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Some diseases that can be transmitted by a mother to fetus during pregnancy

During pregnancy the fetus in the abdomen condition closely related to the mother's health during pregnancy. So when you are pregnant is highly recommended to meet all nutritional needs to support the development and optimal fetal growth. Nevertheless some pregnant women anxious due to pregnant women who suffer from infectious diseases that would negatively impact on fetal growth. Some diseases like syphilis, hepatitis B and AIDS disease should watch out because there will be transmitted to the fetus.

Here is an explanation of the types of diseases that can be transmitted pregnant mother to fetus:

1. Aids Disease
Aids disease is a type of disease that interfere with the immune system caused by the infection by the HIV virus. Symptoms are often experienced by pregnant women who suffer from AIDS are experiencing weakness immunity highly susceptible to diseases other diseases such as cancer, neurological disease or gastrointestinal infection. Until now the world's health have not found a drug that can cure AIDS as for a drug that can slow the virus attack on the patient's body. This disease is very wary because of high risk of up to 99% can be transmitted to the fetus. Transmission of the disease can be in three ways, namely blood circulation between mother and fetus during pregnancy, infection mediated contacts between the baby and the mother when the blood fluid delivery while the third through breastfeeding. It is very worrying and negative impact on the health of the fetus, infants who developed the virus less likely to survive long to combat viral infections in the body.

2. Disease Syphilis
Further diseases that harm the fetus while in the womb is syphilis. This disease can be transmitted through unprotected sexual partners are changing, not only damage the health of pregnant women, but will be transmitted to the fetus in the womb. So it can worsen the condition of the fetus in utero is nevertheless transmission in pregnant women who have this disease infection will vary depending on the transmission because of bacteria in the blood of pregnant women. In the fetus contracting this disease it would be at risk of getting an infection and interfere with the development up to the age and birth weight less than normal babies. Even in severe cases will cause the death of the fetus in the womb.

3. Hepatitis B
This disease occurs due to a viral infection that attacks the liver, although initially fairly mild symptoms such as nausea, mild fever, pain in the joints and swelling in the right abdomen but if continues, will affect a yellow color to the eyes and skin accompanied to change the color of urine is increasingly concentrated. If the mother hepapitis B disease is most likely to be infectious in pregnancy. This disease is very easy to spread even much higher than the risk of transmission of AIDS from mother to fetus.
It is thus very important to maintain the health of the disease to avoid the disease. Make checks before deciding pregnancy other than that you should make a healthy lifestyle in order to keep the disease from the disease.

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