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Simple Tips to Avoid Acne

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It is known that one way to prevent acne is to keep the face. How to keep the face of the most basic is to wash the face that should be done every day. It seems trivial, but there are special techniques that face washing routine can obtain optimal results.

Here are the steps:

Wash your hands before you cleanse your face. Use running water when washing hands, so that no dirt left on the hands.

Next, grab the milk cleanser (cleanser), pour a little into the palm of the hand and the index finger and the middle of the other hand, rubbed to the entire face.

Take a cotton swab to clean. It is useful to remove the dirt on the face, including the remnants of makeup.

Wet your face with water, grab soap face (facial wash) that suits your skin type (oily or dry skin) to taste. 

Sweep soap scum face to face evenly.

Rinse your face with clean water. Rinse until no foam left. Dry your face with a face towel.

Then use a toner on your face using cotton evenly to the entire face. Toner function is to shrink pores and tighten the skin.

For the last step using the cream morning or night cream after washing the face in order to get maximum results.

To obtain maximum results, you should do this face wash routine, three times a day ie morning, noon and night before bed.

With the steps above, is expected to keep facial skin clean and healthy, so that acne was not willing to stop by.

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