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List of Various Types of Abortion in the world of medicine

You know very well the term abortions, unfortunately not everyone is familiar with this term understand it correctly. Interruption of pregnancy under the age of 20 weeks in any way referred to abortion.
Abortion is there that are provoked or indeed occur spontaneously. Not all criminal bersiat provoked abortion, because some deliberate abortion performed on the basis of clear medical purposes, in order to save the lives of mothers, for example.
Today, we must be concerned to see it free abortion practices are not responsible for rampant everywhere. And not the least of which was fronted practice someone who is working as doctors, not pathetic, whereas in the medical oath clearly written a doctor should respect life from conception to occur. Ironic.

Some Types of Abortion
  Abortion is based on the process of re-divided. Here are some types of abortion in the world of medicine:

abortion Iminens
First known as the abortion iminens, also called the threat of miscarriage, pregnancy means it can still be saved and only a threat to abortion, the fetus is still alive in the mother's womb.

abortion Insipiens
While abortion iminens are not treated immediately will turn into the second type, namely abortion insipiens, when this happens, the bleeding will come out more and more and pregnancy can not be saved anymore.

abortion Inkompletus
The third type is abortion inkompletus (incomplete abortion), as the name suggests, in this type of fetus has come out of the womb, but some still remain inside, so it must be cleared by a doctor through a procedure known as curettage (often referred to as a curette only) .

abortion Kompletus
Contrary to this type, kompletus abortion is abortion that has managed to remove all the pieces of the fetus from the mother's womb, so curette becomes unnecessary.

missed Abortion
The latter type is missed abortions, which occurs in this type of abortion is the abortion process occurs in the mother's womb without aware of it, so it must be done curettage procedure. You may ask, what if left alone? This would endanger the mother, one that may occur is infection.

Similarly, exposure of abortion, whatever happens, do not let you perform an abortion on purpose, because abortion is tantamount to murder.

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