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Tips on How to Overcome Measles in Children

Isolating infected children against measles is one way to prevent transmission.

Measles or commonly known as measles is contagious infection by measles virus. Measles transmission can be through droplets (splash saliva while talking, coughing and sneezing). The measles virus then enters the body through the respiratory tract.

Recognize the Symptoms
Know in advance of measles in children in order to do further treatment again.

Clinical symptoms of measles usually in the form:
1. high body temperature to 40 degrees Celsius.
2. The emergence of a red rash greater than mosquito bites and interlocked.
3. Over time more and more red rash spreads throughout the body.
4. Accompanied eye irritation (belekan).
5. The red rash changed to red, then become scaly.

By the time the rash has become black, the actual healing process has begun, because measles is one of the diseases that can be cured by itself. But if you do not get the right treatment, the healing process may take longer.

Different Measles with other diseases
Differences measles with other diseases is hot when the rash first appears very high. There can be complications such as diarrhea due to internal organs in the large intestine also develop a rash.

Also can occur inflammatory lung infections, also there is otitis media (inflammation of the ear area, sometimes until the damaged ear drums and discharge) to encephalitis.

Age susceptible to measles is aged 6 years and over. And the most vulnerable are toddler age is the age of 203 years. At this age there should be revaccinated, but still little is aware of this. As for children aged 0-6 months are relatively safe from the attack of measles because at this age children still get measles immunity from the mother.

First Aid Measles
First aid that can be done by parents is to reduce the heat. By the time the body temperature reaches over 38.5 degrees Celsius, then avoid compressing the child with cold water. We recommend using only plain water. Compressed in areas such as the large blood vessels in the neck, armpits, and in the thigh.

Because measles is a disease that can be cured by itself, then the parents should be able to keep the child nutrition to be balanced. Children must be maintained in order to avoid dehydration, and then isolating the child in the room to minimize the transmission of measles.

Finally, keep the child in order to be rested. Give vitamin A to maintain stamina. If the rather severe conditions, such as decreased consciousness, sesk breath, dehydration, or children reluctant to eat, then it should be taken to the doctor.

Measles Prevention Tips
Prevention of measles attack can be performed by administering the vaccine in accordance with the schedule. There are three stages of measles vaccine should be done.
1. When children aged 9 months.
2. At the age of 2-3 years.
3. At the age of 5-6 years.

This must be done because measles is a type of disease that can be prevented by vaccines.

Another way to prevent measles attack is to avoid direct contact with patients. Then provide a nutritious and balanced nutrition. Improve yourself and environmental hygiene.

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