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Tips on How to Choose Safe Cosmetics for Pregnant Women

Today so many options offered by cosmetics manufacturers to memperjaya effort choice beautify our skin.
Not a few who offer tantalizing promises of which offer instant white face in a matter of time weekly to the cosmetics that can make the face stay young.
In fact, if traced further, not a bit of cosmetic products on the market is not necessarily complete security assurance requirements for the health of your skin. To prevent unwanted things follow some of these tips:

To prevent unwanted things follow some of these tips:

Carefully before buying. Make sure your choice of cosmetic brand registered by the Government-Owned Health Organization.
Customize your cosmetic needs with your skin type. It is also important to adjust the brand products that suit your skin.
Again, carefully before buying. Analysis well all ingredients in cosmetic products are selected. Previous course with the help of medical analysis by medical experts to diagnose skin chemicals that become consumed hitch your skin if any.
Important to have a special for pregnant women. Because, a lot of medical disorder symptoms during pregnancy is important to note whether the interference great to fetus. As with the use of tool polishing lip cosmetics, essential for the observed whether contain dyes and preservatives are harmful to the fetus if ingested.

Ensure Safe Cosmetics Has Passed Test-Owned Health Organization.

Specifically on the type of cosmetic cream bleach, it is recommended to avoid brands that never mentioned in the list of dangerous cosmetics by Government-Owned Health Agency. Especially for the type of whitening creams that promise instant white aggressively in a relatively quick time. Generally they use substances mercury, no mercury, generally beige new bleach visible results after weeks of usage. Symptoms of skin affected by mercury substances including skin is sore when use of the product and after use, then the skin look black when the usage of the product stops even one day absent usage.

Other types of cosmetics that should be pregnant women, acne medication. Because when a mother undergo pregnancy will usually have oily skin that is potentially easy acne. It never hurts to consult with a gynecologist and medical experts you trust skin. Generally, pregnant women were asked to delay treatment until the age of containing up to four months, if imposed feared would interfere with early fetal growth. However, the most appropriate efforts to prevent acne is to keep the skin clean and taking proper nutritious diet.

Do not miss the kind of cosmetic hair dye. Lasting hair dye usually contain harmful substances, not only for the woman who is pregnant with a baby, but also women in general. Avoid appliances chemicals to your body.
Also, as technology advances, there are a few manufacturers that offer products that utilize ingredients from plants and fruits are safe. However, if there are doubts about the content of cosmetic agents to be used, do not hesitate to ask an expert cosmetic surgeon or related beforehand.

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