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How to Take Care Contact Lens

Some Types of Contact Lens
Contact lens is a small disc of material such as a thin plastic that is placed on your eyeballs. According to its function, contact lenses have different types. Here is the other.

1. Soft contact lenses
Soft contact lenses are types of contact lenses are the most popular and used to correct eye problems such as:

• Nearsightedness (myopia)
• Myopia close (hipermetropi)
• Astigmatism
• presbiopi

These contact lenses follow the shape of the eye, more comfortable and tend to be in a static position. Therefore, this type of contact lens is the recommended option if you are an active person or happy exercise.

        2. Hard contact lenses
This type of contact lenses provide a clearer and sharper in some certain eye problems, especially if you've tried to use soft contact lenses and are not satisfied with the results.

Air circulation in hard contact lenses are often better than soft contact lenses so as to reduce the risk of infection. It takes up to 1 week to be able to adapt to these contact lenses because this type of contact lenses often switch positions.

        3. a special type of contact lenses
• Hybrid contact lenses
Hybrid contact lenses feature a hard lens center (permeable to air) surrounded by a layer of soft. This type of contact lens is usually selected if you have a problem with an irregular curvature of the cornea (keratoconus).

• Bifocal or multifocal contact lenses
These contact lenses, available in the form of soft and hard, can correct a variety of disorders such as myopia, hipermetropi, presbyopia and astigmatism.

• Tinted contact lenses
This type of contact lenses (used as a cosmetic or therapeutic function) is used to enhance color perception and help compensate the color-blind people.

Caring for the same contact lens eye care for our own. The more we neglect doing perawatam step, the higher the risk of eye infections and exposure to other potentially fatal condition that we do not want.
Here are few tips on caring for contact Lens.

1. Maintain hygiene
Wash and dry your hands before using or caring for contact lenses.

2. Remove contact lenses before sleeping
Using contact lenses during sleep may increase the risk of eye infection.

3. Minimize contact with water
Remove contact lenses if you are going to bath, , swim or soak

4. Take care of contact lenses with special liquids
Always use a special liquid for contact lenses - avoid using water or other liquids

5. Pay attention to the expiration date of contact lenses
If indeed the expiration date has passed the specified date, then you should not use anymore.



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