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Dry Battery On Vehicles

Accumulator or often called batteries or accumulators have a very important role on the performance of a vehicle, either two-wheel or four wheel drive. This is because the battery is a device that can store energy in the form of chemical energy.

By using the battery, the voltage to the car can be fulfilled. Therefore, the battery has the function for Starting, Lighting and Ignition (ignition).

Battery we know today there are two types, namely Maintenance Freel (MF) or conventional dry batteries or often called a wet battery. In addition, there are also Hybrid is a combination of dry and wet batteries. However, the Hybrid is still rarely used, especially in motor vehicles.

Currently dry battery is often used on the latest vehicles. This is because the dry battery has a number of advantages over wet battery.

MF or dry battery size is smaller, but the same ability. In addition, dry battery can be installed in all directions, while the conventional (wet battery) when mounted tilted spill.

Dry and wet Battery has a different material, especially on the use of lead. If dry batteries using lead-containing calcium, while conventional batteries using lead-containing antimony.

If it raises evaporation antimony tin very much, so it must often add battery fluid (liquid electrolyte). As for calcium tin very little, because it has a ceramic filter, and other parts that work just out of gas alone.

So whenever there is pressure, dry battery will be out of gas. Meanwhile, if there is water evaporation, it will go back into the battery, so that the dry battery is maintenance-free and do not need to add more liquid.

If under normal usage conditions and vehicle without problems, dry battery can be used between two-three years, while the relative wet battery should be more frequent checks of fluid, and more complicated.

Recharges the conventional unsuitable also further accelerate the dead battery.

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