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List of Natural Ingredients That Can Remove Scars Cesareans

Gives birth by caesarean section is the last alternative that should be done when a mother has is unable to give birth normally. Childbirth by way of this operation, it will require a fairly long process of healing. Moreover, the scars left will appear visible on the stomach.

Caesarean section scars are usually very difficult to remove. Many women who give birth by means of this operation, sometimes dizzy how to remove these scars. There have been many indeed salve wounds beradar file remover on the market, but unfortunately quite expensive.

If you are constrained by the cost of buying ointments busting these scars, try switching to natural ingredients that also proven to eliminate caesarean scar, like some natural ingredients below:

1. Lemon
Lemon addition can be used as a detox diet that also can help disguise the marks and scars. but you also need to beware, because if the injury is a new injury, do not you apply lemon juice on top. This fact can actually slow down the healing process. Use lemon is only for injuries that are correct - completely healed, leaving only bekasanya.

2. Honey
One of these natural ingredients known to many saving benefits both for health and beauty, including to beautify your skin. In addition, honey can also moisturize and cleanse the skin and can mennyamarkan scars.

3. Aloe vera gel
So far only known aloe vera gel as a hair thickening medium, whereas aloe vera gel can also be used to disguise stretch marks and scars cesarean section. Apply regularly on caesarean scars or stretch marks on your body. This gel will cool the skin and relieve stress so as to disguise the scars.

4. Vaseline
  Applying a material that is regularly at caesarean section scar can also help diminish and eliminate these scars.

5. Vitamin E
Minyakyang applying vitamin E on caesarean section scar then massaged - mijatnya slowly can help fade scars earlier.

6. Cocoa butter
Strong antioxidant properties of this natural ingredient is great for caesarean section scar heals.

Actually there are many other natural materials that you can use to help remove cesarean section scar. Using natural ingredients, does not mean these scars will soon disappear, but still requires a fair amount of time to maintain.

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