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Have You Ever Had Ear Swelling When Pregnant

Pregnant women is prone to various health symptoms. But it could not be ascertained because each pregnant woman has a different complaint. Even in recent times hamilpun, a pregnant woman experiencing symptoms and complaints foam differs from prior-previous pregnancy.
So it is advised to be very careful in maintaining pregnancy. Complaints can not be avoided pregnant women early in pregnancy, ranging from toothache, cough, runny nose, back pain, and that lately I'm natural, ear pain felt once.

Is there a connection ear pain during pregnancy?

It could be the cause of ear swelling caused by:
1. Position the ear while sleeping .. So do not get out of the air intake is balanced.
2. Ear never take in water and can not be lost hum until a long time. It could be that the incoming water is not sterile because not long after that my ears so often itchy.
3. dirty ears

For pregnant women who experience the same thing ear cavity swelling during pregnancy can try some of these tips:

1. Inflammation of the ear cavity is usually treated with medication hatching. I usually wear Ottolin. Because being pregnant so wear prescription from a doctor, ear drops are safe for pregnant women is Sofradex.

2. It is the pain in the area around the ears. Can not be used even sleep the pain was so skewed. Smooth-massage massage the area around the ear with oil wasps to reduce pain. If you can use the powerful balm. And if you still have not lost a new pain taking pain-killers.

3. Take painkillers pain caused by swelling of the ear cavity. It turns out that in addition to the drug paracetamol for fever can also be a pain reliever. It seems like all brands of paracetamol safely consumed by pregnant women. In addition to paracetamol, mefenamic acid with brand Licostan of midwife had me drinking. Previous indications for back pain. Dosage for pregnant women is low, so only last about 5 hours.

4. It is not only painful irritation of the ear but also itching ..

5. Try to balance air circulation ear. Do not let the long ears covered by earphones or headsets or for side sleeping. Arrange side sleeping as much as possible when the air still can enter either the left or right ear.

6. Avoid the consumption of foods that can aggravate swelling, such as fish, eggs and chicken.

If the above tips have been tried, but within 3 days still pain consult a doctor. Hopefully useful and thank you if anyone want to add.

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