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Indian mulberry belongs to the phylum Angiospermae, sub-phylum Dicotyledonae, Lignosae Division, Family Rubiaceae, Morinda Genus, Species citrifolia and the scientific name Morinda citrifolia L.

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that afflicts many people, both in developed and developing countries. Diabetes is a condition that raises the risk of complications, coma and death. This makes a lot of diabetics trying to find alternative ways to ease their conditions in addition to diabetes medications expensive medical and dietary adjustments. One popular alternative is the herbal medicine made from Indian mulberry fruit, which is also known as the pace or Indian mulberry. Fruit native to Southeast Asia and Polynesia may not be popular as table fruit, but Indian mulberry has many benefits, including to support the treatment and cure of diabetes.

Indian mulberry contains many compounds that are useful as a diabetes drug, such as alkaloids Xeronin that helps the body increase its natural ability to regulate blood sugar levels is to support the work of insulin in the body. Moreover, Indian mulberry also work in terms regulate the metabolism of carbohydrates so that the body does not produce sugars exceeds normal limits. When consumed regularly, Indian mulberry can enhance the body's natural ability to produce insulin in terms so good to be consumed as a supporting treatment of type 1 diabetes (where the body is unable to produce insulin naturally) and diabetes due to heredity.

Although Indian mulberry very beneficial for diabetics, not Indian mulberry fruit has a delicious taste as well as oranges, grapes or apples and not easily found simply in the market or store. Indian mulberry is usually processed into herbal medicine or pills that may be more practical, but not appetizing, let alone to be consumed every day.

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