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Best Camera Phone 2017 benchmark scores

Smartphone cameras have changed the world of photography. Almost everyone has a camera (a smartphone) and bring it all the time. This shows that there is little need to buy a separate digital camera. Indirectly, effectively kill the smartphone market digital cameras, especially for low-end.

Camera Phone Benchmark

But if the smartphone's camera really reliable? While the seiringnya time, resolution and camera performance smartphones continue to increase, but the specifications indicate that the smartphone is still inferior to a dedicated device such as a digital camera picture taker.

Smartphones offer smaller sensors (in terms of resolution) and has a smaller lens. If you share pictures electronically these differences may be negligible, but problems arise when we preserve the precious moments we have in the physical form of photos, this could be a different matter.

DxOMark benchmark

Product name                                 value DxOMark             Information                                               
Google Pixel                                              89                         Best In Overall
iPhone 7 Plus                                           N / A                      Best Optical Zoom
Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge               88                         Best Low Light
HTC 10                                                      88                            Alternative    
Asus Zenfone 3 (ZE552KL)                       N / A                       Middle class      
Huawei P9 Lite                                        N / A                       Prices More Affordable
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To get listed in the phone with the best camera, the phone must have:
- Rating Average with the highest ratings
- Average camera specifications: high-megapixel camera, a special imaging features, etc.

This approach produces mobile phones with best quality cameras, according to some opinions, not just one. Here's a summary of the best camera for your smartphone.

Pixel is the latest smartphone from Google was crowned as the best camera smartphone today after receiving the highest overall score of DxOMark, namely 89. While in position 2 there are 3 android smartphone with the best camera equally get 88 of DxOMark benchmark scores, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, HTC and Sony Xperia X 10 Performance. It is unfortunate, the latest smartphone from Apple that the iPhone 7 just got a score of 86 from DxOMark camera. This score is not even better than Z Force Moto Droid, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Sony Xperia Z5.

List Best Camera Phones
More specifically, following a complete list of smartphone / mobile with the best and latest camera this time.

1. Google Pixel
Ranked first, we chose Google Pixel become the best smartphone camera at this time. Smartphone Google Pixel has an impressive photo quality overall, relatively low noise for any lighting conditions, as well as providing accurate exposure with contrast and white balance are very good, and fast autofocus.

2. iPhone 7 Plus
Salanjutnya we prefer the iPhone 7 Plus to rank second as the best camera smartphone. Although the benchmark results 7 disappointing iPhone camera, iPhone 7 Plus remains the best photography smartphone with dual rear camera which can provide a 2x optical zoom. In fact, this smartphone can be fairly competitive with a DSLR camera. For serious photographers, Apple also provides greater storage of up to 256GB.

3. Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge
Thanks to the dual-pixel sensor, Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge became the fastest smartphone cameras dengna. This technology allows the S7 Edge to shoot two to three times faster than the iPhone 6s Plus, including a focus fast. With a 1.4-micron pixels larger and wider aperture f / 1.7, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge also better than the previous generation. That means the camera clearer, brighter, especially in low light.

4. HTC 10
With a 12-inch sensor 1 / 2.3 inch, HTC 10 highly qualified in terms of autofocus and capture the texture, making it a good choice for recording moving images or landscape and architectural detail. Sensors on the HTC 10 also carries technology "UltraPixel 2", in which each pixel size of 1.55 micron achieve f / 1.8. In testing DXO Mark, this smartphone is able to compensate for the score of the Samsung Galaxy S7 which previously had occupied the title of World's best camera smartphones.

5. Sony Xperia XZ
Xperia XZ is the latest Xperia the best camera from Sony. Smartphones that really looks cool and has a variety of HP's most advanced camera sensor. Sony's latest flagship smartphone is claimed to be "pro camera". And thanks to sensors RGBC-IR, Xperia XZ is able to produce images with impressive color. Unfortunately, the performance of the software is less than the maximum of this advanced camera technology make less than optimal (such as Auto HDR does not have as sophisticated as the iPhone 7 and Google Pixel) and the lack of good performance in low-light camera. In addition, the manual mode is also disappointing.

6. LG V20
If you are looking for the best HP for high quality video recording, the LG V20 could be the best option. The sophisticated camera of 16 MP of the LG V20 has an optical image stabilization is very good and capable of being able menghaliskan recording is smooth and free from shocks. Plus the quality of the speakers is less sophisticated, of course, can produce the best video content from the smartphone.

7. Huawei P9
Huawei P9 memiliki sederet fitur kamera smartphone yang canggih, tidak mengherankan jika smartphone ini bisa menjadi salah satu yang terbaik. Hal ini berkat bermitra dengan Leica, pembuat kamera asal Jerman untuk membawa pengalaman kamera yang solid. Memiliki lensa kamera ganda 12MP pada bagian belakang, lengkap dengan f / 2.2 aperture dan menggunakan 1,25-mikron sensor Sony IMX286, serius Anda tidak akan kecewa dengan pengalaman kamera Huawei P9 ini.

8. Asus ZenFone 3 (ZE552KL)
ZenFone 3 merupakan HP Asus terbaru dengan kamera terbaik yang datang dengan harga murah (lebih terjangkau dari kompetitor). Kualitas foto yang dihasilkan smartphone ini cukup baik, bahkan dalam cahaya rendah, serta memiliki software kamera yang canggih dan baik. Kameranya mungkin tidak sebagus Galaxy S7, tetapi Anda harus ingat Galaxy S7 tidak bisa semurah ini.

9. Huawei P9 lite
Pilihan lainnya, jika budget Anda terbatas. Huawei P9 lite merupakan smartphone android yang dirancang dengan sangat baik. Menawarkan layar Full HD yang jernih, serta fitur kamera canggih yang mengesankan. Selain itu, P9 Lite juga menawarkan daya tahan baterai yang baik. Hal ini berkat hardware yang dirancang secara efisien. Secara keseluruhan, Huawei P9 lite adalah smartphone kelas menengah yang benar-benar solid dan terbaik dikelasnya.



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