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Diabetes can be known of Changes in Skin

Diabetes is a disease that can affect anyone, both old and young. This disease occurs because the amount of blood sugar levels rise due to disturbances in the body's metabolic system, in which the pancreas is unable to produce insulin the body needs.

The emergence of diabetes is usually influenced by a person's lifestyle is not healthy. Ironically, diabetes is known so late that maintenance carried out to be not optimal and the healing process was not total.

For that you need to know and detect when the disease is attacking you as early as possible. But how? Well you know, according to research published in, diabetes it can be known, and in the detection of a series of symptoms that occur on the skin. And here is a sign - a sign:

1. The appearance of bumps on the skin
When your skin there are lumps that appear suddenly - arrive, you need to beware. Lumps like it could be a symptom of insulin resistance. These lumps will usually appear in skin folds and the more irritation occurs. This could be a sign that the risk of diabetes occurs the greater. Immediately consult your physician when you experience skin irritation occurs arrived - arrived.

2. xanthelasma
You may still not know what it xanthelasma. In medical. xanthelasma is the appearance of white markings on the upper eyelid. This xanthelasma but can detect the risk of diabetes, could also be a marker of disease emergence of cholesterol. The sooner you detect and determine the existence of this xanthelasma, the sooner you recover from this disease.

3. The emergence of vitiligo
Vitiligo is a kind of skin disorder caused by loss of melanin in the skin because it can no longer melanocytes produce melanin. It will be followed by the appearance of spots - white spots on the skin. Vitiligo itself could arise because the immune system is already weakened due to diabetes.

4. The appearance of a skin rash (Granoloma annulare)
A skin condition called granoloma annulore is the appearance of unusual skin rash on the body. Such rash usually speckled - with itchy spots, emergence also arrived - arrived. Immediately doing diabetes test if this rash appears continuously to find out the cause behind the emergence of this disease.

5. Often itching
Immediately consult a doctor when you arrive -Arrived feel itchy without a known cause, it could be a sign of diabetes you start. Because diabetes usually would disrupt the skin's ability to retain moisture so that the skin will feel kerig and itchy all the time.

That 5 symptoms of the skin which can be a sign of diabetes need to watch. If you experience any or all of these symptoms, it helps you immediately checked by a doctor to find out what causes it. Who knows, these symptoms are a sign you have diabetes. Hope it is useful.

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