated because it can cause the spread of infection to the internal organs and should avoid sexual intercourse beforehand. Fluor Albus If you are experiencing is normal Fluor Albus, then you need to do is maintain the cleanliness of the vaginal area, namely:

· Often replacing panties when sweating or moist

· Avoid using tight pants made of material that does not absorb sweat

· If you want to use a panty liner choose which do not contain fragrances and is not used for more than 4-6 hours

· Avoid using cleaning products that can cause changes pubic acidity and balance of bacteria in the mother's pubic burrow

· If you want to rinse after urination, do it with a direction from front to back using a towel.

Please note that Fluor Albus could be a sexually transmitted infection. When caused by a sexually transmitted infection, then both you and your spouse (husband) should be treated as well in order to complete treatment.




What are the early signs of vaginal cancer ?
1 ) Get out of blood in the vagina : Signs that have appeared during intercourse bleeding , commonly occurs after intercourse or after menopause .
2 ) vaginal discharge : vaginal discharge abnormalities in tumor necrosis and infection due to the excretion of fluids , such as liquid can be water or broth as rice or when there is a discharge of blood .
3 ) There penghimpitan symptoms : When the advanced stage tumors suppress adjacent organs , may emerge penghimpitan related symptoms . Penghimpitan such as the bladder , urethra , urinary urgency may result , frequent urination , urinating blood ; penghimpitan the rectum , difficult BAB ; patients with end-stage can also be symptoms of blood BAB .

As to whether the group is prone to vaginal cancer ?
1 ) vaginal cancer patients average age was 60-65 years .
2 ) The young woman is taking estrogen during pregnancy cause vaginal clear cell carcinoma .
3 ) The woman who married young , gave birth at a young age and often abort an easy group of vaginal cancer .

Vaginal Cancer Stage Distribution
Stage 0 cancer at the site of origin .
Stage I tumors are confined to the walls of the vagina .
Stage II cancer has invaded surrounding tissue to the vagina , but not yet to the pelvic wall .
Stage III cancer has reached the pelvic wall .
Stage IV cancer has exceeded under the hip bone or has invaded the bladder , rectum mucosa .
Iva stage tumors invading adjacent organs .
Stage IVb tumors spread to distant organs .

How do I diagnose vaginal cancer ?
1 ) Pap smear ;
2 ) Examination of the pelvis ;
3 ) biopsy and cytology .

What are the treatment of vaginal cancer ?
1 ) Surgical Treatment
Sources vaginal cancer surgery can be performed locally , some or all of the vagina vagina , can also be run simultaneously angioplasty ; tumors invaded the upper vagina which patients with early stage , cervical surgery and can run most vaginal surgery and lymph node clearance operation pelvis ; tumors early stages of the lower vagina , vaginal surgery and can be run outside of the vagina and the lymph nodes in the groin .
2 ) Chemotherapy
Simply chemotherapy for the treatment of vaginal cancer results are not very visible , most of the combined treatment with radiotherapy , to enhance treatment effects .
3 ) Radiotherapy
Radiotherapy is included in two parts of the external Intracavitary radiation , endovascular treatment for primary lesions of the vagina , near the invaded area , external radiation is focused around the tumor invasion and metastasis to regional lymph nodes .

What are the steps of vaginal cancer treatment ?
1 ) Navigate to the vaginal speculum with light , turn speculum slowly , so as not to damage the cancerous tissue , avoiding the heavy bleeding .
2 ) When menstrual bleeding or vaginal prohibited perform vaginal washing to prevent infection of the uterine cavity .
3 ) The concentration of flushing fluid must be accurate , appropriate temperature , usually 
38-41 ℃ .
4 ) The pressure when washing the vagina should be corresponding . The pressure is too great , easy to wash fluid enters the uterine cavity , the pressure is too small can not achieve the purpose of laundering .
5 ) Observe the patient's condition changes . If it appears as a continuous bleeding or blood coming out a lot , you should immediately cease wash , gauze insert in the vagina , and tell your doctor .
6 ) genital swelling , bleeding , ulcers or vaginal stenosis , can use a small speculum to wash , relieve the suffering of patients .
7 ) Washing liquid must be replaced every day , rinse the brush and bucket sterilize once a week .


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