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Some Tips Pregnancy Back Pain

Back pain, especially lower back pain is a common complaint in pregnancy. This is due to changes in the body during pregnancy work such that the likelihood of back pain is very great.

These changes are as follows:

Growing belly makes your center of gravity shifts forward. This will then lead to arch your back more convex forward, so that the lower back will usually be pushed forward.
In pregnancy can occur thing called diastasis, a condition in which the muscles of the abdomen (stomach) left side and right side you apart due to the expansion of the uterus (womb). This causes weakness of the abdominal muscles. The weaker the abdominal muscles, then the back muscles must work harder to maintain an upright posture.
Along with increasing gestational age, the greater the size of the stomach. In women with complaints of back pain, gestational age increased only will make back pain more real.
Therefore, the things below are very important. The sooner these tips do the better effect in warding off back pain during pregnancy.

Keep your weight gain during pregnancy. Excess weight will only add to the stress on your back muscles.
Perform exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles. Never too late to start exercise in pregnancy, of course, with notes of exercise undertaken in accordance with the conditions and objectives. Examples of movements that can be done to train the abdominal muscle strength: knee lift (lift your knees alternately while sitting), crunch while sitting (movement or contracting the abdominal muscles pull the navel inward and outward direction while sitting), duck squat (move to squatting position from a standing position).

Keep your neat high heels. As soon as you begin to feel that your stomach is getting bigger, avoid the use of high heels until your baby is born. Right height will make your back more arched forward and will aggravate your back pain. Choose flat shoes (flats) that is comfortable to wear.

Seated properly. Sitting position causing stress or stretch the back muscles are great, especially if you sit in a chair without a backrest that do not provide support. Avoid chairs of this kind and wherever possible always use the straight-backed chair. When you sit down, avoid positioning crossed one leg over the other leg. Sit with both feet touching the floor and occasionally standing to avoid sitting position is maintained for hours.

Make a habit of good posture. Drag your ass a little to the front to put your pelvic bone to its normal position which then would reduce the degree of curvature in your spine. Keep your head in line with your body (think there are threads that pull your head toward the ceiling) and keep the shoulders so that you do not fall in a crouched position.

Lift items properly. Goods must be kept as light as any you lift the right way. Your body position should be such that the knees bent, back relax, bring goods into the trunk of your body, lift with the strength of your hand and not the strength of your back. Make sure you keep breathing for lifting goods.

Avoid standing for too long. Interspersed time to sit for a minute you stand for 5-10 minutes to reduce the load on your spine.
Warm compresses. Warm towel or warm water pockets are placed on the lower back or soak in warm water can provide help in reducing complaints soreness in your back. However if you are experiencing pain, you should first cold compress to relieve inflammation that may occur on your back.

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